myTouch 4G Commercial Appears During NBA Game, Few More Images Thrown For Fun

It’s grainy and it contains almost no information but the very first in what we hope is a hotly anticipated marketing campaign for the myTouch 4G just kicked off during the Miami Heat versus Boston Celtics basketball game. It’s only a few seconds long and until we can grab the official video off the official T-Mobile YouTube, one of our awesome readers @AbdiQuintana was able to grab a grainy video off the DVR and upload it to us. Everyone say thanks!

Just for fun I’ve also included a few extra pics of the device in the wild! By now the pics are out there and coming steadily and we can’t post them all but let’s see who can find the hidden surprise in one of these pics!

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  • aLb3Rt

    wow! fastboot?!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Ding ding ding!!!

    • Jeremy P.

      I was expecting quick boot to show up, so didn’t find it as much of a surprise. I can’t picture an HTC Android device released after the G2 to NOT have that feature. At least in the foreseeable future.

  • yourboyfriendthinksimhot


  • ZeroX

    What does fast boot do lol

    • aLb3Rt

      does exactly what its called….. lol

      • J-Hop2o6

        I wonder which Market apps doesn’t work when Fast Boot is on.

      • heffray

        It doesn’t reboot, think of it as Hibernate. Saves RAM status to flash, turns off, then resumes instead of actually shutting down.

        Also- call it Quick Boot, Fastboot is the boot loader!

      • Foxeh

        People call it Fast Boot because that’s what HTC calls it. On the Desire Z and Desire HD, it’s been referred to as “HTC Fast Boot.”

        It will get confusing, yes, but it is what it is. Call it Quick Boot if you like, but that’s not what it’s really called and will be just as confusing.

  • SnakeEyez

    Heh, I saw this and thought I was going crazy. I knew it was my future phone when I saw the FFC on it. Looks like I’ll be seeing it alot during the NBA season

  • jason

    what is fast boot?

  • aLb3Rt

    here’s a video on fastboot to those who keep asking what it is….

    • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

      GREAT vid tx albert

    • kershon

      Holy dog poop! That’s fast. Me thinks ima have one of these in my pocket next week.

  • jonathan

    Hmm, just got my G2 in the mail today although it looks like it will only be my companion for the next few days until this baby comes out.

  • AbdiQuintana

    cant wait until it launches to replace my N1

  • nerdlust

    interesting i’m so confused g2,9780,mytouch?

  • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

    Sorry but that Blackberry can’t even compete between G2 vs myTouch.. I mean WHO uses Blackberry anymore!! HELLOOO! Blackbery is like a square boring thing…. Android has soooo many possibilities… so the big debate is do you want FAST vs REALLY FAST! do you want Keyboard vs No keyboard? etc etc…

    • Devin

      Well there are still a lot of things that BlackBerry fans will never get on an android, so don’t moan about Android. You sound like all the iphone ass holes. Get over yourself.

      • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

        Skype for Android is all I have to say for BB users…. and GTalk…. again BBM no longer does ANYTHING special. Also, PUSH email is available for Android 2.2 and supports up to 35 diff email accounts vs BB only 10 among many many other things… but if a person needs something simple and limited then yes BB would prob be the right choice. I just wouldn’t want anyone buying old technology for $200-$500 that’s just inhumane…. people should get their money’s worth I think… then again.. just what I think…. and this is a myTouch post so honestly I could give 3 flogs about the BB or iPhone for that matter…

      • Timdawg919

        Also kik messenger is just like bbm works on all smartphone platforms and it’s a free app

      • Brandon


        @yourboyfriendthinksimhot: You just don’t get it do you.

        I’m an Android user, but I’ve owned BB’s for years, to say BB has nothing on Android is just silly. For a consumer Android just makes more sense to me, but there are still many things BB has going for it that I still miss.

      • Jeremy P.

        @Brandon I don’t think I get it either.

        I’m also an Android user, only used a BB for a year which isn’t that long, I’ll admit. I can’t find a single reason for going back to a BB. I have a small circle of friends that all got BBs just as I left mine behind, and cite BBM as a big reason for sticking with the platform. My question to you is, what are these “many things” you still miss, other than BBM?

      • Devin


        BBM doesn’t do anything special? Are you serious? Can you send 10 mb files from your android phone to another android phone in a message? Or what about a shared calendar through BBM? Or Group messaging through BBM? And Push e-mail? The only push e-mail on Android is through G-Mail or an Exchange server, everything else is on pull, which by the way, kills your battery. I’ve been used the mytouch slide and the Vibrant and the one thing I can’t stand is my battery dying before 3. My Blackberry would go 2 to 3 days before needing a charge. That’s because BlackBerry has the BlackBerry Infrastructure which is what BlackBerry will always have over any other phone. Its definitely not old technology. And if you’re going to make a big deal about this being a myTouch post, then don’t post a message about BlackBerry douche.

    • davidohio

      I love android but I see way more blackberries out there than I do android devices. Hope that changes soon.

