Accessorize Your Upcoming myTouch 4G And Catch A Quick Teaser Video

While we’ve been caught up in so much discussion on the myTouch4G from the “what the hell will it be named” side of things, we forgot a very important question. Just how am I going to protect this thing? Well fear not as T-Mobile is ready and willing to provide you with a host of accessories! If you want a little more myTouch4G you can hit up the official T-Mobile Facebook account and catch a 10 second teaser video which we unfortunately cannot embed here. Sad face.

T-Mobile Facebook Accessories

myTouch Teaser Video

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  • Gearldine

    Need windshield nav kits and multi-media desktop chargers…. I’ve never seen this type of accessory at any T-Mobile store.

    Usually all I see are gel skins, tatoo skins and coffee mugs.

    • LSxChevelle

      The 3 copper spots on the side should be for docking stations…


        it will be for a docking station. htc rep confirmed it… will be about 100 bucks

    • thisguy

      tmobile does sell a car kit for navigation….i just purchased one like 3 weeks ago.

      Its labeled for the mytouch (original) but its universal because everything is adjustible

  • Christina

    hopefully they at least have the gel skins the day of the release! can’t wait! :)


      stores got them already. they are super cute!

  • Galen20K

    sooo excited, hope we can order it later today!

  • Life

    My next phone me and the wife been off contract for a year good job tmonews

    • ob18

      You must have the patience of a saint……….i’m not even 1 month removed from my contract and I have zero patience for waiting for a new phone but I’ve been forced to since they are extremely slow and rolling them out.

  • somebody

    its wayy overpriced the last time i check it out

    better off buying from amazon

    • Frigadroid

      That’s where I found all my Vibrant accessories. For about $20 I got a cover, car charger, head phone to rca adapter & audio to auxiliary amp cable.
      I think if you buy more than one piece tmobile gives you a discount if you need it right away, but man they have expensive accessories.

  • trollface.jpg

    This phone looks even better the more I learn about it. Gonna love the adult themed video calls. ;)

    • g1-and-only

      I’m with you on that one

  • thaghost

    oh yeah? @somebody. how much? n where can i buy it?

    • somebody

      im talking about anything off the tmobil store.. in general not these specifically

      • thaghost


  • LSxChevelle

    Screen only says myTouch…hmm

  • mytouch4g

    just got my phone today, with the clear body glove case with kickstand and screen protector, lovin’ the phone so far!!!!

  • Gel Skins are already in stores along with all these accesories, and in the box the phone is called “Mytouch HD”

  • Justen

    We have recived the phone in our store and its not called my touch hd it is called “My Touch 4g” its on the start up screen when u power up thephone and yes we have recived all gel skins…

  • going_home

    I’m going to wait on the Nexus Two.
    Wonder what the price will be at Best Buy ?


    • Ace

      dang now your going to make me wait and see before getting this –_–

    • bigger mac

      yuck! the nexus phones make me wanna puke

  • deceptivesmiles

    U kno what, the more I see this phone, the more I start to like it and figure that not havin a 4″ screen is ok. Still not sure on whether or not Id prefer it over the G2 tho. decisions decisions

  • Lizzy

    We just got our phones here at the Radio Shack in Maryland and they are confirmed tobe called the MY TOUCH 4G which is said when you power it up. We have plenty in stock and we are told by our Manager we can actually start selling them 1 to maybe 2 days earlier than the official T-Mobile release date.
    Just wanted to let you all know and the price in our store will be $199 with a instant rebate of 49.99 making the phone $150.00 and we have plenty of accessories in stock also which we are also running a ad for this phone giving away 1 accessory per customer for free. Maximum accessory price of $25.00

    • blah

      I’m in Maryland, which Radio Shack? Where?

      • ob18

        Just go to the one closest to you or call them.

  • blah

    Just had to post this because I didn’t know where else to put it. The new Playstation Phone was just announced and it looks like not only is it using the SAME processor as the MT4G But it will also have LESS RAM. In theory the MYT4G may be a more capable gaming machine then the elusive Playstation Phone!

    • Galen20K

      You’re very Observant, I noticed that also. ; D

  • herromoto

    seidio online will have one case soon…hopefully.

  • Adam

    I’m really disappointed that the G2 is not getting the same love as this phone. It’s almost is if they released the G2 with no intention to produce quality accessories.

    • ob18

      That hinge issue is a big deal for some, I know it was for me that’s why I returned it along with the keyboard. Outside of those issues it looks and appears to be a solid phone. Good for you for enjoying it and all it offers.

  • MT4GLuv

    Now available for pre-order on wirefly as My Touch 4G and ships Nov 3.

    • ob18

      Still prefer to check it out in a store to see if it suits me. Will never pre-order another phone.

  • blah

    Just checked with my Radio Shack connect.. apparently some have them and have already been selling them….. Im probably gonna pick mine up Friday. I would check with the local Radio Shacks in your area and see if you can convince them to sell you one.

    • blah

      *UPDATE* Just got word that they can’t sell anymore… They weren’t suppose to go out and not sure how they got sold in the first place… Sorry…

  • SuchChoices

    Was at a local Tmo store in Tampa. Got to see the phone in black. Has an expensive and very solid feel to it. The pictures don’t do it justice. Very thin also I thought. The black color part has a rubber (only word I could think of) feel to the grip, not cheap though. Spent about an hour in the store with the rep. Had the Vibrant, G2 and G4 running side by side. Took pictures and video, accessed web pages simultanteously. Have to say in many cases the Vibrant performed the best. Tmo rep did not like the Espresso Sense UI that comes with the G4 compared to the Vibrant. The color is really hard to beat on the Vibrant though. I’ve had a Perl 8100 for four years and finally going to upgrade. Really like the BB keyboard (9780 ??). Ah such choices!

  • i hope otterbox makes a heavy duty case for it. im fascinated by the defy, but this device is so much better so i’d like to see it made indestructible… or at least waterproof.

    • Astro20003

      Its water proof…….i droped it inside a jack and coke glass and mine still works just fine …lmao

    • Astro20003

      Its water proof…….i droped it inside a jack and coke glass and mine still works just fine …lmao