T-Mobile G2 To Get Wi-Fi Calling Update Starting Tomorrow!

Owners of the T-Mobile G2 have been left wondering when or if they might be graced with the goodness that is Android Wi-Fi calling.  Well, wonder no more as T-Mobile will officially start sending out an OTA update starting tomorrow.  November 3rd to November 8th, G2 owners will receive the Android Wi-Fi calling feature.  Of course, included in the Wi-Fi calling feature is the tethering option as well.  Not sure what the deal is with the little italicized line regarding not offering a tethering plan.
Pretty sure they do since you know it was just announced.  Hey, can’t win em all, right!

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  • aLb3Rt

    YES! thank you!

  • Sunny

    Nice to see them showing the G2 some love. But time to fork over the 15 dollars a month. Well not unless you root..

  • Adam

    HELL YEAH!!!!

  • Jimmy

    Teather is so so for me. Wifi calling is cool, I’d like to see what “other updates” include. I hope they fix some of the other annoying little things..

  • nick

    I’m more interedsed in what the “other updates” are maybe 2.2.1?

  • David/Andrew Do you believe that they will be also offering this on the froyo update for the Samsung Vibrant?

    • Kickstar13

      I would think so. Still waiting patiently for the 2.2 Froyo update for my Vibrant as well.

  • Tom

    It would’ve been a huge win on Tmo’s part if they didn’t charge to tether. I want to know the stats about people who tether. I’m just going to root the phone whenever that comes along. I can’t say I tether enough to make the 15 bucks worth it. I mean they allowed me to tether my BB through USB or bluetooth for no charge. We pay for data, which they will throttle once a certain amount is reached. I think we should be able to use the data how we please.

    • Ash

      I feel the same, and I use as such…
      Free…..at least for now.

    • Antoine

      I agree!!!

  • jkspike3

    sweet right on. Now all i need is 500 bucks for a g2

  • sam

    will it count against your minutes iF you use wifi calling and texting? anyone?

    • Pissed

      Yes it will count against your minutes.

      • Timdawg919

        Then what sense does it make to use wifi calling if you’re still using your minutes?

      • Grumpy

        Uhh… Works great in places where you have little signal and there is an active wifi network. Works great when you are overseas and you can get into a wifi network… Free calling.

      • Testament

        Timdawg919 says: Then what sense does it make to use wifi calling if you’re still using your minutes?

        To add coverage to areas that have limited to no coverage.

      • blkidea

        Can’t you make calls and sent texts on Google Voice through wi-fi?

  • mike

    Which means “Root progress coming tommorow!”

    • 2Noob4U

      Go read the posts at XDA. Likely this will do nothing.

  • yellowpony2k2

    very excited about this as my data and voice signal are weak inside my office

  • Alexis

    If you are in an area with no service and have wi-fi calling can you send text messages 2 or is it only limited to calling?

    • Nate

      It works for calling sms and mms! Using it on the my touch 4g right now.

    • VibrantOwnr

      Yes…its says so in the second paragraph, third line

      • VibrantOwnr

        by yes i meant it works for both call and sms…sorry for confusion

  • Androidless


  • Craigers

    LOL, just wait until they delay it until December 15th like they did the MyTouch 3G.

  • justin

    That’s because tethering is not going live until the 18th.

    • Say whaa! :) really!

    • tipsofme

      Thats odd. Im using the feature now while typing this? Where do you get your info? I would move to another source.

      • justin

        of course you are. And so do i on my vibrant. let us not forget this is the OFFICIAL support. ask any rep, tethering is not officially supported yet. my source is legit

  • Foxeh

    Yay, finally! Hopefully I’ll be able to update Google Goggles too. :P

    I also just saw that myTouch 4G commecial touting video chat not needing WiFi and on America’s Largest 4G Network. Well I’ll be…

  • herinel

    I wonder what the “other updates” that are coming along with this one are?

  • ArtQuijada

    The update I reported just under a month ago was “too good to be true” according to Tmonews. I’m curious if I will get some update or if it will just bring all units up to the version that I (and some others) got.

    • Curious

      Ok I will bite… What features did you receive with your update?

      • ArtQ

        Wifi Calling, Wifi HotSpot, and was able to update Goggles from the Market.

        The ringer when on Wifi calling is really low though, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust it.

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    This statement basically says they are rolling tethering in the update from the 3rd to the 8th & the customer may discover & use it in which they hope it is not discovered till they have a plan ready. So if they are rolling out the tethering compatibility unblocked, how do they block it hmmm? Certainly the block wont be built in.

  • kingkong

    i’m sure they’ll prolly include t-mobile tv which most everybody already has but now you probably can’t uninstall and reinstall to start the trial over

  • 2C

    I hope the Nexus One can get this update too because I desperately need it in my house.

  • Josh

    this is great news

    • David, Managing Editor

      This is great Josh, but I don’t think its right that you come to my site to plug your own. I wouldn’t do that to you so I expect the same level of respect.