  • alex

    lol i saw this at the commercial :) i was like i’m getting that phone :D

  • currator

    idk. to many different type of phones are coming out over the next 3 to 4 months. not sure what to get, or to wait until what I want in a phone to come out. I just don’t know, anybody got and suggestions on which phone to get.

    • Midori

      I say get a phone that you can live with all day and satisfies your needs(that sentence sounds weird LOL) because the best phone loses its title after months in the market.

  • Illegal Machine

    Is there an app called Screen Shot on there, too? Is that a 2.2 app? Didn’t realize you could do that without root.

    Unless I’m reading it wrong.

    • MattB

      My guess is that it says ‘Screen Share’. If I’m correct this device supports DLNA, so it would make sense… could be either one though.

    • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

      @illegal machine – no. That’s an app called Screen Share. The screen-shot app you’re probably thinking about is “Shoot Me” which is only available through root. Which is why the pics above are taken with another phone bc these phones are most likely unrooted.

      • Illegal Machine

        HA! Duh. If it could screen shot, they would have done a screen shot. Mind bottled.

        Thanks guys.

      • Bimmerz

        Actually, I had the Shoot Me app on my Epic 4G (30-day trial), and it wasn’t rooted. Cool app, will be getting it again on this. :)

    • bigger mac

      on a different article they took screen shots of the phone using the app Screen Shot, just look at the “recent apps” photo, and they also used the app VISIONary to root the phone.

  • Midori

    Someone posted a link of this already,but if you havent seen,someone was showing off the new mytouch in black(quick demo).

    • phonegeek

      whoop you beat me to it

  • Android Maniac

    I have been using Android since the G1 and I have to say that this is the fastest booting Android device yet. It is quick and responsive and I am starting to like this more than my Vibrant. HTC did a wonderful job on this one. There is about a second delay on the video chat over wifi, but that will probably get fixed with an update. No complaints as of yet.

  • herromoto

    So i got my device today. It’s built superbly but the more you open/close/move between apps, SENSE UI really bogs it down. I put it through the same tests as my G2 and the G2 lags non where as the MTHD sometimes takes a second….damn SENSE

    • dvd03

      i noticed that the phone seemed to lag sometimes when sliding threw the screens, i wish they stop with this ui over android nonsense

    • MattB

      Curious, are you calling it MTHD out of habit, or you implying that is the final chosen name…

      • David, Managing Editor

        The final chosen name is the myTouch4G.

      • MattB

        I figured… found it hard to believe they’d have changed it since I saw it with my own two eyes a week ago. Should we, as a result, disregard any ‘first hand experiences’ from those that call it a MTHD then ;)

      • MattB

        By the way, David, TMobile’s facebook page posted some accessory pics for the new device about an hour ago or so… didn’t know if you saw them.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Just got them up!

      • herromoto

        jealous are we? the screens say MT4G…the accessories in store say MTHD….doesn’t matter what i call it. Point is, i have it and you dont

      • MattB

        Jealous? No. I played around with it a week ago, and while it is a great device, it wasn’t anything I can’t wait for. Still calling BS though. Boots as 4G, box says 4G, and everybody with access to use the device early is also privy to the fact that it would be branded 4G for a few weeks now, so I guess I just find it hard to believe. Aside from that, people that I know first hand who have one haven’t complained one bit about lag on the phone. I think you are just a troll trying to stir up complaining from this generally easy crowd…

      • herromoto

        i usually dont contribute to the banter but it’s people like you who make the internet a little bit more annoying. Always quick to scream “troll”. You’re not as high and mighty as you think you are. Read the articles. all the accessories are branded HD while the phone boots 4G. I simply called it HD because..well, that’s what came to mind.

        You’ve claimed you “played” with the phone? Have you taken it home? Played with all the apps? Put it through almost every day usage? no, you haven’t. So MattB, i stick with my opinion where SENSE lags and the G2 with vanilla android doesnt……whether you believe me or not.

  • dvd03

    i got to mess around with the mytouch hd today, my htc rep came in, phone looks and feels great, very solid feeling phone. screen was nice, but the vibrant screen is still the one to beat. Tmobile tv is mobitv reskined with a tmobile icon lol. Front facing camera was nice.

  • Soviet

    All it needs launcher pro

    • just to do so

      I second that motion

  • jl

    I read a post on the T-Mobile forums that was removed very quickly, but the rep that had it did mention about the MyTouch having a fast boot and that it felt very solid similar to the nexus1. Although he did say that the pic were kind of grainy compared to the G2. But having a fast boot phone is always better. I’ll pass on the tethering cost though.

  • phonegeek

    Well i dont know if anyone seen this but this is the mytouch4g/hd in action ( i found this solely by mistake!

  • somebody

    wow wow wow wow hold the phone what is this news about the nexus 2 i thought google was done with the nexus ? ??

  • la_resistance28

    I love that T-mo is gonna push the MyTouch 4g and their new network, but tonight was a pretty bad marketing blunder. I’ve seen the “Ask Charles” segments on TNT twice already, and they never even mentioned that the phone is the new MyTouch 4g.

