Just Another Nexus One Update


There is no doubt about it, the Nexus One is the hot topic right now, and while it’s starting to pain me to update every small finding on this phone, this one is important.  Tnkgrl was allowed a moment or two with the Nexus one, and while unable to take pictures or video she did come away with some nice impressions.  She found, to my dismay, that there is no multitouch in the browser or in Google Maps, yet.. (why Google, why?).  Not only that, but it is reportedly fairly thin and all together gorgeous.  Let’s hope that something changes in the next month, because the lack of multitouch is starting to get annoying.  Full list of impressions after the break and leave your thoughts in the comments!


– It’s extremely thin
– It’s much nicer looking in person than in pictures
– There’s a 4 GB micro-SD card installed
– The battery capacity is 1400 mAh
– The screen appears to be OLED (same size/resolution as the Motorola Droid)
– 3G works on T-Mobile USA :)
– I can confirm that there’s no 3G on AT&T (EGDE only)
– It’s definitely unlocked
– It’s super snappy! Faster than the Droid…
– There’s no multitouch support in the browser or in Google Maps
– There’s no dedicated camera key, but it’s the same camera interface as the Droid
– The trackball can be used to focus (like on other HTC devices)
– Low-light performance is decent, but the flash is weak
– Calls are routed the normal way, not using data (VoIP), and sound fine
– The home screen is divided into 5 panes (like the custom interface on the Motorola Cliq)
– It’s using a micro-USB connector for data/power
– There are some gold contacts at the bottom edge, for a dock perhaps?
– Did I mention it’s fast?

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  • Robert

    Not sure about iPhone killer… but certainly would be by far the best offering on T-Mo and a step in the right direction.


    Just tell me where to sign up.

    • 2FR35H

      Wasn’t Android 2.0 officially the iPhone killer?

  • Alex

    i think i just found my nxt phone!!!

    • phoneking13

      Me too! :D

      • Namo

        me 3

  • nkmtwo3

    so does it have a 3.5mm headphone jack???
    and she said “There’s no multitouch support in the browser or in Google Maps” so will text/email have multi touch???
    If its under $250 ill buy 2…that is unless tmobile has another outage and i give up on magenta.

    • Robert

      Yes, according to HTC all their phones from now on will have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

      As far as multitouch, I don’t know.

      And every company has outages… I would expect it might have as much to do with them desperately trying to upgrade their networks as much as anything else.

      Heck, I deal with Comcast going out at least 3 or 4 times a month, it’s just something that happens. Nobody likes it.

    • Max

      Oh no–never give up on T-mobile (magenta)–it has been good to me, and I do not think that we should allow the At&T pricing to bankrupt us, should we go to them.
      T-mo has great customer service (OK, except for the occasional outage–none her in Charleston, SC except a very brief one a while back) which places it at the top of customer service!

  • Quasar

    I’m okay without multitouch. I like one finger gestures like double tap or swirling your finger in a spiral. I have limited use of my hands so multitouch isn’t so easy for me to use. If they do include it some day, I hope they don’t drop the one finger gestures for accessibility reasons.

  • FILA

    you failed us to mention a 3.5mm jack. What the hell HTC, you said every phone in the future for now will have a jack, but maybe who ever looked over this didnt mention that little fact if it had one, maybe she thought every phone had a headphone jack in this present day, or maybe we just want to much. ha

    • Noll

      Or you could, ya know, read the source link.

  • ryan

    Does it have a standard headphone jack or is it the HTC combo USB/Audio jack… I hate that thing.

  • Galen20K

    This is potentially my Next phone and SOON by the looks of it! Very Exciting! I wonder if I can survive without my Hard keyboard but I think with a screen that size its not that big a deal.

    Cannot WAIT!

  • 2FR35H

    Does it have TV-out capabilities?

  • zeeee


    • tato22

      lol good luck on wack at&t

  • abe

    maybe just a lost thought but will there ever be a touch screen phone with uma?

