(Updated) Samsung Says Vibrant OTA On The Way?

It’s been a long and aggravating journey for Samsung Vibrant users with regards to an update to fix GPS issues that have been plagued them since the release of the handset. Last week continued to throw fuel on the fire with a vague tweet from Samsung regarding information surrounding the update that would arrive next week, which is now this week. Plenty of you expected news Monday, however none came. This morning however, we saw a tweet from Samsung’s @GalaxySsupport Twitter account announcing the arrival of the JI6 OTA update. A message “should appear on your phone” though no timeline is given as to when you can expect that to occur. For the moment that’ s all we know right now so hopefully Vibrant users can sound off below on receiving this update and any fixes that might be found.

Samsung GalaxySsupport Twitter

Update: T-Mobile has stated that Samsung will be sending out a staggered update between today, October 7th and the end of the month so don’t start panicking if you don’t receive it right away. Here is a list of fixes expected with this update:

The top customer issues addressed with this OTA include:


Exchange inbox

Contacts Sync

The Sims 3 10th Anniversary Edition

Battery indicator

Calendar alert chime

New Services: Samsung Media Hub

40+ bug fixes, UI changes and updates.

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  • Illegal Machine

    I hope this fixes the GPS problems for these poor people.

    I got rid of mine during my 14 days.

    If it does work, the wait for 2.2 begins….

    • El Guapo

      I’ve been running this JI6 build already for a while now.

      The next leaks will be froyo builds, captivate already has ’em. Thanks XDA!

  • Ulysses Cruz

    Just got the OTA this morning. My Build number now shows ECLAIR.UVJI6

    Checked the GPS, and it is definitely working better than before, locks faster, and uses all sats in range, not just one or two.

    Best bonus: the ‘battery full’ popup is now just an alert in the status bar. :)

    • EL

      Did you also get media hub?

    • Frigadroid

      Nothing here yet but I would expect to get the media hub with the OTA. From what I hear its pretty slim pickings so far and not to cheap. For those that don’t understand what OTA is its over the air update. You will have a notification telling you its available all you do is click on the message to install. Very easy and straight forward nothing like setting up kies. Now we wait for froyo, I hope they give us some updates on that update it would be nice but what I hear through the grapevine is after Christmas I hope that’s not the case.

  • GFUNK53


  • you


  • FlyingRequin


  • Josue

    Still waiting for the update :(

  • timmyjoe42


    My sister tried the Verizon Galaxy, hated it, and returned it for the Incredible and loves it.

  • byt3b0mb

    we had JI6 thanks to XDA last week!!!! HAHAHA

  • Izzo

    Is this just the USB fix or dose it take care of the Lag issue as well?

  • Ryan

    This is stupid. They first release a phone with a major flaw and take over 2 months to release a fix. When they do release a fix it doesn’t even upgrade the outdated OS… I swear to god that I’m done with Samsung. I was going to buy 2 tabs this fall but, now I won’t. I am calling this right now, the Galaxy Tab will be a half-baked piece of trash that was rushed to the market. It will tarnish the Android brand and don’t think that Jobs will make a big deal in the media when it fails.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Don’t get your panties in a bunch. We’re still getting froyo. This is just an entirely different update.

      • stricken23

        …that will arrive 2 months after everyone else gets it.

    • Ryan’s point is that Samsung is launching these phones with 2.1, and had customers wait 2.5 months for a GPS fix, but they couldn’t do it all at once and roll this OTA update with Froyo in one shot.

      That’s the bad thing about TouchWiz, and HTC Sense getting updates late.

      • Ryan

        Also the Tab has been spotted with 2.2 on it! They don’t care about current customers only what’s in the pipeline.

      • Animate

        If they would have bundled it with FroYo then people would have complained that it took too long to get it out.

        Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      • Drew

        …maybe, but at it would show that Scamsung hears, listens, and appreciates they’re customers.. as it stands I’m sure people are starting to feel like those Behold 2 owners; they have been promised something and they are not entirely sure if they will ever get it. (kind of like loaning out money with a friend who PROMISES to get it back to you “soon”, when you don’t see the money soon, you become upset, feel taken advantage of, and ultimately know that this isn’t your friend)

    • John doe

      Your a retard. How long before the iphone got the update for picture messaging on I phone 3g

      • Ryan

        Nice use of the word your. Next time use you’re when calling someone a retard. Also the next sentence is hard to read…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Such drama. For one thing, two months is not a long time for a manufacturer to come up with an update. But I remember people like you complaining back in Sept. 2006 when the Pearl came out. People were complaining about an update not being available in November and it didn’t show up until five months later.

      Complaints about ROM updates are as common as people complaining about EVERY smartphone’s battery life. So what else is new. (Sidenote: I crack up when a new phone debuts and people ask “How is battery life. If this does not get more than a day I’m not buying it. Blah, blah, blah.” They must never buy a phone because I am not aware of any superphone or smartphone that lasts longer than about 12 hours if one uses WiFi, BT, the Net, MP3, camera, camcorder, and of course, phone calls.)

      As to 2.1, that is not “outdated.” Yes, there’s 2.2, but read reviews on it. Lots of professionals are saying that 2.2 is not that much to get excited about over 2.1

      There’s lots of expensive superphones that come with 2.1 and carriers are saying they MAY get 2.2

      So while 2.1 may seem outdated to you, for most it’s not. (And all this is not even taking into account that some people don’t even want 2.2 because they feel it’s outdated.)

      • Twitch110

        Thank you for saying what I wanted to say. These people are never happy. Running a large corporation like Samsung must be miserable; having to hear these complainers all day. Wow people. Just try and enjoy life!

      • Animate

        I love voices of reason.

      • Very true. At least Samsung isn’t following the Sony Ericsson model. I don’t think Froyo’s even in their vocabulary, haha!

  • Izzo

    Sorry I meant GPS … its been a long morning lol

  • Roger

    Anyone who has a Vibrant and is ready to throw it away because of the lag should look into this: http://www.droid-den.com/phone-guides/phone-guide-how-to-root-the-samsung-galaxy-s-and-fix-lag

    I ran it on my vibrant and it runs GREAT! I ran a benchmark before doing the fix and it scored 894, after the fix I got 2211!

    I’m not sure how this JI6 update will affect it though.

    • blablabla

      honestly the lagfix does make it a difference but at the same time it’s fooling quadrant resulting in high scores. Quadrant is an easy benchmark app to skew.

  • EL

    Will the update also include the ability to use Media Hub!?

    • Rpinazo

      Good Question!

    • blablabla

      I’m sure media hub is included because it was included in the JI5 build. I’m willing to bet JI6 has all the same features but hopefully without the bugs of JI5. Another thing I noticed which is probably in JI6 also is when you exit out of a video and come back to it the video starts where it left off. Before it would just start all over from the beginning.

  • crazyfunky

    Has anyone been able to update after updating last week from samsung kies to the JI5?

    • pimpstrong

      Thats what I need to know cuz i’m on JI5.

  • Nick

    Samsung needs to stick to making TV’s. Don’t get me wrong I love my phone, but what kind of Mickey Mouse developers does Samsung have working for them? Lets get it together Crapdung.

  • Maverick128

    This would be great if T-Mobile didn’t seem to be down in Chicago. Woke up this morning and, though I had 5 bars, there was no data connection and the lock screen said (Searching). Ugh. 3rd largest city in the country and they can’t improve the network here while they go and upgrade Topeka, Kansas to HSPA+. (No offense Topeka.) It’s frustrating.

    • Trevor

      I’m glad someone else noticed this two. For the past 2 days my latency has gone up to around 300ms at like 7pm and stayed that way until like 10am the next morning. DL/UPL was like 300k/300k on both my Nexus and G2. Kinda frustrating. One more day of this and they are going to hear from me. On the + side at around 10:30am today after reboot I got 5.5K Dl on my G2 under the toll both on 90.

  • Bart

    What does Message Should Appear On Your Phone mean? When, where and how should we expect to see this message saying an update is available?

  • Garet

    @ bart you will get a msg saying update is available it will be on your phone LOL and we want 2.2 Samsung this is a fail

    • Bart

      .. yes, but what KIND of message? Text, Pop-up, status?

      • stricken23

        It will be a pop-up, you can always check if you have recieved it yet by going into Settings>About Phone>System Updates.

      • Garet

        it will be in your notification bar

  • Vert

    I wonder if those of us who did the JI5 update over Kies will be able to get the JI6 update OTA? Anybody know?

  • matt

    Will the update be sent to all vibrant phones?

    • Bart

      I infer the answer to your question is ‘Yes’.

      From Galaxy S support on twitter:

      GalaxySsupport Galaxy S support

      @DEKMinn The update is being distributed randomly, in no particular order, over the next several weeks. ^Kevo

      • blablabla

        several weeks?!?!?

      • Several weeks?!! WTF?

  • TheAnalyst

    I’m still anxiously waiting for the fix.

  • julian dupree

    Smh I’ll never turn my back on htc again after this

    • Mikhail


    • El Guapo

      HTC and their rootkits are waiting for you…

      • mikeyo

        aaah El Guapo you F&#@ing Troll you always post B.S.

  • pimpstrong

    since this is the JI6 update does that mean that it will be better than or have more changes than my current JI5 update?

    And BTW I highly recommend the LauncherPro app to anyone who doesnt like Touch Wiz or even just wants a change. LauncherPro is awsome compared to TW3.0

    • crazyfunky

      pimpstrong, my guess is since many people, including myself, downladed the JI5 update, the JI6 might just be the same, but it will allow to update over the JI5. Fingers crossed!!

      • pimpstrong

        The same features? And yeah I seriously hope we will get the update because JI5 stayed on my phone even after a master rest. I don’t think we can just revert back to whatever the previous version was. But in the end I couldnt imagine that Samsung would “accidently temporarily” issue some update and then not have a way for us to continue to another update. But in the end its an OTA update so TMO may screw us… X-O

    • Fujitsujeff

      Thanks for the Promo. So Far pretty snappy and cool. liking better than Touchwiz, more functionality. Now my Agenda Widget scrolls :-) ….

  • julian dupree

    Give me froyo or give me a refund

    • archie

      Good luck on getting a refund.

  • james

    Wait i have the answer to all the worries… READY???

    Its called a Moto Cliq LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan

      I sold phones for years and I NEVER thought that I would rather have a Moto than a Samsung but the day is here! Tmo should get the droid 2 or an incredible. I am disgusted in the fact they have a Tab running 2.2 already and they haven’t upgraded their flagship phone that came out in the summer.

