(Updated With Full City List) T-Mobile Announces HUGE LTE Expansion, 116 Markets And 157 Million People


This is huge, huge, as T-Mobile drops better LTE market news than we could have possibly hoped for. Blowing past their target goal of 100 million POPs before the end of the first half, T-Mobile might be 10 days past their stated goal but we can forgive them based on just how far past their goal they hit.


T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Network Rapidly Expanding

Having a great device means little without a fantastic network supporting it, so T-Mobile is also moving at incredible speed to make its already lightning-fast network even better and faster for customers.

Today, T-Mobile announced that its 4G LTE network now reaches 157 million people across the United States — far exceeding the company’s stated midyear goal of reaching 100 million people — and is live in 116 metropolitan areas.

Major metropolitan areas where T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network service has launched include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, and many others. The company debuted 4G LTE less than four months ago.

T-Mobile remains on target to deliver nationwide 4G LTE network coverage by the end of the year, reaching 200 million people in more than 200 metropolitan areas.
In addition, T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network service is available to 228 million people nationwide. By combining 4G HSPA+ and LTE network technologies, T-Mobile can provide customers with a strong, seamless nationwide 4G network experience.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 2.45.34 PM

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  • superg05

    live stream here tremolo.edgesuite.net/clients/jackmorton/20130710_tmobile/public/index.html

  • superg05

    is live now explore.t-mobile.com/phone-upgrade

  • STL_is_a_backwater?

    When is Saint Louis for LTE?

    • Sprite

      Not for awhile. Like Sprint, they’re padding their numbers with smaller metros and some of the largest cities. We’re as mid-market as they come.Likely to be much later in the upgrade process.

    • Matt Martin

      T-Mo announced late last month they purchased spectrum from AWS with the specific purpose of launching LTE in the Saint Louis area. (Among others) It’ll still be a while, but at least we know the ball is rolling.

    • STL_is_a_backwater?

      How much is the building penetration improving in the new LTE areas in urban downtowns? STL building penetration needs work and I hope it will get better with LTE.

      • superg05

        20 to 30 percent

  • turb0wned

    Except I was on EDGE 98% of the time driving from Maryland down to Gainesville FL on Monday.

    • samsavoy
    • Mike Nelsen

      That was my issue the first week of june… from orlando to just north of richmond I had edge the entire time.

    • Andrew Mendez

      Gainesville, FL has always been plagued with EDGE and maybe if your lucky spotty 3G. That’ll be the day it actually get HSPA+, let alone LTE.

      • turb0wned

        Actually, I saw LTE in my moms house in Gainesville and parts of Gainesville.

        Ether way, what I mean was on the highway on the way over I saw edge most the way. T Mobile really needs to stop worrying as much about speed and fix all that edge signal.

    • MacRat

      What model is your phone?

  • Damian

    And since when is this news? We all pretty much figured that out. Give us a list of markets to come! LOL


      The list above include markets to come. Not all of those markets are fully launched.

    • Mike

      At this point the should just lie like everything else and say “nationwide LTE”

  • just me

    Great that they are on track to have the lte network where they want it to be. I sure hope that after the end of this year there will be a big push to get rid of 2g-only coverage, though. That would be truly game-changing news.

    • Zach Mauch

      I think they will It appears that 2013 will put LTE on most all existing HSPA+ location and (hopefully) highways too. After that, their customer boom should finance 2014 and they can start pushing into existing edge areas and network expansion/improvement.

  • Aurizen

    wonder when they’ll make use of the Metro LTE to get 10×10 MHz. and that MIMO antenna amp, to give out more signal.

  • g2a5b0e

    And just like that, T-Mobile has more people covered with LTE than Sprint does. And way faster speeds, too. BOOM, BABY!

    • S. Ali

      Not according to sensorly maps. Sprint coverage appears 10x bigger.

      • TechHog

        They’re ahead in officially launched markets, that’s for sure.

      • Zacamandapio

        Sensorly maps is a joke.

      • sidekicker89

        I’m in Dayton Ohio and I get T-Mobile LTE.. I’ve had it since May 30th… Sprint hasn’t TOUCHED this area..

      • Zach Mauch

        Appears to be different strategies. T-Mobile is hitting a lot of markets at once and then expanding on that coverage. Sprint is focusing on getting it’s coverage good in certain markets before moving on to the next ones. I agree though, sprint does look good on sensorly. How good that LTE is though is the question. Tmobile uses better frequencies.

        • superg05

          on sensory in my city sprint is at the bottom of the list

    • Mike

      they say chicago is LTE, im on the west side and EDGE. I used to love tmobile, now i hate the lies.

      • Redd

        I’m in the Northwest Suburbs & getting LTE.

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      that’s incorrect, I think you meant “And BOOM, goes the dynamite”

  • get the deadzones covered ! please

  • art

    They can call Seattle “Launched” all they want, but I am on Capitol Hill and don’t have ANY LTE love.
    Same thing in Mapleleaf NO LTE there either.

    nice “Launch”

    • ChitChatCat

      They literally just flipped the switch.

      • art

        My switch is NOT flipped, still jack sh|t for LTE in one of the busiest parts of the city.

        • ChitChatCat

          Instant gratification is nice, but it will probably take a bit to actually power up, etc.

          What phone are you using?

        • art

          HTC One – I have gotten nice LTE in Wedgwood, but nothing south of the ship canal so far.

        • ChitChatCat

          Ah gotcha. Well hopefully the hill will be live quite soon for ya.

  • silverhawknike

    Glad I switched from Sprint to Tmobile!

    • ClausWillSeeYouNow

      So are we!

