T-Mobile Updates LTE Coverage Numbers In AllThingsD Report


In the minutes following our uncovering of the T-Mobile iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c pricing, AllThingsD went on record with T-Mobile executive Andrew Sherrard. The AllThingsD report and related confirmation of the iPhone pricing isn’t what caught my eye, what did catch my eye is new numbers on T-Mobile’s LTE rollout.

Sherrard told the publication that the company now covers 180 million people in 154 markets with LTE, up from the 116 markets and 157 million people in July. There’s no listing of the new markets or whether those numbers included expanded areas of existing markets, but it’s a nice coverage bump in just a few months. These numbers put T-Mobile well on its way to hitting the long-held goal of 200 million POPs covered by the end of 2013.

As for the original point of the story, T-Mobile is thrilled to have the iPhone available at launch for the first time since the release of Apple’s iconic device. For the first time T-Mobile will have the same iPhone lineup as its chief rivals in AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

“It is so much fun to be on this side of the ledger,” says longtime T-Mobile executive Andrew Sherrard. “It is fantastic.”


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  • Richard Yarrell

    Big props to Tmobile

    • Garo.j

      I should be receiving my new lg G2 tomorrow. Plain and simple nothing beats the G2

      • wow

        Do I spy some Post-purchase rationalization?

      • kalel33

        When LG shows me that they can make a flagship phone without destroying it with glitchy software overlay then I’ll consider one but their history isn’t very good.

  • Alex Zapata

    I’ve had very mixed experiences with the LTE. In some places around Chicago it’s phenomenal, but there’s so many pockets of non LTE service that it sometimes leaves me wanting more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna leave TMO for this but it seems that the consistency still isn’t there.

    • du22ty

      Same in OKC. Wouldn’t complain but ever since they turned on LTE in my area the HSPA 42+ speeds took a nosedive. I almost wish I could turn off LTE and go back to having great speeds everywhere.

      • Alex Zapata

        Yeah, same here. I used to get 30mbs down on my old S3 and the highest I’ve gotten on LTE so far is in the mid 20s. Nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s a little disappointing at times. I had an HTC One dev edition that got some decent LTE speeds but it would drop down to edge far too often even with all the refarmed towers around here.

        • du22ty

          I’ve never gotten HSPA+42 speeds with LTE.. come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever gone over 3 bars. Most of the time it hovers around 1-2.

        • areallytallguy

          Bars aren’t always an accurate indication of signal strength. You should check the actual signal strength ratings in the settings. On stock android phones, Google rates 4/4 bars of signal strength at -90db or greater ( -89, -88, etc). Manufacturers and carriers use varying decibel ranges for their signal strength indicators.

          One example is that the T Mobile HTC One was reporting that pretty much anywhere you went the max bars you would see for Lte was 1, even though the data speeds were great. Recently an update was pushed out to more accurately reflect the strength, so in areas where you’d see 1 bar you would now see 4.

        • besweeet

          That’s because T-Mobile’s LTE performs better at cell edge.

        • areallytallguy

          I was just referring to how the software on the phone was incorrectly displaying signal strength, and people were complaining about “poor reception” when in reality it was fine. Obviously if you really do have poor reception in your area that update wouldn’t have helped.

        • besweeet

          Same. Where I got 4 or 5 bars of HSPA+, I get 2 or 3 of LTE. Either that’s normal, and Apple needs to update their signal bars.

        • JBLmobileG1

          I think thats normal because thats what I get on my Note 2.

      • Willie D

        Once they move HSPA+ to PCS spectrum, it will go far back up.

    • besweeet

      As far as I know, their initial goal is to cover 60% of the markets with LTE service.

  • Mark Reese

    Well I’m in big city with fast speeds but when I go inside a building or store or hospital , alot a times I can’t even get 2g…. or sometimes my phone says 2g but can’t make a call or get data . Sick of this shit

    • PhoenixPath

      Bad phone? Getting LTE indoors where I work…

  • sidekicker89

    Make sure you are mapping LTE on sensorly!! :) the latest LTE sightings I’ve seen are Omaha, Nebraska. Last sightings were in Peoria and Champaign, Illinois.

  • Mark Reese

    I cancelled data on my windows phone because I’m sick of not having data indoors … I think we should all do the same until they fix indoor coverage.. i got sick of paying more than I use to because im on a value plan, I can’t get the 2gb plan.

