T-Mobile iPhone 5c Pre-Order Goes Live At 3:01am ET Tomorrow, September 13th

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Quick update for all your iPhone 5c fans as T-Mobile has confirmed a 3:01am eastern time pre-order for the iPhone 5c. The device will also be available directly from Apple at the same time, but only at the full retail price. T-Mobile’s pricing will start at $0 specified and 24 monthly payments of $22 for a total of $528. Get your 10 cups of coffee ready to stay up late and get your pre-order in, expectations are that these phones will go fast, fast, fast.

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  • D Nice

    I’ll pass… I’m sticking with Android this cycle!

    • ChristianMcC

      Nexus 5 will have me staying up past midnight, if necessary!

      • D Nice

        I second this! I have had an iPhone 4, 4s and 5. Apple has got too redundant and gimmicky for my taste. There are some great things on the horizon (Nexus 5) as far as Android is concerned… I cant wait.

        • tomnewtn

          When I tried the Iphone 5, it felt too light and cheap even though the build is beautiful and cutting edge (pun). I love the ONE and N4 I have. I will perk up for the N5 and maybe give my N4 to my lovely wife.

        • D Nice

          Really… I’m anxious to see what specs the N5 will boast. Since I have EIP on my devices I was thinking of paying off my S4then I would sell my S4 then apply what I get to the N5.

        • Bud

          Yeah right, you Don’t own an iPhone

        • D Nice

          Well my post said I HAD OWNED them at some point… you know that is possible if you had 4 lines of service.

  • trife

    I’ll never understand why companies do these releases at midnight PT, as if the majority of the country isn’t already sleeping.

    Wouldn’t midnight ET be so much better for everyone?

    Oh well. Don’t want the 5C anyways, so I won’t be affected lol.

    • JB

      I’d imagine because midnight ET means it’s not the day of sale everywhere else. Not to mention most tech companies are on the west coast, so that probably had something to do with it as well.

      • trife

        Ahh, good point. Makes sense, yet it doesn’t…..if that makes sense.

    • Dakota

      Cuz Apple is based in California which us PT.. Same as Amazon’s free app program. Look at home shopping networks like HSN or QVC.. Theyre east coast based & have their specials begin at midnight ET. I think that’s at least part of it. Midnight PT is still not midnight in all parts of the US

  • champ

    I would get this but with a $100 difference, the 5S is appealing. Lets do that soon Tmo!

  • Red5

    Man, this phone is the iPhone 5, with color and an updated OS that’ll soon be available to most device’s. What’s the bug deal?

    • GwapoAko

      and iPhone 5 is now $549 LOL!! Why would some get a plastic 5C?

    • macman37

      The big deal is for international travelers who are budget oriented and want more LTE coverage when they go overseas. Instead of only 2 LTE Bands supported with the GSM Model (4 & 17) or 5 LTE Bands supported with the CDMA Model (1, 3 ,5 , 13 & 25) in the iPhone 5, we now have 11 LTE Bands supported (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 17, 19, 20, & 25) for subscribers of AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile; as well as 13 LTE Bands supported (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, & 26) for subscribers of Sprint. LTE Band 26 is what was used for Clearwire’s (now Sprint) WiMax; and it is what will be transformed/upgraded to TDD-LTE (Time-Division Long-Term Evolution) as Sprint finishes their so-called “Network Vision”. For T-Mobile’s subscribers who travel internationally, having 9 more LTE Bands supported is a big deal when they are downloading and uploading documents to their friends, co-workers, and bosses.

      • macman37

        *Note: I forgot to include LTE Band 8 as one of the 13 LTE Bands supported for the subscribers of Sprint. My mistake/typo.

  • macman37


    Are you sure it’s 12:01am Pacific/3:01am Eastern and not 12:00am Pacific/3:00am Eastern? Verizon Wireless and Sprint start their Pre-Orders at 12:00am Pacific/3:00am. There will be too much congestion on that section of Apple’s servers if T-Mobile subscribers don’t get a chance to participate when it actually starts. Anyways, great news who want the iPhone 5c!!