      • ohheelno

        The vibrant is not their “flagship” phone– that would be the MyTouch line.

    • Ryan

      I was talking about samsung and yes the galaxy s is their flagship phone good job reading though… It’s not T-mobile that rolls out the update it’s samsung.

  • Maddy

    Anyone get it in the Chicago area yet? I bought the phone on the first day and have been waiting like i’m sure most of you have :)

    I have a question however, i read a lot about how most of you did the JI5 update and were able to get a satellite lock for 11 out of 12. How do i check my current lock status? I am not able to find it.

    Thanks in advance.

    • blablabla

      the lock status is through an app in the market. There’s several of them but I used one called GPS test

  • JoshL

    wait… this isn’t even froyo?? lmao! told you guys to stay away from Scamsung! hahahaa!

  • JAY

    @DEKMinn The update is being distributed randomly, in no particular order, over the next several weeks. ^Kevo 19 minutes ago via CoTweet in reply to DEKMinn

    This is what was replied on their(samsung Galaxy support) twitter. “Next Several weeks SMH

    • pimpstrong

      THE NEXT SEVERAL WEEKS!?! Hell we shoulda had FroYo within the past Several Weeks. So maybe by the end of this month the update will be fully dispursed and then several weeks later(December) we’ll start getting 2.2 leading into 2011 and what 6 months AFTER it was officially released… SMH.

      Why is it that the Galaxy Tab which also runs Touch Wiz 3.0 had FroYo whipped up for it like it was easy for Samsung to do but the F!@#$n’ 5 Million units sold phone is having so much trouble…?

      • Ryan

        because they already got your money

  • pantlesspenguin

    Wow. I’ve never seen so many whiney babies. Ever. We’re getting our GPS fix & should be happy…but now people are whining because it’s not froyo? Seriously? I bet you anything we’ll get froyo by Thanksgiving at the VERY LATEST. And I bet you anything that people will then start bitching about how long it’ll be before we see gingerbread. There’s no satisfying you people.

    • Illegal Machine

      Uhhhh…..Droid X is on Froyo and the two phones came out at nearly identical times.

      The Galaxy Tab is literally a giant verison of this phone, and it’s got 2.2.

      So why should be not be mad again?

      • pantlesspenguin

        You bought the Vibrant KNOWING it was on 2.1. When we bought our Vibrants we knew we’d get 2.2 at some point, but neither Samsung or T-Mobile said WHEN. If 2.2 was so important to you why didn’t you hold out for a phone that came w/ 2.2 stock? Your bitching serves no purpose.

      • pimpstrong

        And your commenting about our bitching serves equal or less purpose.

    • JAY

      honestly i don’t mind not having froyo. i would much rather for them not to say anything than a false promises. when a promise is given were going to expect something.

    • Anthony

      ….says the Tmo employee.

      • pantlesspenguin

        Not a T-Mo employee, just a consumer w/ an iota of common sense.

  • JT

    I’d be happy to hear something official from T-Mobile that it is being sent out. I don’t trust Samsung any farther than I could throw my Vibrant right now.

    • JAY

      you are very right

    • pantlesspenguin

      Some people have received texts from T-Mo about the OTA.

    • pimpstrong

      LOL I’m sorry but if you cant hurl that Vibrant a good distance than you suck :-P

    • watbetch


  • kershon

    Situations like this is why I gave up being an early adopter. I’m waiting for the hollidays and see what phones are out and then compare. Wi-Fi calling and tethering are a must have for me. Come Christmas time I’m getting me a new present and retiring my bb9700.

  • james

    I just cant understand why the whining is happening with this phone. i would love to have it because it has less problems then the cliq!!! and it will have upgrades!!!!

    • JAY


  • Lupercal

    Come April, when I’m eligible for an upgrade, I’ll definitely be getting whatever the current superphone HTC has to offer…

    • JAY

      yeah that seems to be a more reliable manufacturer

      • 2FR35H


  • Garet

    here is a msg I got from t-mobile on twitter..
    We continue to work diligently with Samsung to provide improvements. We plan to have more information to share later this week. ^CG

    • JAY

      lies and deception. T-mobile is forgetting all about the vibrant and is focused more on the g2 and the mytouch line of phones. Lies and Deception. SMH

      • shawn

        I’ve always blamed Tmobile… Samsung has a great phone, and the other carriers have received updates… Tmobile (I think) is ALWAYS working on their new thing – and the Vibrant is not their new thing.

      • k-mack

        Dude, you are getting your update from Samsung. T-Mobile has next to nothing to do with it. Of course they want their customers to get all the fixes asap. It’s not up to them to fix the GPS problem, it’s up to Samsung.

  • TomZ

    So is checking my phone about every 30 seconds for the upgrade too often?

    • JAY

      yeah kinda

      • TomZ

        Yea, probably right, I’ll restrict myself to once a minute :-)

    • pimpstrong


  • Vibrant addict

    Taken from T mobile’s facebook….

    Samsung Vibrant Customers: Today we began sending an over-the-air (OTA) update which provides several improvements, including optimized GPS performance and new access to the Samsung Media Hub. The update will be sent in staggered waves through the end of October. You will be notified of the OTA via the Android Operating Notification Bar located at the top of the Vibrant phone screen.

  • Bill

    Listen, as I am an IT professional for 21 years – let me tell you this much – for all those who are complaining this push isnt 2.2 – well I have news for you…. Its called LIFE – go experience it!! The sun is out – so go leave your Mom’s basement where you dwell and go outside for once.

    2.2 will be great but for CH#$%ST sake – stop the whining and complaining about it not out YET! I’ve had this phone since September after being on the crappy mistake called HTC TOUCHPRO2 with win6.5 for 7 months. This is heaven for me right now.

    All I keep reading from those who want 2.2 is that you want it yesterday – and your going to trade your phone in NOW… GET a CLUE – There is more to life than getting miserable about an incremental upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2…

    It will be out soon enough and let Samsung get it right before pushing OTA…

    So go leave your mom’s basement, or your friend’s mom’s basement, go kiss a girl, go outside for once, get some sun on your pasty body and experience life. FROYO will be here very shortly.

    But no doubt when probably 20 seconds after 2.2 is deployed to your phone – you will complain when is 3.0 coming? UGH!!!


    • Wow. That was a great tirade! I agree in every way. What do all of the complainers really need your phone for that 2.2 is really a “need” versus a “want.”

      There are much better things to complain about in life instead of “Samsung has waited too long to get me Froyo…” What a bunch of babies!

      Thank you for making putting this down in writing.. I wanted to add a little more ammunition…

      • Bill

        Go right ahead!! Say what you feel…. Add any ammo you want. People bought this KNOWING there was 2.1 and that 2.2 is coming soon enough. Yes there is tooo much “I need this 3 weeks ago complaining”… My God go out people and breathe some non-basement-moldy air! Light comes from the sun, not the lightbulb dangling by a thread on the basement rafters! When 2.2 comes out – you will get it and yes it will improve the phone. Go kiss a girl for once people!!! GO OUTSIDE!!!!!! PERHAPS STAY OFF YOUR COMPUTER FOR 1 HOUR and give life a 2nd chance…

  • kosherpork

    Jesus christ. The update is out now and people are still whining and complaining about it and not getting froyo. You know what, personally I am sick of people whining over petty problems. So the gps didnt work, this didnt work, and that didnt work, and its not getting fixed in YOUR time frame and not the companys. Just shut up people. A cell phone is for making calls in a reality. Not to play movies, give directions while you drive on the highway. People are so g@#da#n picky and impatient. Give it a rest already.

    • pimpstrong

      LOL these 50 year old guys at my job used to say that a phone is only for making calls and now 3 years later they are texting, taking pictures, using the web on em. LOL @ “A cell phone is for making calls in a reality. Not to play movies, give directions while you drive on the highway.”

    • JustMike

      “A cell phone is for making calls in a reality. Not to play movies, give directions while you drive on the highway.”

      This comment may have been valid in 1999, but not so much in 2010.

      I’m just sayin’ :)

    • vannagan


      i see what you are saying but you are really missing the point. people purchase this phone because of what it could do. if people wanted a phone that could only make call then they would just get the free phones carries have to offer and not pay 200 buck for them. i mean if you paid for something only to find out it could only do haft of what it claimed it could do? would you really be okay with that? i would not, people want what they pay for and i to want what i pay for. and if your boss said he man you have been working really hard these past few years, you will get a raise by the end of the month. and then he says okay next month and this continued for 3 months and you have no idea when you really are getting this raise. will still sit around being patient says no worries it coming?

  • AB

    Just cancelled my husband’s Vibrant order, and am on the phone ordering him the G2. All this update stuff has really soured me on the Vibrant, even if the screen is really nice.

    • pimpstrong

      Samsung Vibrant SAMOLED + Samsung LED TV = perfect viewing at home and on the go.

      BOOM thats a plug right there you see that?

      • Nice one Pimpstrong.. Me likey…lol

    • vannagan

      go for the G2, just make sure you have the insurance.. you know since the hinge on the keyboard is crap and will break in 3-6 months. but yeah have fun with 2.2 and a broken phone.

  • huha

    Ota starts today!!!!!

  • Andylovesandroidandantsandapples


    I can recommend this phone now without hesitation. :-)

  • Luta0002

    What if your vibrant is rooted will I be able to get the update or will i have to unroot it first?

    • shawn

      … will depend on how deviant TMO decides to be… Other Galaxy phones on AT&T simply lost root… And just had to install it.

    • JakeMG

      You will have to unroot first.

  • samsuck

    After all the crap with the behold 2 you guys still went out and bought a Samsung phone?? ha!! I’m waiting for the my touch hd or just the my touch in T-Mobile terms. however, I would never buy another Samsung phone

    • ditto

      all phones have problems stop crying about it i had htc mytouch and it was piece of crap and motorola cliq… ugh.. i don’t even wanna talk about the motorola phones… they make the worst phones ever i prefer to have behold 2 over any motorola phones… there is no such a thing as perfect phone alright? stop complaining i think this galaxy s is the best android handset (if this thing updates to 2.2) look at htc hd2 also that phone is by far the worst t-mobile smartphone ever i think htc is too dang over rated by people… i think samsung make better phones then them

  • mike

    Dumbass people,,, if phones are for making calls only why dont you get one of the dinosaur phones then… This is 2010,,, phones is made for everything… If they promised it then deliver it… I understand the froyo part but why sell the phone and not tell us the gps dont work??? I wouldn’t of bought it… Should of just waited for the g2 but its ok,,, waiting for that mytouch hd

    • Bill

      Name a phone that was working out of the blocks from day 1 with ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES IN SOFTWARE, HARDWARE, CALLING ISSUES, OR NETWORK PERFORMANCE. Phones are more for just making calls now – but there has never been a documented smart phones without an MINOR issue.

