Louisville Wakes Up To 3G Goodness


While still “officially” unconfirmed, Louisville is the source of widespread reports of 3G coverage popping up all over the place. Having been teased just 10 days ago with a hopeful launch date, rest assured this time reports are coming in from all over town. Louisville, how are you feeling on this winter 3G morning?

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  • Josh

    So awesome, 3g is everything I expected. Can’t wait for 7.2.

  • Ed

    YEP it’s here!! Only problem is that there is no email working on the Tmobile system in Louisville. Did any other cities experience same problem when 3G came on?

    • Andrew

      My GMail comes in just fine on my G1.

    • thexder

      I’m having no problems with email (Exchange server, Gmail, Insight) on my G1 phone in Louisville. I had a solid 4 bar signal all the way from Gene Snyder to downtown (on I-65).

  • kershon

    Congratulations and Merry Christmas to Louisville! @Ed I live in central Illinois and I haven’t got an email for 3 hours. My little town of Pekin just got lit up yesterday and today I am only running on edge. So I would guess they are working out the kinks in the upgrade.

  • justme

    Yay! 3g is solid in the Highlands. Should have known it would arrive after I stopped watching for it. Is your email back yet, @Ed? I work off Gmail & IMAP and haven’t had any problems. Thanks for the Xmas gift, Tmo. Now just waiting for an Android phone w/ decent specs to ring in the New Year…

  • shaner

    I can finally stream npr podcasts in the car. Hail 3g and old man talk radio.

  • Sanjay

    3G in Louisville. Very happy and excited. It’s progress even though there are a few bugs. That’s OK, at least I feel they are moving forward. My google maps are not picking up my location by tower as it normally does, is that just a bug? Also, I had expected that with 3G speeds I could watch YouTube videos without constant buffering as it did on Edge. I am still getting buffering on my TP2 and am hoping that is just temporary. Can anyone comment? Is that them still working the speeds up after turning on the service?

    • J

      No, there is no adjusting of the speeds. After the turn on a 3G area, they have to measure data throughput to see which sites need more capacity. If you are in a high data traffic area, they will need to order more T1s for your site. The good news is, your area should be HSPA capable as most new launches are now. So, when the add the circuits your speeds could go up very significantly instead of being capped by a non-HSPA capable site.

      • Sanjay

        Thanks for the info. I did a mobilespeedtest and got over 1000 kbps to 2000 kbps downstream. Then when I did a larger file the downstream numbers got even bigger. Not sure if this is correct but it shows me to be over Super 3G. Internet is going much faster. I am a happy camper and looking forward to fun with T-mobile.

  • jtomm

    now if they will just release the nexus one, i’ll be set.

  • Jay

    Loving the 3g goodness

  • Kirbdaddy

    Alright, time to bring Lexington on next!!!!

  • ctk

    dunno how the 3g is because i don’t have any t-mo devices. it also could be because coverage is spotty in the j-town/stony brook area. both my phones are unlocked at&t devices. but i will be looking to purchase another one soon.

  • Jinesj

    Woke up to 3G today !! No problems with coverage in J`town / Stontbrook area for me on my G1.

  • brighteyedwonder

    Hey I work for T-Mobile. BIS is down. @ed do you use a BlackBerry?

  • q2mobile

    3G in West Des Moines, & Urbandale, Iowa as of today…..not sure how far the new deployment reaches, I am hoping the Des Moines 3G area got expanded as well..

  • Chris

    South end of town is still EDGE. Friends with T-Mobile are reporting spotty coverage 3G access in several areas. My sister has the Behold and 3G was eating her battery alive because it was bouncing between 3G and EDGE. I helped her shut off 3G.

    I ported to Verizon Wireless. 3G is absolutely everywhere. It feels like taking off old knee-high nikkers and putting on some sexy ones.

    T-Mobile still doesn’t show Louisville officially launched yet, so maybe they’re still lighting up towers.

    • Trill

      When they first launch not everything is smooth plus they test throughput to see how much traffic has occured and decide if they need more T1 circuits to support the network traffic. Verizon has probably had 3G there for a while but I know for a fact when they first launched 3G it was the exact same thing Tmobile is going through.

  • I am stuck at the office and haven’t really had time to mess with it yet. Can’t wait!!

  • Ed

    Unfairly I blamed Tmobile for my emails going down just when 3G lit up in Louisville. Seems it was a Blackberry BIS outage that hit at just the same time. All seems fine now – and 3G working great.

  • Anybody know is Lansing/East Lansing, Michigan will be getting 3G any time soon? It seems like T-Mobile’s coverage in Michigan is not great (when comparing it to Verizon and Sprint here in Michigan).


  • Eric

    @alt-mobile Lansing/East Lansing, MI already has 3G Coverage. I currently live there just North of MSU campus and get fairly good speeds. The better speeds are closer to campus and downtown Lansing as well as good speeds in Okemos.