    • keltypack

      Unfortunately, I switched from T-Mo to Sprint with the ATT nonsense (I refuse to do business with ATT). After 26 months, I came back to T-Mobile. With Sprint 4G (never existed), I averaged nearly 100 kbps in most areas. With T-Mobile HSPA+, I would get between 2-10 Mbps. I am excited for LTE, but it probably won’t work at my home or work (both are in light green zones).

  • JB45

    Looks like Cincinnati might be a while with our spectrum issues

    • Sean

      For some reason Cincinnati has always been low on the list with TMO… Remember 4G?!

      • JB45

        I remember how long it was for us to get 3g. Tmo doesn’t have alot of spectrum here which is why we sit on hspa 21 still.

    • Nick

      Do spectrum issues include Cincinnati Bell being in the way? haha

    • sidekicker89

      come up to Dayton!! :) What spectrum issues do you mean? I hope T-Mobile buys leap or Cinci bell since they both have spectrum in Cincinnati and Dayton!

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      as long as HSPA coverage is strong and consistent, that’s all that matters. In Washington DC, I’m still in HSPA areas 90% of the time. LTE is one rare bird in this launch city.

  • Trea

    I’d love if they can run it in the Treasure Coast area

  • ClausWillSeeYouNow

    Haha just told VZW to update their site and play fair with T-Mo… they didn’t seem happy.

    That was an abrupt conversation :-)

  • TMoFan

    UNcarrier is unleashed and full throttle. The industry dominated by the subsidy scam and grotesque overages would do anything to ignore the UNcarrier effect, but it’s too late. People are starting to realize that these are mere illusions and now that the illusions are revealed they are nothing more than cheap tricks.

  • Guytano Law

    Erie,pa,city only,as of 7/9/13 has 4glte. Surrounding areas need their towers upgraded,but it’s a start.

  • jlesho09

    Are the cities on that list places where it’s already been officially launched, or is that what they have planned by the end of the year? I ask because service in Tallahassee, FL is horrendous.

    • Adrayven

      Most are probably still works in progress but have a 30-40% coverage.. so I would not be surprised if service is spotty in most of those areas.

      Have to admit though.. to get this far is this short of time.. impressive.. Making Sprint look reaaaal bad…

      • Steve Park

        And yet Nevill Ray announced that they would not consider an area “Turned on” until 80% was complete…guess his reports are fibbing to him about how much is actually done.

      • jlesho09

        Ah, makes sense. I thought that maybe being on the list meant they considered it 100% complete, but I’ll be patient a little while longer if what you say is true.

  • Oh holy christ! I thought they’d be announcing 50 new markets today but
    to announce 116 new Markets?! T-Mobile is NOT messing around rolling
    out it’s LTE. Bravo Magenta Bravo.

    • jjflashing

      Saying it is one thing. Doing it is another. Still waiting for any type of 4g coverage in heavily populated areas of Salt Lake City.

      • I’m seeing it now and since the beginning of June in my area’s and in many others, I’ve had LTE since then even tho my city was announced today. So yea I AM seeing it, saw it before they even announced it. So there goes your theory.

      • Delusion_FTL

        Areas such as?

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Columbia, SC is the largest city in South Carolina and we don’t have lte yet. But Charleston do. Wtf!

  • keasycase

    And sprint only has lte in 110 markets Smh sprint is srry… T-Mobile all day lol

  • ewitkows

    Still nothing in WI.

    • Mike

      Nope nothing but Edge in WI. I love the false claim of nationwide 4g…….goodbye tmobile, its been a long 15 years on EDGE. ROFL

      • Sucks to be you, I’ve had 20-29Mbps HSPA+42 for years consistently and since the beginning of June LTE at 30+Mbps. I can’t even remember what the “EDGE” logo LOOKS like! Ahahahaa

        • Mike

          Apparently you are not in WI, so why the dumb response?

        • Kaw Kaw

          Apparently, your the dumb one to be on Tmobile for 15 years with edge service.

          If I lived in an area with edge only service I would have ditched Tmobile asap.

      • ewitkows

        I get hspa in MKE but a huge chunk of the state is still on edge

      • qpinto

        sadly what this man says is true. most of Wi is used on shared towers that have great cell signal reception, but mostly edge for data. most people use att, us cellular, sprint, or verizon. otherwise good luck on data outside of the city.

    • qpinto

      hspa+ 42 is in madison and milwaukee from previous experiences. its inbetween those 2 cities which is mostly edge from what i remember.

  • keasycase

    Did they update there map on there website yet

  • CJ

    T-Mobile put the laughter in manslaughter as they casually murdered Sprint

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      Cliff Paul!? is that you? I found your brother Chris!

      • CJ

        OH NO. YOU FOUND ME!

  • Ĵϵṟϵṃψ Ψαñ

    Yes it is live in Boston and Cambridge. But the LTE signal is weak and covers maybe 30% of the areas. I feel this is more gimmicky than what it actually is. I had only EGDE at home (iPhone 4S, needs refarm to have 4G). Almost a year later, with iPhone 5, I am constantly on either 4 bar HSPA+ or 1-2 bar LTE. Which means, the coverage did not improve AT ALL. At where I work, same story.

    I think T-Mobile just turn on or upgrade 30% of the towers and then call it done.

    • Astrid

      I catch LTE north of Boston :-)

      • Ĵϵṟϵṃψ Ψαñ

        Yes I can catch it too. But apparently only a subset of towers have LTE

        • vrm

          While I do not know of your particular situation, number of bars mean nothing. I have had no bars and still good connectivity. one or two bars are just as good as 4 bars.

  • eddydrizzle

    I knew the Sacramento area would be one of the LTE markets to be announced because I have constant LTE almost wherever I go. Haha

    • Lauren

      I’m in Sacramento, but it is VERY hit or miss for me. Elk Grove area I get a tiny bit near I5, and in Arden area, but where I live in Greenhaven area is just a big void of sucky low speed connection. I do hope to see better coverage on the LTE!