      • tipsofme

        Cleavland says “That’s imburrising…”

      • Snoopyalien24

        Ouch respect… Oh btw how do I know when I’m being responded or replied to? I don’t recieve an email?

  • Robert

    What updates? HTC and T-Mo claim there are no issues with the phone.

  • joel

    Dang, can’t anyone provide a shot of the box that pops up when you click “other updates?” I’m on a LOA, so no access to SL :(

  • userfriendlyme

    Hmm gonna wait on this one. Don’t know about you guys but I can teither pretty well for free with just temp root. If this OTA patches that then i’d really hate myself.

    • Shawn

      So by saying November 3rd-8th, does that mean almost nobody will get it until the 8th? That is what I have noticed in the past.

  • LeRon

    Im willing to sell or swap my G2 for a Mytouch4g or 275. been in hardshell case since purchase

    serious inquiries only chicagoland area
    whatupdutch [@] gmail.com

  • Come and support the T-Mobile UMA facebook fan page!!!

  • mikeeeee

    ii had to wake up to this……..

    got up early this morning to take my 4 day old G-2 back to the t-mo store and swap it for a DEFY.

    drinking my tea with the wheels whirring.

    only shortfall i could find in the G-2 is the ringer isn’t loud enough.

    well it’s a 75 mile ride so i’ll think some more.

    wonder if the update will be OTA or OTA/WIFI?

    BTW; all you nitpickers whining about tethering, i can do it with my old samsung SGH-205 that i bought in janurary 2002 no problemo.

  • Roger

    Hope we get wifi calling update for the my touch slide also still waiting on my orginal my touch update still haven’t got it

  • I wonder if the apk I have on my Mytouch Slide will start working now…..hmm. Hopefully it was just a switch on TMobiles back end they needed to flip.

  • williamthrilliam

    First one to rip the app and share the wealth wins!

  • Homey

    I hope they put the tmobile visual voice mail app back out with this release. I tmo’s version to google voice.

    • Homey

      That should say I prefer tmo’s version to google voice.

  • Shawn

    Just got my update! Downloading as we speak.

  • sjsmr2
    • KEvin

      How do we use this link to update?

      • sjsmr2

        Plug your G2 into your computer, and copy the update.zip to your SD card.
        Shut off your G2, and power back on while holding volume down. When you see the white screen, choose recovery and hit the power button. When you see the picture of the G2 with the red triangle, hold volume up and power to see your menu. From the menu, choose Apply sdcard:update.zip, and let it do it’s thing.

    • Jack

      So I tried using Bootloader for this, but wasnt able too, even after setting up as zip in my sd card.
      any thoughts?

      • Foxeh

        Detailed instructions here:

        Same as what sjsmr2 said, but a bit easier to parse.

      • Jack

        Yeah, I got in on the second try.
        Holding down the trackpad brings up the menu too in as round bout way.
        Tethering and wifi calling, but the wifi calling came up with an error soon after. Just powercycled and good to go. Thanks.

    • KaosPA

      Thanks for the link. Downloaded and installed. Sweet!

  • Nomad

    I wonder if this update fixes all of the reboot/crashing/freezing issues I had with both of the G2’s I had gotten (and returned to tmo as of yesterday)?

  • Homey

    Just got my notification of update in South Florida… I’m skeered to do it though. Anyone else try it yet?

  • ken

    anyone got this update yet?

  • Homey

    Got it running… Tethering and Wifi confirmed. I will have to wait until I get home to confirm UMA calling.

    • Foxeh

      I haven’t tried them yet, but the USB Tethering and Portable Hotspot options from Froyo are indeed present!

  • Carlos

    Well I got the update….couldn’t wait to receive so I went online and found it @ And…Central.

    I did the update as per instructions….and I was able to get WiFi calling and Tethering, both of which I will test tonight.

    I have not seen any other bug fixes fixed….but I have only had it for a few minutes.

    So question on tethering….I could *cough cough* do this prior to the update….I really don’t use it nor have much of need for it…BUT….will TMO know that I am tethering and force me into a plan automatically or block my web access? I know that I am limited to 5GB, and so far that seems to be enough for me….but will I have to pay extra for that occasional tether?


  • ken
  • Jimmy

    So far lock screen sound, wifi calling, tether, imap mail issue, gmail attachment problem.

    • Homey

      Lock screen sound? Is this the sliding lock or the code lock? My sliding lock just has haptic feedback, no sound.

  • Shawn

    I am wondering if we are going to get charged for using the tethering right now. It is in the update and it does work.

  • Shawn

    Is this a joke?! Wifi calling won’t even work! I am in the same room as my router with a 40mbps internet connection and it keeps giving me an error and will not connect. Have been trying for the past hour

    • Jimmy

      Just tried here using the university network. Works fine for me.

    • k-mack

      @shawn, have you done a reboot after doing the update? try to do a reboot. that should fix it.

  • Kevin

    I just manually updated and it works. Am I supposed to delete the update.zip file after installing it or am I supposed to leave it on the SD card?