  • fiveizzo

    Tnkgrl answered the question in a post on another site I just can’t remember which one. But she said that it did indeed have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • theBIGmack

    Okay, I work at a bay area hotel and we have several Google employees stay with us from time to time. I was fortunate enough to speak with one that has some access to the Nexus One and although she wasn’t able to discuss specs she did confirm it is amazingly fast and asked me to “hang tight cause news are coming soon”. I am definitely wanting this phone more and more now.

  • phoneking13

    I wonder why people worry about whether or not this phone has a 3.5mm jack or not. Just invest in some good stereo bluetooth headphones. ;)

    • tyler

      1)Charging and listening to audio at the same time
      2)Aux inputs in cars, etc.

      That being said, yeah I love my stereo BT headset too!

  • fez

    Ah, I’m not going to get this phone.

    Same like every android phone.

    What’s different? The size lol.

    I might switch to BlackBerry 9700 =]

  • JBLmobileG1

    I can’t wait for this phone either. Too bad I am broke and still under my current contract. Maybe if its cheap enough ($200 without a contract which I HIGHLY doubt) I could pick one up. I wouldn’t mind a 3.5mm headphone jack either. True a good pair of bluetooth stereo headphones is the way to go… but you can do some cool things with a 3.5mm jack still. Like plug it into your car stereo or home stereo and listen to music from it. Lots to do with it still that you can’t do (or not as costly) with a bluetooth connection. That is one thing I never liked about my MDA or G1. They were akward headphone jacks unlike my Blackberry 8120. I sure hope Google will surprise us and make this phone easly affordable for anyone who wants one.

  • Bryan

    Multi touch in Google Maps and Browser is not going to change until the software is re-written to include it. The hardware on all of the HTC android handsets (G1, MT3G, Hero) is capable of multi touch but the software for maps and the browser does not make use of the capability.
    The Moto Droid is another example of this, it does not use multi touch in the browser or maps, but the European version (Milestone) uses different map software that uses multitouch.
    The Nexus One is no different, im not that surprised.

  • tato22

    i like it i get every htc phone that comes out with android the wait time is what sucks lol but i saw the droid today what a ugly phone really big is wider then the cliq i did put them side by side but w.e i care less letsssssss go htcccccccc

  • 9ooyan

    i want one…asap.

  • MrNova

    I don’t understand why the multitouch is such an issue, I have it on my rooted G1, and its cool, but not necessary feature! Definitely not a deal breaker, I can live with out! But I guess its just me! On another note, cant wait for this phone, so excited!

  • D

    I asked tnkgrl on her blog about how much RAM and ROM. Question was ignored. Posted again with added those who has or claim to have in contact with either the phone or someone who knows someone has ignored this question which is a possible indication of a big disappointment. What do you know she removed my post. Why are they all so afraid to answer this question but answer obvious question such as which network will this work on. Is tnkgrl the infamous thenexusone.com or is she or he affiliated with this no longer existing site?

  • Sipsip

    Does anybody know the true screen size of this device? I’ve heard 3.7 and 4.3. Which is correct?

  • Brian

    Everywhere I have looked states the screen size is 3.7″. Of course I don’t have any real proof that is the actual size, but that is what I have gathered.

    • Mobi

      It says it’s a OLED screen, and has the same resolution and size as the Droid screen. So I’m guessing it’s 3.7″.

      • MKEMike

        It’s about the size of a checkbook, at least from what I saw of it–I didn’t get a chance to hold it.

  • tato22


  • MKEMike

    This sweet baby just walked into my store today in the handbag of a Google employee. It is so much cooler in person. I was not impressed until I saw it in real life, but this thing is incredible! It’s huge! And thin! And gorgeous!

    • tato22

      niceeeeeeee cant wait to see it

  • quang

    I have had this phone for a few days and all I gotta say is its perfect with the multitouch update maybe this weekend. Web browsing: there’s absolutely no checkers!