Blackberry BIS Down


UPDATE: As of 2:30 PM ET Blackberry BIS is starting to return to normal.  Blackberry has isolated the issue and are working hard to return email to all users, so it should be better soon.  Meanwhile, how is that brick breaker high score going?

It appears that Blackberry’s BIS email is down for most carriers throughout the US and even in Canada.  No word on when the outage occurred, or when it will be fixed, but be faithful t0 Blackberry and they will certainly patch it up quick.  BIS email should be the only thing that is affected since the browser, BlackBerry Messenger, voice and SMS are still working.  In the meantime, sit back, hold tight and play some brick breaker.  We will keep you informed as news becomes available.


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  • AW82

    The word in this context is “affected”.

  • DavidinJax

    Mine was down this mrning, but it’s working again

  • J

    Sucks for all the Sidekick users that decided to switch to Blackberry after the outage.

    • beastly

      Haha. Tell me about it. At least now we can be pretty sure Microsoft will *never* let something like that happen again to the Sidekick servers. No such guarantee from BlackBerry. I guess that’s the price of getting instant emails the rest of the time.

  • Think Different Is An Ironic Statment

    Yeah, my company just sent out a company-wide email, but they didn’t specify it was BB/Rim, just that they were “working with our vendors”. My company gets BBs via Verizon by the way.

  • WXman

    F*** SPRINT.

    That is all.

  • HAHA

    This is why no one should use BB. Their design is horrid, one outage should never cause all users to not have access to email. The device should speak to the mail server directly, like all other mail clients on every other device.

    • so what…

      So what, its not like every device can be perfect I mean if you think you do better lets see you make a cell phone company that is making millions if not billions of dollars…

  • kershon

    Mine was out around 7am. At 11:30am I got a flood of emails and still working.

  • Ed

    Wow – and I thought it was because just as Louisville got 3G the emails went down. Here I was blaming Tmobile and it’s Blackberry. Anyway seems to be working now.

  • ronald

    The company’s name is RIM, not BlackBerry. You people are pretty fucking stupid.

    The text should read “RIM had an outage”, not BlackBerry.

  • I have to agree with post that after leaving AT