T-Mobile USA HTC HD2 Rom Shows Up On Italian Blog

It’s starting off as a very slow news week and understandably so, with the holidays approaching we don’t expect much in the way of surprise announcements. That being said, last week wasn’t exactly void of goodies and the news of a leaked T-Mobile USA rom for the HTC HD2 in the wild almost certainly made Windows Mobile enthusiasts jump for joy. What appears to be the US rom has shown in a video courtesy of Italian blog, hdblog.it.

Apparently trance music is all the rage for showing off foreign phones that we here in the states can only drool dream about; this video shows a truly awesome looking experience. Don’t take my word for it though, watch the full vid and see if Windows Mobile is ready to make a comeback.


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  • jam456

    havent like winmo since my old dash but this looks very nice

  • yor PAPPI

    music made me wanna pull the trigger WTF dont they hav real music

    • bob……`123`

      its the most popular music in Europe

    • andrew

      there the toshiba phone phone really fast

  • TehAndroid

    I’m all about Android now but damn HTC has really out done themselves on this one. I might actually consider getting this. Such a nice phone.

  • watbetch

    3G BBY

  • 9ooyan

    holy shit that phone is blazing fast.

  • Mr. MN

    I love android, but this one is starting to make me see Windows Mobile in a different light. It looks like I will be placing this one over my myTouch 3G, since it doesn’t give me Active Syny anyways.

  • kershon

    HD2+3G=T-Mo FTW! This makes me see winmo in a new light. I used winmo phones before I went to blackberry and never looked back. I’m definitely going to give this a hands-on when it is released.

  • J-Hop2o6

    So this preddy much confirms this is goin to tmousa huh.. first the picture of the phone on some tmousa paper some months back, now some hd2 documents w/ TMOUS apart of the folders & a video with tmousa’s bootscreen.. NICE!! but now im goin back to the picture that said “TV/Movies at your finguretips”.. what does that mean for tmousa? hmm…

  • Ahh Yo!

    I can’t wait until this comes out! The best thing about this, is, it can read Microsoft Office without buying additional software (like Doc2Go). The only downside is that I have iTunes that probably won’t work on this, cause some of my songs are still DRM. But this device is much better then iPhone. I like the way you can control the icons and still have a home screen.

  • Scrit Mcgritz

    I wouldn’t by this phone because it is running Windows Mobile. I want a really nice Android! I bet this is going to cost $350 like the touch pro2.

    • conrad

      well if you didnt spend all your money on those super useful fartnoise and lightsabre apps on the droid market place, you might not think twice about the cost of a phone that is actually useful

      • AndroidGuy

        Really? You want to attempt to go there?
        First, most apps on Android are free.
        Second, Android, is 100 times more useful than Windows.

  • wow I think Iv’e found my new phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mmaxsooner

    Why was 99% of the video on portrait mode?

  • FILA

    very nice fast phone, the Nexus One SHOULD run about the same but with Android!!!!

  • xOneSainTx

    I wish T-Mobile would just set the release date. They owe me a upgrade because I’m on my 5th G1 since I got in last January.

  • xnifex

    Looks like TMoUS did it again & did away with the Network Type icon on the taskbar that shows G/E/3G/H right next to the signal bars.

    Nice phone though

    • J-Hop2o6

      just put a custom ROM on it (EnergyROM’s), then you’ll see it

  • just some dude

    nice hardware but i stopped watching a quarter of the way, you know the whole win mobile puck in my mouth thing.

    android rules.

    • Peter

      Your comment did exact same thing even worse!

  • tato22

    man this phone is so dam nice big screen really nice i might test this one out

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Scrit Mcgritz … I would buy this phone because it is running Windows Mobile. But I may want a really nice Android (Google Phone)! I bet this is going to cost $350 like the Touch Pro2, if not more.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I’d be curious why people who diss Windows Mobile do so. Is it just because that’s the fad thing to do?

    WinMo 6.5 and the HTC Sense user interface are just as competitive as any phone out there, including the user experience.

    In fact, 99.9% of the people in the market for these phones who actually end up buying them don’t know squat about what people mention in these blogs.

    Mention Snapdragon they will go “Huh?” Ask what amount of memory his or her phone has, they won’t know anything.

    Ask about performance, they don’t know anything except that the phone works and is “fun.”

    I am using WinMo 6.5.1 and HTC Sense on my Touch Pro2. One of the best phones I have ever had (even better than my G1, that was my first Android phone, on which I installed the Hero build).

    Matter of fact, I suspect that if prospective customers see the HTC Sense animated weather on the home screen, people will say “I have to have that phone.”


    • just some dude

      you would be surprised at how much people know, i for one was mooding razors before it was fashionable. and i have had for win mob devices than i can count. so when i say puck i mean it. its not hard to see when a mobile OS has grown stagnant over the years and when something new and better comes out people will flock to it. You take away the pretty touch flo, your left with the same old crap to put it simply. its no wonder that iPhone finally has taken over sales from win mo. And starting next year android will do the same with the Iphone “take over”. Simply logic. read the articles do the math read the trends and stats.

      anyway rant over, android rules.