      GPS – GEEZZZZ..does the world come to a screetching halt if it was buggy!!!!

      Bet you there will be issues with the mytouch hd as well. And you will be a baby about it as well.

    • pimpstrong

      yeah they really did know that the GPS was faulty and still proceeded to sell the phone. I would have still bought the phone knowing that they were working to fix it but to not tell us and then drag it out for months is hard to accept.

      • Bill

        Its not a matter of what is buggy. Its reading all these posts about the negativity of the phone – or anyphone in fact. Its redicilous that people are soooo addicted to find a small thing wrong on any phone and think the world should stop because their issue gets top priority.

        All hardware and software are buggy no matter what. But people on this board suffer from a dreaded disease/condition called “cranial rectal inversion” and never see that in this day of technology – there will ALWAYS be issues. Its the crying that GPS doesnt work 100% for months now. Well folks, how did you get to work today? or back to your mom’s basement? CAN YOU BREATHE WITHOUT GPS at 100% functionallity? Do you need GPS 24/7? Do you use it all the time? IS GPS THAT DAMN CONSUMING TO YOUR LIVES????

        No matter what any provider rolls out – fix or not – you will have the babies finding somthing wrong. Unhappy in life I guess they are! As much as any stringent testing in house, or beta out in the field – as much as providers try to roll out software at 100% effectiveness, issues will come up. Thats they way it is but people can’t accept that.

        Do these negative people work for samsung or any other software provider? Do they know what it takes to roll out a product? Probably not but want everything 3 weeks ago..

        Narcasistic idiots! FROYO will be out and there will be “peace on earth” in the smartphone/andriod community – NOT!

  • 80’s4life

    all these little assnecks that complain are the same nerds that we all smacked around back in the day. The only difference is that these days they get to cry behind a computer screen. Take your asses out side and find a girl, trust me that will make you stop RUBBING yourself the wrong way and ease your tensions.

  • mike

    If phones are only for making calls why ask these manufactures showing hella stuff about it and none advertising this will be the best phone to be making calls from??? what an ass

  • seth

    I got the OTA last night at about 11:58pm (I guess there’s an advantage to being 5 miles from Bellevue, WA). My phone is rooted and I ran the OTA without unrooting. Everything is working fine.

  • mike

    I would like it if you try to come and smack me

  • nath12

    I just want the Wi-Fi calling apk for 2.1, I could care less about the rest. I already fixed the gps, so I’m good.

  • Codester

    Need GPS???? buy a fricken MAP!!! Need Froyo???? I’m sure there is a shop close by to get some. Better yet, go ahead and splurge on some good ole American Ice Cream!! OR, use all the money you have saved living in your parents basement and keep buying the latest and greatest phones with the most up to date software (or did you spend it all on your monthly porn site subscriptions).

    • David, Managing Editor

      Woah, chill man…some people want a product they work to work as expected. This has little to do with living in your moms basement, as I expect you do with all that built up bitterness.

      • Codester

        NOPE!! I am grown A** man that owns a home and has a family. I have more important things to worry about than my da*N phone!! I already have a GPS system in my car. Yes, I bought this phone and they told me that it will be updated to 2.2 soon. Am I going on a mass murdering spree because I don’t have it yet? NO! I don’t even know if the advantages are all that great anyway.

        • David, Managing Editor

          It’s not just about maps in the car, but for a supposedly “mature” person you are certainly insulting people who want something they purchased to work as it should. Perhaps before sounding off and insulting people, you might want to consider that not everyone feels the same way you do.

      • Bill

        David, with all due respect… Its just a matter of people giving up on phones right out of the box, throwing them as fall as possible as one person wrote, not giving it time. Or referring to Samsung developers as “Mickey Mouse” in one other comment.

        People bought the Vibrant – like me – with the full knowledge that 2.1 was installed and expect 2.2 down the road. The GPS bug was known to me when I bought it in September. And even the sales rep told me so in the local T-Mobile store. And I still bought it.

        I put the new update on this morning and everything is fine.

        While living in the mom basement might be harsh as I started that one – its nowhere harsh as people who think if its not done in 2 minutes, or last week all of a suddent the company or the telco provider is no good??

        Please go back and read all the people’s posts that pick the little things apart and decide Tmobile and/or Samsung are now no longer good companies?

        People who DEMAND 2.2 by 5pm on September 7th are the root of some of these comments onboard – and its frustrating to others who read these boards for information in regard to the product. I never chimed in before on this board – but reading the negative stuff about throwing a phone or berating a company for an update is just too much.

        I’m in the I.T.field for 21 years now – and if I had that bitterness to Microsoft or Cisco for a patch here or there – I would have had a heart attack eons ago. People need to take a chill and realize its still a hell of a phone. This is my first android and while I love it – I am not CONSUMED with updates 24/7.

        Let Samsung get the fixes done RIGHT. Let them get FROYO done right on their platform. If HTC and Motorola get it done on their platform out sooner – well that is what it is… So Samsung should beat them to the timeline and push our a crappy update? People need to be realistic when patches and released come out.

        It just seems too consuming to some people here on this board and there is more to life than a 2.2 update.

        • David, Managing Editor

          I agree with what you are saying, and I’m not saying the urgency was warranted, however I will stand and take a side with those who feel that Samsung and to some extent T-Mobile has been unfairly quiet on this matter. My problem isn’t with the time period as to how long it took, it was with the lack of communication regarding the time frame. I expect that when I purchase a product a company will communicate with me should a problem arise, not provide vague tweets and hopes and dreams. I agree with everything you said, I’m merely saying that these people have a right to be upset.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Right on Bill and Codester… the trouble on this Site is the same with others, there’s immature high schoolers who diss this Site, T-Mobile, Samsung, Motorola, etc. because they don’t like a product or that updates and patches are, as I have characterized before, some kind of “constitutional right.”

      These dimwits call companies scammers, scum and frauds simply because they did not come out with an update, or come out with an update fast enough.

      What I don’t like about this Site is that it is littered about every other post with moronic comments that diss this, diss that, diss everything. For example, instead of having an intelligent discussion about this update, who has got it, who has not, how is it working, what do you like about it, what you don’t, etc. people post nonsense like calling Samsung “crapdung” (that’s redundant, by the way) and “scamsung.”

      The problem I see with TMoNews is that David refuses to clean the place up of the litter that’s here and there. If this was my site (duly note it is not) I’d make it look more professional by deleting the nonsense.

      As I said months ago, all world-class sites police comments posted and delete anything that’s insulting, rude or that ridicules. Go to the WSJ, NY Times, CNET, PCWorld, etc. and see if you can find comments such as “I told you suckers to avoid scamsung ha ha ha ha.” Or where it’s OK to call someone else in here a “retard.” Most sites will ban you if you use that word against someone else.

      Again, IMHO leaving up trashy comments drags down the integrity of the Site. And professionals who may want to cite to TMoNews may not on seeing that the comments section is littered with insults and ridicule.

      Just sayin.

      • David, Managing Editor

        Michael, your example of the NYT, WSJ, CNET, PCWorld etc are equally poor. All gadget blogs suffer from immature comments, misplaced comments, fanboy activism etc, that you would say this is worse than any other is either misinformed or just plain wrong. A quick look at Gizmodo, Engadget etc would show that the comments on this site, while I agree with what they are, are hardly unique to this site. I can peruse CNN on any given day and see comments that perhaps will show off a more “mature” grammar style will suffer from the very same bickering that invades comments on blogs across the board. I’m well aware of what I can police around here and what I don’t need to, I just don’t know who is to say whats wrong, whats impolite, rude and worth policing. Will everyone trust me to make the right decision or will I in fact hurt the site by removing comments at will. If you think people won’t quote this site, have you seen sites that quote Boygenius, Engadget, all sites that have comment sections equal if not worse than this one and with higher volume.

        BTW, can I remove your comment because you criticized my handling of comments? Would everyone be ok with that?

  • Codester


    • Frigadroid

      Yep I got the OTA too now. It seems louder I didn’t think the sound could get better. I have been busy using the file system to gather up video and label them in to folders. Swype seems funny now or I’m real sleepy.

      • Don

        I got the update last night also. Everything is working great now. If there was a downfall I guess it would be that it seems you have to swipe the home screen farther when unlocking your phone. It will take some getting used to. I’m happy though.


    So much anger on here lol, Just wait until the mytouch 3g comes out… you will see comments like.. “the phone sucks i cant believe my FFC has a 2 second lag!!!! What it dosnt do full body scans??? Im taking it back!!!

    • Animate

      LOL Exactly. Most of these people have no idea what they are talking about and just like to complain.

  • Bill

    Dave… I agree with you too…. While they due have a right to be angry – its going to an extreme. And everyone had a trial period with the phone before keeping it. If it didnt work for them then – they had an opportunity to give back the phone – but elected to keep it. And so when keeping it – they accepted the consequences of waiting for 2.2 or other in-between issues to be fixed. Now these people who kept the phone are ready to pillage Samsung headquarters.

    And there are not many issues with the phone. GPS and lag.. That seems to be just about it across the board.

    I researched before I bought it and knew quite well 2.2 was going to be “down the road”. And these same people are complaining.

    F.E. I had the Touchpro2 for 5 months and waited for 6.5 update. I waited. The phone and its services were not down while I waited. But people who want 2.2 are dying a slow death here -schriviling up into a mess.. It will come – they need to be a big more patient.

    lets see how the I6 patch works that was deployed today and hopefully the obsession and overlydemanding 2.2 issues go away. Then before you know it – its FROYO time.

    • j

      I have the Vibrant and the GPS issues is non existant on mine. My only issues is with yahoo emails causing device slowness

      • Ural

        Click the lag fix and yahoo should work better. Deal is Yahoo collects a lot of info on you so it stores this info on the internal SD card in cache, that makes it slow. Its a poorly implemented app.

