T-Mobile Top Picks For Android

In an effort to show their support for Android, and maybe even future devices, T-Mobile is sending out an add-on to the Android Market.  This section of the Android Market will house “a variety of innovative applications that help customers customize their device and manage their T-Mobile account.”  Yes, I know, that sounds a lot like the App Pack from the myTouch.  Either way, this looks like a good place to start your Android adventure.  Well, it is, just for all Android phones.  The catch?  You need to be running Android 1.6 to get to this predetermined app section, so Cliq and Behold 2 owners will just need to sit tight.  More pictures and a list of Apps after the break.  Tell us what you think in the comments!


From these photos, we can now garner that the 20 apps are:

  1. T-Mobile My Account
  2. Absolute Fitness
  3. AlphaMixr
  4. Barcode Scanner
  5. E! Online
  6. Express News
  7. FaceIT
  8. FlightStats for Android
  9. Gem Miner
  10. Guitar: Solo Lite
  11. Location Scout
  12. Musical Lite
  13. Pandora Radio
  14. Layar Reality Browser
  15. Sherpa
  16. USA Today
  17. T-Mobile Green Perks
  18. T-Mobile HotSpot Connect
  19. T-Mobile Visual Voicemail
  20. T-Mobile Mobile Backup

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  • Jose

    Sounds good but it’s sux that I have a motorola cliq and I’m still stuck with Android 1.5.

  • John

    I like the skin on the pics, anyone know what it is?

  • just some dude

    did they indicate hoe not to get it or opt out, i like my google check out for shopping

  • Taylor

    none of which ill get.

  • Mike

    X2 what theme

  • JBLmobileG1

    I have a weird question. Doesn’t really apply to this but it does involve the market. Anyone notice say on the Google Maps. If you have it installed and click on the description it gives you the option to launch it or “Uninstall ×pdates”. Now normally it says Uninstall and it still does but for some odd reason… anything google that is installed its “uninstall updates”. Anyone know why this is? And if you do uninstall it does it get rid of the entire app or just goes back down to a previous version? Just wondering.

  • The ‘T-Mobile’ tab is replaced with ‘Downloads’ tab on a rooted G1 running CyanogenMod- with Market 1.6. That’s not a problem at all, getting the stand-alone T-Mobile AppPack allows to download the recommended applications anyway.

  • cirrob

    why dont you just change the name of this site to androidnews.com

    • David

      That’s good advice, I’ll stop covering all Android news related to T-Mobile and see how that goes over with the readers…

      • a_minor

        Lol… @David, Not Very Well Trust Me