Maemo5 User Interface on the N900

After watching the Nokia N900 introduction video from yesterday, let me just say I can’t sleep. This device is a very-much needed upgrade to T-Mobile’s current Nokia line-up. Not to mention a possible “iPhone Killer”. Please enjoy this video of the Maemo5 User Interface on this godly device. Thumps up Nokia, for great marketing! I’m loving these commercials, just add some Magenta flavor and your good! Feel free to drool in the comments!


  • Geoff

    anyone know what trance song that is in commercial? I want the phone and the mp3!

    • Kickstar13

      Its in the video. The name of the song is Grum-Go Back

  • Armytank

    I’m liking it a lot. Just hoping its going to be a decent price. Specs are pretty amazing.

    P.S. the virtual hand is pretty creepy.

  • I haven’t slept since the official images and promotional videos came out! We’re entering an entirely new era in mobiles.

  • Chase

    It is like they took the things i love about the Palm Pre (“house of cards” multitasking), Android (multiple home screens), and the iphone (media playback capabilities and great web browsing) and put them all into one phone. This has just replaced the touch pro2 as the phone i am going to get this year.

  • Corey


    • Kickstar13

      Sadly, no.

  • Audidoo

    Looks and sounds amazing What’s the chance it will support t-mob UMA? I am so hoping…Is 3g a safe assumption???

  • blackbox

    I can’t sleep either. I will get this thing whether or not it comes to t-mobile. That song on the video sounds like Justice. What a great commercial!

  • Kickstar13

    The N900 Rover that will release on T-Mobile USA will have 3G

  • FILA

    Very nice ad, but we still dont know if its “Official” for T-Mobile yet. But a thought just popped up in my head. Can Cell Phone makers pop in T-Mobile 3G band even if it isnt gettin signed to T? Or do they need permission for the band or is it a direct guarantee its coming. But I just forgot I did head from a T-Mobile source it was coming, so I guess so, lol. So I’ll quit doubting it now. Just be prepared for a heart attack when we hear the price.

  • Feroo

    i found it available for pre-order for $499 but no time on when will it ship & what version it is….. :(

  • Chris Meyers

    All these touch interfaces are starting to look the same and none of them impress or wow me anymore. Its all the same stupid trance dance music commercials with a trendy idiot at clubs swiping the screen. And honestly, of all the touch interfaces lately, the Pre, the HTC hero, etc this nokia one doesn’t even impress me that much. It lacks a certain graphical wow factor. And that phone is WAY too thick. Give me an updated HTC hero on tmo.

  • Bryan

    Looks promising, but we’ll see. There isn’t a wow factor anymore with touch. It looks like a well needed upgrade to symbian but we’ll see if it takes in the states.

  • Tehseen

    Even as it has shown up at the FCC, does this mean that it is coming to T-Mobile 100%, or that it will just launch unlocked with AWS?

  • byounngg

    Im in love , lol , this a grown ppl phone , i like

  • iFloss

    Sick phone. Sick commercial.
    I was really like looking at it as if it was a show or a movie. Too bad it wasnt in HD i would’ve enjoyed it that much more since it was blurry at the beginning.

    Besides that the phone is sick. Media Centric phone to the maxx. Nice for the mobile media enthusiast. iPhone and iPod replacer definetly especially considering it has that colossal 32GB internal memory and it cant still be expanded for even more storage

  • Yes the video is cool, but will it really work with the smoothness they say? Will it really be able to take video of an actual concert? I am looking forward to playing with this phone as soon as it gets released. I for one am tired of PR releases showing these devices in ways that they cannot perform in reality. Sort of like car commercials, eh?

    In response to FILA, makers can release a device with any frequencies they want to, the carriers do not need to give permissions. This allows manufacturers to sell direct to consumers. T-Mobile fully suports ‘grey market’ devices of this nature, though they do not guarantee that all functions will work perfectly on their network. That is the difference between supported and unsupported. And with the huge amount of known issues on all devices, even a supported device is no guarantee to work.

  • Moose

    check out this site and take a look at the carrier info, I’m so excited!!!

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  • CLT

    Will this phone be 3g for TMO?