T-Mobile Launches myTouch 4G/4G/Network Campaign, Adds 6 More HSPA+ Cities And A Netbook

That’s right.  The T-Mobile marketing effort has begun to bring the message forth that they have the best 4G network known to man.  Ok, well maybe not that, but they certainly took a dig at AT&T in this ad reminiscent of the Mac vs. PC commercials that were once so popular.  I’ll let you watch and enjoy.  Less talk, more video!

On top of that, T-Mobile is announcing the addition of 6 more metro areas to their already 75-city strong HSPA+ network areaChicago, Ill, Colorado Springs, Colo, Ft. Wayne, Ind, Louisville, Ky, Raleigh-Durham and Wilmington, N.C. are all happily welcomed into the network!

That’s not all.  Along with the official launch of the myTouch4G, T-Mobile is dropping a nice little surprise with the addition of the first 4G netbook, the Dell Inspiron Mini 104G!  The Dell Mini will be available tomorrow through T-Mobile.com!

Hit up the image and press release below for all kinds of great info!!

T-Mobile 4G Service Now Available in More Markets and on New Devices

T-Mobile HSPA+-Enabled 4G Network Now Reaches Over 75 Metropolitan Markets

New T-Mobile myTouch 4G and 4G Netbook

Take Advantage of Blazing-Fast Wireless Broadband Speeds

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Nov. 2, 2010 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced the expansion of its 4G mobile broadband network to six additional metro areas, and introduced two new products designed to tap into its 4G service. Tomorrow marks the national retail availability of the

T-Mobile® myTouch® 4G and T-Mobile’s first 4G netbook, the Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 10 4G. With typical download speeds that are on par with or faster than competing 4G technologies, and service availability in 75 metropolitan markets throughout the United States, the T-Mobile network now offers a super-fast, next generation mobile broadband experience to more people than any other wireless network in the country.

“4G is about performance and today T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is delivering 4G speeds that match and often beat WiMAX and are readily comparable to what early LTE will deliver. Our 4G network is capable of theoretical speeds up to 21Mbps and we have seen average download speeds approaching 5 Mbps on our myTouch 4G phone in some cities with peak speeds of nearly 12 Mbps. Further, independent reviewers have seen average download speeds on our webConnect Rocket between 5 and 8 Mbps with peak speeds up to 8-10Mbps,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer, T-Mobile USA. “The footprint of our 4G service is not something that competitors are going to match anytime soon, and starting today, we will begin marketing our network advantage with TV commercials advertising ‘America’s Largest 4G Network’ from T-Mobile.”

The “America’s Largest 4G Network” message will be communicated in an iconic, arresting and memorable way through national TV and digital advertisements that will begin airing today on major TV networks and cable TV stations, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and TNT, and appearing on websites, including AOL, MSN, Amazon.com and easily viewable on T-Mobile’s YouTube channel athttp://www.youtube.com/tmobile.

T-Mobile expanded the availability of its 4G network to six additional metropolitan areas, including Chicago, Ill.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Louisville, Ky.; and Raleigh-Durham and Wilmington, N.C. T-Mobile customers with 4G devices in 75 metropolitan areas can now enjoy faster Web browsing, uninterrupted video streaming and quicker downloads at no additional cost.

“Consumers do not understand the technical alphabet soup of technologies involved in 4G, but for our purposes we define WiMAX, LTE and HSPA+ as 4G technologies,” said Chris Nicoll, distinguished research fellow, Yankee Group. “HSPA+ is evolving a far more ambitious and long-term road map than was originally envisioned. T-Mobile is using an upgrade to HSPA+ to deliver faster 4G speeds today and is quickly bringing a number of HSPA+ devices to market that greatly enhance the mobile data experience for its customers.”