    • Garo.j

      I have excellent indoor coverage at work and at home.

  • Windy City 60639

    Chicago 60639. Same here LTE has lots of pocket specially indoors no service or one bar or on edge and that’s on my iphone 5 or my Samsung galaxy S4. The 60641 it’s the worst on 4g or LTE. Chicago LTE needs lots of work or t-mobile will lose lots of customer over data in Chicago.

  • Joe Hartley

    Yet Louisville Kentucky is still waiting for LTE to roll out here.

    • Lolville

      They bought the spectrum to use here, so it is just a matter of time.

      • Joe Hartley

        I know they bought spectrum from US Cellular but that is still pending FCC approval which would take 6 months to happen. So it will be around December or January before they have that to use.

    • Jake Baker

      I actually got 2 bars of LTE beside pjcs last week in Quiznos. Just lasted a min and haven’t seen it since. I did a quick speedtest and got 4-5 down and 2-3 up.

      • Joe Hartley

        While I was out today near Outterloop and Shepherdsville RD I got 2 bars of LTE while sitting at a stop light. Didn’t get a chance to run a speed test though.

    • HSPA+ coverage has been pretty good so I can’t complain…but I’m really wanting the LTE greatness! I had it with AT&T, but it cost me way too much!

  • vinnyjr

    Still doing allot of work on many many areas. Some places you might think are finished when in fact they are not. Give it some time and T-Mobile will have crazy ass LTE. Very soon we will start seeing some areas with LTE Advanced, being the last Carrier to the so called LTE party T-Mobile has been lucky enough while they are updating to LTE to be able to use the most modern hardware which is LTE Advanced. Family member is a tower Jockey and he told me LTE Advanced is so much more faster than the regular LTE. T-Mobile has been updating all their LTE towers with the LTE Advanced. So T-Mobile will have the fastest data speeds, when will this happen, my guess is by next spring. Thank You T-Mobile.

    • besweeet

      They aren’t going to upgrade ALL of their LTE towers within the next 9 months, considering they are still very early with their initial LTE rollout. Maybe by the end of 2015, they’ll be into LTE-Advanced.

      • john

        I think what he may have meant is that T-Mobile only has LTE Advanced towers. The never upgraded any to just regular LTE. So all of the towers that have LTE already have LTE Advanced, they just need to get their phones/backend/spectrum/whatever together so that customers can take advantage of it. At least that’s what I hope he meant.

        • MastarPete

          Fairly close, from what I remember in a previous article T-mobile is rolling out LTE Release 10 equipment. Because it is so new or maybe due how the hardware is designed, all that would be required is a software update or at worst to plug in an LTE-A card on the existing cell host hardware. Like I said I don’t remember the article 100%, but I do know it was on Tmonews sometime last year.

        • fsured

          You are correct. They are installing the hardware and when ready they will only need to make the needed software changes to turn on LTE-A.

    • Penguin

      sense your family member is a tower Jockey did the family member say what they are doing with all the edge and gprs towers are they going to be upgraded to 3g/hspa 21/hspa42/or lte?

      • superg05

        there have been some reports lately of edge areas getting lte out of the blue

    • od312

      Too bad it’ll be spotty ass lte coverage!!

  • JBLmobileG1

    One thing I’ve noticed in Las Vegas/Henderson Nevada area on my Note 2 with the Lte, is that, when I have 2 bars of Lte I get the speeds I was getting on my HSPA+ S3 of about 9mbps down. However my upload speeds on my Note 2 are more at around 14 to 16mbps. If I get 3 bars of Lte my download speeds reach close to 30mbps including my upload speeds. Its a pretty big difference… I have yet to see full bars but I wonder how faster it could be.

  • GinaDee

    Go to HowardForums.com Everyone is complaining of slow speeds on T-Mobile’s network

    • verhouze

      Yup. Speeds have lagged since LTE lit up in my area (Los Angeles). HSPA got sacrificed.

    • od312

      I agree! Right next to a tmo tower, and this is what they call “4g”. WHAT A JOKE! http://db.tt/bYwELSIM

      • besweeet

        One tower can’t be used to judge the entire network…

        • od312

          It’s multiple, you jackass

        • besweeet

          “I agree! Right next to a tmo tower” refers to ONE…

      • Spanky

        That’s about the same speeds T-Mobile has in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY – 0.5 Mbps down at full 4 bars of 4G.

