Hands On With The New T-Mobile myTouch & LG Optimus T

After making an appearance yesterday at CTIA Fall 2010, the folks over at Engadget caught sight of the new myTouch and went hands on with this bad boy. Sadly, the handset was a hardware prototype so they weren’t able to play around with the device, but they did manage to get a plethora of pics, including some comparisons with its predecessor, the myTouch 3G Slide. As for first impressions of the hardware, Engadget claims the device feels fairly solid, featuring a neat design with a metal battery cover and a camera button on the side. Additionally, the new myTouch also includes a set of three copper contacts on the side which will most likely be used for a landscape dock accessory. Be sure to check out the full gallery here!

Also on display was the upcoming LG Optimus T, which was officially unveiled yesterday. In short, the handset is solid and outperforms most of the low-end Android phones currently on the market. T-Mobile will offer the LG Optimus T in two flavors, purple and black. And what seems to be the most interesting tidbit, Engadget found mobile hotspot functionality and WiFi calling while scrolling through the settings of the handset. This shouldn’t come as a surprise at all, considering we called it back in late September. Check out the full hands on and image gallery here!

[Engadget (1), Engadget (2)]

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  • FlyingRequin


  • FlyingRequin

    ok — my first comment deleted. Here is the second – you guys waited a bit on this one — Engadget had their article up since 12:30

    Anyway, it looks nice overall, but I don’t like the white border — makes it a bit of a girly phone.

    • That has to be the dumbest thing I’ve read today beyond the typical “first” comments.

      • kl

        Yet you had to reply….

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      The information is from Engadget so I would think Engadget would have the information first right? moron, i hope your 2nd comment gets deleted too, childish stuff.

      Anyway – Im really liking the Mytouch but i dont think im sending my G2 back, i love the keyboard on the G2, but the mytouch is a very nice looking phone and hope it does well for Tmobile.

    • Jimhuffnpuff

      Righhhhhht. Because girls don’t need or use phones? since when has the myTouch line not had color variants? Thanks for trying to stir up non sense, troll.

      • Flyingrequin

        What is a troll? Maybe your also gonna say “epic failure”

        And why is calling a phone girly a bad thing. It is what it is – girls need cool phones too, because yes it is a very cool – but slightly girl – phone.

    • Famous By Marital Association

      Not that many years ago, the was a phone called the RAZR made by this little company called Motorola. It seemed mundane at the time, but they shipped out some Magenta ones that were in a truck which had collided with the Easter Bunny’s basket he’d left in the road why trying to hide some eggs on the Yellow-Brick Road Highway’s overpass to Wonderland. Soon Alice, Dorothy, Smurfette, Babs, Mini-Mouse, Ms. PacMan and Wendy Testaburger all had one. You know why?

      Because women are roughly 50% of the population, and it was one of the first phones that was marketed with them in mind. Guess what? Motorola made a KILLING off of the same garbage RAZR phones for years for the simple fact they made it in different colors.

      Just a little bed-time story for those who don’t realize the profit in marketing to women. If you want another story, I’ll read “The Perpetually Out of Stock Kindle” by Amazon & the Oprah Winfrey show.

    • So, I guess the white iphones are girly as well, right.

  • jmc987

    Is it still 199.99 w 2 year agreement contract? David?

  • SnakeEyez

    Not liking that theres a dedicated camera button, especially where its at. It seems like it’ll be quite easy to accidentally open up the camera because of the location. Or is that just to take the picture and not launch the camera? If so then its in a good spot to take pictures in landscape

    • Aston

      for which phone? if your talkin about the mytouch, its not a problem at all. i have the mytouch slide so its pretty much in the same place and i’ve never started the camera by accident.

      • SnakeEyez

        Yes I was talking about the MTHD, and thats good to know.

    • Vibrant Guy

      This phone should only be about $100 or less. The sprint version is only $49.99. I think people will jump on this phone, because its 2.2 and its cheap. I think it looks really nice. A better version of the Sentio!!!

