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I  know I can’t speak for all of our readers, but I never really realize how much I count on my cell phone until outages  like yesterday. That being said, I’m loyal to a carrier as I try and recognize that stuff happens, it’s almost always an inconvenience, but it happens.  So the question I pose to you, is do instances like yesterday influence your decision to switch carriers? I pose this question as we saw another outage for Blackberry customers as the BIS service went down nationwide. While there were random instances of people swearing off Blackberry, in most cases people forgive, forget and go about their day. So I ask you dearest readers:

Will instances like yesterday’s outage force you to switch away from our dear Magenta to another carrier?

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  • B

    I didn’t experience any outage at all in North Jersey/NYC, and I never would have known about it until I read about it on the interwebs. However, leaving a carrier over this would be stupid. It’s one thing if it happens frequently and is a serious issue, but all carriers are guilty of “episodes” like this at one time or another. I believe Blackberry’s BIS server has been down several times this year, unexpectedly, but I highly doubt we’re going to be tossing our BB’s out the window anytime soon. Point is, stuff happens.

  • Mimi

    I agree can’t complaint about lack of service because I think this is due to the switch to 3G. I’ve never experienced any outage like this before. Spotty service is normal for any carrier. The only thing that will make jump is plan prices along with the lack of good afordable phones. The restrictions are uncall for if you got what people want they’ll stay with need to tie them down.

  • ctk

    stuff happens, i’ll get over it

    …however i may consider looking for a low-cost long-term prepaid alternative as a backup.

    i manage at a chain fast food restraunt. i accidentally knocked our system offline to where it affected cashless sales. for about 40 minutes i couldn’t call ANYONE for help. not the help desk, not the manager, not the supervisor, nobody. for some reason the main phoneline at the store is connected to the faxline and the faxline has essentially taken over so you cannot make any calls out. i would not have known tmo was down at all because edge was working and i was streaming audio on the way to work.

    i realize that the chances of me ever working at or being at a store or place of business where i can’t use a landline for whatever reason are extremely small, but last night i had experienced exactly that extremely small chance and it could have had a very disasterous result.

  • StevenG

    Things happen. It sucks, but when you’re working with technology, you have to expect it. Do you run out and buy a generator when the power goes out in your neighborhood? No. Do you call the opposing electricity provider? No. What’s important is how the company responds to the issue. T-Mobile jumped on the problem and had it resolved in a short time. They let us know what was going on and they cared about keeping us in the loop. I didn’t notice any service interruption, but I got the message from T-Mobile on Twitter and I was appreciative of that. T-Mo has always been great with customer service, and that’s what really counts, more than the occasional hiccups.

  • Taylor

    No really? What outage? but anyway Tmobile isn’t perfect, and nor any other.

    • Victor

      Yeah remember yesterday my BIS wasnt working on my blackberry… oh i read it but i ddnt tell u bout the outage. oh well now u know! :D and it ddnt affect us anyways

      • Taylor

        I see, but my phone was still working nn i was texting all that day.. W00t! for my android phone!
        hopefully next time ill be as lucky :)

  • Eric

    Yes stuff does happen, but they should credit these peoples accounts that were affected. Sure it was only for a short while, but during that time people could have missed many important calls or needed to make calls that could have cost them money. Sure stuff happens, but when it comes to a whole region of states in the country you have a probelm on Your hands and so do a few millin people. And no, here in Boston we had no issues but I can imagine how frustrating that was because so many people don’t have landlines n e more to fall back on. So all these carriers should tripLe check everythng more often.

  • MR.D

    T-Mobile is unreliable! More than 3 outages in 1 year!! Are you kidding me! Sidekick Outage!+November Outage!+This Outage December= WOW! Really!? What happens if you have an emergency and need to dial 911? What would happen? huh? do U want a company like this

    • watbetch

      This outage caused me to lose my job, my wife of 40 years and my children all committed suicide because they couldn’t reach me for a few hours. Needless to say I’ll be picking up the pieces with a carrier that doesn’t ever have outages!!!!!!

      • kershon

        watbetch that’s hilarious. roflmao

    • Titty!

      @MR. D Uhh.. Really? Buddy, Seriousy?
      Stay informed.
      Sidekick = Microsoft problem. NOT T-Mobile.
      November? That sucked. Yeah whatever.
      December. Who even knew there was an outtage?
      Get Lost, Unloyal.