      • rwc

        I notice that the gps issue (at least for me) really depends on where you are. I have no issues with the gps in certain areas, and it’s completely useless other places, so it could be that you just aren’t in places where it’s an issue

    • R Robinson

      Yes… I have the Vibrant too and I do not have any issues at all with it… it’s the best phone out there right now. I don’t think there is anything wrong with my Vibrant at all…. I had the original MyTouch HTC and it was never updated to the promised updates. HTC doesn’t come through with their promises of upgrading the phone… I waited forever for 2.1 and it never came…

      The Vibrant is a powerhouse phone!!

    • That’s what’s called rationalizing. Sorry, but you are wrong. We have a phone that was released with cripling issues. I know you probably don’t have one so you’ve never had your phone lock up from using the GPS, then take 30 mins to become usable again. Not only that, the phone was released AFTER 2.2 was released and all the other phones that were released on the same day have already been updated to Froyo. There is reason to complain. If Samsung had manned up and said that the update could be a year away, that would be acceptible, but to release this phone as it was and say an update is coming soon and Froyo is coming soon, you can’t do that AND take forever to release said updates. That would be like you buying a car that on paper was the best car ever, but the air conditioner didn’t work half the time and when it did, you couldn’t drive for 30 mins sometimes. If the manufacturer said “we will fix it soon” and you had to wait till a year later when every other car was better than yours, you wouldn’t be saying “just wait”. You’d be at arms with the manufacturer and the government. Yes, it’s the same thing. You probably think “who needs the GPS”, like people in Alaska would think “who needs the air conditioning”. Well, my friend, when you’re in Virginia in August and you’re used to having a/c, you suffer when it’s 101 with a heat index of 115.

      • NiiDiddy

        Almost all phones released have issues. Pick your poison out of all the issues the phones come with. Sometimes it takes real users and early adopters to recognize the issues. I have a Vibrant and no issues. But others did…far and few between. So it’s all a hit and miss.

      • Rick

        I completely agree! Being in outside sales, I rely on my GPS. I paid good money expecting it to work. I’ve waited for the fix that was supposed to be soon…which is why I kept the phone.
        Next someone will tell me I should have a dedicated GPS… That’s not the point. Should I go out and buy a fan for the new car because the AC doesn’t work?
        I hope the fix is exactly what they claim it to be… A “fix”!

      • Bill

        This is what I call rediculous.. “Cripling issues”????? My God… Is the world scheduled to end at 3:17pm today too without GPS. I to use GPS in my car but geezz – to call it a cripling issue is borderline insane… It will be fixed/improved with I6 and then FROYO will be out. The GPS was a known issue and FROYO was at 2.1 and “you still bought it – tried it – and kept it – bottom line”. Now just accept the accountability you knew what you bought with the “non-cripling” issues when you did buy it.

        Thats why this board has gone insane.

        My God how has the world functioned without GPS prior to GPS enabled devices. And by the way – Air conditioning is a luxury – not a right – and not everyone has it and still survive the rough months. They “tough it out for a little while longer” – which many Vibrant users on this board need to do.

      • neal

        Well put!

      • remixfa

        I have the J16 update The gps locks in like 3 seconds and is ACCURATE (and i did this indoors.. lol)


        I didnt pay attention this morning when the J16 came through.. bricked it. Had to wipe, install 2.2 unbrickable, then install factory rom, then install J16. (everything INCLUDING J16 is over at XDA) I lost all the info in my apps since titanium failed and had to reRoot, but it works, and its working well. Of course, i had 13 pages of apps i need to reinstall, plus countless off market things, but next time ill do 2 titanum backup files :)

        2.2 doesnt add that much other than the JiT compiler. The important thing is the phone is working well.

      • Tim

        1+ – not mention most the people that don’t think they have a problem with the GPS actually do. Download GPS Status and tell me how many satellites you can lock onto? At most three. GPS was horrible. Of course I always flash custom ROMs so not so much of an issues as soon as J12 was dropped.

  • M.

    Now… when is Froyo coming?

    • slim

      Froyo is a myth.

  • Brandon

    No Froyo, no care.

    F you Samsung.

    • monkeyboy

      What will Froyo do that you cant do right now with the Vibrant?

      • Brandon

        What does Windows 7 do that Windows Vista can’t? Oh and btw you can’t upgrade to Windows 7 because Dell hasn’t hired any competent programmers yet.

        This is what I’m missing from Froyo:

        JIT, decent GMail app, Flash and countless others are what I want out of Froyo.

        The device should have shipped with Froyo, I was a dumbass for buying it anyway. Never buy a device expecting upgrades. Especially from Samsung. Lesson learned.

        Now lets see if the G2 or the new MyTouch gets a decent bootloader and rooted soon enough so I can move on and cut my losses.

      • 2fr35h

        Froyo utilizes the full potential of the vibrant, faster and better battery life. Aside from that a bigger app base but not so much bigger,i doubt there would be anymore apps than what 2.1 provides there is nothing else besides that. its just a holes complaining because their os isn’t the latest but the same a holes that care about an up to date os are the same ones that can manually install froyo but choose not to so essentially people are just complaining to complain, if its not one thing its another.

      • 2FR35H


        You can not use a HTC Desire change log for what you are missing from the Vibrant those are Two completely different companies and devices and HTC Desire Has Sense UI and The Vibrant has Touchwiz 3.0 UI.

        The things Htc changes with that device are not going to be synonymous with the vibrant by samsung.

      • @2fr35 or whatever your name is. You do know what rooting means right. WARRANTY IS VOID A HOLE. lol. Some of us aren’t willing to un-warrant a $500 device to make it do what it was supposed to be able to do out of the box.

      • remixfa

        hilton. Yes, rooting voids your warrant. Does Tmobile care? Not really. I have personally had phones running cyanogen warrantied out.. ive done it for customers and seen it done a million times. Its a “concern”, but not really.

        The Vibrant is nearlly impossible to brick completely. Trust me, ive been through it. Samsung made a great phone in its ability to recover from nearly any software mishap.

        Go do the 1 click root.. really.. u hit a button, and its done..

        You dont even need root to push the J16 update availible on the XDA forums, so your not voiding any warranty :).

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    This makes my sale of the device that much easier. Thank you Sam.

  • allaboutthat


  • TheBoss

    When this update comes, will I lose all of my apps?

    • house3272

      no…….not even close…….

  • allaboutthat

    so we cant just click the software update button huh?

  • blablabla

    what was wrong with the sims 3?

    • Belcher

      My sims stopped work mid game, some fatal error message… I erased everything and started over but it did the same thing.. maybe this update addresses that

  • mike

    if you dont like the whinin and bitchin get the fukc off the site… claimin you is a grown ass man,,, you still down in ur mom’s basement jakcin off to all em porns you been downloadin huh??? you seen anybody up in here goin on a massive killin spree,,, calm your ass down… if you dont like the bitchin get the fukc out…

    • Will

      Maybe you should take a bit of your own advice and “calm your ass down.”

      • Mark

        I have to agree with Will. Proper spelling and less cussing would be a plus also.

  • mike

    i am calm dumbass,,, ahahaha

  • smm1st

    Dave…I understand free speech and all but you have to admit that some of the vulgar language on the site could be edited…this is a popular site for young people as well as adults and as a parent, I certainly would not want my kid to read half of the comments (dropping F-bombs and references to porno) on here.

    It is sad when one has to block an otherwise helpful resource due to R/X rated content that is not at all beneficial to the subject matter.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Ok, I will take a look at putting more words into the content filter as well as addressing comments, I do delete comments that are blatantly bad but I’ll work toward policing them a little further. Still, not everything will be family friendly.

      • Well said

      • pimpstrong

        I’m no saint but I agree that we could use a little more censoring.

    • 2FR35H

      I highly doubt anyone under the age of 13 ever goes online, especially to these sites. Anyone higher age than that has been exposed to cussing by now or does cuss themselves. This is the internet for christ sakes, you can’t expect to not see vulgarity somewhere and most places on the net. If you are truly worried about your kids seeing vulgarity I advise that you really just don’t allow your kids to be on the net unsupervised or put a content filter on for your kids, it is that simple. Even with content filters on people will use other variations of the word. Its really pointless.

      Regardless, I hardly ever see any vulgarity on this site anyways so is it really a problem?

    • It’s the Internet. If you want to protect your kids from it, monitor their activities or ban them from it until they’re grown. Other than that, if you look around, probably 60% of the Internet is far worse than the comments on this blog.

  • joemamma22

    Too late…. I jumped on the g2 and couldn’t be happier. The gps finds me in like literally 2 seconds. Unlike most people I rely on my gps everyday and I can’t believe a cellphone maker as big as samsung would take so long to issue a update. I will never again buy a samsung or a motorola, their piece of crap ui and unwillingness to provide support for their phones have lost them alot of customers. F u samsung and motorola.

  • I own plenty of other Samsung products – computer and home theater equipment, mostly – and have never had any problems with them. From what I hear, sucky support for their phones is pretty par for the course. Such a shame. I don’t really regret buying the Vibrant, but I do wish Samsung would speed up their update process, because at this rate they really might as well skip Froyo and go straight for Gingerbread.

  • tmolol

    When we finally get froyo what will be next to moan about? Whats sad is 50% of the people moaning about froyo actually will utilize it or actually know hat features they are craving, the other 50% probably have no clue what froyo is or even eclair, they just need it to say they have it then its on to moan about the next topic of the week

    • Mulah

      By the time we get froyo…gingerbread will be out and running..lol

  • Frigadroid

    I guess the bitching will let down as more people get the update.
    So far it seems like only a couple people have it.
    People shouldn’t take everything they read so serious as many people just come to vent, others are obviously drunk or stoned maybe both.

  • IV23

    I switched over to the Vibrant from Nokia (N97) so I am new to Android. The Vibrant is a pretty good phone but it does some quirky things (like randomly starting the built in music player when using the Rhapsody app and locking up when using a tracking program and GPS (like Endomondo). I have been reading all the comments about GPS fixes but I think I will be moving back to Nokia with the introduction of the Nokia N8. Hopefully Samsung will get their issues fixed for the loyal Android users out there

  • trollface.jpg

    When I clicked on the Software Update option, it said “No Fimware”. I are sad. :(

  • Matador

    I got the update…Now my phone rocks me to sleep and prints money…Im happy

  • No update. :) Samsung, I will never buy another phone from you, but I love your monitors (I have two). From now on I’ll wait and buy the phone that comes out with the latest android on it already. From having a Cliq and now a Vibrant, now I know that once the phone is out, they don’t really care if it’s 2 years later before i gets updated…the sale is made. So we should NEVER expect a phone that comes out with an older OS to be updated to what’s current. That said, the saddest thing is this phone’s hardware just kills everything T-mobile has, but because of the software it’s not very good. I am out of contract and pay full price for my phones so it’s tempting to just root and fix it myself, but I can’t afford to void my warranty. But really, root users have all the fixes and Froyo already, and there’s a mod out that takes just a few mins that will add a FFC to the phone (it’s the same hardware as the CA version of the phone that has the FFC so if you open the phone the slot for it is there and you can just remove the paint in front of it.)