In addition to the network expansion, T-Mobile continues to broaden its lineup of products that tap into its 4G network. Available today is the stylish and powerful T-Mobile myTouch 4G smartphone. Designed to access faster speeds on T-Mobile’s 4G network, the myTouch 4G also includes a front-facing camera for Video Chat through Yahoo! Messenger or QIK, HD Camcorder with Screen Share by Twonky™, 5-megapixel camera with flash, Android 2.2, and additional exclusive T-Mobile features such as Genius Button™, powered by Dragon Dictation from Nuance Communications, myModes and Faves Gallery™. The myTouch 4G is appearing in a national ad campaign beginning today and will be the featured device at T-Mobile retail stores nationwide this holiday season. Also available today is the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 4G, T-Mobile’s first netbook to feature built-in access to T-Mobile’s 4G mobile broadband network. It also includes Windows 7 Starter Edition — Microsoft Corp.’s latest operating system — and a fast processor for easy Web surfing, communication, photo sharing and multimedia playback in one small, ultraportable device.

“With an upgrade path that continues to provide room for considerable speed enhancements, T-Mobile’s 4G network is purpose-built for continued growth. We are now on pace to increase our 4G footprint — reaching 200 million people by the end of this year — with plans to offer 42Mbps theoretical speeds in 2011,” added Ray. “As customer demand for wireless data increases, T-Mobile is well-positioned to compete based on the speed, breadth and evolution path of our mobile broadband service.”

Additional 4G products already available from T-Mobile and designed to take advantage of the faster 4G service include the T-Mobile webConnect® Rocket™ 2.0 laptop stick and the high-powered T-Mobile G2™ with Google™ smartphone. T-Mobile’s 4G smartphones, the myTouch 4G and the T-Mobile G2, are powered by the Android 2.2 operating system, which provides tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing capabilities. Beginning this holiday season, T-Mobile will offer a Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing service plan that allows customers to use their smartphone as wireless modem for connecting laptops and other devices to the Internet through the T-Mobile mobile broadband network. Customers can add the Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing plan to their Web – Unlimited $30/monthly plan for an additional $14.99/month.

Product Availability

T-Mobile plans to offer a selection of affordable data plans for both smartphones and broadband products, with smartphone data plans starting as low as $10/month. T-Mobile customers do not pay a premium for access to its 4G network. For more information on T-Mobile products, services, pricing and promotions, visit http://www.t-mobile.com.

The myTouch 4G is available nationwide tomorrow through T-Mobile retail stores, online at http://www.t-mobile.com, at select third-party dealers, and at leading national retailers including Best Buy, Costco, RadioShack, Sam’s Club and Target. Customers can visithttp://mytouch.t-mobile.com for more information about the myTouch family of smartphones including the myTouch 4G.

The Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 10 4G is available tomorrow at http://www.t-mobile.com.

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  • Kris

    That’s hilarious.

  • JP

    “Available today is the stylish and powerful MT4G”
    I think not…

  • Deke_Dollarz_585

    Yes finally t-mobile has step up it advertising.

    • J-Hop2o6

      I agree.. i just hate how they call HSPA+ 4G.. its not even pre-4G like LTE & WiMax.. LTE Advance & WiMax2 are REAL 4G.. i wonder what Tmo is gonna call LTE once it rolls out.. “Our new LTE 4G” ? but yea, i like the commercial regardless.. finally Tmo is on the offensive.

      I like that speed chart they have with plans on HSPA+ (42mbps using dual-carrier) in 2011.. 2012 should be 84mbps and maybe LTE at the end or at 2013 for Tmo.

  • Fort

    About time!

  • Will

    YES! I kept saying ‘GET IT TMOBILE’ lol while watching this video. Nice to see them actually doing some advertising that isn’t so ‘safe’

    • J-Hop2o6

      i meant to reply to this comment.. .

      I agree.. i just hate how they call HSPA+ 4G.. its not even pre-4G like LTE & WiMax are.. LTE Advance & WiMax2 are REAL 4G.. i wonder what Tmo is gonna call LTE once it rolls out.. “Our new LTE 4G” ? but yea, i like the commercial regardless.. finally Tmo is on the offensive.

      I like that speed chart they have with plans on HSPA+ (42mbps using dual-carrier) in 2011.. 2012 should be 84mbps and maybe LTE at the end or at 2013 for Tmo.

