Finally, A Commercial That Works

T-Mobile has had its share of marketing successes and failures as of late. Catherine Zeta Jones = Win. These ads = Not so much. After a double dosing of commercials featuring celebrities of questionable star power, T-Mobile has gone back to the basics and brought out Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkley to show off the MyTouch3G. Two basketball players of significant stature, this full minute commercial certainly works with a good dose of humor and good chemistry between the two athletes. Anyways, take a look at the video and sound off below.

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  • jay

    check ur 3g speeds! maybe we’ve been upgraded

    • chaoscentral


      I’m getting 1mbps down and 386kbps up with 2 bars of 3G

  • Zack

    i think its hilarious, though everytime Charles speaks i laugh.

  • Joe Blow

    Pretty weak

    • umaluver

      weak indeed, however, its better than the other 3g commercials. At least they mention the word ‘app’ in this one.

  • Robert

    Wait for it………..


    Seriously… you thought that was funny? There may have been a few humorous parts but overall it’s still all about ‘gee isn’t this phone customizable’ which isn’t what any or at least most consumers are looking for.

    Of course considering the phone itself is a failure… and they certainly can’t talk about the Cliq or the Behold 2… then I guess it’s hard to make something good, when it really isn’t.

    T-Mo has one of the worst advertising agencies I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing make commercials.

    • Don

      how is the phone a failure? ZOMG it doesn’t have a snapdragon. It is still a great phone and the best Android offering on t-mobile.

      • Robert

        Soooooooooo because something is the best on T-Mo that makes it good?

        How would you compare your MyTouch to the Droid? How about the Hero? The Eris? Samsung Moment?

        Sorry, but the best steak at a bad steakhouse doesn’t make it a good steak.

        What you consider the ‘best’ Android phone on T-Mo doesn’t mean it compares to others on other networks… which is why they can’t really advertise what it does in comparison. So all they can do – which is all they’ve done – is try to talk about how great it is when it comes to customization.

        Do you see the Droid being advertised as a customizable phone? No.

        The Eris? No.

        The Hero? No.

        They advertise what those phones can do… because they ALL are better than anything that T-Mo currently has.

        Regardless the commercial is still a failure because it fails to actually sell the phone. It’s a gimmick.

        Nobody cares anymore about Catherine Zeta Jones or Charles or Wade or any of the other dozen ‘celebrities’ that T-Mo brought out (as though ANY of them actually use T-Mobile anyway)…..

        What consumers care about now is what will the phone do for me. Granted a small population might be like ‘oh wow, it’s so…. customizable’.

        But MOST consumers now are looking at what the actual product will do… and if you can’t sell that in a commercial. Then nobody is going to buy it.

      • J

        The phone is definitley not a failure. There have been many people I know who have been IPhone users that now use this phone. They are perfectly happy with it and some even see it as a superior phone. I personally own one and it has been the best phone I’ve owned. The phone is tough, reliable, gets great reception, and I love the android OS. The Hero is basicly the same phone. The Eris and Droid, they basicly do the same thing with slightly better hardware which is expected since they are newer phones. None of the phones really do anything special that the MyTouch doesn’t. Personally, I’ve never even seen an Eris or Hero advertised.

    • john doe

      Then dont watch them, turn the channel

  • seanconnery

    what’s wrong with the cliq? i have and like it. it’s a solid phone and works well.

  • lame-o-ad-o

    You’ve got to be kidding. This is one of the lamest commercials I’ve seen in a long time. T-Mo should get a JD Power Award for sucky advertising. They can’t make a good ad to save their butts. I love their customer service but hate their ads and wish, like you said, they’d target the geek set. Maybe get Jimmy Falon to start doing product placment. He’ll shill for any tech product. He and NBC love doing the shameless product placement especially tech related stuff.

  • The Observer

    thats right robert. compare a phone thats been out first to the more recent ones. dont be a dumbass, ofcourse the recent ones would be better

    • Robert

      Ummmmmmmm…. point of fact.

      The HTC Hero and the MyTouch came out pretty much at the same time… made by the same company.

      One is MUCH better than the other.

      Care to guess which?

      And it’s not like the Moment or Eris or Droid came out years later.

      But hey, good try.

      It’s epic failure on T-Mo’s part to get a decent product that we crave. Instead they keep ‘purchasing’ 2nd rate products and then put together 2nd rate commercials to try and entice obviously what they consider 2nd rate customers to purchase them.

