Three Phones T-Mobile Bound

Noka-3710a T-Mobile

As some of you may know, I happen to love when the FCC unveils information about upcoming phones.  Well, this wonderful government body (which has all the fun with new phones) has granted access to three new phones for T-Mobile.  To begin with, we have the Nokia RM-509 (pictured above and known as the 3710 elsewhere), which is a mid range flip phone with a QVGA internal display, S40 UI, GPS, 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth and T-Mobile 3G.  The FCC also passed the Nokia RM-511, which is a flip phone and that is about all that is known.  The most interesting file, however, is one that we got a glimpse of before.  The FCC also released the details of the T56KV1, from Motorola.  Does that number seem familiar to you?  It should, but you may know it as the Motorola Morrison.  Hit up the read links to investigate the FCC files and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Nokia RM-509, Nokia RM-511 and T56KV1 via Unwired View

  • dfjsakfd

    these flip phones still exist?

  • FILA

    Whooo to NOKIA. Even thou I’m not thrilled over the design, the more NOKIA’s the merrier!

  • steven

    yay for dumbphones

  • m0bilitee

    Wow, could those be any more ugly?

  • Timbo

    wow, these are fugly!!

  • h3n0g00d

    haha very funny this is a joke right? that phone looks to be at least 12 years old

  • safil

    what, do u just copy and paste from engadget or u really went to unwired view? how about u go to the fcc site and do work? this site is lame. i find everything else first on the other sites, especially info about t-mobile stuff, before u guys! what gives? and the reason im still commenting on this is cause i really want u guys to succeed but, u got to start getting the inside scoops. oh, by the way, dont like the new look. and no im not negative, just would love an all t-mobile site where i can go to instead of hitting up every other mobile site first.

    • Andrew

      Actually, we had this up before Engadget, I happen to know that for a fact. Any similarities between the two articles is purely coincidental. There is little else that can be said about the topic at hand. Sometimes the news doesn’t come to us first, its a hit and miss game.

  • Mystictrust

    I’d pay $10 for these phones… maybe. Pretty ugly. Need UMA though.

  • mingkee

    RM-509 is unlocked
    RM-511 is T-Mobile branded, like 6126, 6131, 6133

  • safil

    not hit and miss if u do the work and go to fcc site instead…