    • vannagan

      you guys have to remember, these are cell phone makers. they make there money but make cell phones, not making A cell phone. so expect companies like HTC, Motorola, and Samsung to make a phone and totally forget they made. which HTC is known for doing they make a new android phone every 6 months and for get they made a phone before. they made the g1, mytouch, mytouch 3.5mm, mytouch slide, droid incredible, the hero, the g2, the evo, and now the mytouch hd. that is 8 phones i can think of off the top of my head. do you really think they are going to use their time to make sure each of these phones are running the lastest software, no. because each of these phones are different with preloaded software. they rather make a new phone that is totally different from the others and tell you we will update the old phone and hope you forget they said it. i mean really what is the worst we are going to do. not buy there phones. i mean EVERY person that said they are going to get a new phone because there phone is not getting the update. well guess what. that is what they want you to do. these companies are going to kill the android name. people are going to hear android and say no thank you because i do not get support for it. android will soon became something that people will have and only a few will enjoy because they know the maker is not going to stand by the phone and your best bet is to root it, rom it, update it, and enjoy it. the only phone that will get an update when the company states it will, is apple. because the have only only one phone. yes different model but overall the same phone. htc needs to uniform their phone so when they update one they can update all the others or make very little changes in order to update all the others. or these companies just to stop making there own flavor to the phone so you can update it the moment an update is out, like the nexus one.

  • ViBrAnT-GalAxyS

    Okay so all of you are to me basically professionals with the Vibrant and Android so i Had a question and would appreciate if some one would help me out.

    I have the vibrant with NO DATA PLAN so will i still get the software update message?

    • Matador

      Im guessing no…

      • vannagan

        i think so because you can still send texts which is sent as data. if anything you will have to be connected with wifi or the update will come and your not charged for it. but hey why not just ask tmobile i think they will have a better answer, just ask more than 3 reps since they are human and may be the type of people that come to work just for a pay check and really dont care how they preform.

  • ViBrAnT-GalAxyS

    So i just have to get a data plan on someones sim and put it in my vibrant and get the data plan. or if i have wifi turned on will i get the update

  • Tmoled

    If you got the droid x or evo you can expect am update, not so much with tmobile. Ill bet that the epic and fascinate get 2.2 before us. Actually probably even captivate, even though att has some squat for android.

  • Belcher

    LoL.. I remember waiting for cupcake with my G1, turning the phone on and off.. looking at the damn thing 100x a day.. This is no different.. I remember doing the “manual download” off xda, stumbled on rooting and haven’t looked back. The funny thing is the developers on XDA who don’t get anything from us (unless you donate AND YOU SHOULD, THEY WORK THEIR ASSES OFF!) do a way better job then samsung, tmo, htc.. At updating your phone.

  • Belcher

    Everyone that wants to return your vibrant DO IT! you knew there was a chance this would happen, you read the behold fiasco, you decided to get it anyway.. Trust, I’m not defending Samsung (any issues of this magnitude should have been fixed ASAP) but BUYER BEWARE! I everything everyone else did and bought the phone like you.. I’m just not ready to grab my pitchfork.. Yet :)

  • NiiDiddy

    Let me reiterate that so long as technology exists, there’ll always be situations where there’ll be bug issues. Heck, do you know how many bugs there are in ANY operating system that is never mentioned because it doesn’t necessarily effect the functionality of the devices they ran on? I do programming, I know! It’s no different with mobile devices. Some bugs may be very obvious, others not so much. Even the G2 had bug issues. Some bugs require early adopters and/or early users and/or beta testers to bring them to light after which a plan is drawn to fix issues. If you’ve been keeping up with the news, see how many times an OTA was released for the EVO because of the issues it had after going Froyo. Same with one of the Droids. The faster these bug fixes are pushed out, sometimes the likelihood that another bug might re-surface. It’s always good when bug fixes take time…because then you know the job has been done right to fix whatever issues; not rushed!

    Samsung OTA updates shows a level of commitment regardless of how long it took. We were all up in arms, but it’s here and probably vigorously tested to ensure quality. Clearly, they are stepping up.

    I could go on and on…

  • mrjoeyloke

    I don’t know about y’all but i would like to be able to play flash games and use my gps without my phone freezing up or rebooting! To some maybe that’s not a big deal but to me it is! Its crappy that i have this nice phone but have to use my g1 three days a week cuz cardio trainer doesn’t read right on my vibrant! Take the time to make sure the main functions are usable before you put out your product! Gps issues, loose hinges! FAIL!

    • pimpstrong

      Amen. I’m anxious to use the Flash and I’m sick of mapping places and the location is waaay off target. The Vibrant will truely be worth the 500 smackers I laid down on it once we get fully updated.

  • mrjoeyloke

    You’re holding it wrong! Lol!

  • Bryan

    How do you tell if you had the update, my phone told me there was an update, and it would take 10 minutes, I clicked ok, then it asked me to restart like 30 seconds later.
    My Firmware Version is 2.1 update 1
    does that mean I have the update? Cause Media Hub still doesn’t work.
    And I don’t notice any other changes.

    • crazyfunky

      The Baseband Version in About Phone should end with JI6.

  • Hey… My cousin and i are on the same account… he got his OTA this morning at 430am… I havent received mine yet. i think they start with california first or something, cuz i live in TEXAS… he always gets his first… we both have Samsung Vibrant (UNFORTUNATELY)… anyway, the OTA bricked his phone and we both have our devices ROOTED…. do i have to worry about mine being BRICKED too, once i get the OTA? TMOBILE is sending him a new phone….. billyvinson81@hotmail.com

    • poopman

      im in California and i still have not received the update, so it really is random

    • sean

      The update just bricked my phone this morning and my phone is rooted. Hmmmmm not sure what to do. Guess im gonna call tmobile and get a new one.

      • JustMike

        Same thing happened to me, but I managed to fixe it through the XDA link I just posted down below.

  • Neil

    Got the update this morning in Colorado. One thing I can tell you is they apparently did not fix the cell signal meter (ie, the bars). My phone alternates between no bars and 3 bars at the same spot in my house, but I am not able to make or receive calls do to poor cell signal. The bars are still totally and completely unreliable and essentially useless.

  • TheAnalyst

    I received the update overnight (I’m in Upstate NY). My GPS is definitely working better, so I am grateful. Media Hub seems to be working, though I’m not sure if I even tried accessing it before. My only downside is that I notice a lag still once and a while. I’m looking forward to froyo and am hoping that we will see it one day.

  • enrique

    anybody from new jersey got the update yet?
    cuz im from north jersey and didnt get the update yet! =S im anxious lmao

  • Josephlh76

    Got my update this morning. No problem, took about 10-minutes. It seems zipper. GPS works really well. 2 new apps were added: 1. a Task manager- I like the interface very simple. The information is easy to read and understand. (Just enough I might just uninstall ATK.) 2. an HD Camcorder app- Same standard options you have for your stock camera, but you now have for your videos. (I like how you can adjust contrast and color saturation before shooting)
    The Media Hub is cool to. I read earlier that there isn’t much, but I think there is quite a bit more than I anticipated. Movies are priced between $9.99 to $17.99 to own. Rental is $2.99. TV shows are priced to at $1.99 per episode. Movie selection consist of Tranformers, 300, Iron Man, Hot Fuzz, Get him to the Greek, Top Gun, and An Officer and a Gentleman. (At a quick glance I figure over 45+ movies is a safe estimate. Earlier comments make it seems like only 10-movies were available, though no number was given.) TV shows presented by NBC, Comedy Central, Mtv, Nickelodeon, and WB. Though looking quickly, through it, only current season of ‘most’ shows are available.

  • shawn

    Anyone get the OTA with a rooted phone – hoping it updated without issue on a root phone…

  • Josephlh76

    Other nice touches from this update is the addition of the Google voice button on the swype keyboard. And the HQ button was added to Youtube control bar.

  • Tethering is GONE

    Hmm my first post didn’t work for some reason… but anyways, I just updated to JI6 and guess what? Now usb tethering using samsung kies no longer works. I knew samsung would find a way to mess this up. Give me my tethering back!! I wish I never updated.

  • Tethering is GONE

    Test.. why won’t anything post here?

  • EL

    I love my new update!!!!!:-D

  • waitingINmilwaukee

    Anyone in Milwaukee or Wisconsin get it yet? Patiently waiting, fingers crossed and all..I dont think it matters and know it’s completely random, but does it matter if WIFI is on or off? I’m guessing it does not matter, but thought I would ask. Oh, and is it froyo? Because that’s what everyone else is asking, thought I’d do the same (kidding about that part obviously)

    • Josephlh76

      Actually my WiFi was sketchy when I got my notification. I downloaded my update via 3G.

  • chris

    Got the update, rebooted the phone, and it has been showing the VIBRANT splash screen for the past 40 minutes.
    Battery Pulls and reboots do nothing…. Wondering if mine was bricked

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Don’t go to XDA, call T-Mobile and have them address the problem.

      Go to XDA and you might void your warranty. Right now T-Mobile is on the hook if something went wrong. Try self-help at XDA, you might be screwed.

      • JustMike

        Some people may prefer the self-help if it means you can have the phone back up and running in under an hour and doesn’t need to be wiped or replaced. Yes, this solution is not for the faint of heart and it does require some technical know-how, but the solution seems to be working for a lot of people.

        For anyone who has already voided their warranty through rooting, mods, etc, it’s definitely worth a try. For the casual user with a stock Vibrant who just got unlucky in the OTA lottery, customer service is probably the way to go – but expect to have to reinstall all applications and data on the phone because that’s the only solution that’s being offered by TMO at this time.

      • watbetch

        Please. Void what warranty? If you Odin back to 100% stock they won’t be able to tell what you’ve done to the phone but if you do that yourSELF, you wouldn’t have any NEED to call T-Mobile. You’re just upset because you fuxed up your phone all on your own account.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I am not sure where you all get YOUR information to form your opinions about what the T-Mobile masses are and are not doing in terms of rooting, etc., but I simply reference my YouTube video on doing a hard reset on non-rooted G1 handsets.

