White HTC Amaze 4G Officially Discontinued, Making Way For HTC One Launch?

Obvious news is obvious as the HTC Amaze 4G white has been officially discontinued for the better part of two weeks now as smart money would bet that T-Mobile is already making inventory space for the HTC One S. Sure, it’s about five or six weeks ahead of the scheduled HTC One S launch, but we’ve got no problem with the Amaze making way for the One S.

This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten wind of the end¬†for the Amaze 4G with a false alarm indicating end-of-life for the HTC smartphone at the end of January. Of course, we’re just not worried about as this as we were the first time we got wind of this news, expectations for the HTC One S and the rumored HTC One X on T-Mobile are already high. We loved the HTC Amaze with its fantastic camera and while we’re sorry to see it go, we’re already looking to the future.

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