  • RolloC84

    I’m really anxious to see the screen on this thing. I didn’t think the screen on the G2 is nearly as pretty as the screen on the Vibrant.

    • Kickstar13

      Agreed. Vibrant screen is much much better.

      • ditchmagnet

        I switched from the Epic to the G2 and though the SAMOLED is better, the SLCD is still great, and worth it to me since I can go for over 12hours on a charge instead of 5hrs on the Epic.

      • jmc987

        I also agree with you, but thr g2 has better performance, speed and DESIGN.

    • Vibrant Guy

      The Vibrant screen is the best screen on a phone right now, that we can buy with a cellular company. IMO

      • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

        I like the g2 scree better. It’s something about the sharpness of it.

    • NiiDiddy

      Love everything about the Vibrant. I don’t know, but I must the among the percentage of people who got a Vibrant that is flawless. No GPS issues, no freezing…etc. Pure super fast power and the G2 doesn’t touch it…mine, at least :)

  • B

    I may buy that thing for the camera button alone haha. Would the processor be more efficient than the Nexus One? Also, there seems to be some confusion with the onboard memory. Is it 8GB ROM or an 8GB card?

  • ditchmagnet

    8GB SDcard, 4GB ROM.

    I may get rid of my g2 for this is the UI is stock, or close to it. Or I will wait for a good ROM and then get it. Still wondering how you can video call through yahoo messenger to PC since it cannot be done right now.

  • 2FR35H

    If i own that mytouch I just know people gonna try and see if it slides.

    • NiiDiddy

      Lol..they look very much alike in different ways, dont they?! Especially the front.

  • ManoloDF

    I would love to hear of any UMA action on these guys tested in real life.

  • ogopogo

    I’m pretty much sold on the MTHD. The only quibble I have with it is that silly MyTouch logo.

    • thaghost


      and the buttons on da front. im getting tho.

    • Hmmmm?

      Perhaps there will come to be some third party manufacturer that will make little black stickers to cover up the myTouch logo. It sounds silly but I bet they would actually sell.

  • ob18

    the mytouch doesn’t look bad at all, i would like to see it in person to take a look at the phone. also i’d like to see if it can be used internationally. i am still holding out hope we hear more info about the dell thunder ? (with andriod)

  • kpc

    How big is the screen suppose to be?

    • schtum


    • alex


  • alex

    David do you think there will be a full white version of the phone? Or just a black and white one with the other colors in differ combinations, even if they don’t have it in pure white I’m still getting it, I’m 99% positive we will be able to pre-order this phone for the fact that we are able to register for news unlikes the lg optimus, and motorola defy

    • schtum

      I’m not david, but if you look at the MyTouch Slide, there’s an area around the logo and buttons that’s black for every color option. It looks like that area has been extended to the entire front of the phone for the new Mytouch (everything within the metal bezel). In other words, the model shown here IS the white one. The purple and red ones will also have a black front, and the black one will be all black (except for the bezel and battery cover).

  • David

    Interesting. Not sure I’m on board with the styling, but I do love the color options (and I’m a guy). I think the Sprint version of the LG phone has a button design that is much more pleasing to the eye, so I doubt I’ll go for this. The MyTouch looks kind of cheap, and that white/black scheme really doesn’t work for me personally, but I’ll reserve judgment until it goes into production. If only I could get a keyboard-less G2… (And before you ask, no, the Nexus One isn’t an option since it’s no longer available for sale.)

  • alex

    Colors are colors, I want it in white, come to think of it I think they will be able in one whole color, but also combinations, because then it would’t go in with the other mytouches, plus this is going to be t-mobile’s high-end phone other than the.g2, and vibrant. I think the new mytouch is better than all of t-mobile’s line up except for the fact that the vibrant has super amoled

  • vinny

    The MyTouch is coming in 4 colors. Im hoping the different colors is basicly that stripe around the side. So I think a black phone would have the black stripe instead of that ugly ass white stripe. The MyTouch HD in all black would be one hell of a good looking device. Now what do I do, I will never sell my Nexus One, still the best made and looking device, just bought the Nexus One’s little brother the G2 and I also want that MyTouch HD. I am completely out of my freaken mind.
    Thank You T-Mobile for these great choices.
    PS- If I could only have one device it would be without a second to think, The Nexus One. This phone can and does do it all. My download speeds are great and it is IMO still the best looking and made device going. (my opinion)

    • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

      Sold that nexus and never looked back. Those touch buttons never quite worked right for me and that signal problem was terrible. To many problems that should not happen on a $500 phone. They got it right with the g2!!!