        That video has almost 146,000 views and over time I have about 800 YouTube messages asking for help on fixing bricked G1s.

        A number of the messages admitted they rooted their phone, bricked it and wanted to make a warranty claim.

        Also, look at some of the comments. Notice the ones where the people admitted they rooted their phones and that the non-rooted hard reset procedure did not work. ;)


        Sidenote: Interestingly, a few people posted comments that when they called Google and T-Mobile for help on doing a hard reset, they referred the callers to my video.

        So that’s what I base my opinion on and why I advised this person to NOT go to XDA and to deal with T-Mobile instead. If it takes an hour or two, so what. That’s far better than paying $450 for a replacement Vibrant.

        This person posted that he got the update and it’s messed up. Granted, he does not say if he got it from XDA or OTA, my post is assuming he got it from T-Mobile via OTA.

        From e-mails on YouTube begging for help I can also tell you that T-Mobile returns tech people can tell if a phone has been rooted. Also see on XDA where experts have said that while some handsets can be returned to stock, T-Mobile can still detect that a phone has been rooted (this has been said in threads on how to “un-root” a phone).

        Yes, if someone has rooted a phone they have already voided the warranty so there’s no point in being concerned about making a warranty claim. But the majority of users don’t root phones, they don’t go to XDA and they don’t install custom ROMS.

        For those people they are well advised to not go to XDA to try and fix their phones or get around T-Mobile’s update schedule. If they mess it up then they will have a heck of a time trying to get it back to stock so that T-Mobile can’t tell it was rooted. Besides, if the phone is bricked how are they supposed to get it back to OEM?

        As to the warranty, rooting is a violation of warranty terms and it does void it.

        It says so right here:


  • JustMike

    For those of you who installed the OTA only to find out it bricked your phone, try this:


    It worked perfectly to restore my OTA bricked vibrant without having to wipe or replace the phone.

  • Has anyone received the update in San Jose?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I’m not sure how T-Mobile does the roll-outs, maybe it’s by phone number prefix or area code? I’m in San Francisco and just got it.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Got a text message that OTA update was available. Installed, no problems.

    So that’s here in San Francisco, California 10/8/10 at about 1330.

    Here’s some pics:

    The message:


    After install:


  • KazO

    I haven’t read anything about whether updates roll out in SN order or anything, but FWIW I got mine on soft launch day and got the OTA earlier today. Froyo or no Froyo, this should’ve been the ROM it launched with. I for one, had MASSIVE GPS issues. Slow/No (mostly no) acquires, bouncing the phone, only using 2 or 3 birds even when it sees a ton, those are ALL GONE. It even acquires almost immediately indoors. Reported SN and accuracy still suck but I’ll have to see how that translates to usage.

    Calendar chime fix is good, and the task manager looks useful.

    Overall lag seems to be better; we’ll see. It DOES need more swipe to unlock, as others have reported. Mine also had the scanning-radio-when-it-already-has-signal issue that Epic users have reported a lot, which eats batt, so we’ll see if that’s fixed.

    Now, the wait for Froyo, and hope that it doesn’t introduce new problems.

  • himynameisAO

    i have a really LAME question, but its been bugging me, and I always forget to look it up on the tmobile forums, and trust this site more, so…here it goes. What’s going on with the indicator light? Is it ever going to work? I know about the apps, but not a fan of any of them. Any answers??

  • Hulk

    We need something going on…like a forum or something saying where you are if you got the OTA… because possible if its an area thing. We can just get a little more info on who has it.

    • DavidH

      I live in Columbus, Ohio (614) and I’m currently traveling in North Carolina (336). Woke up at the hotel and received the update. Perfect timing for the GPS and other updates.

      • Hulk

        Lol yeah. that would be the time to get the GPS fix is when youre traveling. Im here at Purdue and I am heading home for break and even though I know the way back Id like to test it out….but im still waiting.

  • rev2redlineguy

    I live in Houston, Texas and when I woke up this morning around 5am, I had the message to update. It took less than 10 minutes without any problems. I tested out the GPS this morning through Google Maps navigation and it worked perfectly. I even tricked it a few times by turning down a street or two before and after and it simply re-routed my route and got me to work (I used my work address since there are several ways I can get there). I love the Task Manager, it is easy to use and the UI is very clean and functional. Haven’t tried Media Hub but not really worried about it. So far everything is working great. My signal meter is still going up and down (even though it doesn’t affect my calling and data) but was that included on this OTA? Overall I’m pretty happy…well, I’ve been really happy with my Vibrant from the first day I got it.

  • Sanger

    i live in boston and i got it this afternoon. gps works great

  • Timmy

    Uhh anyone live in Atlanta that received the update? Cause I haven’t receive the update yet lol

  • WaitingForSpringTraining

    Pandora has been crashing since the 1.5 update on my phone, and I see elsewhere that this is common on the Vibrant. Has anyone who got the OTA update noticed if Pandora works now?

    • Flgirll99

      Pandora works for me. I was just using it right after my update.

  • Ric

    I want to know if anybody from the new york area got the update

    • Scritz McGritz


  • Joey

    Im in newyork and got the update but it bricked my phone, it said it would take 10mins to update but then my phone was suck on vibrant logo screen for 40mins then when I rebooted it was go to upload mode…I had to use ODIN and JI5 firmware to get it back, but I lost all my user data =(

    my phone was
    Rooted running stock rom with 1-click lag fix, AP mobile hack, captivate camera hack…
    but I’m seeing on the internet that rooted and non rooted phones got bricked regardless

    • Ricky

      Hi I am from ny and I didnt get da update dat makes me pissed

    • Ricky

      So why da hell I didnt get the update yet if we both in the ny area smh samsung

  • ksens

    WTF, this is not froyo update?

  • spongebob71

    Got my update this afternoon in Seattle. Locking on to 7 SATs within a few seconds. Did notice the swipe unlock is not as sensitive. I have to swipe clear across the whole screen before it unlocks. Good update. Next FROYO.

  • Terrence

    Excuse me for being stupid… But since the update I no longer can find out where to go to switch back and fourth from “E” to “3g”…

    • Antwain

      Its settings>wirless network>Mobile networks>network mode

      • Raman

        thanks worked :)

    • Raman

      I have the same problem

  • Rob Ferguson

    Google nav works great with the update, nailed my driveway and arrival time to the foot and minute after driving through a variety of traffic conditions from 30 miles away. Then displayed a picture of my house on arrival. Sweet.

  • Terrence

    Figured it out

  • Josh

    I got my update!! Phone works great! only thing missing is froyo.

  • myg1

    i have a rooted vibrant with lag fix and got the update this morning and works perfect..it didnt erase anything nor brick my phones..bottom line is you know what ur getting into when u got the phone so deal with it..hey i traveled a lot too and GPS doesnt lock every once in a while and its frustrating! i could have gotten lost..but i know theres an update coming so i waited patiently! and now can we all just wait for Froyo patiently?! damn just cuz some other phones have 2.2 doesnt mean u can bash on this phone knowing that it came with 2.1. when i get the mytouchhd ill be carrying 2 phones with me at all times!

  • Shawn

    Im sure there is a reason… but, one month for an update to get to everyon?? Has any other update in the future of Android taken one whole month to reach everyone?

    • Belcher

      No 3 other carriers got their froyo update no prob in the same week.. This seems to be a minor update to take (first) 4mo to come up with a fix + another month to roll it out….

  • Kimbo

    Got my update this morning in Memphis, TN. Seems like the phone is moving faster. But what is the update reallt supoosed to do?

  • M Factor

    Has anyone received updates in the DC metro area? I have not.

  • Ed

    Thanks Samsung and T-Mobile now my half broke GPS is completely broke

  • Sasha

    Just got my update in Redmond, Washington. So far, it’s taking forever to load….. or maybe it’s my imagination? So far, it’s looking great!

  • BSD

    I got the update notice yesterday. THere was no hint in the notice that if your phone was rooted (especially with lag fix) you would almost surely brick the phone (I see someone said it did not happen to them, but I don’t understand why not.). My phone is kaput and Tmobile is saying “too bad, your warranty is no good because you rooted”. Yes, but it worked fine until they told me to update it. A very lame position to take in my opinion, since it would have been so easy to just make a disclaimer about rooted phones being in danger.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You should PM the experts in here who said that I was full of it when I posted that rooting your phone voids the warranty (and also when I said that rooted phones may not install this update correctly).

      Maybe they have some insights on getting T-Mobile to exchange your phone under a warranty claim. Or maybe they can help you get the phone working again.

      Sidenote: T-Mobile did not need to tell you on the update about modification (rooting) voids the warranty because they said it twice to you before. Once when you signed up with T-Mobile and second, in the paperwork that came with the Vibrant:


  • Brent

    Got my update in Lakewood, Washington early this am. GPS is mostly still not working properly here. Maybe it takes time for my phone to adjust to the new software. Thanks Sam. Looking for froyo 2.2. But…love the phone!

  • Sassyt

    I received my update here in St. Louis this morn. Initially the gps still had issues and my market was really slow. After a reboot and waiting a few minutes in the navigation program, the gps finally locked it and it’s been on point ever since.

  • Scott_Pittsburgh

    Any word on the Pittsburgh, PA area yet?

  • Scott_Pittsburgh

    also… any word about the annoying, “Unplug your phone. It has completed charging” message with alert tone?? This needs to be an option to remove, WITHOUT rooting my phone.

  • steveruv

    got my update yesterday between 430-5pm, nyc. i initially had a device reading icon in the upper left notifications then clicked on it to tell me i had an update. took less than 10 mins.

    someone mentioned it earlier, it does take a longer swipe with your finger to go to wake the screen up but not something i cant get used to. gps was ok, but havent used it for driving yet. media hub and a task manager added. hopefully the battery indicator is fixed up.

    now waiting for something called fro what? hahaha…

  • trollface.jpg

    How can I tell if I already received the update? My phone restarted and I don’t see anything different.

  • Pete

    Downloaded the update the other day and now my battery life sucks…WTF

  • Mike

    Got mine this morning and am seeing what most everyone else is. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is an unwelcome change to the camera app — under low battery conditions, when you start the camera app it shows you a popup that says “Warning – Low Battery”. The only button on the popup is “Close”, which closes the app. I haven’t found a way around this. This makes the camera unusable with low battery, you essentially can’t start the app. I have a hard time believing this is intentional — while I’m sure the warning is helpful, as running the camera can certainly drain the battery faster, outright preventing use of the camera seems like a poor choice.

