T-Mobile HTC HD2 To Come With Multitouch?


Those fine folks over at HTC and Magenta must really love us, as it looks like the HD2 will include a feature previously absent from other capacitive touch screen handsets in the U.S. According to the specs on HTC’s website, right out of the box, T-Mobile’s HTC HD2 will include a “capacitive touch screen with pinch to zoom”, in other words, multi-touch. As you may already know, most capacitive touch screen handsets in the U.S would get stripped of their multitouch capabilities because of Apple’s patent claim on “pinch-to-zoom”. Now if only the HD2 included battery life up to par with the Nexus One without using something like this. Let’s see what other surprises HTC and T-Mobile have in store for us!

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WMPoweruser Via HTC HD2 Spec Sheet

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