    • tjtj

      1 minute. Lets not overthink it here. If that many people really preorder in one minute then it will b congested no matter what. I cant see people being desperate to preorder the same phone that was just released last year only because it has different colors now.

      • macman37

        Try telling that to international travelers (ex: businesses/companies) and the budget-minded who want more LTE Band Support when they travel to other countries. The GSM iPhone 5 sold in the USA by T-Mobile and AT&T only supports 2 LTE Bands (4 & 17), the CMDA iPhone 5 sold by Verizon Wireless and Sprint supports only 5 LTE Bands (1, 3, 5, 13, & 25). The iPhone 5C supports all 7 of those bands including 4 more (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 17, 19, 20, & 25) for those who are subscribers of AT&T, T-Mobile, & Verizon Wireless. Sprint’s subscribers will have a different model that has 2 more LTE Bands supported (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, & 26). Any of T-Mobile’s subscribers who are business companies will support my argument.

  • Wow, I will definitely wait for bandit

  • KingCobra

    It’s too bad we can’t preorder the 5S. Have absolutely no interest in the 5C. It will probably sell like gangbusters anyway though since I know people will go crazy for a $0 iPhone.

  • badaphooko01

    Did they announce how much down the 5s would be?

    • KingCobra

      $99 down

  • applesucks

    It really amazes me how much stupid people can be for a phone thats just the same phone the company released earlier only with different shell. Come on guys apple is playing you.

    • weezy34

      Thanks for your incredible insight. What product(s) are you producing that is helping the economy in your city as well as many other countries?

      • Red5

        Apple is sitting on a cash pile that exceeds 100 billion dollars. That’s right, it’s just sitting there, not being invested in your city or otherwise. Almost all of there manufacturing takes place overseas as well, again not benefiting yours or my hometown. Finally; Apple took in more dollars per square foot than any other retailer in the US last year yet lags in pay by almost 50 percent vs other carriers that sell there product. Remind me again what your point was?

        • Adrayven

          And you’d be fired too if you brought it back to the US at 35% loss just for the transfer those funds. Stupid comments like that are a joke.

          The US is the only country with that high a rate.. all others charge between 10-15% to re-patriate funds back home. Samsung pays even less to get it’s money back to it’s home country, South Korea..

          Until congress realizes we have to compete with other countries with the re-patriation rates, more and more international businesses will NOT call the good’ole USA home. Apple isn’t the only one, Google is massing more and more funds across the pond. So is Microsoft, Blackberry. … keep counting.. If they are international, and call the US home, it’s only going to get worse until we bring our rate down to a level of sanity.

        • KingCobra

          Haha you act as if just pretty much every other corporation isn’t doing the same thing. Do you think Google, Microsoft, etc. don’t keep cash overseas? Pretty sure you’re using at one or more of their products.

      • applesucks

        i am guessing you had all the iphones that came out. selling the same phone in a different shell, here comes iPhone 5C (C stands for capitalism)

        • weezy34

          I am a proud Note2 owner waiting for a Note3. I appreciate the fact that Apple pushes the limits on their products that force other companies to push themselves in a timely manner to keep up or fall flat. Apple provides jobs for many peeps in many ways (outside of their company) the Advertisng dept on TV, Internet, Magazines, Books, Radio. App developers, musicians, writers, producers, Cell phone’s case makers, accessory makers, vendors, retailers, shippers, etc. Not just Apple store peeps, but the ones who capitalize on Apple. Think differently, outside the box.

          What other company is producing products/services (ie App Store, iTunes) that others are captializing on?

  • TechTac

    I would think the 5C will be priced at $450 on T-mo by Black Friday or Christmas Time. Will probably sell quite a bit.

  • Phatcorns

    Will the pre-orders be on T-Mobile.com?