      • eddydrizzle

        Really? In Elk Grove I see basically constant LTE coverage. Especially in the Elk Grove Florin and Laguna Area.

  • TransMaroBird

    Where is Milwaaaauuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkeeeeeeeeee?????!!!!!!!!!

    • Steve Park

      Same place as Louisville/Ft Knox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • TransMaroBird

        Although I really can’t complain about my hspa+42 coverage, it is pretty good here and fastest enough for most of what I do…..

        • ewitkows

          unless you go out of the city. I was in pewaukee and barely got edge

      • AWS

        Louisville says they will get it according to an article here posted on the 28th.

    • qpinto

      considering your talking about the 414, forget about it. coverage and signal is great, but lte isnt necessary. i was pulling on average 18-20 last summer in mke all over and when i fly up. thats mitchell airport, to west allis, to brown deer. lte is just to brag LTE…

      • TransMaroBird

        I get about 3 down and 1 up…..

        • qpinto

          where are you? downtown, the northside, southside, bayview, with a sgs3 i had no data issues with speeds and was always faster than friends with att, verizon, sprint, us cellular. no arguements here, just curious

        • TransMaroBird

          I work downtown, live in Bayview…..I have no problem with my speed, it works for everything I use it for, but it’s nowhere near as fast as your speeds.

  • Michael McGrade

    No love in western NC?

  • hounddog

    Map is misleading. Lafayette Louisiana does not have lte

    • Linyera

      It says before the year ends.

      • jjflashing

        Which is garbage. You can’t say in one breath you cover 157 MM, but then say…oh, yeah, by the end of the year. I don’t have 6 months to wait for you.

        • S. Ali

          No contracts on T-mobile buddy, you are free to switch. Try that on Verizon/ATT/Sprint.

        • Linyera

          By the of the year is going to be 200 million. WTF are you reading?

      • hounddog

        Actually I called tmobile ..they said it was a typo..they meant to say Lafayette Indiana and not Lafayette Louisiana. Also the list they put out is for current cities . Thanks for your previous reply though.

  • impasse

    definitely got some lte in fredericksburg, va along the i95 corridor. testing, perhaps?

    • MitchRyan912

      That would be nice if I still lived there (Stafford.) Not a single city in Wisconsin, where I now live. :(

      • impasse

        at first i thought it was like how in charlottesville phones say they have 4g/h+ but you only get edge speeds, but it was pretty fast as i walked into the central park best buy! suppose that’s what you get for going to wisconsin though.. :

  • XM1090

    Can anyone confirm LTE on NYC? I’m at Union Square and I don’t have LTE

    • sidekicker89

      what phone are you using?

      • XM1090

        Nexus 4, pre 4.2.2 update. LTE is still enable on it.

        • vinas03

          nexus 4 can’t do lte

        • XM1090

          It can if you don’t update it to 4.2.2. You have to get into the system setting to enable it.

        • mechapathy

          Yes it can.

        • Masta Pasta

          You have to go into the phone’s settings (type in *#*#4636#*#* into the dialer) and select LTE only

        • XM1090

          That’s what I did, all I get is grey bars. Data and voice don’t work either.

  • Astrid

    I’m picking up LTE north of Boston in Danvers at work. I’ve also picked it up near Nashua NH too. Not on the official list but it is nice to see 4G LTE on my phone.

  • Pod

    Are they integrating this into their maps yet? I’m in Miami and I get decent LTE along the Biscayne Corridor, but when I go inland there’s still spots where I fallback to HSPA (4G) and in the deep interior I’ll even get occasional patches of EDGE, but those seem to be new cells getting tuned up so I can envision gear being turned on and off.

    • besweeet

      I’m still confused as to why they haven’t added LTE to their coverage maps. I guess it’s because it’s still pretty spotty in most places and would look bad?

    • qpinto

      i get some lte in pemrboke pines, miami beach, and hialeah. its not the best and 100% just yet but everyday its getting bigger and more consistant.

  • jjflashing

    I’m in Salt Lake City, I have an AT&T iphone5 (Which i’m told will be able to use LTE). I have Never seen LTE, not once. I get 52kbs on this phone.

    • vrm

      AT & T’s LTE frequencies are different from t-mobile’s. You may get HSPA+ if that has been enabled.

      • jolugo007

        This is not true, I have an ATT iPhone 5 on TMO and I get LTE in Phoenix-metro with up to 25mbps down.

        • superg05

          there are 2 versions

        • jolugo007

          I have the old one, I bought it on the launch day almost a year ago.

    • Sectime

      Sensorly shows LTE coverage in SLC/Provo/Ogden. Everybody can find poor coverage with all carriers. I barely have 1X with Verizon in East Sandy So what

  • Guest

    Quit bitching, what the heck did you do before you had LTE? Complain? This was all announced today. This is a T-mobile thread, go on to some other carrier and cry tears over getting ass raped. It’s coming it’s coming, shut up and deal and be sure and know the difference between “saw” and “seen”.

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      you mad bro?

  • LTE

    Why does T-Mobile say nationwide coverage 4G LTE by year end 2013 reaching 200 million people when other carriers have nationwide coverage reaching 300 million people? Confused.

    • sidekicker89

      Other carriers started before T-Mobile so they will have more people covered by the end of the year. Both T-Mobile and Sprint are supposed to have 200 million people covered by the of the year.

      • LTE

        I understand but my question is why does T-Mobile say nationwide and 200 Million people in the same sentence? If it is nationwide then it should be close to 300 Million. At least last time I checked the US had a population of a bit over 300 Million.

        • Amy

          200 Million ACROSS the nation. Think of it like a fraction. They hope to have 200/300(ish) people across the nation covered by the end of the year. Nationwide in this instance simply means “across the nation.”

        • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

          What is this? A test in reading comprehension and GMAT grammar? TMobile will reach coverage for 200 million across the USA with a NATIONWIDE 4GLTE network.

        • Joe

          You’re right in a sense. Nationwide means from coast to coast. IT’S NATION (U.S.) WIDE (HOW WIDE AMERICA IS). Just look at all the markets, and tell me again if it’s nationWIDE. The country’s width.

  • vrm

    The ‘triangle’ metro area includes Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Cary, Wake Forest etc. The chart only shows Raleigh and Durham. No wonder the LTE coverage is so choppy here in the Raleigh metro area. It doesn’t help unless they cover the entire metro area as people commute/travel between these townships a lot.

  • sidekicker89

    This is what some hardcore Sprint fan said on Engadget..


    “All T-Mobile is doing is adding LTE to Legacy gear, that’s the reason for the quick upgrade. I’m seeing much more significant improvements on Sprint’s Network Vision project, which is a complete overhaul. I’ve played on T-Mobile’s network in Las Vegas, I wasn’t really impressed with the coverage and ping’s

    Sprint on the other hand is doing multiple upgrades all at once. So putting them to “shame” really isn’t a correct coining of the term. I am using Sprint LTE in Las Vegas… a market that hasn’t even been announced yet.”

    • PCS4G

      Well playing devils advocate t-mobile is doing a lot of drop-in upgrades while Sprint is ripping out and replacing. There was an article about it on BGR or Engadget recently where they showed gear in San Francisco being replaced.

      • sidekicker89

        i’m not saying what sprint is doing is bad… but this guys always claims that T-Mobile not a worthy carrier.. clearly he didn’t “play” with the LTE long enough in Vegas..

        • vinas03

          magenta has all fiber backhauls – something sprint doesn’t so yes t-mobile spanks sprint especially in the east

      • vrm

        could it be that is because sprint’s equipment, based on old CDMA tech, is incompatible with the LTE protocol whereas t-mobile’s is compatible ?

        • Ryan

          No sprint is replacing everything. The are removing the old iden network and replacing all cdma equipment. They have a technology that allows them to have 1 base station that can handle multiple networks and multiple bands at a time. That’s one reason why dish was pushing badly for them. To add spectrum or another band is just a software upgrade on the new towers going out. And no I don’t work for sprint I actually work for a competitor

      • besweeet

        Happen to have a link to that?

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      tell him to run a speedcheck, and then we’ll talk.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        That’s right lets see some speedtest on sprint 3g network vs tmobiles hspa and lte vs sprints and see who wins.

    • philyew

      His statement simply isn’t true. The process involves the deployment of new Release 10 hardware. VZW and AT&T were originally doing their roll-out in the manner he attributes to TM, but TM haven’t been doing it that way. Yes, TM are lighting up LTE on equipment that was previously deployed as part of the re-farming exercise, but it was part of a two-stage strategy specifically in preparation for LTE deployment.

      What can be questioned is whether TM are using the total POPs attributed to each of these 116 markets and claiming that everyone in that market now has access to LTE.

      Based on the spotty results that people in these markets are experiencing, that would have been an exaggerated claim. However, I’ve just run the numbers on 45 of the listed markets that fall within the top 50. Together, their total POPs add up to 147 million, which means that the other 71 markets in this list would only account for 10 million POPs between them. Clearly that isn’t the case, so it does look like TM’s 157 million POPs claim has merit.

      • John Herzberg

        The POPs are bunk. Jacksonville is on the list and the only place I get 4G LTE is at the airport.

        • philyew

          The point was that the claimed numbers clearly don’t represent the full population of each market.

          Granted, the 116 markets named do not necessarily represent the top 116 Metropolitan Statistical Areas on which cellular markets are based, but most of them do fall in the top end. The aggregate size of the 116 largest markets is over 270 million POPs, which gives some indication of how much actual coverage is being claimed by TM when they talk about reaching 157 million POPs.

          Some markets will be more developed than others, with the earliest lighting up in March and with a steady stream of other announcements since. Many of those markets have been reported to have filled out further as the weeks have passed.

          Jacksonville’s first sightings, however, didn’t occur until little over a week ago, so it is understandable that the coverage will be patchy at best, without it proving that their overall claim is “bunk”.

          My fear was that TM would use the total population of each market to inflate their coverage claims, but that hasn’t happened.

  • sorandkairi

    Downtown Montgomery,Al on HTC ONE HSPA+ speeds are 25+ mbps down 3 up. On LTE, its 44mpbs down and 18 mbps up. All I can say is damn…

    ^THIS is why I’ve been with T-Mobile since its was Powertel!!!

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    This list is promising, but let’s put it on the table here. LTE coverage areas within this list is spotty. On one block there’s LTE, and I walk over another and I’m on Edge or HSPA+…come on T-Mobile…it’s also about coverage depth, consistency, and building penetration in these urban areas you listed which are the major markets you are in.

    • superg05

      yeah same here lte is mostly in my area but there are towers that have not been upgraded yet in dallas but hopefully by the end of the year i will get as many bars of lte in my house as hspda+ and utms

      • superg05

        spoke to soon just got zero bar LTE to 1 bar it happens every now and then for weeks but it’s likely a far off tower after all lte is right down the street

  • besweeet

    LTE in San Antonio, while good, still needs to be improved. Yes, “needs.” Signal strength compared to HSPA+ isn’t as consistent, and the speeds aren’t much faster either. I’d say that about 80% of the city is covered, though, not including my home :/.

    • It does take a bit of time. In Houston, I got decent LTE speeds in a few pockets but none in my apartment, but that recently got upgraded about 2 weeks ago.

    • Paul

      I wad in SA not that long ago, I think it’s still bring worked on. I agree, it wasn’t stellar, but it’s there.

  • vinas03

    Getting 16down and 4up with HSPA+ 4G at home. I’m not so worried about LTE to be honest.