    • Dakota

      I get anywhere from . 01 to 10 occasionally but average around 3..im not uploading Facebook or Twitter or instagram all day so doesnt bother me as much for the super low price I’m paying

    • Stone Cold

      Everyone knows T-mobile has coverage issues but they are working hard on making it better. Telling people to go to a site to look at people complaining is about as fun as watching paint dry.

  • trife

    LTE in Huntsville, AL was patchy at first, even though amazingly it worked at my house where if you drive 3 miles NE, you’re stuck on EDGE.

    In the past few weeks, my wife and I have noticed much wider LTE coverage around the city, so I gotta believe they’ve expanded around here. Whatever they’ve done, I love it.

    My only complaint, like many of you, is that indoor coverage is abysmal at times. Going inside of the local malls drops me to EDGE, unless I’m standing directly underneath the huge skylights. Not cool, TMO. Not cool. Then again, its ALWAYS been this way–I just figured indoor coverage would have improved a lot by now. *shrugs*

    • Matthew

      Also in the Huntsville area. I find it odd that the outlying areas have LTE but research park doesn’t. And I completely agree about the building coverage. But they’ve made some great improvements over the last several months. I’ve noticed that the coverage is getting more solid every week.

      • trife

        My uneducated guess about the Research Park area: Redstone Arsenal.

        I remember talking to a T-Mobile store manager way back in the day when we were still waiting on 3G here in Huntsville. She mentioned that the area was slow to get it because of the frequencies they use on base. There was some conflict that had to be worked out before 3G could be deployed.

        Also, maybe it has to do with the size of the arsenal? Are there cell towers on base? If not, I’d imagine that some areas right outside of it are on the fringe areas of coverage.

        Again, these are 100% uneducated hypotheses lol.

  • JB45

    Come on Cincinnati….

    • Nick

      Lol I’m crossing my fingers for cincy too.

  • 30014

    It’s about time T-Mobile updated their coverage map on the website to show LTE.

    • kalel33

      They probably don’t want to put an LTE coverage map, in fear of other competitors doing a commercial showing the difference between theirs and T-mobile. I can’t understand any other reason why they wouldn’t

  • MS

    Daughter is glad they added LTE to Bloomington and IU.

  • jessicaD

    does anyone know what happened to T-Mobile Lte in los Angeles??? At first speeds were 20-25 dwn 10-15 up. Now everywhere I go east la,montebello,pico rivera dwtwn LA, Alhambra my xperia z my mans galaxy s4 show lte even with full bars lte speeds are crappy 2-3 dwn, 1-2 and the ping is horrible 120 ms I liked lte.at first because the ping was better han hspa but now its worse than hspa, so I put both phones on hspa before I would get 10-13 dwn, 1-3 up now I get 1-2 dwn LESS than 1 up with full bars of hspa I never ever been this dissapointed with tmobile network in 3 years sure I have zero dropped calls but data went down it crapped out I tought it was my phones sobibwent to a tmobile store did speed tests on many phone icluding an iphone 5 they all had full bars lte and hspa speeds were also really bad I told the guy that works there that what had happend with the network he was all like I admit tmobile data network is slow now he took out his personal phone it was an att galaxy s4 he did a speed test in front of me 25 dwn, 18 up he was all like even tho iWork here I switched to att couldnt take tmobiles slow data.. ugh its frustrating I wanna switch but att too expensive!! Hope tmobile fixes the data network in LA!!! PRONTO!!

    • kalel33

      They might have got a ton of new customers there and now you’re sharing the same bandwidth with more people. That’s the reason why AT&T was having so much problems, too many people using too much data. Unlimited data is great, unless you have to many people using unlimited data.

      It’s just a theory and probably not correct.

      • jessicaD

        tru what your saying im sure lots of people are on the network I tought well at least I have hspa a s a backup since hspa was great before but no it also is pretty bad now I wonder how att did it they had problems before but now there data is faster

    • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

      Hey I have noticed the same thing happen to me in Covina , South Gate area as well its strange and completely agree with you for me the speeds are like that during peak hours usually after 6 pm but yeah very strange

    • Stew

      T-Mobile is supposed to have 20X20 LTE in 90% of the top 25 markets (LA included) by the end of the year. That’ll mean theoretical speeds of 150 down, but the actual will be more like 50-100 down. They’re still working, and they’ve met all of their deadlines so far, so expect an upgrade soon!