      I mean it’s seriously as if Verizon and Sprint have decided their customers are college educated and demand nice phones which actually work… while T-Mo has settled on middle school products and treats their customers as if we don’t deserve a decent handset.

      I’m holding my breath on the ‘Nexus One’ and will believe it when I see it. It would be a nice first step but they have a LONG way to go to prove themselves more than a 2nd rate company with 2nd rate services.

      • Pat

        Get a life!!! Are you TMO fan or someone who’s with another company?

      • robertizanoobfailure

        How…how do you consider the hero superior? Have you ever seen a rooted mytouch. You should really be on a different website.

      • The Observer

        seriously is that your argument? technology is rapidly advancing. you can go to a store and buy a laptop and it will be outdated before you leave the store. get use to it.
        like how the droid was the best thing just last month and now next month the nexus is comin out which will surpass though. tech advances and shit happens, deal with it

  • kershon

    This one isn’t bad. Not great, but it gets the point across with a little class. The ones with the washed-up actors made me wanna barf. Really. Couldn’t stand them.

  • Matt

    I thought it was lame.

  • Still not buying that piece of crap


  • Sanjay

    Louisville 3G is gone. Went away to Edge last evening. Did we cause the disruptions and so have been taken off-line? Anyone in Louisville have 3G? It was so good….

  • JMTS80

    Funny ad. Dwayne Wade is a really good dresser. The commercial would be much better if it was a Hero or Droid tho :(

  • db

    The myTouch sucks. I can’t believe they are still pumping it like its hot. So many ppl complain about this phone its not funny. They need to save the money on advertising this phone and wait until they get at least a Snapdragon processor.

  • It’s much better than the “Now if you want to be free be free” commercial. No catchy tunes.

  • shootingblue

    I disagree, I think this commercial is weak. Now the way Verizon introduced the Droid, thats how its done.

  • vikingfan45

    i would agree verizon put it out the right way….. now t-mobile sucks at pretty much everything right now

  • asdfasdf

    celebrity endorsements are pretty freakin shallow. carrying a crappy phone on the back of someone in the public light, whose personality might be vaguely similar to someone you know and like, and attempting to positively associate the two is transparent enough. but at least its not as insulting as some lame ass talking animal commericals. just make a commercial that has some old people dancing, babies falling and people using the phone and you’ve got a win.

    and yes, if you can’t tell, i’d rather stick my head in a bucket of shit than watch commercials (or even tv) in the first place.

  • Ron

    Love the commercial. Not sold on the MyTouch3G tho.

  • Dalton

    I don’t see why you guys are hating on it. I’d watch it over the current MyTouch commercials any day. And that annoying music on the commercials… REALLY?

  • Robert

    @ Pat

    Being a ‘fan’ of a company or product doesn’t mean you have to bend over backwards and act like you like whatever they give you like some people – including the ‘makers’ of this site do. That’s an injustice. There is very little ‘truth in advertising’ on this site. Mostly it’s just blowing smoke up our azzes about how great everything is… and that’s their prerogative. I’m not arguing that. But… fact is EVERYTHING isn’t great. Phone quality lacks, services are lacking, prices on their plans haven’t got better and now are worse than what Sprint offers and not much better than Verizon – especially when you consider the extra features and ‘the network’ itself.

    I would honestly say that it’s more factual and honest that IF you actually are a ‘fan’ of a product or company that you SHOULD be more critical because if you’re not you’re more part of the problem than you are any potential solution.

    Being a ‘homer’ only makes you look like you are willing to just accept whatever they offer… and that’s certainly not good for T-Mobile right now because they are in HUGE trouble if they don’t get their act together.

    @ Robertisanoobfailure

    If you can honestly sit there and suggest that the MyTouch is every bit as good as the Hero or Droid or whatever……………….. well I doubt that anybody would agree with you. And if they do then they obviously know very little about phones.

    Now you sound like a T-Mobile rep I spoke with the other day that suggested the very same thing. He also told me that T-Mo’s Android phones were every bit as good as what other companies were offering.

    It’s stuff like that that drives customers away… because we’re not stupid and choose not to be treated as such.

    If YOU like your MyTouch, more power to you, but to talk stupid and say it’s as good as other phones with more memory and more power is not very accurate. It is however, your opinion and you obviously have a right to your own opinion.