  • Moise

    Yes yes yes. T-mobile is the real deal.

  • Wow some real marketing from Magenta! I like it, I love it want to see more of it.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • Bobert

    2 networks whose coverage both sucks donkey balls taking shots at each other.

  • Mike

    Were they trying to go for a younger, hotter, look-alike of Catherine Zeta Jones?

    • Bryan

      If they were…Nailed it!

      • Cybersedan

        +1 She’s HOT!!

  • Excited/Pissed

    Woo Raleigh-Durham! The only problem is that 2 weeks ago tmobile.com was showing I get a fully subsidized phone upgrade, but this week it is showing a $300 price tag for the mt4g and $309 for the g2. Whats the deal with that??

    • aksnoopy

      Other than this announcement, it doesn’t say anywhere on T-Mobile’s website about WHEN we will get HSPA+ in RDU. Not even on the coming soon page of their 4G map.

  • It’s pretty ridiculous but funny at the same time. What the hell!

    I really like the $10/200mb data plan and the free extra lines, and the new wifi calling. That is sweet!

    What’s not to like about tmo!

  • Eric

    Chicago! Finally! Will be grabbing the mytouch4g at my local store in the morning!

  • Amani

    Damn, T-Mobile is not playing around. Getting that MT4G first thing in the morning!

  • Bryan

    I’ve worked for the big pink T for 7 years…best commercial ever in my opinion. They’ve always lacked in the marketing department.

    • Mike

      Customer for 7 & worked for 5 1/2 years. I agree. Hoping there is more to come.

    • Janine

      2 1/2 years here and I feel the same way. :-)

      • Cybersedan

        Agreed, that’s the best T-Mobile commercial I’ve ever seen!

    • Phil

      Agreed, very funny commercial. But T-Mobile would kill for the iPhone.

  • thaghost

    tmo is top dog right now. how do u attack someone and still stay “family oriented”? get a pretty girl in a pink n white dress. good job!

  • edd

    sexy and LOVE IT!

  • Mike

    I just did the speed test on my HD2 and no change in Chicago at 8:40 pm
    1 MB download speed only.

    • White Pony

      Not for sure, but I dont think the HD2 is 4G/HSPA+ compatible. You have to have a phone that operates at that spectrum. As far as I know, the only phone, prior to the 4G to have that is the G2.

    • The hd2 isn’t a hspa+ device

      • Pissed

        You should still benefit from the speeds. Ive got up to 5mbps on my cliq.

    • jd

      Morning of Nov 3rd in the Loop and while I’m getting 3 Mbits/sec the latency is horrible & sucks away any speed advantage. And I’ve seen higher speeds (5+ Mb/s)on my N1, while they were testing it over the past few months. Still under 1 MBit/sec in a very populated western burb, heard it could be 6 to 12 months before all towers in burbs are able to handle the + speeds.

  • Bigmerf

    wow, let the fun begin!

  • redman12

    Chicago HSPA+ yesssss woooo!

    • Shawn

      HSPA+ in Chicago means you literally have to be IN Chicago. I live 9 miles from Minneapolis where there is Hspa+ and I only get 2 Mbps download on my G2

      • Shawn

        And yes I have gotten a new SIM card and 2 replacement phones

  • Special K

    Finally, we have the type of network that we can be proud of and advertise. This commercial is exactly what customer wants to hear.

  • Cez

    Can’t wait till tomorrow to get the mytouch 4g it’s gonna be great. The comercial is great way to go tmobile.

  • blah

    While the commercial is funny, the “4G” term is going to COMPLETELY KILL all the positive marketing… They are playing VERY dangerous game. That being said I will be getting my MT4G at opening tomorrow but tech blogs are already firing back….

