The New and Improved Tmonews


Dearest Readers,

Tmonews has seen some definite hardships in the last two weeks. Server troubles have plagued the day-to-day life of the website and caused my hair to turn gray. Really, it’s all gray now. In an effort to stem the anger and frustration I have experienced and the readers have endured we have decided to accelerate some of our plans for the unveiling of the “new” Tmonews. Dust will be prevalent for the coming days as we continue to iron out the kinks, adding in old features and starting anew on others. The site will look as you see it now, this is the Tmonews website adopted for the future and while we enhance it, we continue to ask for a little more patience. Tmonews will continue to be the T-mobile lover’s blog you have enjoyed up until now, just with a brand new look. So sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Congratulations to Frank C, the winner of the Tmonews logo contest and recipient of the grand prize of $250!!!!!! Frank was kind enough to rework his strategy with his winning contest entry when we decided on a slightly different direction color wise and we are absolutely thankful for his hard work. Congrats, Frank!

Expect to see quite a few more changes as the time comes, don’t forget to visit our forums, follow us on twitter, receive the RSS feed and donate money to my “Get David a Macbook Pro fund.”

P.S. A number of posts and comments have yet to be imported, including comments from our most recent posts. We are working on importing everything in the next few days so please, hang tight!

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