HTC HD2 Looks More And More Likely For T-Mobile USA


Windows Mobile and T-Mobile fans, this is going to make your day a little brighter. According to our friends at WMExperts who have received some ninja screenshots of a Rom file showing clear support for the HTC HD2 and T-Mobile USA. Having called for this device to hit T-Mobile way back in the middle of October, we’re happy to keep seeing further confirmation that it will launch on our favorite carrier. Of course, we knew it was scheduled to hit the US somewhere and frankly, if I were HTC I’d much rather launch a device on a carrier that doesn’t have people trying to intentionally shut them down. Hey, that’s just one man’s opinion though. Regardless, with the Rom file came a few more specs, listed below:

  • Leo ROM 2.01 (big jump from v1.61 leak)
  • WM6.5 build 21869
  • Opera
  • OzIM_US_1.
  • Teeter 2.0 (ooh, a new version)
  • TMOUS_Manila_Core 2.5.1921401


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  • ricr

    Just got a TP2 a few days ago. Looks like it’ll be going on eBay/Craigslist when this hits. Now if someone will just leak the price.

    • FILA

      yeaa but I tell you what, that TP2 might be ridiculously underpowered next to this HD2, but you have a beautiful QWERTY, something the HD2 aint got. And did I mention I HATE touch screen keyboards, im using a MT3G, take a second thought, or play one at the store when its released

  • kershon

    WooooHooooo. Nexus One and HD2. Now we’re cookin’! 2010 is gonna be Magenta’s year! Now, SEx10 and N900 should round out the lineup niccely. iWhat? Can’t remember. lol

  • CO_yeti

    More people should really look at winmo, I’m sure it will be a great addition to our lineup.

  • FILA

    yeaa, but its still a Windows device

    • John

      And that’s why exactly I am going to get it, becuas it is Windows Mobile. If it was something else like Android I had to pass.

      I am so happy it is Windows Mobile. :)

  • Chgo26

    I usually lurk but I had to comment seeing this news. I am so excited it ridiculous. lol Its sad that I am this hyped for a phone but I am. I’ve been itching to get back to T-Mobile since they have fantastic service in Chicago and the HD2 is just the device I’ve been waiting for. Anywho, all I need is a release date and price and I’m set.

    • mmaxsooner


  • Galen20K

    I love android so I will be getting the Nexus One but I like the HD2 and am VERY Excited that its coming to our Magenta!

  • Todd

    YES!!! CAN’T wait!!!!!

  • Todd

    March release though??? What happened to January?

  • andrew

    that would suck if it was windows mobile. i wish it was android

    • Max

      Indded it is Android and NOT Windows Mobile!

      • Max

        Oops: Indeed it should be Android and NOT Windows Mobile. [Go Android!]

    • David

      What makes this phone even better is Windows Mobile. It would suck if it was Android.

    • Sean

      Dude, it’s about the hardware…XDA-Developers already have a port to Android for this bad-boy if you must have Android.

      I hope by March they’ve made it easier because I wouldn’t mind trying Android on this thing, but likely would want WinMo most of the time.

  • JMTS80

    I gave up on Winmo a while ago but this phone is sweet. My bro will be excited!

  • J-Hop2o6

    NICE!! more good news for Tmousa (atleast AWS capable phones).. Nokia N900, HTC HD2, SE X10, and Google Nexus One.. hopefully Tmousa will subsidize these (hopefully N900 also).. if u guys are wondering,, no im not getting any of these.. Nice phones, but i need a 5-Row keyboard,, like a TP2 (which i have now)

  • Tom Jefferson

    I’ve had confirmation for several weeks that this lil gem would be hitting TMO, via an HTC rep. I have mixed feelings about it. The hardware is great, but Windows Mobile has a few too many annoying little things to make it truly usable on a day-to-day basis. I really want to try and love my TP2 (with a cooked 6.5 ROM), but I find myself always going back to Android or Blackberry after a few days use.

  • Yes, and now we wait. . .

    A long, grueling wait.

  • @ Tom Jefferson

    Did you happent to get a “ballpark” release date estimate??