  • Guest123

    Where is it??? I don’t see it!!!!!!!

  • John1

    I was hoping this would be a $300 phone and be a huge boost for tmobile since it would save them a lot of money in the long run. The big question is why get this plastic iphone when you can get the nice metal/glass iPhone 5 for 18.75 a month for $450?

    • John1

      Opps add the $99. and it is $549. Still just $20 more for a much nicer case.

    • Dakota

      Cuz they’re discontinuing the 5?

  • Captaindan

    Did the T-mo website crash? I was hoping to pre-order for my daughter.

    • jehrler

      i usually just ignore the dash but when I did that just now it wouldn’t load. Loads fine as t-mobile.com

  • AJ

    I have a feeling the phone is not going to be sold out as fast as apple thinks. haha.

    • dtam

      don’t worry, there will still be “supply problems” regardless

    • Dakota

      Don’t underestimate the Apple faithful & their belief anything iPhone does is revolutionary, especially when they aren’t familiar with other devices and operating systems. Colors will especially be popular with younger crowds.

      • Brian T.

        The iPhone definitely is revolutionary. Just like the Samsungs and HTCs and Motos. All revolutionary, and all can do roughly the same revolutionary things. And I think a lot of people think hard about their upcoming major purchase (and often, contract commitments…) before buying. It’s not blind loyalty at all.

        As a counterpoint to the idea that people buy iPhones just because they’re “Apple faithful,” it could also be because a lot of people walk into a Best Buy and play with a bunch of different Android phones and see the still-perceptible scrolling lag and occasionally choppy UI animations and the crap bundled apps that nobody wants and the cheap plastic feel and the relative complete lack of customer service if something goes wrong. Those are some of the reasons I ditched Android this year myself, anyway.

        • CJ

          The average person puts a case on there phone so sick of the plastic argument. I had the HTC with cheap plastic and it lasted 4 years!

    • Bud

      Yellow and blue are sold out

      • CJ

        I heard Apple kept low stock on purpose to show it is in demand!

  • SR3118

    Just pre-ordered a 5C for my gf (I have a 5) but they didn’t have the blue available so I went with the pink. I am hoping I can just exchange for a blue at the store when I receive it

    The site said its back ordered and I won’t receive until the 25th but I wonder how accurate that information is

    • Anon

      You will NOT be able to exchange it in store if purchased online. Just a heads up

      • SR3118

        Wow the phone rep I called said I could. Now it shows back ordered since I placed my order at about 7 and not 3am I guess

  • CrzyP

    The 5c is a genius idea. Slap some new paint on an iPhone 5 and magic happens! It becomes a whole new phone! The average consumer has no idea it’s the last generation iPhone. $0 upfront for the phone disguised as the newest product will surely get the average Joe excited and sell like hotcakes!

    • Dakota

      I read an article that said the same thing. Apple was trying to get people to not buy the cheapest phone. This way people who buy this level don’t feel like they’re getting an old phone. They feel like they’re getting a brand new phone because it has a new name and color

  • wilde_ride

    Seriously will you android fanboys please stop trolling every post David makes about the iPhone? We get it, you hate Apple. You don’t have to troll every post to remind us. Do something else for a change like getting out of your parents basement and getting some fresh air.

    • applesucks

      and you iphone fanboy, get up and grow with the world, embrace a change. btw i am against samsung too

  • D Velasquez

    this iPhone would make a great upgrade for a first timer and probably teenagers other than that i don’t see people getting this, may as well go for a Lumia 1020.

  • Bud

    Yellow sold out wow go Apple

  • djwurm

    ordered a blue 5c at 7:00 ET and ended up with the auto changes in my plan (-15 and -5) I am only paying a few dollars more than my old monthly rate!

    • djwurm

      well seems I am backordered…

      • SR3118

        Same here…I’ve been checking tmobile.com as the first orders are supposed to be delievered tomorrow but I still show back ordered with an expected delivery date of 9/25