HTC HD2 Looks More And More Likely For T-Mobile USA


Windows Mobile and T-Mobile fans, this is going to make your day a little brighter. According to our friends at WMExperts who have received some ninja screenshots of a Rom file showing clear support for the HTC HD2 and T-Mobile USA. Having called for this device to hit T-Mobile way back in the middle of October, we’re happy to keep seeing further confirmation that it will launch on our favorite carrier. Of course, we knew it was scheduled to hit the US somewhere and frankly, if I were HTC I’d much rather launch a device on a carrier that doesn’t have people trying to intentionally shut them down. Hey, that’s just one man’s opinion though. Regardless, with the Rom file came a few more specs, listed below:

  • Leo ROM 2.01 (big jump from v1.61 leak)
  • WM6.5 build 21869
  • Opera
  • OzIM_US_1.
  • Teeter 2.0 (ooh, a new version)
  • TMOUS_Manila_Core 2.5.1921401


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