      • Peter

        Yes, you would be surprised at how much people know and you are one perfect example yourself. People like you are just a fanboy and don’t know that much, just some fanboy. Go be happy with your Android crap and stop trolling here. This post is not for people like you.

  • Eb

    Windows took some notes. It looks like a cross of Android and Iphone goodness with some old reliable windows thrown in. I can’t honestly say I would want it anymore than anything else til I get my hands on it.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Really like how responsive the phone appears to be, can’t for this to be released. Hey T Mobile and HTC, March??? Try sooner!

  • mlb1906

    Hummmm lets see!!! the HD2, the Google Phone, or and Iphone???!?!?!?! decisions, decisions.

  • Yes!! Now, release date please!!

    The “Big Magenta” owes me an upgrade.

  • just some dude

    numbers don’t lie peter iphone over takes winmobile in sales this year, and soon android will beat iphone, you can say what you will, but facts are facts. lol Sucker.

    • JT

      Only in US, WM still rules the world, check your facts. I bet device like HD2 and WM7 can change the picture very quickly. IPhone haven’t evolved much in 3 years it has been out. Same boring user interface, can’t run multiple apps at times and WM let you run as many as you want and can switch between apps with just 2 touch clicks. Try doing that on IPhone or Anriod.

      The best part of WM is I can hook my TD2 or Acer S200 to any computer and drop whatever files like on the SD card and take it with me. Don’t need any itune crap to install on my laptop or computer. Try doing that with your andriod and IPhone.

  • dboy

    now i know where my christmas money its going!! please tmobile !!

  • conrad

    just some dude,

    youre a flippin idiot. what are you like 12? i did read your article about the hd2 dropping windows mobile for android. if you read the article you’d have seen that 1) it was a rumor. and 2) it was a rumor from back in sept; a rumor that has obviously been dispelled by the fact that the hd2 IS running wm. siting a source that is so completely wrong voids any credibility you think you have. you probably think wikipedia is a valid source too.

    wm might be a bit long in the tooth, but it still is the only solution for those of us who want it all, but most importantly we want to be productive and manage our business and lives, (not just play stupid mobile games or mimic farts. its still competeing with both the lame ass iphone and android because of this fact: those of us with money by wm phones. sheesh, if i tried to manage my business on a droid, id have slit my fucking wrist by now. droids are toys for kids such as yourself. wm are tools that can “oh yeah”, be a toy too.

    dont get mad, your toy will continue to be there for you when you need to make that impromtu fart noise or pretend youre a jedi warrior. when you grow up though or even goto college you’ll find your pos phone lacking and yearn for something usefull AND entertaining.

  • just some dude

    HTC just had prior commitments with MS, but they will drop it. Conrad, look you can try and rationalize it all you want but the fact is other phone OS’s are just better and the masses have spoken.


    there is nothing you can say, people are not liking that crap OS windows mobile, its garbage.

    Andriod rules, and you will learn to love it.

  • IWantToKnow

    ok “just some dude” you need to STFU if you love android so much why arent you posting on your little andriod forums. dude you need a life, why dont you go buy a one of you useless apps or something and enjoy the dumb things that android provides for you.

    you really think you know everything

    windows mobile can multitask, 2nd you can sync through bluetooth, usb and wirelessly. so i dont know where you got the idea that andriod was the only os to do that

    you think andriod is more useful then windows mobile then tell me an andriod device that has push internet, push email, lets you turn your device into a wifi hotspot or just do internet sharing though usb

    now those are things that are useful downloading an app that makes fart noise and make people think you are a bigger loser then what you already look like is not useful

    also btw i read your dumbass previous post

    “You take away the pretty touch flo, your left with the same old crap to put it simply. its no wonder that iPhone finally has taken over sales from win mo.”

    Take the video recording off an iphone 3gs and your are simply left with the same old shit. so what if you can jailbreak it 90% of people who own an iphone dont even know what jailbreaking is. Why would anyone want to buy a phone that its 3rd generation features are ansestors features on windows mobile.

    Honestly your just a lowlife loser fanboy that thinks he knows it all and actually waste his time online searching for andriod articles to post on windows mobile post “WOW YOU HAVE NO LIFE”. its obvious you have some type of interest in windows mobile because this is not the 1st time i seen you make your dumbass comments on a wm post

  • just some dude

    “you think andriod is more useful then windows mobile then tell me an andriod device that has push internet, push email, lets you turn your device into a wifi hotspot or just do internet sharing though usb”

    are you freekin kidding me andriod does all those things. dont you read. instead of caring what some dude writes on blog go educate your self on a real mobile OS.

    i said that you need active sync running to sync, the android OS needs nothing just plug it in or by way of wifi or bluetooth.

    its ok, i know its hard to admit something is better.

    my interest in windblows mobile is to see it die a slow death, oh wait thats happening now, lololololol

  • just some dude

    dont get my started on wndows 7 too, which is a flop like vista was, hell its the same OS, and besides MS admited that they where going for a mac look and feel.