    • Eric…

      Really? They have 3G coverage here? Because my phone (it’s an unlocked phone) gets Edge most of the time and sometimes kicks back to GPRS and I live maybe 3 miles north of campus. Not to mention I don’t get very good reception. My reception gets better whenever I visit Ann Arbor or when I go back home to Chicago.

      Thanks for the heads up though. How is your 3G speed in EL? I wonder if Grand Rapids getting 3G will help us a little bit.

      • mmaxsooner

        If you have an unlocked phone u probably won’t see 3g ever on tmob, unless its an unlocked tmob 3g phone. For numbers sake newegg carries about 30 unlocked 3g phones, only 2 have tmobs 3g freq. The n900 and the behold 2 which goes by a different name on the sight.

  • Rick

    I discovered 3G in Louisville about 2 AM, Breckingridge & Six Mile Lane. Now I know why I’ve got the G1. Dilbert (the important stuff) loaded real fast this morning and so has everything else. Now to step to 7.2 and a Nexus.

  • nkmtwo3

    this is BS…we finally get 3g in Louisville… and now we cant make calls.. TMOBILE is really getting under my skin…

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Many congrats to Louisville, KY; Merced, CA; Redding, CA; and Vineland, NJ! (-:
    I’m sure the people in those areas of the blue grass state, California, and New Jersey are loving the 3G goodness! (-:

    Now, the 11 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

    City ( Rank at http://bit.ly/ZDbP )
    Lexington, KY ( 65 )
    Anchorage, AK ( 67 )
    Lincoln, NE ( 72 )
    Madison, WI ( 81 )
    Boise, ID ( 100 )
    Mobile, AL ( 116 )
    Little Rock, AR ( 118 )
    Jackson, MS ( 132 )
    Tallahassee, FL ( 133 )
    Springfield, MO ( 148 )
    Sioux Falls, SD ( 150 )

    And, the 9 US cities that still need 3G, from TMO’s leaked 2009 3G roll-out list are:

    Little Rock, AR
    Evansville, IN
    Lexington, KY
    Greenville, NC
    Springfield, OH
    Erie, PA
    Reading, PA
    Victoria, TX
    Waco, TX

    I’m still looking forward to Boise getting 3G (probably some time between March and May of 2010).

    • mmaxsooner

      Oh the things u can rely on, the sun rising, the wind blowing, and Parr with the update. Also, it takes a couple of days after being live for them to really light all the towers in a city. So yes a little patience goes a long way.

  • Barakuda

    woo-hoo!! 3g in the VILLE !! thank you t-mobile!! I will go down and get a brand new 3g phone now!!

  • Steve

    I just got back from Orange Co, CA and loved the 3G coverage on myTouch 3G out there. Got back into Louisville about 1am on Monday and found the same old GPRS data signal awaiting me. Now what ever they did, my voice on two phone is DOA. Getting Network Busy on the Android phone and Radio Path Not Available on the BlackBery.


  • Ed

    So now what do we need to do to get TMobile telephone call service back up in Louisville?

  • HH

    Might be in most places in Louisville, but around the Middletown/Jeffersontown area it is as spotty as an Austalian Cattle dog. If I want 3G I have to go down the block, but no too far because it goes back to the Edge again. It’s not like we’re out in the boonies. If this is the best Tmo can do then Sprint or Verizon here I come. Good way to flush 9 years of customer loyalty down the tubes.

    By the time Tmo gets adequate 3G coverage all their competition will be on 4G.

    Tmobile A+ on customer service, D- on keeping up with technology and coveerage.

  • rick

    I live in prp riverport area I have always had great coveragebut now I have great 3g coverage at work and all the way home up until I hit the door of my apartment building. What a bummer. But like you say patience. I hope that it will go 3g soon. To cold to go outside to get 3g service. Lol

    • Michael

      live in PRP also. I have been all over he city and have not seen 3g anywhere. Bought this phone 2 months ago and was promised 3g. Been a customer of Tmobile about 10 years. They suck. Wish I would have moved to verizon or ATT. Now I am stuck with this crap for 2 years. Paying full price for nothing. Like paying for a corvette and they deliver you a Kia. Service awful.

  • rick

    That is weird I get it on cane run lower hunters the signal is weak but it is 3g you should be getting it somewhere you go. Have you checked your settings in mobile networks? Mine keeps switching to use 2g only to save battery. Check that to see if that is your problem. The two towers I switch back and forth to in prp one in riverport and one near walmart are still on edge. But there is one 3g tower somewhere near here. Your problem may be a setting.

  • Leah

    This is ridiculous. I went from living just north of Detroit, and having awesome 3g coverage, to now living outside of Louisville- with NOTHING. I’ve been living in KY for almost a year.. and if that year mark comes and goes, with no 3g, I am paying the 250 to get out of my contract, and switching to verizon!

  • dave

    I have 3g in louisville ky and it sucks so don’t look forward to getting it.it is slow and the internet net
    Is the same as on edge.videos still sucks don’t want to play,and only thing that is faster is
    Pandora.t mobile sucks real bad.