  • Liam

    Are they saying LTE has been launched in all of these cities? If so I need to jump ship now. I live in Orlando and I get LTE on 408 and I-4 but that’s about it.

  • Dakota

    Theres a difference between making an announcement and users real life experiences

    • I have been seeing my stellar T-Mobile LTE since the beginning of June.

    • ShermCraig

      LTE in NYC is pretty awesome.

  • Rick

    Can someone confirm how NYC (specifically Westchester) is for LTE coverage? My HTC One should be arriving any day now and I’m deciding between ATT and TMobile. I would like to go TMobile if there is LTE between NYC and 40 miles north of NYC. thx

    • ShermCraig

      Rick, I’m getting it throughout Manhattan on my HTC One, however I’m rooted, and my firmware is unofficial. The speeds I’m getting are averaging between 13 – 17Mbps down, 4 – 9Mbps up. I’m not getting LTE inside my home, but once I step outside I am. Also, when I’m not getting LTE, my HSPA+ (or whatever its called) is much faster than it was pre-LTE. Hope this helps….

      • Rick

        Tx for the reply. I think you meant HSPA+. I’m a bit confused on if my Google Edition HTC One will work for HSPA+ though. I’m still reading up on it.

        • ShermCraig

          Yeah – I corrected that right after I posted. I cannot think of any reason it would not work on any HTC One version. It’s the radio which I am almost certain is the same on both.

        • Rick

          Yeah, I thought so too. But I’ve read in numerous places that it’s different. I did order a Tmobile sim card today. SO, I’ll be giving it a try to see what my speeds are. If it works well, I’ll keep it on Tmobile and get the $30/m plan. If it doesn’t, then I’ll do ATT $60 plan. That includes unlimited voice and 2GB of data. Which isnt too bad.

        • ShermCraig

          AT&T is the Devil. AVOID!!!!!

        • Rick

          Yeah, I’m not a fan either. But I live 20 miles north of NYC. If I cant get good data reception here from TM, then I really dont have another option. ATT does have good 4G here.

        • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

          your google edition will access both ATT and TMobile’s LTE and HSPA spectrums. Lucky for you, you can go no-contract on both. So I would buy T-Mobile first. If you can live with TMo’s coverage, then I wouldn’t even switch to ATT. If you go with ATT first, sure you’ll great coverage, but you’ll pay through the nose and likely end up switching to T-Mobile for a try anyways.

        • Rick

          Thx Paddy. I was referring to this: http://blogs.computerworld.com/smartphones/22406/htc-one-google-play-edition-tmobile “The reason: The HTC One Google Play Edition, unlike the T-Mobile-specific (non-Play-Edition) HTC One, does not support the bands needed to use T-Mobile’s HSPA+ AWS service. The official word, as it was explained to me by Google, is that the phone supports HSPA+ service on T-Mobile’s 1900MHz band but not the carrier’s 2100MHz band, and the HSPA+ AWS service requires a combination of 1700MHz and 2100MHz compatibility in order to function”
          – Can you help me understand that? Will it work on HSPA+ because NY is 1900MHZ, but not where HSPA+ AWS is?

        • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

          That is correct, T-Mobile uses 2100 and 1700 (AWS), one is downstream, the other is upstream, you need BOTH to access the LTE and HSPA. The phone should work on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ as we’re on 1900, but not everywhere as it’s being reframed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-Mobile_US#Radio_frequency_spectrum_chart

        • Rick

          ty again!

  • I-Troll-U

    T-Mobile sucks but damn you can’t beat the cost savings..

    $30 plan is spectacular!!!

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      haha! gotcha! Money talks!

    • zz

      You get what you pay for. Stop complaining about T-Mobile. I have T-Mobile, and I love their service.

  • Fred

    So does t mobile have more Lte areas then Sprint ?

    • Danny Lewis

      I’m not sure, but it is funny that they beat Sprint in rolling out LTE near where I live! Go T-Mo!

    • Guest

      Sprint has more markets but t mo has more of the population covered. Sprint went after smaller markets while tmo was smart and went after larger cities

  • jefski2003

    Lets not forget that each cell tower has a range of 10 square miles. some towns are really close together. So if you have lte and don’t see your town on the list. Dont worry! Tmobile wont post every little town or where you get 1 bar of lte. Congrats to tmobile turning on 116 cities in 6 months! Verizon, att, and sprint have not done that. By the yrs end, I bet tmobile will have 250 cities/areas complete. Nipping at att heals!

  • jefski2003

    I see everyone complaining that they dont have lte. Hspa works fine. If u need lte that bad, you either have too much time on your hands or no hands on the wheel while driving. Besides thats what wifi is for. Once you get lte, watch that battery drain quickly.

  • Mystery Man

    San Bernardino has LTE thats a pretty large city not sure why not mentioned

    • superg05

      they unlike sprint tmobile said at the event don’t consider it launched until its at around 60% with sprint they consider it launched at 30%

      • Guest

        Sprint doesn’t announce until 80% it’s trolls in blogs who announce it for them and then idiots like you assume blogs are the companies providing the PR for Sprint

    • Bigjavar101

      In addition to San Bernardino; Colton, Highland, Redlands and Parts of Moreno Valley have T-mo LTE :)

      • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

        where? who? huh?

      • ZZ

        Yup! I agree as well.

  • MHenry24

    Bartlesville, OK!! Really?! It’s tiny! What about Lawton, we actually have people living here

  • Disgusted

    Someone forgot to flip the switch to on in Dallas, if this is their LTE experience it absolutely freakin blows. We’ve, I’ve been waiting along time for this and this is it, back to ATT, crap. :O

    • superg05

      i’ve see lots of LTE in Dallas so i think your just a troll could be wrong though and peace…….