  • BBChick

    What outage? My blackberry was working fine…along with my internet, texts and calls. I been with tmobile since the old sidekick days since 2003 and before their service was okay..but now i love it, rarely get dropped calls, awesome customer service, love my loyalty unlimited plan and i plan on being with them for a long time. So no i wouldn’t leave tmo for a stupid outage. Experienced them before with the sidekicks…technology isn’t perfect…people need to relax and worry about more important things other than their cellphone!

  • bronxbebe

    I have the SKLX09 which I and others are still having issues with. Just helped someone out with theirs cos an OTA happen&wiped everything for a while. Its an ongoing issue with the SK which is affecting many in the deaf community. I’m switching to the BB9700 soon so is the person I helped. The BB outage happened on all carriers but I see no need to drop TMobile cos of it&I have the SK. I won’t go to the other carriers cos I’ve had them all&TMobile is the 1 I like even though of many problems. Right not both Att&vz Are catching heat from customers&FFC for trying or being shady. I don’t plan on leaving TMobile anytime soon for the “other carriers”.

  • CallawayBomber

    In our particular case, I believe we would have merit to possibly think twice at renewal time to leave T-Mobile. As reliable T-Mobile is in normal urban settings, our family resides 20 minutes SW from downtown Knoxville. Because they were late coming to the show in our area, we had to rely on the AT&T towers until 2008. Currently, the 3G signal “drifts” in and out of our area. I personally, do not require 3G (I use the 8900). My wife however, is an IT PMP who travels on site to Maine every week. To keep up with her business needs, she requires the 3G phone (TP2) to manage her Outlook and to tether when needed on layovers. Since moving from FL in 2007, we’ve questioned T-Mobile’s dependability and reliability in our area. It’s sad to say that from less than one mile from the only T-Mobile authorized dealer in our county that’s not a Wal-Mart, I will lose calls travelling in two different directions. Makes for quite an impression when you leave the store trying to make a call out and cannot do it.

    Having said all that, here are two important scenarios to come into question our commitment to T-Mobile.

    1. Spring 2008, coming down from Mt. Hood in Oregon, I struck two deer that jumped side by side in front of me, at 60 MPH. No one was injured thankfully as my wife was 5 months pregnant, but we were 25 miles from Hood River to the and it was getting dark soon. As you can guess, I had coverage on top of Mt. Hood, but not down at the base of it where we were. If not for On-Star in the Hummer, it would have been really hard to swallow the T-Mobile cool-aid. On-Star works on the Verizon network….The officer who responded, even used his US Cellular phone at the scene. You could say that I wasn’t seeing magenta at the time. That one, I let slide.

    2. Last Thursday, I got the call that no one wants to get. My wife’s plane has lost ground control steering after takeoff from DTW and was on it’s final approach coming home. She made that fateful call to brief me of the situation. Having no airport administration, airline personnel or even TSA to ask WTH is going on, I was the only one that knew beside ATC and the rescue department.

    Thankfully, the plane landed safely and no injuries occurred. After taking 20 min to tow the plane in, I finally had relief in seeing the plane pull up to the gate.

    If this outage had occurred last Thursday and barring any tragic incidents, we would have left the next day. Not getting that call at the time, then receiving a VM after the fact would have spun me into a level of pissed off that I’ve never seen before.

    Quoting G.W. Bush in the most appropriate manner, “There’s an old saying in Tennessee – I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee – that says, fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again”. 9/17/2002, Presidential Nashville Visit.

  • obe1

    what outage i didnt even notice/realized till i read your twitter feed but by then everything was fine no problems here in Las Vegas NV

  • dothack

    Completely agree. My high speed internet goes out from time to time, electricity, cable..heck my water once in a biggy, it doesn’t go out too often and too long for it to really affect me..why would a telco company be different?? I’m sure we all have different uses for our cellphones..from casual, talking here and there to heavy, my life depends users..seriously, if your life/emergency depends on your cell..get two cellphones!! a prepaid next to your main one wont set you back, money wise. me working with computers, i can personally tell matter how much money you throw at it, computers will always crash..bringing down whatever its connected to them

  • Ann

    I’m an ex-Sidekick user & I kept my cool during the Great Sidekick Outage. I was grateful when T-Mobile said they were going to give us a month’s data credit. I was overjoyed when they also said they would give us a $100 customer appreciation card. I never saw any of that money. Then they said they were goin to send a $50 customer appreciation card, & I didn’t see any of that as well. Also, during the outage people were calling up & getting discounts on new phones or new phones for free. It just would’ve been nice if they compensated people uniformly.

    But, that wasn’t a deal-breaker for me. I simply switched to a BlackBerry & a EM+ plan. I’m sticking w/ T-Mo because of the cheap plans & (for the most part) great customer service.