    Yes, us Tmonews fans recognize the phone, but on OPENING NIGHT of the NBA, one of the highest-rated non-holiday games of the season, they didn’t even put a name on the phone or announce that it was coming soon or launching, or ANYTHING. In contrast, there was a huge push for the new “Star Wars: Force Unleashed” game earlier in the evening. Is this phone REALLY launching in a week? Tonight was a big opportunity to let the public now… C’mon, T-mo, step it up!

    • MattB

      My guess would be that since the ‘4G’ marketing campaign coincides with the launch of this device, they aren’t going to name the device until that date as well… I have it on good authority it will be the MT4G. It would explain why they declines to name the device tonight, if they want to truly create a splash with the 4G campaign. (On a side note, it’s also why I doubt that those listed above saying they have the device, but calling it MTHD are blowing smoke)

      • la_resistance28

        Yeah, I understand, but there was a huge national audience tonight. If they wanted to make a big splash, this was a golden opportunity. I love T-Mo, I’m just a lil frustrated by a missed opportunity.

      • MattB

        The splash is coming… I also predict that the ‘ask charles’ bit will turn into customers actually ‘asking charles’ via video chat, again waiting until launch to pile everything on at once.

  • JCopernicus

    Does anyone think Fast boot is a soft root?

    Maybe T-Mobile is actually listening to the community. We know HTC is moving into those fail safe nands. I’ve heard of apps not showing up for rooted people, maybe it’s part of the safe guard to prevent people from easily pirating apps while allowing apps like screenshot to work?

  • jesus

    forget that !

    wheres the htc g2 hype?!!

    love it

    the mytouch has no keyboard and will have no love from me…

    and yes i can tether too , nope its not pdanet its actual tethering i did it today wasted around 200mb like that.!!

    15 bucks a month lol who is tmobile kidding? lmfao

    • somebody

      i agree with 15$ monthly bs

  • jaythe01

    I just got mine….definitely a beautiful device. The White is sleek and has a durable feel to it; no cheap platic feel like the vibrant. This phone without a shadow of doubt will make the iphone 4 jealous!

  • Spitz

    What plasticky feeling do all these people type about with the Vibrant? I have no issues with the lightness of the phone. It is so light I have only dropped it once when I was drinking. (Really good for me I’m really hard on phones) The phone feels solid and has no creaks to speak of!

    • Frigadroid

      The cheap plastic feel comment is just so stupid I have to agree. Especially when what do people do when you get a new phone? You put a plastic cover some type of bodyguard on it.
      Obviously some people haven’t seen the video of the samsung gs being dropped in the street to test the rino glass. Pretty impressive how much it can take before failure. I would like to see the same test with an iphone and g2. I doubt with all that extra weight the g2 would do so well.

  • GDV

    Iphone 4 #1

  • phone will have wifi calling, and was able to get confirmation today form some sources that wifi calling on android WILL use minutes whereas UMA on BB phones does NOT use minutes. just an FYI for those that were considering leaving the BB train but need UMA

    • Brandon

      BB UMA does too use minutes if you don’t have the plan for it :hammer:

  • jesus

    the only thing my g2 cant do which im not jealous is the wifi calling as of now. and video chat .dont need vido chat..
    plus i at least have a keyboard ha

    and i run higher numbers on my benchmark with the g2 running 2390..

    oh and look @ my g2 incredible download and upload speed here it is..!-speedtest/

    • somebody

      i dont get why everyone is defending the g2 on every mt4g post….

      nobody is saying the g2 is bad if you like it so much than great use it…

  • Myg1

    Wow this phone its fantastic..looks freaking awesome..especially a commercial on nba tip off..ill definitely get this phone.will use both the vibrant and new mytouch..tmobile d the fastest network now..along with a great phone..move over..att really need to take off their quote..americas fastest network.shame!!

  • patrick

    people that are saying, “i just got mine”, do you mean you have the mytouch in hand for use? or that you preordered it? also, does anyone think that there will be an update for the g2 rolling out anytime soon?

    • herromoto

      Yes phone is hand. Delivered to me from HTC. Perks of being a trial person.

  • LSxChevelle

    MyTouch champ program…I guess a rep at each store gets one. So yes I believe they have the device…

  • That looks super cool. myTouch4G is gonna rock.

  • Daring_Guy

    Noticed the introduction of “H” on the signal indicator on the status bar… is that for speeds greater than 3G… like HSPA?

    • Zack

      My g2 also has the H.

  • s0nic_201

    if your a former BB user having bbm withdrawl, download Liveprofile from marketplace. it works great spread the word.

    • David, Managing Editor

      None of those apps truly replicate the functionality and ease of use as BBM, bandaid on a broken arm is what apps like those end up being.

  • Mae Mae

    WHO THAT wants the T-Mobile WiFi Calling Apk Android App early, go HERE … The download is located at the very bottom of post # 2, enjoy, WHO THAT…!