T-Mobile iPhone 5s/5c Pricing Revealed Via Pre-Registration Pages


While T-Mobile sent out a short press release announcing support for the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c,  it lacked any information regarding pricing, especially Simple Choice pricing.  However, as it turns out, the pricing information has been right in our face thanks to the pre-registration pages.

With the internet turning upside down that the iPhone 5c doesn’t show the “c” as standing for cheap, the phone still has a decent price tag on T-Mobile at $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $22 per month. All totaled, the 16GB variant of the iPhone 5c will run $528.

The iPhone 5s will arrive at a price tag more in line with our expectations at $99 down and 24 monthly payments of $22.91 per month. When all is said and done, the iPhone 5s will run $648.84 for the 16GB variant.

As T-Mobile’s press release went out earlier in the week made no mention of pricing, we’re not ready to call these prices 100% official or final.  Therefore, I’d urge everyone to take the registration page pricing with a grain of salt as T-Mobile has made last-minute pricing changes in the past with Simple Choice smartphone releases. Still, it’s a step in the right direction so that iPhone 5s/5c buyers can start planning how much to shell out in the coming days.

T-Mobile iPhone 5s

T-Mobile iPhone 5c


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  • Deadeye37

    Cheaper out the door than the other carriers. Definitely better since the other big carriers are $100 more out the door. Now T-mobile needs to advertise the heck out of that price difference!

  • Yeah

    Great news!

  • holy Expensive iPhone Batman! I could understand those prices for 32GB versions, but those are for the 16GB versions. I’m talking buying it Outright, EIP prices are stellar.

    • NinoBr0wn

      Well you’re paying for the Apple logo, as always.

      • yes sir

        um GS4 is only $40 cheaper…you pay for EVERYONES logo!

        • JB

          Though the GS4 isn’t a cheaper to produce version of itself, like the 5C is to the 5

          Edit: I do agree with your sentiment though. Name plays an important part in how much we pay for products.

        • Geek Man

          Are you seriously comparing iPhone 5c to the GS4?

    • GwapoAko

      @SparklngCyanide looks like you change/buy phone every quarter :)

      • I didn’t say I’m buying this, but I do usually buy 2-3 phones a year.

        • JB

          Lol. You sound exactly like me. If it’s a good phone, why deprive yourself? :-)

        • Exactlyyyyy!! I keep them all also, you should see my collection. lol

        • GwapoAko


  • j

    u think they will have the 32gb for the 5S? If so how much?

    • It would be $100 more, add that in and divide by 24.

      • j

        so the down payment for the 32 will be $199?

  • KingCobra

    Very nice. This is the pricing T-Mobile needed. Should help sell tons of iPhones since it’s cheaper out the door than all of the other carriers. I’m surprised Apple is allowing them to sell the 5C for $0 down.

  • Dan

    That’s expensive. Even the 5c is pricey. I see a trend of phones hitting the $700 mark. What next $800 bucks for a damned phone? No thank you.

  • GwapoAko

    If I go to Tmobile’s website I can not find the links :) Are they hiding the pre-registration?

  • mdc

    Now the main question is!-
    Will T-mobile stores be carrying the 32/64GB models next Friday, though?

    • trife


      • mdc

        I hope this isn’t the case :(
        but if it is then I will be ready to order online as soon as it’s available!

    • LC

      Don’t count on it. They’ll likely continue carrying just the 16gb in stock and have the larger variations as ship to or online/phone orders only.

  • JB

    That’s great stuff right there, Magenta! I mean that’s pretty expensive, but they are sure to move units with that attractive up front pricing!

  • Roger Sales

    It was the right move. Tmobile will sell the most iphone 5c’s for sure, and gain a ton of subscribers.

  • Irfan

    Don’t forget to pay SALES TAX on final price :
    I will suggest T Mobile that if they put Sales Tax according to state law in 0% finance on cell phone will help customers???????

    • LC

      T-Mobile isn’t able to do that. You have to pay the sales tax up front.

      • Irfan

        how we get vehicles on 0% on the road price ?

        • Trevor Traub

          Much higher margins enable dealers to eat the state sales tax as a way of simplifying the cost of a car for the consumer.

        • xmiro

          ha! no. I doubt my dealer would eat $2700 sales tax to sell me a car. Unless I was some goober who paid MSRP then I can see it happen, maybe.