    • Duck Dodgers


      I was told by a local CSR (at a store that the reps. have brought the phone by) it will drop in the 1st qtr 2010 (he said by March).

  • Victor

    i want an htc legend or hero… but im not a fan of windows mobile :( i currently have a blackberry curve 8900 w/ os 5.0… but i kinda like android. my blackberry is boring me a bit and im thinking of switching to the htc touchpro2.. but it has windows mobile.. and tmobile doesnt have good android phones.. so idk. but looking forward to this phone!

  • mmaxsooner

    Wow, I’m going to sound like a little like some bodies mom but patience is a virtue. Actually I think its a good idea that tmob waits on this one as the reviews have shown it has some problems with the camera and the keyboard etc. Let someone else do the beta trial so that the tmob release product is truly ready to go. From what I’ve read the sense ui needs a little work and if its ready and tmobs 3g is ready release this along with the n900 and maybe th se10 and I think tmob will see some nice financial rewards. I say maybe on the se because they have had some major issues with some major phones across the pond and frankly tmob usa does not need any under performing handsets.

  • dave

    HD2 or NEXUSONE?

    Choose? You should do a Poll?

    • HD2 for me.

    • Sean


      I KNOW!!! HD2 or NexusOne….I am loving the newer Android (2.x), but have always had WinMo (still using my WING, with 6.5.1 ROM) … I can live without the dedicated keyboard…i LOve the AMOLED, but lust over the 4.3″

      Guess I’ll have to show some restraint & wait until March when I can play with both…I don’t think the SE X10 will make the cut…haven’t been a fan of SE phones, but I’m openminded

      Here’s to “investing” my tax refund!!!

    • David

      HTC HD2 Windows Mobile! No need to think about anything else even for a second. :)

  • Ernie


  • Tom Jefferson

    @ Phenomenon – Nope, it was conveyed to me ‘on the down low.’ But the person who told me was giddy when they said it, so I’m assuming it’s a powerhouse in person.

    Even though they both lack physical keyboards, I have to say I’d take the Nexus over the HD2. Snapdragon Android > Snapdragon WinMo. But let’s be honest, there are no real losers in that race….

  • JT

    HD2+WinMo is the only way I would ever come back to T-Mobile. I left T-Mo after 4 years with them when I bought HTC Touch Cruise 2 years ago for ATT 3G. I came back when T-MO launched G1 and was fed up of Android within 30 days and went back to ATT. I have Acer S200 now but miss HTC quality and product support.

    Hopefully TMO can finally offer some decent WinMo phone. I still don’t see people jumping the ship unless TMO can unleash 7.2 HSPA + HD2 + Google phone + X10 +N900 all at the same time. That might be a game changer.

  • Danny

    Yeah it’s funny many of us think alike.

    I personally don’t care for WinMo at all, but I’m glad to see such a beautiful and powerful phone come to T-Mo’s lineup. There are still plenty of WinMo fans out there along with a large business community.

    T-Mobile will have top notch Android, WinMo and BlackBerry offerings to showcase to B2B customers everywhere now. They need to poach more of these subs looking for better value and lower costs while they can.

  • T

    I love this phone! I hope it and the iPhone come to T-Mobile really soon!!

    • mmaxsooner

      Iphone!? Let’s just unleash the hd2 n900 and x10 and keep the band width hogging I thingy on the darkside suckin up at&ts 3g signal pushing people over to tmobs insane handset lignup. Tmob higher ups listen handsets and a great 7.2 signal will cure a lot of ills. As they say just do it!!

  • efjay

    As usual the WM hate brigade is out in force, sad you cant see that having another high-end device on T Mo is actually a good thing, makes the carrier more attractive to consumers, bringing more revenue, leading to more investment in infrastructure, attracting more manufacturers of more high-end devices with your OS of choice. But no, you cant see beyond your hatred.

    I, for one am glad such high-profile devices seem to be becoming the norm for T-Mo after years of average handsets. Coupled with the higher speed HSPA+ network T-Mo seems to be on the right track at last.

    • Peter

      Yes. It is so sad to see these fanboys just trashing Windows Mobile with their comments and no logic behind it. But again that’s what they always do and nothing new here.