    Thanks guys!

  • MH

    what are the reviews so far on the wifi calling? is it as good as UMA on Blackberry (without the handoff to cell network obviously)? Just would like to know if it reliably allows you to receive calls without having to manually start an app every time. In other words, if I’m at home and have wifi on, will I be able to make and receive calls?

    • Jimmy

      I tried again at the my university (rather slow network). I have no experience with UMA, but as far as I can tell no delay sound quality is great. Can’t compare to UMA (never had one), but compare to regular voice is pretty much the same..

      • MH

        do you have to explicitly open a wifi app and dial through that or will it just make calls over wifi if you don’t have a cell signal (like my BB does)?

    • Jimmy

      You have to have wifi on and specifically turn on “the wifi calling” app. Thr appl takes about 10 second to start working…checking connection and contecting tmo server I think.

      • MH

        Jimmy, thanks for your answers.

        but can I just leave it on all the time in the background? or do I have to switch it on every time I get on the wifi network? my main use is at home where I have zero coverage. right now when I come home my BB just hops on wifi. would be great if I could do that on Android too. I don’t need call handoff — that has really only come in handy 2-3 times a year. But having to manually start the app every time I come home would be a pain — and I would def forget to do it.

      • k-mack

        @MH – Yes, you can leave it on in the background. If you have the feature enabled, you can leave it alone after that. Every time you go into your wifi zone, it will launch the app and allow everything to be UMA aka wifi calling. So it is nice that you won’t ever have to remember to do anything. It will just kick in when it connects with the wifi. I like that too!

      • MH

        k-mack (& Jimmy) – thanks so much, that’s what I needed to know. Seems like everyone was so excited about this feature and then when the big day came it kind of disappeared under so much other TMO news. W/o this feature I just can’t move to Android — but now I can!

  • Big Z

    On mytouch HD, using the Wifi calling feature lowers the ringer volume and there is no way to adjust it :-(. Using cellular data, resets the ringer volume to your preset level.

  • jesus

    omg i am the happiest person in the world!

    i forced the update with wifi calling and tethering

    and i also got it rooted and have the tethering app for free thats a plus it still works too!
    and i have managed to overclock it now again! the best thing ever ! im soo happy
    all im missing is the video calling that the mytouch has but im not really interested or freaked out or hyped about it i love my htc g2 and the keyboard backs it up also with stock vanilla android with froyo now (officialy)! i love the g2 … im in love lol life cant get better than this

  • Toasted_douche

    Which option is less demanding on the G2’s battery:

    OPTION#1. Using T-Mobile’s cellular network for both data and voice calls.

    OPTION#2. Using T-Mobile’s cellular network for voice calls and a WiFi connection for data.

    OPTION#3. Using a WiFi connection for both data and voice calls (which is now possible with this recent update).

    Any ideas?

  • JS

    Can someone confirm that unlimited hot spot calling (the old $9.99/mo free minutes in wifi option) still works with the G2. I have been waiting for an Android device to replace the nokia UMA phone…this just may be it.

    • k-mack

      That is a good question, I am wondering about that too. I’m thinking if you have the old grandfathered plan, it will continue to be free. If you don’t have it, it will use your existing minutes. A call to customer service will probably tell us.

  • ccory

    love my G2 best phone i have ever had, now its going to be better, sweet

  • NOTaG1

    Thanks for posting where to download the update instead of waiting. Worked like a dream! Nice to see the system working like it should.

    The “extra’s” installed are an update to the radio as well as fixes to reboots and halts.

    Thanks T-Mo!

    • fazelove

      where’s the download link?

  • I finally got mine pushed this morning. Here’s a video overview:


  • Smackinz

    I am trying to download and save the update but my phone keeps saying cannot download phone cannot support…any ideas??

    • jesus

      same problem .u forgot to name the folder of the zip update to “update”.zip
      but dont put zip at the end its already a zip just name it update

      that shud fix it i had the same problem

  • b-will

    i have a question when i got my g2 it came with another sim card do i have to use that card to get the update or is my old one good ?

  • Brian

    Anyone else realize they fixed the Car Home app?
    Not only can I customize it now, I can tell it to enable car mode when it connects via bluetooth to my car. It was annoying me the Nexus, which has a dock, (and probably others) had this and not the G2.

    Now if they’d just fix the LED notification…

  • John

    Um, it’s the 9th and still no update. Anyone else?

    • Charlie

      Got the update this morning, the 10th

  • jesushouston

    and we have permanent root yey

    i had visionary with a lot of hacks like overclock and i alwayws had to re do the process it was preety much like permanent root but this is much better i will do the New permanent root when i get home……

  • cd

    just got my update today….verified hotspot/tethering wirelessly FO SHO working!

  • dailyreader

    I did receive mine on the 9th.

  • Rick

    Still no update here, Louisville.

  • Rick

    Got the update Sunday and now my phone burns through the battery every 6 hours.