    • Paul

      You’re either a troll or you don’t have an LTE device.

      It’s all around the dfw ares. It’s way faster than pre-LTE.

      • TD

        What part exactly? Serious question, because I am in Frisco, McKinney, and north Plano with an iphone5 official Tmo version and have yet to see it. Are you talking Dallas proper?

        • Paul

          I’m in Frisco, 121 and Lebanon. I’ve seen the LTE in Dallas city limits, Plano, and in Allen.

          I’m on a Note 2, and not sure if that could be a factor.

    • Joe

      Damn troll. You’re not going back to ATT for their expensive, shitty dropped calls. You would be stupid (even if you were serious), to ditch T-Mobile just when they’re at the best they’ve ever been

    • JJ

      T-Mobile lunches LTE at 60 to 80 percent. Did you watch today? other guys do at 30 percent.

      • Guest

        Who announces at 30%?

    • ShermCraig

      Disgusted, at least you’re patient….

    • Disqusted

      I have a new HTC one and in some areas I will get 1 bar, 2 bars at best. I travel all over the Dallas metroplex everyday. If the phone ever finds LTE it will be 1 bar. Once it finally finds a LTE signal it will lose it and go back to the edge network (it can’t just drop back to 3G)???? Today at Midway and Forest no service at all while at the light. I just got this phone back from HTC service where they replaced the motherboard, no change before and after service. With phone trying to find the weak LTE service and hold it, the battery gets drained so fast. Trying to figure out whether to stick with Tmobile or go back to those ridiculous prices at ATT/V? I have 4 phones on TMo… How long till they get the LTE coverage like the 3G coverage, years? Yikes…

      • Paul

        Ok, I see what you mean. inside my apartment on LTE I get one to two bars of service, this is pretty normal when I’m driving around. if I step outside I have seen anywhere from 1 to 4 bars with LTE connection.

        my note 2 is rooted and have a custom ROM on it. it is setup to show me the actual data connection; I can see if it connects to 3G.

        as I Drive around I have noticed it will jump from LTE to a 4G to 3G and back up as well.

        all that I can conclude is that the LTE towers do not have a really strong signal for cellular right now. this could increase in strength in as they provide upgrades and such to the tower electronics.

        otherwise I get pretty steady LTE connections whenever I’m around Frisco, Plano, Allen, and most of the city of Dallas.

  • Antonio JcRM

    LTE may be officially live but I think T-Mobile may have the weakest LTE signal out of all the carriers. On my AT&T sim card, here in Brooklyn, NY LTE is covered everywhere I go no matter where I’m at, however when I pop my T-Mobile sim card into my iPhone, LTE is spotty or no existence. Are they sure they light up NYC metropolitan area or just Times Square 42nd st. Which 1?

    • Minhaj Masud

      I always have an LTE connection where ever I go in Brooklyn…From the Brooklyn College area to Manhattan beach I have always been connected to LTE

    • Did you get the LTE Update from Tmo for the iPhone.

  • Rick

    I’m not seeing the Tmobile $30 plan on their site anymore! Looks like it’s OVER.

  • Zombiexm

    Does anyone know what county’s are part of the “washington dc” Market?

    On a good note, on a tower on the way to class I saw someone installing a new transmitter on top so I am assuming its tmobile since all other carriers already have lte in this area.

    • SC

      From my experience with my note 2 over the last few months, just about all DC metro and immediate surrounding counties (Montgomery, PG, arlington, some of fairfax) has solid LTE coverage.

      • Zombiexm

        Thanks. It seems like the closest tower to lorton is hspa and theres a slightly farther tower with lte. I can get two bars out side sometimes and sometimes I can hold one bar inside. Then most other times it detects lte inside but at zero bwrs and no data rolls eyes. I wish they would put there attenas on the newst tower next to gunston already [ they were approved to actually build a tower in 2010 nothing yet and its even better now that a tower company built one and has. One carrier already.

  • Omar Castro

    anyone in the palm springs area? Indio to be exact getting LTE? Im still rocking my gnex, So I cant test myself

    • kdjfskfj

      They refarmed their towers, so you should be able to get 4G on non T-Mobile phones.

      • Andrew

        The GSM Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have LTE

  • steveb944

    Time to play with my Nexus’ radios!

  • Justin

    How about garland Texas area?? Anyone from there have LTE coverage?

    • Oscar Alvarado

      I briefly had it on Broadway.

      • Justin

        Man….. I hope Dallas signal be reached to garland as well….. It was on with two bars but one day whenever I move a little bit, it’s gone…. And switches back to 4G. It sucks….

        • Oscar Alvarado

          No worries, Garland should be covered in the next month or so. Mess with your internal radios when in an LTE area to LTE only and see what you get.

  • BlackLighted

    Anybody have a link to some decent maps yet???
    I know about the market driven Sensorly stuff, but what about official LTE maps from T-Mobile themselves..
    Draw a map and color it Magenta!!!

  • F@&$ Haters

    Damn all you stupid T-Mobile haters, while you cry, moan and whine about how bad T-Mobile is I’m home watching Netflix on my roku, running my sony laptop and, Ipad on my T-Mobile LTE note 2 hotspot….you idiots need a life and a 2nd job to keep paying those at&t/verizon bills!!!

    • GinaDee

      2nd job? Is that what you really think people have to do to use the larger carriers? Sounds like you need a job that doesn’t pay minimum wage or request that the govt. increase their assistance program to you.

      I’m glad Netflix works for you in that spot. Don’t move your arm too much or it’ll get tired. Hopefully you don’t lean too far to the right or have to walk inside your house when it starts to rain because you’ll drop down to 2G or even worse: No Service.

      • Andres Galvan

        Are you two seriously bashing each other over the carriers you subscribe to?