      The other day someone with Android phone saw my TP2 Phone and said “Oh! you have HTC Windows Mobile phone? Mine is HTC too but you can’t have Apps on your phone like me”.

      Yeah sad, I know!

      When they can’t win and compete they just trash it and that’s how they try to win and make what they like looks good.

      That’s what Apple do for almost a decade with false advertising and lying to people about PC for and sad to see now Google fanboys going exact same way!

  • Scritz Mcgritz

    I wouldn’t get the HD2 because it will be running win mobile. I want an android baby!

  • MrNova

    I’m cool with windows mobile devices but I prefer android, after dealing with the G1. I had a WM device before then, and really had no gripes. I think the HD2, is a beautiful device, with a gorgeous UI, and super fast. I am just happy to see tmobile moving in the right direction, with there devices, and adding the HD2 and nexus one and hopefully X10. Personally I dont think we need the iphone, I am so sick of seeing that device, and people talking about. Its everywhere! Tmobile is a different company, and needs its own devices. And for my fellow android fans, please stop trashing the device just because it has WM, we ask tmobile to bring us better devices, and it seems they are listening. I love android, and will be getting the nexus one, but we all win in this situation.

    • J-Hop2o6

      the iPhone will be a business move for tmousa to bring in more customers (= more $$$).. i say in 1 year, it will bring in about 2-5M customers cuhz of the iPhone

      • MrNova

        You’re very right, but I’m still tired of the iphone! LOL!

  • Sanjay

    Only problem is that it does not have a slide out keyboard. I have the TP2 and while initially I tried the software keyboard (it has improved) I find myself still going to the physical keyboard because the software keyboard is too slow and makes too many mistakes (small keys). On a phone like this we should have two versioins, one with keyboard and one without. Maybe that is asking for too much from one phone model. Unfortunately that may make it a non-starter for me.

  • Marcelo L

    No one’s brought up the fact that TMo overpriced the TP2 @ $349.

    Imagine what the HD2 will cost….$500…for a subsidized phone. I don’t think so. $400…keep dreamin’, TMo. $299….ok, now you’re talkin.

  • vikingfan45

    lmao the touch pro was 349.99 lets face its not coming to tmobile might as well just get the euro version

  • Tingytim

    Screw the iphone, I hope Tmobile never gets that crap. Leave that low tech garbage in the trash where it belongs.

    Anyway, I just saw that this phone has no secondary camera and it’s Windows Mobile.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I wanted an HD2 after I heard about it because it seemed like the best device coming to Tmobile in a long time. Although I have had a windows phone before and while it had some cool features I’d take the Android O/S over it any day. Unless it runs Android I think I’ll pass and hold off for the Nexus One. To be honnest if I ever did get a Windows phone I’d need to upgrade my data plan another $15 because I have the $24.99 Android plan with 400 messages and unlimited web. While I don’t need unlimited text I would be forced to in order to get any text and that would raise the bill. I’ll pass… there will be another good phone… and it looks like it’ll be running Android.

    • Peter

      Another trashing Windows Mobile without having correct information or simply lying to make Android looks better. Data plan for all platforms is same on T-Mobile. My friend has Blackberry and paying $24.99, the other one with G1 also paying $24.99, and me with TP2 also paying $24.99 (Actually $19.99 because of some promotion I had). And text message price is same for all of us for limited or unlimited.

      Go get your Nexus One and be happy with it but please DO NOT trash Windows Mobile with giving false information and lie.

      Really Sad!

      • Duck Dodgers

        And I have a Touch Pro 2 running on a $2.99 T-Zones plan. You can’t do that with the BB or Android.

    • Duck Dodgers

      @JBLmobileG1, Why would you need to change to the $24.99 plan? You are grandfathered in to your data plan and if you go to a WM OS that data plan you have now should work.

  • JBLmobileG1

    FYI… NEWS FLASH!!! Tmobiles new data plan for smart phones is $30 and there is only unlimited text for $10 nothing more nothing less. And the Android web WILL NOT WORK on a Windows Mobile Device OR a Blackberry for that matter. All smart phones have their OWN data plan. And while they are all $30 (not $19.99 like you claim which was an OLD plan) they are ALL different. So Peter maybe its not I buy YOU who is giving false information. And how am I trashing Windows Mobile? I said it had some cool features… but let’s face it… Android IS better. Like it or not.