    LOL MS everything just sucks so bad, god how can you stand it.

    • David

      With every single post you just show more and more how small brain you are. With insulting people in each one of your posts and using bad words you just have less respect from others.

      I can’t believe website’s administrators let some troll like you come here post crap and insult people. Someone like you also destroy website image and credential. They need to delete and ban you before you destroy this blog image and credential.

      You have more post in Windows Mobile news than you favorite OS news! Now go back to your hole where you belong.

    • JT

      I have BB from Verizon(work), my personal TD2 and Acer S200 on ATT, my wife has unlocked my touch 3g. Android is easy to use but there is no comparison with WM. Even WM 6.1 was better than Android if you know how to get around the WM. I agree that it has some ways to go but I don’t think it is going anywhere but up. Give yourself a few years and we will see.

      People say that windows 95 was like Mac 85 but look at the market share. Crappy XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000 have more than 90% of there share. Its not going anywhere.

      Get real.

      I’ll not be the only one who will buy HD2 on the first day of release. There will be thousands of others and we will keep growing if these wire suckers don’t release good phones like TD2 and Touch HD and HD2 in US with rest of the world.

  • IWantToKnow

    aperently “just some dude” you are not satisfied with your os. unlike the rest of us we are happy with our os. we dont need to waste our time doing research on other os to talk crap about it and if you are “really satisfied” with your os like i know you are going claim you are then please just dont reply here anymore

    • just some dude

      ill reply where i want when i want, all im doing is trying to help out people who don’t know enough to know there wrong.

      It’s going down instead of up. lost 28% market share. its really sad for Microsoft.


      and its funny to hear idiots saying, well i dont care im getting windows mobile phone”

      like i said they dont know enough to know there wrong.

      • conrad

        What a dumbass post.

        “They don’t know when they are wrong”? All that your reference points out is that it took WM over a decade to start loosing market share… and that you have a sexual relationship with your mom (See, I can be a pompous ass too). Even with their so-called superior OS and marketing blitz, the iphone is JUST NOW overtaking the outdated WM. I think this actually speaks more to the superior usefulness of wm than the gimmickiness of the iphone (And when I say iphone or android I honestly believe the terms are interchangeable: one is a toy and one is a multitasking toy)

        What your posts actually say is that you don’t understand the WM market… and that you have an abnormally small penis. You see, the WM market sticks with this outdated (Yet surprisingly competitive OS despite its age) because the OS was designed for successful people first. Not surprising that the OS baffles, and even frightens you (as do females) considering. All MS has to do to reinvigorate their market share is to release a newer OS, but with the same basic philosophy as before: Successful people want a tool to assist in their success first, and a toy second. Basically a UI update would fix any market problem they have.

        Now I am sure you have some disgusting things to do after your 29 hour World of Warcraft marathon so I won’t keep you any longer

  • just some dude

    Conrad im proud of you, and im sorry for all this back and forth. It takes a big man to admit your wrong, in your own words “overtaking the outdated WM”. Im glad you finally see that its an outdated OS. So now the question is why are you still using what you and the rest of the world think is outdated. Please consider the far superior Android platform. I know in your heart of hearts you want too.

    I consider this matter closed. And im glad i could help you out in seeing the light.

    • conrad

      I see your selective reading isnt just limited to the so_called “news articles” you reference. don’t worry, that gets corrected with education.

      and as an aside, = consider your relationship with your mother inappropriate. See, just like you, I can still be a pompous ass as well.

  • just some dude

    Whatever, its satisfying that you agree its outdated, thats good enough for me. now go find a nice phone to play with, and put your win mobile junk in the garbage like a good boy.

    • conrad

      Aaaaaaannd you’re done. Thanks for playing. Better luck next time.

  • tron20

    Cool phone some the guys are right here google is going to take over most of the market in mobile an laptops later pc. So think its a bad mistake to buy. I wait it out to see if its still around. Too bad they don’t have a conversion software for mobile phones. Who wants a absolute mobile phone. Can you hear me now. Oh wait let me discount an get a real phone like a google phone that doesn’t crash over loaded with cookies an spyware.

  • just some dude

    conrad, im done when you put that phone in the garbage.

    • David

      Ok, both of you, thats enough…just agree to disagree!

  • JB6464

    Does anyone know if this phone will be upgradeable to WM 7 when it comes out ?

  • just some dude

    you got it David

  • Shon

    That’s just windows 6.5.3. I’m using it on my Touch Pro 2. It’s pretty nice actually. It does actually have to lack of landscape for some of the features tho.