Potential Update for G1 Will Need Your Help!


T-Mobile will be doing a software trial for G1 users only. This will NOT be the rumored Eclair update, sorry to say. However, this trial will reflect features similar to Google Voice integrated into the stock dialer app. It will allow you to set numbers to be ignored, integrate Visual Voicemail, and  and some other goodies. Once this software comes out of trial status, there will be other features, too, but we can’t talk about those just yet. So how about the cool part? Well, T-Mobile is actually looking for people to test out these new features on their phones (something to the tune of thousands of users!). Do we have your attention yet? Excellent, we’ll let you know as soon as we get the details on where you can sign up.

Edit: Yes, this will most likely look and function similar to what rooted users have had for a while now.

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  • Ted417

    Will this be eligible for those that have rooted phones?

  • eYe

    hmmm… so something like this


    Rooted users had this for a while now.

  • Sean

    Awesome. Count me in. :)

  • slayerXcore

    any idea if it will work on rooted phones?

  • Awesome.!

  • zapote21

    Ota updates are never for rooted phones.

  • Hmmm I think I will stick with OpenEclair ;)

  • I kinda get the impression that T-Mobile intends on using this to shut up the non-rooted G1 users. I can picture suits in some meetings saying “let’s grab that phone app off of XDA and throw them a bone … we’ll fool them into thinking they have an update to 2.1 with that nifty phone app”.

    • Twitch110

      Haha that was pretty funny. Good work.

  • tinalooks808

    Ooo would love to be a part of this!~

  • kilari

    Meh. Unless it makes Android more like WebOS i’ll pass. I’ve been ready to trade in my G1 for something more music centric. I wish Tmo would offer a subsidized Nokia X6 32gb, or maybe an N900. I have my Pixi for web surfing, email and texting. I just want something that has lots of onboard storage and isn’t Apple crap. Honestly the G1 took my breath away when I used it the first time. Worlds apart from Winmo or Palm OS. But once WebOS came out my benchmark raised beyond what Android can provide. The only thing WebOS doesn’t have that I long for is Visual Voicemail. Other than that it kicks Androids butt. All IMO. Many may disagree. But they probably haven’t used WebOS more than a minute or two. Don’t knock it before you try it.

  • g_willi

    This is wrong. TMo should not be forcing OTA updates like this down their customers’ throats. The customization of the Android Market app was bad enough. They should put their stupid apps in the Market just like anyone else.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Who’s forcing what?

      • J

        Stupid T-Mobile forcing completely optional improvements on our phone. Maybe I don’t want the option to ignore bill collectors and ex-girlfriend’s calls. Sure I could just opt to not use it, but why should I have to reasonable?

    • c0z

      Did you read the article? Ok.

  • MW

    As long as it includes the ability to save apps on the SD without being rooted I’ll be happy

  • Justin

    I will definitely like to be involved.

  • mikeeeee

    put me in coach.

  • OH the humanity

    Count my happy but in…..but I still want my 2.0 eclair…..for those who are pissing and moaning about the OTA you don’t have to do it….