Noah Goes Hands On With The Galaxy Tab

I just never get tired of hands on videos showing off the “real” device and not the cheesy promo videos that show totally beautiful but fake people watching videos on a beach during a sunset. However, those videos don’t do justice compared to in the flesh hands on so Noah hit up the Samsung booth at the Fall CTIA conference and scored a few minutes with the Galaxy Tab. Nothing groundbreaking or new here, but it’ll wet your appetite for the Tab all over again.



  • suckerr!


  • coolMANDINGO


    • noty

      why in gods name is that a feature you want on a TABLET!!!! USE YOUR PHONE!!!!

      • 2FR35H

        Is it not obvious? coolMANDINGO obviously wants this device to replace his/her phone. Why would you want to lug around a cell phone and a tablet when you can have one device that does both?

      • Riopato

        It’s a Google os and Google service. It should be able to do it!

    • immadroid

      you can use it as a phone as long as you use it with a headset or speakerphone =) i think i’m getting this and since i hardly use my smartphone as a phone it will be perfect for me =)

  • Don’t be dumb. With Google TV on its way. as well as being equip with Netflix and Amazon. The Android tab has the potential to compete, it may even beat the Ipad to a pulp then cement its feet and throw it in the river. That’s what I hear the Android mafia is capable of these days haha.

  • Shawn

    How does Google Voice work?? I heard that every time you receive a call from GV, you are charged forwarding minutes and regular minutes the entire time your on the call. The forwarding minutes are for forwarding the call from your GV number to your regular number so your phone rings, and the regular minutes are used for talking.

    • mikeeeee

      @shawn, you don’t have google voice?

      you must be a troll because in less time than i’m spending typing this note out you could have signed up and got it and read the tutorials.

  • Cybersedan

    I’ve played with both and I do agree, the 7 inch Galaxy Tab does seem a lot easier to use, I can cup it with one hand and work the screen with the other.

    You’d need Shaq size hands to do that with an iPad, not that the iPad wasn’t nice, but the Tab seems much more practical.

  • Frigadroid

    If only Tmobile could continue with its superstar endorsements this almost could be a huge success. Charles Barkley and Flavor Flav (if he’s not under contract with sprint) should get the call to pitch this useless overpriced striped down POS. Target the know nothing, trend following, unthinking youth. Just like Apple by next year kids everywhere will have Gtabs hanging from their necks.

    • pimpstrong

      Ha ha haaa. This thing is destined to fail and Im sure TMO wont be promoting it just like they are not promoting the Vibrant. Samsung is.

  • MakrV10

    In the interest of gently encouraging the use of greater vocabularies. I doubt that my appetite for the tab will ever be wet (covered by water) but in fact may be whet (sharpened, made keener, or stimulated). does say they are sometimes confused….

  • NiiDiddy

    Not bad at all! I enjoy these hands-on videos.

  • pimpstrong

    I want to see a movie playing and some games running on the thing especially using the accelerometer and gyroscope stuff.

    And not from a biching stand point but I would still love to know why this thing will probably launch before they can successfully get 2.2 on the Galaxy S phones.

  • claysu

    Does anyone know how much these will be and will there be a monthly fee attached? Does the Ipad have a monthly fee?

    • MakrV10

      The ipad comes in wifi only and wifi + 3g versions. The 3g version needs a data plan and has monthly fees. The wifi only version doesn’t. I did a very quick look at the galaxy tab posts and didn’t see any mention of a wifi only version. If it has 3g it will have a data plan and a monthly bill. I also haven’t seen any indication of price. I would assume it will be in the ipad range. Wifi ipads with the smallest amount of memory are $499. I would say the bidding starts there abouts

  • curious k

    @pimpstrong…I agree w/you. I think Sammy won’t upgrade the Galaxy S phones to 2.2. By doing that Samsung will force everyone to get the Galaxy Tab w/2.2 = more $$$, extended contract/svc plan w/current phone carrier.

    • NiiDiddy

      That wont happen. People are not going to go to a 7″ Galaxy Tab just because it’s running froyo–that’ll be a stupid analogy. Sorry but I disagree. Now if it were maybe another 4″ samsung phone running froyo, then that might be a possible justification. even that i can make an argument against. Froyo will come to all Galaxy S phone…be patient, it will happen. Next gen galaxy s phone might start with froyo imho, then move to the next android o/s when available, so i don’t see why not…but we live to see.

  • Dustin

    Looks nice. But I am over Samsung

  • Mac

    No phone: No sale.