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After taking quite a beating in the blogosphere after the initial launch of the Nexus One, Google has officially launched phone support. That’s right; 888-48-NEXUS (63987) will get you customer service from Google, open daily from 7AM to 10PM EST. That’s right, from Google. Read those words, stop, close your mouth and let the wow factor hit you. Google finally recognized that live phone support is what it will take to help service the mighty Nexus One and all that might follow. This follows on the news that Google has reduced the ETF for Nexus One users so all in all not a bad day for them.

Not much else to see here, but hey, way to go Google, now can you tell me why my Google Reader constantly freezes?

Google Support

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  • chris p

    I would say this will certainly help a lot of people. Not only you have web support, you also have ‘live’ people to talk to if you need one. I’d really love to get a nexus one, only thing preventing me from getting it is the fact that I don’t have extra money as I am a college student lol. And also, my g1’s still alive! I will get a google phone one of these days, wether its the nexus one or two. won’t really mind :)

  • Cybersedan

    Great, right in time as for my upcoming purchase.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    LOL… only that a company to start giving support would actually be news.

    Will be interesting to see the level of service that will be established.

    There’s companies that help set up support services for companies such as Google. I wonder if they used one of those or if they are winging it, thinking:

    “Well all it is is answering the friggin phone, how hard can that be. Put an ad on Craig’s List and hire some unemployed college graduates. But don’t offer em more than $5 over minimum wage… Oh, and don’t have more than 10 phone lines. We don’t want this to get out of hand.”

  • JLowe

    Yeah Michael, because that’s exactly what the Google execs are thinking.


  • analog spirit

    It’s about time… I’m just praying that Google will have enough phone lines available, so that if and when I get my N1 and need to call them, they won’t get so overwhelmed with calls that I wouldn’t be able to get thru to anyone for a while, and then I’d practically be right back at square one. Now that would suck! LOL! But this is a step in the right direction…

  • dalowballer

    Well just take it easy on the reps taking the calls.. I am sure they will be slammed to the wall.

  • HTC4Life

    Useless … They require an Order # before allowing you to speak to a Customer Care Rep. Many users are having issues “PLACING” orders (myself included) on the Google/phone site, especially those with corporate accounts. Whats the point of customer service if you already have an order number? (to give you tracking information??? )

    F U Google , Thanks for making it an easy decision to stick with the IPhone

  • mrbill

    Even more useless. It seems this “Customer Service” is only for people that not only have an order number, but it only deals with problems pertaining to the order itself, not the defective phones that are out there!

  • It will be interesting to see how Google handles this. Can they do what the other telcos struggle with OR can they provide service that is a step above as their products are. Time will tell.

  • Mark

    The new Google “support” number is only for phone sales and shipping status, Not for REAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Google’s claiming this new support will provide a “superior Nexus One experience”.

  • One of my favorite customer service quotes is “Here is a simple but powerful rule – always give people more than what they expect to get.” -NELSON BOSWELL”

  • Renee

    I keep getting this email from google for a few months but don’t know what it is.
    I have been on hold at 650 253-0000 for 1 hour 15 minutes and still holding to talk to someone to resolve this.

    If I can’t get simple customer service I may as well delete my gmail accounts and sign back up with aol.

    Wow! so disappointed in google.

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  • Nandisarthak


  • Nandisarthak

    i  have problem with google nexus one phone, i need help, plz help me
    thank u

  • Caldeerhunter

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  • Denis Barry

    I’m sure you will not respond or care but looking a a white Google screen is not plaesent I much prefer the background that I had PICKED your taste sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!