    Just as others have a right to theirs – and most people so far on this thread have not liked this commercial and of those that have posted – very few actually like the MyTouch as well.

    • David

      I don’t know if its fair to say we are always “blowing smoke” because when necessary I’ll be critical. The reality is an outage doesn’t really bother me enough to make me think about switching carriers, any carrier. I understand shit happens and thats life, it’ll happen in all realms, if my Mercedes breaks down should I not buy another Mercedes? I know we can play metaphor games all day but the reality is I’ll criticize when necessary but I’m also going to put a spin on things when they aren’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things. Either way, I respect your opinion!

      • Robert

        Hmmmmmmmm… don’t think this thread had anything to do with the outage.


        I’m fully aware that outages happen as well and don’t even think twice about it being a reason I’d switch.

        As far as ‘blowing smoke’ I meant it in a way as this is obviously a fan site and you do ‘spin’ things to be positive and while I’ve seen a few times you ‘take a stand’ and ‘wish’ for things to be better… most generally it’s all about Magenta Love. And as I said it’s understandable.

        However, you should also understand – just as T-Mo reps need to as well – that at least some of your readers aren’t stupid. We do have issues, real issues… and granted I know that it’s not your job to fix them or respond to them… but you have given us a forum to speak and sometimes what we say may not be as ‘nice’ as what you mostly have to say.

        I’ve been with T-Mo since they became T-Mo… so as long as anybody else here in the good ol’ USA. I won’t say I ‘love’ them as some others may. I think I have more respect for myself as a consumer to say I appreciate them as a company and some of the things that they do.

        However. They have mostly failed over the past several years as other companies have REALLY started offering far superior service and far superior phones. 3G where I am is a joke as I’ve read it is in other places as well. Their customer service isn’t nearly as consumer friendly now as it was even a year ago. Their newest plans are not family friendly.

        And all in all… those are serious problems for a growing number of their customers.

        They need a good phone (Nexus One), they need to upgrade their network (they are working on that), they need to come up with better family data plans (please) and they need to get back to actually caring about their customers again… because on a national stadium they still don’t compete with even Sprint – and honestly that’s sad with all the problems they have had.

        ‘rant over’

    • robertizanoobfailure

      And what phone do you carry?

      MT3G rooted, evil hero 3 rom, 60 swappiness. 5.6 Mbps down 2.1 Mbps up on tmo 3g. Wifi tether ftw.

      • kershon

        @robertizanoobfailure–My comment was meant for@Robert. SORRY. I should have put @Robert first. I agree with your statement. Again, my apologies.

    • kershon

      You remind me of an old Troll that used to hang out on Boy Genius Report. Name was BACKBEAT. Any relation?? Or one in the same?? btw he got kicked off the site.

      • robertizanoobfailure

        Not trolling. Nor have I ever posted to bgr. Just don’t like someone who only wants to bash on magenta, and make claims that the mt3g can’t hold its own in the market. I’ll concede that the droid is stronger than the mytouch, but if you root…read that carefully, if you root it, you will be able to have a phone to me that is just as good as the eris or hero.

  • FILA

    i dont like it, maybe cuz i dont watch basketball, but also to long, this will be shorten down for tv

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    Its meh. I think they are just trying to capitalize on the way T-Mo wants users to use their phones, not on the way Android was meant to be personalized. They can step it up definately

  • D

    I think it’s amusing that Tmo is pushing the MT3G so hard while the G1 is no less customizable. I wish they’d cater more to people who consider physical keyboards + Android a must.

    • robertizanoobfailure

      Agreed. First time I used one, wanted my keyboard back.

  • jon

    I love the NBA, kind of lame imo. I expected something on the new plans, or how about a newer phone, the myTouch has been done. Looks really old after the Droid came out

  • NiiDiddy

    Great commercial. Good for T-Mobile; great for MyTouch3G. This is T-Mobile…it’s about time we all quit comparing notes with other carriers. We may all have our opinions, and I have PLENTY…however I am going to give T-Mobile Kudos..AT least they are trying many different things and I bet it’s working!!!

  • xingii

    some sports guy is not my idea of a good commercial. i’d rather see whoopi goldberg than some lame guy in a bowtie. maybe sports fans know who he is, but EVERYONE in america recognizes whoopi

    • Kickstar13

      Actually not many people I know knew about Whoopi.