        • Trevor Traub

          It happens with new cars, not often but it happens. Happens with used cars all the time.

        • LC

          Like I said, T-Mobile isn’t able to do that. I didn’t say that wasn’t possible, but T-Mobile isn’t able to finance tax.

        • xmiro

          Vehicles you pay sales tax upfront on the total price if you finance it. Often the sales tax is rolled into the total financed cost – so many people pay interest on their sales tax.

          Or you pay sales tax in your monthly payment if you lease the car

        • getting giggy wit it

          I’ve worked for both t mobile and car dealerships, and the tax is never paid in the monthly payments Neither in a lease or finance. It’s paid by you to the state that you register your vehicle in. As for T-Mobile or any sale outside of cars you always pay tax upfront. Btw it is illegal to collect interest on sales tax.

        • Irfan

          Plz check the receipt after your customer get car it’s shows tax included ..shipment handling and tax plz have a look..

        • xmiro

          Wrooong, as Judge Judy would say.

          I leased my Lexus. And on the monthly lease payment the charges were broken down – $580+sales tax. My dealer also handled transfer, title, tag etc, for a fee. I just drove the next day or so to pick up the sticker.

          On the finance purchase offer they offered to roll the sales tax, $2700, into the loan and pay the State to keep down payment low. Which was crazy because then I would be paying interest on my sales tax, but apparently some people do it. But to do that one needs excellent credit and a lender who is willing to do it, because not all of them do it.

          And yes T-Mobile charges sales tax upfront on the full amount of the device.

        • zp

          That’s why you should buy on the secondary market. F paying the gouging sales tax rate of LA county.

        • xmiro

          there’s no 0%. $0 down iss for people with perfect credit, credit score 750-800 or more. And almost never happens because the promotion is often limited to just 1 car out the whole lot

  • Twinz

    How much is going to be for iPhone 5s 64gb

    • Adrayven

      My guess is +$100 for every bump. so $199 for 32gb and $299 for 64gb. I think thats a reasonable assumption.

      Keep in mind, T-Mobile never carried the 32 or 64 gb phones IN-STORE. So it maybe the same and an on-line only deal if you want 32 or 64gb.

      You might be able to order it in-store, and have it shipped. Anyone know?

      • Jesse

        They should have the 32 and 64 available online/over the phone order. The other option is going thru Apple store directly. Apple store will usually have different down payment option.

  • thirty5thrifters

    This is good news. 100 bucks off the out the door price is great. I’m not sure if I should go with the 64 gb. My music collection is a little south of 32 and I don’t want to be strained for space all the time.

    • zp

      Go with the 64, for sure.

  • VG

    Great for T-Mo that they can offer the new iPhones for a lower upfront price than their competitors, but Apple still lists the Verizon/AT&T/Sprint prices of $99 (base iPhone 5c) and $199 (base iPhone 5S) on its “compare iPhones” web page (www.apple.com/iphone/compare/). Unfortunately, T-Mobile is still treated as a step-child on the Apple web pages since T-Mo pricing is “different” from the other 3 carriers.

  • xmiro

    nice savings for us on the 5C http://www.mobileplancheck.com
    And T-Mobile has room to play with come the holiday sales time. Where everyone else is stuck on the $99 price give or take a few bucks.

    Now, if it only came with a larger screen…

  • Bill

    Read the fine print. “For well qualified” customers. A very small percentage(20%ish) of customers will actually qualify for this. Most will pay much more, up to a couple of hundred dollars more upfront.

    • TechHog

      Is there any backing for that statistic, or are you just guessing?

      • Jesse

        Well Qualified is based on Credit. So for those who have either have decent credit or ok credit w/ tenure will qualify.

        • TechHog

          I know. You need something to backup saying that only 20% are qualified though.

        • Jon

          There are no publicly available numbers for this data… This is fairly accurate.

  • TrueCopy

    Anyone know if this is a promotional price or the long-term for Tmo? I’m on contract with another carrier till the end of October but do want to switch… hopefully the prices will still be in place by then.

  • Tomas

    Anyone recently check the link David provided? The fine print is missing… Change in tactic or what?

    • They officially announced that pricing in a press release, if they changed it i’d be surprised but that’s interesting to note!