    • yaddamaster

      JBLmobileG1 – if you got in on the $19.99 promotion, you still have it for $19.99. I’ve had $19.99 for three years now. Yeah, $19.99. woot!

  • JBLmobileG1

    I know they had a $19.99 plan. I am just saying that data plans that went from $19.99 to $24.99 are no longer avaliable either and now the data plans for anything are $30. If you want to talk old plans I once had Tzone for 4.99 before it went to $5.99 and $9.99. Heck they even had it at $2.99 but that was a long long long time ago.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Great new’s now how about a release date?

  • IWantToKnow

    WOOOHOOOO I can wait this is very exciting i cant wait to see how sexy wm will look on that big screen. ill most likely sell my tp2 i dont really use the keyboard like i taught i was going to. If im HAPPY with the on screen keyboard on the tp2 then just imagine how more Exciting the hd2 keyboard will be :D

    • IWantToKnow

      AHHH forgot to add its going to suck that when the hd2 comes out tmobile will flagship the nexus one like been doing with that sorry ass mytouch crap but oh well WINDOWS MOBILE ALL THE WAY!!!

  • JBLmobileG1

    Duck Dodgers…. the $24.99 plan is no longer avaliable just like the $2.99 T-zones plan. All smartphone data plans are now $30. They have $10 unlimited data but that’s for non smart phones. Also I know you probably could use a $2.99 Tzones plan on a Windows Mobile phone (I did it with my $4.99 Tzones plan on my MDA) but its not recommended because if Tmobile found out they’d probably drop you. Plus you don’t get all the features that you could get with a true smart phone plan. (email). I also am not sure if the $2.99 plan will still work on any of the newer phones and if it does you’ll need to do some tweaking to your phone (so if you screw it up I doubt Tmobile will help you fix it).

    • Duck Dodgers

      You are correct in that the T-Zones is no longer available and yes you are running a risk of T-Mobile turn off the ability of using T-Zones with the Touch Pro 2. It also correct that about the only smart phones that you can get data access using T-Zones are the Windows Mobile phones. As for not getting all the features running a WM smartphone on T-Zones I beg to differ. I did not have any limitations with my TP2 and T-Zones. I surfed the web at 3G speeds and got my email without issues too, all without configuring anything. As soon as I got my TP2 (at launch day) I was getting data, I didn’t have to config. anything it was all default straight out of the box.

      If you have a data package already i.e. your $19.99 package, you should be able to use that package with a new phone as long as you do not change your plan since you are grandfathered in with your current plan. And if you have an texting package that will work too.

  • jani

    going crazy waiting for this phone (HTC HD2)to come out for tmobile….

  • NiiDiddy

    This is exciting. Now I can get the phone I really want. This phone is a Beast!! There are going to be soooo many choices that I am giddy with excitement for 2010.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Duck Dodgers I agree on everything you say. However, when I had the MDA in order to use the Tzone plan I had to search the net and do a few things to my phones settings in order to use the plan. In fact Tmobile knew about this issue and released a firmware update that would fix the problem… however I never updated because I knew I couldn’t use my Tzones with the phone anymore plus the update didn’t even seem to fix much making it worth updating to. Maybe they fixed the issue or didn’t even care anymore thinking that people will find ways anyway… who reaklly knows. Just letting you know what happened to me. And that those old Tzone plans now are more for the non smart phone phones of today. Plus I never was able to use email on my phone unless I accessed it from the web brower though the site (example AOL)

  • coolfx35

    My name is Lorin and I’m an owner of a 2 months old HTC Touch Pro 2 and I’m thinking of getting the HD2 this week or the beginning of the next week. I’ll keep both phone because i like to have a physical keyboard but i want that huge screen and that speedy processor

    Anyway, i looked on xda and here for solutions to all the issues mentioned in reviews and by users and i found everything except one thing. I also saw some good reviews on so if you have anything good to share, please feel free.