    • Mark Reese

      TMobile is still working on lte… it will at least return to hspda speeds

  • KingCobra

    I’ve had LTE all over town for a while but I’ve noticed more and more areas being filled in. Also we had a total service outage in the area last weekend but once it came back on I was getting LTE inside my apartment finally rather than “4G”. Even though the speeds I get on LTE for download are lower than what I was getting on “4G”. I have an iPhone 3GS as a business phone and noticed that it also was finally receiving 3G inside my apartment rather than Edge like it used to do as soon as I walked inside the building. They’re still working on it guys so even if your city is announced it’s still not 100% complete yet.

  • Fred Kerr

    Tmobile has activated 4G LTE in the Columbia, SC market

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Yayyyy my ATT Galaxy Note will be taking advantage of the speeds I should have it by Monday. And the refarm has hit Columbia too

    • king

      I cant can second this, I saw this about two days ago.

    • sushimane

      Spartanburg,greenville been having lte I would have thought they would have had it too.

    • vik

      Tmobile started rolling out in Florence, SC too. I get LTE in some florence part now.

  • mreveryphone

    I’m not going to be a Debbie Downer like the rest of these people on here and the reason why is I’m getting LTE on a unlocked att Optimus g pro! A year ago you couldn’t even get 3g on a unlocked phone! Be patient, the coverage is coming. Rome wasn’t built in a day people. Let tmobile get their money up from these new iPhone and flagship sales and watch our network fly!!!

  • Daniel

    There has been LTE coverage expansion in the Phoenix Valley. I didn’t used to have LTE at work but now I do. Hopefully I’ll get where I live! For now HSPA+ has me covered ;)

  • Nick

    I think I might have found an updated list of cities because it says “now reaching over 180 million” or something.

  • Nearmsp

    where are the coverage maps T-mobile?

  • RonJeezy

    Still Rocking Edge Western MD sad… Apps and Internet don’t even work on Edge anymore. WI-FI is my bestie

    • Marcelo_L

      They need to hook you up RJ……No one lets their friends run on EDGE anymore.

  • Trevnerdio

    In the areas around Panama City, FL that I get LTE (about…5 towers total) the speed and latency is amazing! Just wish they’d finish what they started lol

  • LOLFanboysaredumb

    What good is LTE when 40 feet down the sidewalk it goes back to 2G? What good is faster than 3G going to do when there is STILL, since the 90’s, more 1G/2G than anything else? T-mobile I have been with you since Voicestream, and you’ve got to fix this…

    • Marcelo_L

      Got you beat my friends, I’ve been with them since they were Omnipoint, however…..I am 100% with you on this one. They have got to do 2 things:

      1. Increase the switch over to 3G+ coverage from EDGE/GPRS.
      2. Increase their building penetration coverage.

      Do THAT. Do that.

      • LOLFanboysaredumb

        It’s incredibly stupid to me. Logic would tell you that if you made 3G the “worst” you could expect to get in 99% of the network, then people aren’t going to freak out and jump ship when they 28.8K dial up internet speeds AKA 2G.

      • LOLFanboysaredumb

        I was with them when they were called powertel even before voicestream. My first phone with them was an ericson which they were boasting about text messaging at the time. Shameful how little their network today still has some of those towers running…

        • Marcelo_L

          Nice. I remember when they had those Ericssons (T7XX, I think? I’d have to dig it out of a drawer), and the Nokia 6190’s (I even got the analog network back for it for when I roamed to TDMA areas).

          I remember digging around with some of the folks on Howard Forums to find out the SMSC #’s that would work with them, and didn’t just allow you to receive SMS’s, but would let you send as well. This was in the day before they even touted “Texting”.

          I would agree, they still need to bump up their coverage and signal strength in a lot of areas.

          Glad to find another old TMo’er here. There aren’t many of us who’ve stuck with’m as long as we have I’ve been told.

        • LOLFanboysaredumb

          I have no intention of leaving them either. It’s just, get real about it. They didn’t lose so many customers to bad phones or prices when 4G became almost viral on big red. They lost due to network penetration in buildings and those moments when you walk down the street, cut a left and go down to EDGE or GPRS because of a building. Speeds have very little impact when you compare it to that. HSPA+ is just fine, just get it everywhere there isn’t LTE. LTE from what i’ve seen is more than enough bandwith, but just like hunting down Carmen Sandiego.