    This IS GETTING UGLY and now you are going to have the Big Three team up and teardown Tmobile…. Sprint and ATT are already firing back and it wont be long before Verzon joins the fight… I appreciate TMO getting some balls but definitely not like this. Is they had just came out and said HSPA+ kicks everybodies tails right now I would have stood full force behind them…

    Please TMO I beg you, stop while you are ahead. In other news I will be opting out of the Google Buzz Lawsuit… Please bear in mind that failure to respond also waives your rights to sue Google in the future if you read the actually settlement terminalology…




    • White Pony

      Technically no carrier has true “4G”. Wi-Max is still a type of 3G, and while it is on the very top end of it, it is still 3G. I think its good that we are finally firing back and touting our network and speeds. As others have said, our Marketing has always been a bit lackluster at best. I think that we have the ground to stand on to talk this way, and it needs to be said, how else will people know about the great network speeds we really have if we dont advertise.

      Besides, most people know that the iPhone is overrated, and the price they charge for that plan pisses more people off than it does satisfying them.

      • Shawn

        I don’t understand where everyone keeps getting this “true 4G” from…?? 4G means 4th Generation. It is T-Mobiles 4th generation of network.

      • blah

        No White Pony, if you READ the articles LTE and WiMAX ARE NOT 3G, They are not full 4G but Pre-4G as they met all the 4G requirements prior to the ITUs decesion last month. They ARE 4G technologies and ARE NOT based on existing 3G infrastructure like HSPA+

    • Sleestak Jones

      Least we forget, No 4g technology has been defined. 3g technologies have not been capped out. Apparently Tmobile has fixed their backhaul problem and overall speed to tower. WiMAX (Being a former Clear user) is fast, BUT it’s still no faster than a GOOD 3g connection. Given My caps were 6 mb down and 1 meg up.

      Well, I get that RIGHT NOW on my HD2 and my n900…
      Net, Network speeds are WAY up and our devices are ready for performance!

    • Biggie

      Stop what? How about you keep a lid on it and shut up….its all competition, screw Sprint, AT&T and Verizon together…like who gives a flying fcuk about them. We talking that its about time the little guy TMO throw some punches back too…you talking like there’s an actual true 4G network out there.

    • Actually

      There is no such thing as bad publicity. Yes they will be called out because by ‘technical standards’ it isnt 4g, but that won’t matter to the consumer because it is actually faster than current 4g technology. Nerd blogs will cry about it sure, but the consumer will only become more aware that the current labels are meaningless.

  • DatNizzle

    Yes, hits Raleigh right in time for the MT4g.

  • JaylanPHNX

    Sick burn!

  • SKLX-09 User

    the mytouch 4g has gone back to “coming soon” for the time being.
    wonder if anyone who tried ordering it got a confirmation or an “undo” on their order?
    or will it just send you a random color/

  • J1

    F.n. sweet!!!.. looks like the (kiddie)gloves are off and T-mobile is ready for a street fight..

    Commercials like this, coupled with those htc ads will make the Mytouch 4g a huge seller this holiday season.. I know I’m def buying two.. I just need to rehearse my “sick voice” a lil more tonight so i can sound believable when I call out of work tomorrow lol..

  • SnakeEyez

    While I like the commercial, I don’t like how they basically copied the “Im a Mac” commercials. Yea its clever because its hitting iphone owners where it hurts, their carrier. Cant wait for tomorrow morning.

    • blah

      Good point, lets hope Apple doesnt join in the fun and sue too…

  • Alvin B.

    This is good and all. Now, if T-Mobile could just deliver decent 3G (yes THREE) in mid-sized US cities that doesn’t cut out every time you step inside a building, or switch down to GPRS (NOT EDGE, GPRS) when you leave town, then that would be great.

    When I had Sprint over 3 years ago, EVDO covered me everywhere I wanted to be – even on the 80 mile trip from Beaumont to Houston. It’s a good thing my Vibrant has 16gb internal, cuz I won’t be doing any streaming on trips!

  • NokiaN900User

    This is GREAT. Did anyone else notice this: Commercial is clearly not a Jab at the iPhone. The Jab is at AT&T for not being able to allow Facetime video chat on 3G. This is smart by T-Mobile. Gives them a good position to show they can offer what AT&T cannot offer.