    • trollface.jpg

      That was already the same way before the update. Sucks nonetheless.

  • Flgirll99

    Just received my update tonight (tampa, fl). Yay! GPS works much better now. Media Hub is pretty neat…although I don’t see myself renting that many movies from it.

  • Dan

    I got the update, and there seem to be some improvements (e.g. GPS). Exchange support is still crappy though. Opening an unopened email, still takes 5-10 seconds, which makes it pretty much unusable as a business smartphone. If they’d fix that and the issue where you can’t dial phone numbers in calendar entries, this device would rock.

    • TheAnalyst

      I have the same issue with email. It either takes a while or it forces closure.

  • Eaton

    Pretty soon we should see the messages rolling in about battery drain issues. In 4 hours and 21 minutes I have lost over 70% battery life from doing almost nothing.

  • Eric

    I got the update message last night and applied the update today. Still cannot lock onto GPS, standing in my back yard.

  • Michael

    I’ve noticed the screen unlock swipe is much harder now, you have to bring the screen fully up or fully to the side. More work just to unlock the screen.
    Anyone else notice the signal bar raised more than before?

  • Adam

    Just got the OTA Update, takes a really long time to re-boot the first time after the update installation. It’s not 2.2, and that’s all I cared about. Huge disappointment.

  • Pete

    After a few days with the update, I’ve noticed a MUCH LARGER drain on my battery…and with very little use. I’m running just the bare minimum apps and it’s still draining my battery at a much faster rate than before the OTA update…NOT COOL

  • himynameisAO

    BSD, are you kidding me???? you needed a disclaimer for that?! The company does NOT want you to root, it states EVERYWHERE that they will void the warranty, and how the hell did you not know that?! Plus, coming onto this site, did you not read anything, anyone else posted about this? Your fault, not Tmo’s, no replacement (would love to hear how that conversation went with the rep).

    Adam, again, did you not come or check ANY website before getting this update?! Of course it wasn’t Froyo!!! It was a fix! read a little first, then post.

  • Brent

    Two days post update: GPS still not locking accurately. It registers my location up to half mile from my actual site. And, the battery drains too quickly, I’m going to need a pocket full of back up batteries to remain afloat and functional. Also, it now takes more effort to unlock the screen lock. I’m not complaining, just reporting. It would be nice if someone at Samsung actually reads these forums to see what the actual users’ experience is so they can keep improving. No probs with the camera. The overall experience seems faster. Looking for more bug fixing, and 2.2 seems light years away. Hope not.

  • I appreciate all the comments from my fellow galaxy users. I have decided to not accept the update since my phone works well without any problems and wait on froyo.

  • slikk

    Three days post update: I used the GPS yesterday for about 4 hours and the GPS still isn’t locking accurately all the time. The accuracy has improved a bit though and it does locks quicker than before. But I still have problems with GPS, RE locking the location inaccurately at times and losing GPS signal occasionally. I dont think I have seen any other changes other than the fact that when the battery is fully charged a signla shows up on the top left corner telling u the phone is fully charged.
    Its needless to say I am very disappointed with the update. For me it didn’t fix most of the stuff. I love the phone and I think the hardware is great. Samsung is way behind than others when it comes to software. The software samsung has is unable to unleash the full potential of this phone. I hope we get Froyo soon even though I dont see it in near future.

  • Jlincolnsmith

    I recevied the update over the weeked (Los Angeles Area) and haven’t really noticed much of a change besides the gps lock is a little faster but still depends on the environment. Have not seen an unistaller app and do not have access to the media hub. I did root my phone and applied the one click lag fix prior to the update. Did not brick or any problems since the update but does anyone know would the root and lag fix have something to do with not gaining access to the full update or maybe i am just mistaken.

  • Pete

    This is B.S.
    My battery is draining at roughly 10% per hour with minimal use and minimal apps running. Is there any way delete the new update and reset the phone to it’s prior state?

    • Michael

      I used mine all day from when I unplugged it yesterday morning till now, 10am next morning. its at 70%. (same as before update)
      Go to settings/ applications/ running services. Check to see whats open.
      it should only be Sns Service, *whichever keyboard you’re using*, Dm Service, and OmaDrmConfig Service. I havent tried stopping these, but it may help battery.
      Get rid of Talk service when youre not currently using it, Media player if youre not going to listen to it, and any other app thats still on.

      Keep it on auto brightness, and especially use the control bar option thats built into phone.
      This lets you select/deselect WIfi, GPS, brightnes…etc from a simple tap before or after you use one. This saves battery.

  • Knas

    I have a vibrant and I just want to know it I need to write all of my numbers down and put all my pictures off my phone before I upload this fix? I have not got it yet but am looking forward to it love t mobile news. David up the good work. Can someone please give me a answer. I’m new at android this is my first one thanks.

  • Knas

    New at this android thing just read what you guys post. Need to know if I need to write down all my numbers and get all my pictures off my phone before I download this fix? Thanks.

    • NiiDiddy

      You don’t need to.

  • NiiDiddy

    I tried to force update through settings>software update, last week and it said “initialization not ready, or SIM card not ready”. Then this morning I tried to force it again and it said the usual “no firmware”. My thoughts are that T-Mobile pulled the OTA yet again because they saw complaints on the battery drain. Could it be? I hope so because I’m yet to get the update and my battery life has at least been excellent; I’d be pissed if this OTA drains it quicker!!

  • waitingINmilwaukee

    days go by…still waiting…why !?!!?

  • Mike

    Got the update last Friday, and i wish i have not..
    I fully charged my battery before i went to sleep just to wake up in the morning to see it down to 25%.. WTH???? there is nothing running on the phone..

    The battery now lasts 4 hours MAX with normal use of the phone..

    This is BS.. I went from charging my phone once every day or 2, to charging it twice every day… I don’t need a freaking GPS fix if my laptop’s battery lasts more than my phone’s..

    • Raman

      I agree also you can not switch from 3G to 2G anymore. i used to switch to 2G to save battery life

  • Raman

    After Update to JI6 OTA, my vibrant won’t allow to switch manually between 2G and 3G. i used to be able to switch to 2G , just to save more battery life!!!! HELP Please

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I have a question since I did not notice it before:

    When I clicked an e-mail with a YouTube link in it, I clicked the link and it took me to the web page YouTube. And it played the video, on the web page.

    Also, when I clicked to watch YouTube videos there’s now a pop-up message asking how I want to view the video, on the “Web” or on the Vibrant’s YouTube app (which means I’m not viewing the video on the Net, but on a special app on the phone).

    Lastly, when I watched the video using the Vibrant’s YouTube app there’s now a big red “HQ” in the lower right corner that I can press to watch the video in high quality. (AFAIK before the update the Vibrant YouTube app did not have that choice, to view in high quality, or it took a few menu clicks to choose the option.)

    Did the Ji6 update install flash on my Vibrant? Or has the ability to play flash files ON A WEB PAGE always been there?

    Or is it that the Android and the browser now allows one to play YouTube flash files, ONLY?

  • Allen

    I live in Cleveland, Ohio and I haven’t received the update. Anyone in Ohio receive this update yet?

  • Matador

    Wife and I both have vibrants, hers got the update, mine didn’t…Ill run some side by side runs and see who’s drains faster. But so far she mentioned that it seems to last longer now, and I think the same, she surfs the web a lot at home (not wifi), takes moderate calls and takes pics of our newborn and mms them to me during the day, her phone lasts up to the whole day and doesn’t need a charge till the next. (we also have live wallpapers running and Bluetooth on).

  • Ken

    for anyone who hasn’t got the update yet, xda forum found out samsung has released a version of kies called kies mini specifically for the vibrant. after installing kies mini and switching the usb mode from mass storage to kies, you can manually get the update immediately. it’s 100% legit as i’ve already done it to my phone. here’s the link.

  • Cav

    Recieved update on Oct 8th and it bricked my phone. Tmobile sending me new one.

    • crazyfunky

      Had you installed any updates on your phone prior to this one? For example the JI5 update from KIES? Thanks

      • Cav

        No, not sure what version was already on there.

  • Homer

    I just used kies mini to upgrade to JI6. When done I went to google maps and waited 5 minutes and still no gps connection. On my Blackberry 8900 it takes only seconds to connect.
    Can’t say I see any improvements with this update. Hope FROYO works when ever that comes out?

  • zed411

    I received the update over the weekend (San Francisco), and was looking forward to finally having working GPS in my Vibrant. Alas, it was not to be. While it now finds the GPS signal much faster, the Vibrant now gives me terrible directions (literally driving me in zigzags and circles), and it also freezes requiring a reboot. This often happens on the freeway, where it’s obviously not safe to reboot the phone.

    Additionally, battery life is now half of what it once was, the phone freezes, and Swype doesn’t seem as responsive and accurate as before the update.

    Very, very frustrated user here. I was really excited to get this phone, and it just doesn’t work as advertised. If they can’t get the features they advertise to work (i.e. GPS), then they either shouldn’t advertise those features, or they should stop selling the phone.

    • himynameisAO

      i love everything about this phone, I really do, so I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about the update, I do REALLY love it. BUT, I 100% agree with you about the battery life, what happened!!! My phone is now dying super fast. HELP!

  • Markc

    I installed JI5 when it was available thru Kies, I wonder is there is anything updated through the OTA JI6 that would make installation worth it. The GPS is working great with JI5.

    Just don’t want to end up with a bricked phone, seems like might be better not to install and wait for Froyo.

  • SwyperAlwaysSwyping

    So no update yet and im in Los Angeles. :( Im getting angry because I know I was within that first 100 that purchased this phone on day one within the western hemisphere yet everybody seems to have received this update but me.

  • Fred Coulter

    I’m not sure if anyone cares, but I just received my OTA. I was in Sanford, FL, when I got the message. It took a little over ten minutes to complete the upgrade. The phone did not brick. My firmware version (in Settings) is 2.1-update1. I haven’t really noticed any difference in the phone, but I haven’t looked all that hard.

    Now I’m waiting for Froyo…

  • I received the OTA on Friday and it proceeded to brick my phone. I took it in to T-Mobile. They could not get it going. The rep and I spent an hour on the phone with corporate customer service. No fix. They are sending me a new one and I have a cute little pink Nokia in the meantime as a loaner. Now I wish that I had waited for the G2. Oh well…


  • Terrill

    I received the update for my vibrant about 2am noticed a few apps navigation, places, latitude, task monitor, a program monitor widget & latitude widget, battery indicator, much improved gps, a hd camcorder icon, a brightness setting in browser, there’s probally more that I’m missing but that’s all I can recall, media hub now live as well, a few South Park episodes I might grab.