  • Z

    Yay! I was wondering what happened their LTE rollout. Nice to know that they are catching up!

  • Donovan Shore
    • Very nice! my T-Mobile LTE Speeds are usually 30-39Mbps, but yours blows mine out of the water. : )

      • Donovan Shore

        Yeah, whenever people talk smack about me keeping with T-Mobile I just go ahead and pull out speed test. I have downloaded movies in a little more than it takes to smoke a cigarette. I am absolutely pleased with T-Mo.

    • Marcelo_L

      That is absolutely incredible. Don’t get anywhere NEAR those numbers down here in Miami. Usually the best I’ve seen is speeds in the mid-to-upper teens. I think I got one run where I had 23, but I was literally 250 feet away from a tower.

      • Donovan Shore

        I live in Sunnyvale CA. I get those speeds almost everywhere around that area. Pretty much the whole bay area is fast. Pretty nice. I am in Afghanistan now and I am embarrassed to show you my speeds in my own office.

    • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

      Excuse me for being noisy but where do you live ? Next to John Legrees house ? Those speeds are fantastic !

    • samsavoy

      I got ya beat in South Florida last month :)


  • Chino

    T-Mobile Has Activated 4G In East Texas..No More Edge(^o^)!!

    • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

      Thanks for sharing ! I love hearing new 4G areas

      • Chino

        Your Welcome!

    • sosharpdevy

      If I may ask where at in east Texas? Is it hspa or LTE? I live not far from east Texas and would like to know. Thanks.

      • Chino

        It’s HSPA/UMTS(WCDMA) In Lufkin/Nacogdoches…If You Want To Get 4G Coverage, You Must Change The Network Mode Settings To WCDMA Or Other Wise You’ll Be In EDGE.

        • Delusion_FTL

          Sensorly says otherwise, are you sure you are not roaming? If you force t-mobile phones into wcdma only they will often roam.

        • Chino

          I’m Not Roaming At All, The Roaming Settings Are Off! The Towers That Are Upgraded Is The One Right behind of Locksmith off Frank Ave, The Other One Upgraded Is Off On 59 Right After Passing Angelina College…The Only Tower That Is Not Upgraded Is The One off Moffett Rd Going Toward Nacogdoches (Right Side Tower)

        • Delusion_FTL

          Very cool, maybe they will make their way down to corrigan and finally get proper hspa signal in Livingston too, and at that point I think that whole stretch will be upgraded.

          Also, you should drive the ring and major cross streets with sensorly runnning so you can rid the map of the horrible cyan, and give it some lovely green :-)

        • Delusion_FTL

          Also, which tower(s) are upgraded? In lufkin there is the one off myrna and church (behind the cvs), off frank and redditt, up davisville just north of medford, and off allengin near the 69.

  • T-Mobile Fan

    It’s rapidly expanding here in Massachusetts; that list doesn’t do us justice. I’ve noticed it in Southern NH the other day. Great job T-Mobile.

  • RefarmAllPCSnowPlease
  • Brandon

    I recently got LTE in Vineland, NJ. The must be still working out the bugs because I drop down to EDGE/HSPA occasionally.

  • Kyle

    LTE is also on in several places around central PA including Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York. The network itself isn’t huge but they’re still working on it!

  • Mike

    The LTE coverage here along the WI/IL is expanding fast as well. I usually get 28-29 mbps down and 9.5 up. on HSPA i still get 25-27mbps down, but only 3 up. This is on the IL side of the line. The WI side still is edge largely as not much spectrum is owned in WI.

  • Frettfreak

    Seriously if i dont see something in my area this year i am moving to verizon. they have had lte in my area for 6 months and my “4g” (total BS btw unless 4g is 160kbs) blows!

  • mjs64

    LTE is slower then 4G in my area, don’t see what all the hype is about.

    • Pesos

      LTE only has so much bandwidth capacity. If most people around you, whom are using the same tower as you, use the LTE spectrum, it will slow it down. It makes sense why 4G would be faster. Less people are probably using that spectrum.

  • Jeff Martinez

    LTE in Phoenix, 29 down/16 up