        Trolls gotta troll, I guess…

  • r00t4rd3d

    Now they need a great plan to get everyone on board and put AT&T and Verizon out of business. $30 a month for unlimited everything!

    • skjdsfk

      That is far too low. At least $50.00

  • Greg Hartley

    It was a little spotty in ATL on Saturday but i guess that was because someone hadn’t officially flipped the switch..

  • Jason Crumbley

    “T-Mobile can provide customers with a strong, seamless nationwide 4G network experience.”

  • sidekicker89

    an LTE coverage map would have been nice.. did we get it yet? NOPE :P

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      i’m guessing it’ll look pathetic.

    • commentor99

      tmob is TOO embarrassed to show it right now… LOL !

  • aa1127

    Well, I gave T-Mobile a try and it was ok at best while I tried it. Living in the NW Suburbs of Chicago, I get HSPA+ (but sometimes speeds are no greater than 2mbps) and LTE only if I go to the city & some suburbs closer to the city. There are just too many pockets around the Chicago metro area. Not only that, when you do have LTE, there are usually only 1 or 2 bars (T-Mo iPhone 5) and will drop down to EDGE if you move far enough from the LTE tower….even in some suburbs like Batavia/Bartlett/Geneva/St. Charles you will be traveling along a major state route (ie IL 59) and the indicator would read EDGE or No Service…mediocre coverage at best. And let’s not forget EDGE once you hit the western limit of the Chicagoland area in general. I switched to T-Mobile in April, and while I like their no contract approach, EIP, and unlimited talk/text/data, at least for myself, the price of their service is not worth the hassles that I had to go through with their coverage. Yes, I checked coverage beforehand, but I didn’t expect to have that many issues with speeds/signal within the metro area they say they cover. Now switched to AT&T’s new gophone smartphone plan (usable LTE!), added an extra $10 1GB package for 3GB of data in total per month, and yes, with tax my monthly payment is now $76 compared to T-mobile’s $85. A $9 savings isn’t a lot but to me it’s worth it for better coverage. However, if in the future T-Mobile upgrades their network/fixes EDGE zones, and improves coverage beyond metro areas, sure, I am not opposed to coming back, but until that happens, my new plan is cheaper than what I was paying at t-mo and I at least have HSPA+ out in rural areas!

    • Oompa Loompa

      I wonder if you ever did troubleshooting. According to troubleshooting for tmobile, the bare minimum 4g you should get is 3mbps. Meaning your cap of 2 on hspa+ was an indicator that something was wrong. Potential defective phone, network settings issue, etc. What troubleshooting did you do?

      • rfgenerator

        I can tell you definatively that in Massachusetts if you are outside Boston, a typical HSPA speed is between 1 and 3 mbps. More often than not it is closer to the 1, sometimes even less.

      • aa1127

        Yes, troubleshooting was done. Powering device off and back on, restored the iPhone, etc. I even took the phone to T-Mobile and they said everything looked “fine”. The thing is that not always would I get the above mentioned 2mbps speeds and the other issue was signal or lack thereof. Sometimes I would get more (good) and sometimes I would get less than that. For example, when compared to a cousins Galaxy note 2 (also a t-mo phone) with a speed test at the same location and full bars, we both got speeds of 2mbps. There were days were you just couldn’t get above 2mbps in my area, unless you went to a different HSPA+ area or LTE covered area (even if phone was restarted). Could it have been the tower/s? Maybe. I even tried the epc.tmobile.com APN and it seemed to help a bit but the speeds were very inconsistent. Using the same iPhone 5 with AT&T prepaid, I have speeds usually over 25-30mbps on a consistent basis, and haven’t luckily even seen EDGE yet.

    • sidekicker89

      Can you break down your plan with AT&T? How is it only $76 bucks? Something is off. .

      • Guest


        • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

          like your dog

      • aa1127

        Nothing is off…I’ll explain. It’s a gophone (prepaid) plan. Their new smartphone plan (which can handle the iPhone 5 with data) is what I am on and it breaks down like this:

        $60 Gets you unlimited talk/text and 2GB of data.
        Add an additional $10/mo for 1 more GB of data.
        So now the plan costs $70 plus $6 tax in my area it then equals $76 total per month with 3GB data.

    • Justin

      I have LTE here in Rosemont now but, like you said, it’s available in the suburbs closer to the city proper. Looks like it popped up in the past week.

    • commentor99

      hmmm, i was thinking about moving my samsung g s3 LTE to att go phone plan, i have the LTE samsung G3, and i was told by a att rep there prepaid plans (smartphone plans) do not support the LTE yet?, but i have noticed you said att does ?

  • jp

    I would hope Northwest Arkansas (Bentonville, Fayetteville and Rogers) won’t be forgotten. With Tyson, Wal-Mart and J.B. Hunt having their home offices here we should have 4G LTE here as well.

  • ty

    Anyone know about Fairfax, Virginia?

    • Randy

      Ty, are you talking county or city? I currently have T-mobile and I get LTE by the Springfield mall (and up I95 into DC), at the edges of Fort Belvoir, and in West Springfield … but then I have no indoor signal anywhere on Belvoir (With T-Mobile, when it’s good, it’s great … when it’s not, it’s really not).

  • keasycase

    Just to let everybody kno… T-Mobile has enough aws spectrum to have a 4g lte coverge as Verizon… But they don’t want to put a lot of money where they not going to get it back… They have at least 10mhz to 15 mhz in every state…

    • cowboys901

      If you statement is correct that they have enough to cover like Verizon then they would make they money back.alot of people would switch to T-Mobile

      • keasycase

        Don’t have the money to build it out… That’s the problem

        • commentor99

          highly doubt thats the problem, its only a roadblock!

  • khalidalomary

    im getting lte in nashville,tn most of the time usually 20-22 down 6-11 up

  • cris


  • cowboys901

    Im gettin lte in memphis very very spotty. Been like this for about 2 weeks. Tmo flip the switch plz..