  • kershon

    I think this is a sharp looking phone. I like the color of it. Does anybody know what other colors it’s gonna come in?

    • thaghost

      4 colors: blk, white, red and plum.

  • alex32 (g2)

    bought my g2 just now. loving it.
    i see that i have that infamous loose hinge problem..but who cares, i wont be holding the phone upside down to use it, also i would have never noticed it if it wasnt discoverd by that guy in the first place..people just find stuff to complain about. the internal memory is 1.23, now that sucks but i wont be downloading too many apps..5 tops.

  • daewond3r

    Thanks Engadget. You just changed my mind about the new MyTouch. Will wait until it drops and do a on-the-spot comparison with the G2. Can’t wait!

  • mike

    the new mytouch looks nice

  • thorax1

    I REALLY wanted a Tmo phone with a FFC, but I had to get the G2. I need my keyboard plus if the MTHD has the special HTC Sense that the slide has, I’m afraid it may take longer to upgrade to 3.0. Thank God the Galaxy Tab is coming out. FFC problem solved…hahaha!

  • alex

    its looking real good…

  • SnakeEyez

    Engadget has updated its post with pictures of the red MTHD. It looks pretty good, but I wanna see the black one.

  • Eddie Android

    I was liking the MyTouch untill i saw that stupid “iphone” chrome trim on it. WHY HTC?

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    The red version is nice. I might need that!

  • McGruber

    For all vibrant owners out there you can install a FFC on your vibrant. Go to XDA for details. Im just waiting for the parts theN i will have a FFC on my vibe!

  • Hmmmm?

    I’m ready to get mine, I’m optimistic that this is the white one and that the black one will be one solid color, with the metal back. But again, nothing a case probably won’t fix. I really hope this comes out 11/03 like the previously leaked road map indicated. But the G2 was late from it’s date on the same road map, so I guess it wouldn’t be unexpected that this comes a little later as well.

  • Jonny

    both of these phones will suck!!!
    you wont be able to root anything!!

    • Hmmmm?

      Luckily, I don’t have to root it for it to do what I need it to do. Just the same, if some time I decide I want to, I’m sure someone will have figured it out by then.

  • Jonny

    you wouldnt wanna put certain software on it you putz?

    • Hmmmm?

      Depending on what that software consists of. Currently I have a BB Curve 8320, it is out of date, and it’s interface is shot. But most of the new phones already have the software “I wanna” put on it, or it is available without rooting. If it didn’t I wouldn’t by it, I would find another solution that offers the usability I need. Just because you need to have your phone do something, doesn’t mean I need my phone to do the same.

  • teport

    Does any one know if this phone will be compatible with at&t’s? i know i am going to get crap from you guys but i have to switch to at&t. work requires me to have att. and i dont see the need in me having two lines. i would like to at least a bit of tmo with me. and this phone IS what i am going to get. beats everything that att has by far. go ahead people start throwing trash at me i know i know i am goin to att…………sad sigh (:<)

  • Midori

    As far as i’ve seen the mytouch was the only tmobile phone not turned on. Im going out on a limb and saying they must be hiding an exciting new ui for the mytouch that potentially could not be espresso because after all its the new version of the first mytouch and not the mytouch slide. Hoping!!!

    • Hmmmm?

      That could be interesting, hopefully they learn from earlier missteps, doesn’t seem like Espresso Sense has many fans. I’ve never seen the myTouch Slide in person, so I can’t say anything about it really. I’ll just have to see what this one is like compared to the G2 and Windows Phone when they come out.