  • Tank

    This is going to bite them back in the A**, when other carriers call them out about there network is not 4g!!

    • White Pony


      Technically no carrier has true “4G”. Wi-Max is still a type of 3G, and while it is on the very top end of it, it is still 3G. I think its good that we are finally firing back and touting our network and speeds. As others have said, our Marketing has always been a bit lackluster at best. I think that we have the ground to stand on to talk this way, and it needs to be said, how else will people know about the great network speeds we really have if we dont advertise.

    • Cybersedan

      I think it will be interesting to see, because T-Mobile can simply remind they that their networks that they have been marketing (Sprint), and are about to launch (AT&T / VZ) are also NOT 4G.

      So the question is, do the top 4 carriers want a media war about who has the “closest to true 4G”?

      • White Pony

        Agreed. Both Verizon and Sprint have been calling their junk 4g, for a while now, no disclaimers, nothing. There is no REAL 4g technoligy out yet, at least not that is defined as such by the ITU.

        Even industry professionals know this, I am quoting this from Phonedog:

        “according to the ITU’s definition of 4G, Sprint’s WiMAX network and Verizon and AT&T’s upcoming LTE networks aren’t 4G, either. Considering that T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network has been shown to provide speeds similar to both WiMAX and LTE in some areas, and the fact that neither WiMAX nor LTE are technically “4G,” others feel that Magenta should be free to market their network however they want. If its providing speeds comparable to the “4G” of other carriers, I don’t see why T-Mobile can’t advertise their HSPA+ network as 4G. After all, Sprint and Verizon have gotten away with it this long, so why not T-Mo, too?”

        I agree, let T-Mo brand it as 4g, its hitting the same speeds as what Sprint is calling their 4g, and in most cases, is exceeding those speeds. GO Magenta!!!

  • andrew

    2011 is tmobile’s year

  • UPSSucks

    shes hot but not even as hot as zeta jones. at all. funny ad though

  • Rob

    Awesome to see Tmo finally branding HSPA+ as 4G.

  • Get em Tmobile. Call those overpriced bastards out.

  • bigger mac

    I was really liking the $449 price on the mytouch but I just checked the website again and its back to “coming soon” so I hope they’re not trying to jack the price up, Radioshack has it listed at $549 so does wirefly, so Im hoping it wasn’t a typo!

    • 2FR35H

      3rd party resellers always sell for higher on a off contract price than t-mobile. $449 is still right as is radioshack’s $100 over price.

  • dcb

    For all of you people complaining about t-mobile using the term “4g”, I found a quote from a website about what 4g actually is so here it is…
    “4G mobile technology is the name given to the next generation of mobile devices such as cell phones. It became available from at least one provider in several parts of the US in 2009. There is not yet an agreed industry standard for what constitutes 4G mobile, so for now it is merely a marketing term”……..so there is no company out there that can lay sole claim to the term “4g” because it is not an actual product, it is just what the article says, a marketing term. T-mobiles hspa+ has been shown by independent studies to be faster than all of the carriers so if they can use the term with slower speeds then t-mobile has every right to us it as well………get a clue people!

    • MattB

      Let me preface this by saying I understand, and support T-Mobiles decision here, but:

      There in fact IS a definition for 4g. ITU, appointed by the UN for the task of defining technology standards (among other responsibilities) has defined 4g in terms of speed as needing consistent and available 100mbs down, and 20 mbs up with latency<100ms. There are other 'behind the scenes' standards that customers don't know, or care about, but in terms of speeds it most certainly HAS been defined, and will not be reached by any US carrier for many years.

      • dcb

        Just confirms what I said……since no carrier is capable of those speed then the definition is meaningless until a company provides those speeds to its customers and given the fact that those speeds don’t exist the any company using that term is strictly for marketing. Regardless of the “4g” semantics…..T-Mobile is still delivers the fastest network where hspa+ is in place.

  • abel2fresh4u

    Wow im so happy about tmobile. I cant wait to go to sleep. Wake up n go get my mt4g

    Btw who is that beautifull woman?