    • TylerCameron

      I was in Memphis from the 18th to the 27th and never saw LTE on my Note II.
      Also their HSPA+ is quite slow there compared to other places I’ve been to.

      • cowboys901

        Lte here has very small patches. Maybe 3 or 4. I got 18 down and 6 up. Hspa+ is ok I guess. I get around 3-5 down and 1-3 up. The best I gotten on hspa+ here in memphis was 10 down 3 up

  • keasycase

    Just read a article saying T-Mobile has 10*10 in some markets already… In vagas they r done with 10*10 and r testing 20*20… But it ur in a market where u basically get lte where ever u go and get high 20s-30s then u probably running 10*10

    • DT

      Where did you read this? I would like to see the article. I am interested. Can you give me the think?

      • keasycase

        Go to Google… Type in t-mobile lte new and u will see it

  • drklahn

    Guys, check out this T-Mobile LTE Coverage map. Found it on hofo. Looks very accurate! Just looking at Chicago, you can see the pockets of HSPA+. Guessing 60% LTE build out so far? But still after only a few months, it’s pretty impressive. Hopefully with a little more time we’ll see 100% coverage….


  • Richard

    Why have my hspa+ speeds dropped tremendously lately?

    • hounddog

      Check to make sure your apn is on epc.tmobile.com instead of fast.tmobile.com …it makes a huge difference where im at. On fast I get 8mbs down and on epc I get 15 plus every time. You’ll still pick up lte regardless just as long as you have an lte device

    • eanfoso

      Refarming, the hspa+ is being converted to LTE

      • Michael

        Actually HSPA+ is not being converted to LTE, they’re just “adding” LTE alongside with HSPA+ because some phones are not LTE capable, so those phones still need the HSPA+ network however the LTE capable phones will use both LTE and HSPA+.

        • yesitis

          Actually in the way he meant it he is correct. Yes they will still have HSPA+ in areas getting LTE, but they are refarming the 1700 and 1900Mhz freqs., the current HSPA+42 on AWS 1700/2100 is being “converted” or replaced with LTE on the AWS spectrum and the HSPA+ network is being moved/refarmed or “converted” over to the 1900Mhz WCDMA network that EDGE has been utilizing. They cant have both HSPA+ and LTE on the same AWS 1700/2100 spectrum.

          On another note LTE just went live officially here in New Orleans, unfortunately in typical TMo style unless you are right in the CBD or literally on the interstate then you wont get good signal and especially in the New Orleans and surrounding area there is really no excuse for that anymore its such a physically small area.

    • Z-MAN

      Lucky! You should be getting LTE soon then.

      • Brandon

        Hopefully that’ll be the case for me soon too in Vineland, NJ. I know we have a tower in the city itself but in some areas I get EDGE and others I get HSPA, sometimes in the same areas, sometimes only about a mile away from each other. My roommate said he got a text from t-mo a few weeks ago that said “congratulations! You can now take advantage of LTE speeds in your area!” the odd thing was that he’s the only one that got the text and we have 3 tmo phones in the house. His is an S3, I have the S4 and his brother has the HTC One. None of us get an LTE signal. He also said “aww I just deleted the message too!” which makes me think he was lying, but I have no idea why. When I bought my S4 2 months ago the store rep said we’d be getting it soon, but then again VZW said the same thing to me 2 YEARS ago.

    • Michael

      actually that just also means that they’re working on the towers in your area to equip them with LTE but you’d need an LTE capable phone for it to use LTE, after they’re done the HSPA+ speeds will be back up to normal or a bit better than normal

  • Greg Hartley

    Hey guys. Just notice I have LTE in the Chattanooga TN area. Only two bars but I’m getting 26d 6u. This is the first sighting and didn’t know chat would be getting it. Can anyone else confirm new sights

  • ray

    100 % lie. There is no lte in Lafayette Louisiana. Why put something on that is not true.

    • Michael

      this just means that these cities will have 4G LTE by the end of the year, those cities listed are cities that will be getting LTE, right now not all of those cities have LTE yet, but will between now and the end of the year.

      these are the cites for May and June:

      Atlanta and Sandy Springs, Marietta, San Antonio
      Austin and Round Rock, San Marcos (May Launch)
      Part of the Carolinas — Charlotte, Rock Hill
      Chicago and Joliet, Naperville
      Cincinnati and Dayton
      Connecticut — Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk
      Columbus and Mentor
      Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington
      Denver and Aurora, Broomfield
      Detroit and Warren
      Honolulu and Maui (May Launch)
      Long Island, New York and New Jersey — specific areas unknown
      Los Angeles and Pasadena, West Covina, West LA, Metro LA, Burbank, Beverly Hills
      Oklahoma City
      Miami and Fort Lauderdale
      Minneapolis and St Paul, Bloomington (May Launch)
      New England — Boston, Cambridge
      Philadelphia and Camden, Wilmington (May Launch)
      Sacramento and Arden, Arcade, Roseville, Fresno
      San Diego and Carlsbad, San Marcos
      San Francisco and Oakland
      Seattle and Tacoma, Bellevue
      Tulsa — (May Launch)
      Phoenix and Tucson (May Launch)

  • Faust3000

    I’m in Canton, Ohio and my iPhone just flipped over to LTE. I called my local T-Mo store and they said their demo devices were switching over as well but with no official communication about it going live.

  • aryndar

    Nothing in Idaho

  • john

    T-mobile PA coverage sucks. They never do anything in Back Mountain PA:(

  • Martin Drphilmartin Reynoso

    they should updata there 2g coverage area in othello,WA cause it sucks to have a 2g area where i have to drive 45 to get 4g lte or 4g :/

  • danny

    Does anyone know if they are still doing 1900 refarms???