  • Mattshomeworld

    I got mine around 8am this morning. GPS works better and a few new apps added… holding down the home key now brings you to a task panel. I am upset with the touch response with the screen with this update, Swype was not accurate while typing. Also Market keep force closing while scrolling for programs. T-Mobile needs to address this ASAP.

  • ViBrAnT-GalAxyS

    Does anyone know if i can get the update without a data plan using wifi or should I call T-Mobile and ask them if they can send me an update or something. Is there a link as to where i can download the update like on XDA Developers or something.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s a link to Samsung’s instructions to manually download the update through your computer: http://goo.gl/VQ8L

  • trish

    Phone has been stuck on vibrant screen FOR OVER AN HOUR. wtf?

    • anonymous

      mine did the same. T Mobile will get you a new one and give you a lame loaner phone in the meantime.

  • Hulk

    Still waiting for this update…yup.

  • ViBrAnT-GalAxyS


  • mrjoeyloke

    You can get the official update though kies lite! I did! Now I got working gps and media hub!

  • Alex!!!!805

    after the updat my swipe keyboard really sucks, its not accurate at all! so far this is the only problem, and gps location now works but it is unstable.

  • Allen

    Still haven’t received the update. wtf… Is Cleveland, Ohio off T-Mobile’s map?

    • JAY

      Get the update manually from the Galaxy S facebook page.

  • kosherpork

    The JI6 update is available through the samsung kies mini. Not the regular kies. It works great and im loving it. If you havent got the update yet and cant wait…download the “kies mini” software and you can then update your tmobile vibrant. It even works on 64bit computers even though it says the computer has to be 32bit. The gps works great, samsung hub is up and running, and now hopefully all the whiners will shut up when they recieve thier ota or decide to download the update. But alas, im sure people will find something about the phone to complain about. Some people are never happy. Too bad.

    • Fred Coulter

      You want someone to complain? OK, here goes.

      The musical director of Sweeney Todd needed to contact a missing cast member last night and used my phone since I had the entire cast list on my phone and he didn’t. After leaving a message, he admired the screen. I showed him a bit of Avatar since that’s a good way to show off the screen. (Probably why it came with the phone.)

      So he asked me if it was in 3D.

      I want my cell phone to display native 3D without using special glasses! I also want to have a ten inch screen, while being physically no larger than the Vibrant. Finally, I’m tired of blue tooth. Can it be connected directly to my brain stem so I don’t actually ever need to look at it? It might be even better if it was surgically implanted (with corneal implants for the 3D images.)

      And of course an unlimited data and voice plan for $20/month, and faster internet speeds than my cable modem at home.

    • NiiDiddy

      I did my J16 through regular Kies since I couldn’t get Kies Mini to work for me. So in response, it wasn’t only on Samsung Kies Mini; you can get the same update on Samsung Kies.

  • rwc

    So I’m trying to figure out how to install the Kies Mini (I kept getting an setup initialiation error) and wouldn’t you know that while I’m trying to figure this out, my phone gets the update (In SF). Classic, just classic.

  • himynameisAO

    ok…I updated through mini Kies and everything worked fine….BUT NOW after charging the phone through the nite (like I always did), my phone died on me in 3 hours. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BATTERY !?!?!?!?!?! Anyone else have this issue? Im sorry if this was brought up before…but PLEASE…ANYONE…HELP!!! I tried killing apps, tried disabling the data, tried everything I could before it died. Also, it kept showing in the status bar that “something” was trying to sync. again…PLEASE HELP!!!! David?!?

  • matt

    I received the update on Friday 10/8 here is San Francisco. So far the GPS works great and like many of the other new features, but my battery life has really taken a hit. Anyone else having the same problem. My phone can’t even make it through a day anymore like it did before the update.

  • luia

    yes my vibrant update 8:00am Puerto Rico

  • Bill

    This is the exact reason why I wrote last week to give Samsung a chance to get Froyou right from the start before releasing. Jump to another phone will only give you similiar headaches. You think you have headaches now?? Look at the fallout from Droid 2 lovers who went to 2.2…

    See below:


  • himynameisAO

    my battery problem solved…it was trying to sync my contacts again with twitter and facebook, it wouldn’t read it…so I redid them, sync’d them, and Im good to go! hope this helps others…i’m an idiot for not realizing that right away…bring on froyo now…i can wait

  • Scritz McGritz

    The update is good. And my battery life is the same. I love the little tweaks to youtube, the music player, and browser options. Loading the update through Kies MINI was a BITCH!!! It took me like two hour to figure it out. I eventually found a thread/forum that told me to factory reset and format aka erase the external sd card. After that it still wouldn’t work. I then had to shut down my firewall and anti-virus software. It finally worked. It’s just a mini update nothing to be to excited about. Gps is better… still flaky, but oh well. I can tell you it did work well on main roads though. Now to wait for Froyo.

    • Scritz McGritz

      I love my phone and touch wiz(I really do like it). I was checking out the G2 yesterday. I turned it on and it seemed so outdated to me. The space between the glass and the screen was so thick… I was like… no words… very unimpressed, my vibrant is way better. The Hspa data was faster than the vibrant’s 3g, but not blazing like I expected. There was no point in playing with the phone, even though it was running froyo, because I already know what vanilla android is like, and it is pretty boring, but still good. Anyway for some reason I have experienced longer battery life with the new update. GPS is terrific, and it works great. I really think the vibrant and the epic are the best phone out there. Iphone 4 is next. I can’t imagine going from a brilliant screen like the vibrant to a screen like the G2 or Evo… just saying.

  • misterjohnnyt

    My Vibrant battery used to last a full 2 days with moderate use… now, after the OTA update, my battery does not even last 20 hours with LIGHT use! If I unplug it with a full charge before going to bed, it loses 30% of it’s charge just sitting on my nightstand in standby mode! *! W T F !* ??????
    What good is a working gps, if the phone is dead when I go to use it????


  • Alex

    Im confused now. Me and a friend and his gf all live in same area and we have the galaxy s. He got his 2 days ago and ive had mine for months now. Yesterday morning he received the update.and me and his gf didnt. Why is this? We all live close by.

    • alex

      so i got the updated today, didnt notice too big of a difference. i thought the sims was gonna get updated and alot more, i also thought that this was the 2.2 update but mine still sats 2.1-update, is it like this for everyone else?

  • chris

    Update arrived this morning! Went on the patio and opened GPS Status. I got 7 out 12 satellites locked in about 15 seconds (never had more than 2 lock and those would take 10 minutes). I let the app run for 15 minutes so GPS sat data would download and eventually had locks on 9 out of 12 satellites. Even locks in the house now. The phone is much faster but I still experience “hiccups” or lag. And touch is much more sensitive, maybe that explains the swype experiences. Its funny but I’ve found good ole Solitaire is a great way to see how touch and UI is working. Because its slow its easy to see how the phone reacts.. Hopefully Froyo fixes that. This is the phone I expected when I bought it in July though. I’m more than happy now to wait on a functional and not rushed Froyo update.

  • Will

    I just received my update at 5:40pm central time in the central Illnois area just in case anyone cares lol. It took 5 minutes tops to complete. It was very very quick.

  • llblwskydrgn

    This OTA update bricked my phone… Beware.

    • shanoboy

      Same here! I’m still waiting on my damn replacement phone to come in the mail.

  • Will

    Wow. This update has killed my battery. I called TMobile, even though I know it’s not their fault, and wanted to be another voice in many that this update is killing our batteries. They said they are going to send me another battery out for added assurance even though I said it wasn’t needed, she insisted. I figured it couldn’t hurt I guess. Regardless she gave me Samsungs number to get in contact with them so I thought I would post it here. I don’t expect them to say anything to me or help but I do want to let them know this problem does exist and us consumers aren’t pleased. Here is the number:

    SAMSUNG: 1-888-987-4357 (Mon-Fri. 7am-9pm; Sat. 9am-6pm)

  • Swyper Always Swyping

    October 17th and still no update.

  • drmd

    October 17th and still no update.
    No Michigan love!!!!!!!!!!!!!No HSPPA either

  • Will

    I just got off the phone with Samsung and they said this was the very first time they’ve heard about such an issue with the update :freak: I’m pissed. They said they are going to give it to upper level management… yeah okay. There’s no way I was the first person to call and complain about the update, no f/n way.

  • am

    This is just plain ridiculous… Seems like both T-Mobile and Samsung are not even bothered that they messed up with the update and just ended up killing the battery life… Not even an apology… I guess that is what you have to pay to be with a cheap carrier…

  • Eddie

    I received the update several days ago in Las Vegas. I was not having any of the problems that others were seeing prior to that, and the only thing I can see differently with the update is the battery life. My battery now goes from fully charged in the morning to approx. 10% remaining by approx. 7PM with low to moderate usage.

    It appears that the battery is being drained at twice the rate since the upgrade. It is very sucky!

  • Mastas

    Battery life is horrible after this update!!!!

  • SwyperAlwaysSwyping

    Woke up this morning with a note to install update. Gps locked my location super fast ;) love the task manager, hates mobitv (its nothing in it really in it), sims is still not working (that same message pops up and shuts down the program). Thats all I have noticed thus far. Waiting for froyo!

  • Rhonda

    I got the update and every since then my phone randomly stops accepting calls…I never even know anyone tried to call me….It is making my husband nuts because he can never get a hold of me???? Anyone else have this issue or know how I can fix???

  • Eric Balcom

    Well after the update my battery life went down the drain. I tried uninstalling all the unnecessary apps but it did not improve my batter life at all. I just recently did a factory reset (wiped out all my data) and this seems to have improved my battery life.



  • KosherPork

    People need to just shut the f@ck up and stop whining about how thier vibrant dosen’t have 2.2 yet and threatening to take your phones back, file class action lawsuits, and basically throw virtual tantrums in these forums and whatnot like a 2 year old would when they dont get what they want. Listen, it will be out, when its out. Have some f@cking patience and I gaurantee everyone complaining that froyo isnt on thier phone yet while some phones do( keyword: SOME PHONES) will be bit©h¡ng and whining the day they get the 2.2 update that they dont have 2.3, 3.0 or whatevef the next OS will be just like right now. People cannot be pleased. F©cking babies…grow up and join the resl world where you dont get what you want most of the time.