  • unfortunately in the real world HSPA doesnt add up to higher speeds. Both the mytouch and G2 barely crack normal 3G speeds

    the network has a ways to go

    • dcb

      It is still faster than the other carriers who claim 4G speeds…..so what’s your point?….. faster is faster

    • MattB

      My experience in Milwaukee:

      MyTouch Slide Avg:3.5-5.0 Peak: 6.4
      G2 Avg:4.0-5.5 Peak: 10.3

      My guess is that in areas in which our regular 3G phones don’t come near the 6 range, we won’t notice a big difference, but in areas in which our 3G phones are capped by the phones limitations we will see bigger bursts on the ‘4G’ phones. That said, I have many areas in which I hit that peak range in the MKE area, and I expect many many more in 2011 when T-Mobile starts all over doubling the network up to 42 ;)

  • Josh M.

    wow….i smell war a brewing!

  • Midori

    What happened to that other Hot T-Mobile lady? I guess she got replaced by what looks like could be her hotter,but younger sister! LOL!

  • phonegeek

    ok ok they took the gloves off to play fisticuffs cmon tmo show that reach like lennox lewis did on holyfield… and then hire me afterwards ..or right now either or lol

  • tipsofme

    I cannot wait to see the money this brings in! HAHA And to those who think people give a shi* that is not real 4G- come work in a store for a day and listen to the customers come in and as about the iphone 4g… YEAH IPHONE 4G that doesn EVEN FREAKING EXIST!!! People dont care WHAT it is, they just know they want it because the freaking number is bigger! 4g better than 3g me want…. T-Mobile is smart playing on stupid the US market is, all you have to do is feed them BS (aka a $600 phone with a faulty antenna) and put a bigger number on it… Its will still sell.

    • 2Noob4U

      Ha ha. +1

  • aksnoopy

    About time for some love for Raleigh! It’s a shame all the major retailers are dropping TMO, too late! Learn your lesson now?

  • 2Noob4U

    Colorado Springs! Right on. Now if they up the speeds in Pueblo I’ll never have a reason to switch carriers. I could give a crap who they put on their commercials in all sincerity.

    Trying to go after some of that market share with there new commercials maybe?

  • Vibrant Addict

    I like that commercial a lot! I can’t wait to see even more of this underdog fight. As long as that woman is on the commercials and they’re putting down AT&T AND the iPhone, BRING IT ON!

  • efjay

    Lets try increasing coverage before raving about “4G”, in Rockville MD my signal varies from poor to non-existent, cant even get 1G sometimes, let alone 4.

  • Vader317

    Damn!! Who’s that chick. What 4G??

  • la_resistance28

    I love it! Sure, it’s a little too reminiscent of the “I’m a Mac” campaign, but it’s pretty funny to see Apple indirectly getting a dose of their own medicine.

    Also, T-Mo needs to update their website ASAP to brag about the new network! I’ll bet you millions of viewers who saw the ad are gonna wanna check out T-Mo’s site for more info, so why not aggressively blast the 4G message upfront on the website?

  • general

    I wish the would add a tower to rhode island.yea smallest state but majority have tmobile. I have edge at my house and when I go 3 blocks up I have 4g.

  • general

    Sorry meant to say 3g. I don’t really get h+ speeds

  • Swoosh

    Bah everytime I read T-Mobile’s 4g I want to throw up…. My Vibrant is running at like 32k! Come on T-Mobile bring the Gulf Coast some 3g…. Another sad day for us on the gulf coast…

    • j

      must be you downloading garbage apps cause I GET 2mb daily on mine everywhere I go

  • edilla

    finally Chicago has been added.

  • ManSquito

    I live in Louisville and have had HSPA+ since the the first week of OCT….BUT Only in the southern part of the city. At my house I have hit over 9 MBps. Yet when I head North East where I work I can only pull 1 MBps? When I read that it had launched in Louisville I did a speed test at work and still only pulled 1 Mb down. Is there anyone else in the louisville area noticing this?

  • Shaw

    Why are they still bashing AT&T?