HTC Nexus One Gets Unboxed


With rumored specs to various leaked videos/images of the device in action, to passing through the FCC and the such, we now finally have unboxing goodness. Previously we saw a glimpse of what seemed to be the Nexus One packaging, but now we have more than just the front-side of this gorgeous device, rumored to release January 5th 2010. Thanks to a nice tweeter, who was kind enough to share the Nexus One placed in a big white box and a nice little video to go along with it. Hit the jump for more snapshots and a video. Leave your thoughts in the comments!





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  • isthatajoke

    nice i love it but im still getting the nokia n900 but i might buy this also

  • BronxBebe

    Oh my I’m loving this Nexus One!

    • soviet

      got n900, waiting on this

      • justin

        just returned my n900 when these rumors started…


    all this hype and no specs.

    • Kickstar13

      Here are some of the specs:
      Proximity Sensor/Light Sensor
      Magnetic Compass
      Wifi Radio / Bluetooth / FM
      Routing audio to Speakerphone with back mic
      Stereo FM speaker
      Audience A1026 Noise Canceling Chip
      Adreno 200 Graphics Core with OpenGLES 2.0
      5 Megapixel auto focus, flash, white balance and anti-banding
      3.7 inch AMOLED Touch Screen
      800×480 Resolution

      4GB micro-SD card installed
      Battery capacity is 1400 mAh
      Micro-USB connector for data/power

      • BronxBebe

        Nice Kick, read somewhere that it was actually faster than the droid.

      • Kickstar13

        Yup it sure is. Its got a 1Ghz SnapDragon processor.

      • 2FR35H

        I am going to officially sell this behold 2 if you are serious about the AMOLED and FM Radio

      • 2FR35H

        oh and of course if the price is in the $200’s its a done deal for me.

      • 2FR35H

        I just hate how its just looks so simple damn it I am a man that loves a little brushed metal look although I am sure the look can be simply improved by a face plate.

      • 2FR35H

        of course if they did a free giveaway……… for regular people not employees >:)

      • StevenG

        Does it have a 3.5mm or will we be forced to use the same crap where we can’t charge and listen at the same time?

        • Kickstar13

          It has a 3.5mm jack.

      • adam

        steveng – use a miniusb-3.5 adapter that has an additional miniusb on it. several on amazon for 5 or less.

      • sorandkairi

        @ adam I know right, ppl act like they are retarted sometimes! I still have my 2 prong mini usb adapter from my original T-Mobile shadow(2007) and it works just fine with the Mytouch! I wish ppl will stop complaining about every little aspect of every little phone. If they dont like it then dont get it.

      • Scritz Mcgritz

        I response to StevenG’s 3.5m headphone Jack question?. Yeah it is def a nuisance not to have one, but at the same time aren’t we a bit to advanced to have corded headphones/earphones. It is time for company’s to make affordable (bluetooth enabled) wireless headsets. I mean come on it is about to be 2010. I know we didn’t get the flying car we where promised in 2k, but affordable cordless headphone? Come on we are defiantly deserving of that.

        Hopefully if HTC is smart they would already be working on that. Since their phones need those retarded adapters.

      • Scritz Mcgritz

        I wish they would let you edit your Grammatical Errors on this Blog.

        In response to StevenG’s 3.5m headphone Jack question.

        Yeah, it is def a nuisance not to have one, but at the same time we are too advanced to have corded headphones and ear plugs. It is time for companies to make AFFORDABLE (bluetooth enabled) wireless headphones. I mean come on it’s about to be 2010. I know we didn’t get the flying car we were all promised in 2k, but affordable cordless headphones? Come on we are defiantly deserving of that.

        Hopefully if HTC is smart, they would already be working on that, Since their phones need those retarded adapters.


    where does that barcode lead thats what i wanna know

    • dan

    • mark

      More specifically, the QR-code goes to

  • Manny

    NICE!!! Cant wait… whats that barcode that android is holding for???

  • TechyOne

    It seems like a nice phone.. and honestly I was fully on board with getting one but as time passes and more information surfaces the Sony-Erikson Xperia 10 that is to be released in similar time frame looks to be a more appealing device.. bigger display.. same Nexus O/S.. more RAM.. Better looking quality hardware build.. same CPU.. 8MP camera vs 5MP of Nexus.

    The only other phone that could interest me otherwise is the LG Arena MAX.. but detailed spec’s compatibility with TMO or any other carriers 3G has not been disclosed. Issue with the LG is possibly being to large.. 5″ Display and lack of Android O/S.

    To bad Nokia isn’t building similar handsets.. Nokia simply ROCKS.. at least on hardware. I’ve been using a Nokia E71 for pushing on 2-years now and it’s far and away blown away any other phone I’ve had to date.

    If Sony-Ericson delivers a the Xperia 10 in January-February and unless something surfaces to seriously sway me.. I’ll be getting the SE Xperia 10

    • Jeffb

      The SE is nothing compared to the nexus one. They do not have the same OS SE is calling their overlay to Android nexus which is based on either 1.5/1.6

      The SE does not have OpenGLSES 2.0 support noise canceling and etc

      and lastly the SE will likely be more than 800 with no contract.

    • deeone

      i feel u man, se is looking mean, people think this is serious; they need to check out thye SE xperia x10 for shizzle.

  • xOneSainTx

    I tried scanning the bar code with bar code scanner on my G1 and I can’t get it to scan.

    • Mark925

      I was able to get it to scan. It goes to:

      • just some dude

        yup first thing i did

    • Richard

      My G1 scanned the Qr code and it was a url for

  • Kyle

    just scanned it. It’s a link to seems like a dead page ATM

  • xOneSainTx

    Another thing I noticed in the video, i looks like whoever is filming they are using a white iphone.

  • hqv

    ooooooooooooooh… that video of the interface looks fantastic.

  • iVsionX01

    I’ve been trying to scan that barcode with the myTouch 3G but it won’t pick it up anybody else having this problem?

  • JBLmobileG1

    Kinda weird why on earth Google would put a barcode on the phone that actually works and takes you to somewhere. I wonder if maybe they did this on purpose and they figured they’d post pics like this all over the net where someone would actually try scanning it to see where it would lead. Maybe this will eventually be the place where you can and will be able to order/pre-order the Nexus One. Anyone else feel this may be a clue too?

  • jeff

    I hope they let you choose the info in the barcode

    • AndroidGuy

      How would they do that??

  • fort

    I have an mytouch for sale.

  • FILA

    cant wait for it, I like it, i just wish we knew if it had a 3.5mm and wish it had a QWERTY. I wish for the G1v2 with all these specs but with a keyboard. I dont kno what ima do, Have faith for the G1v2 to come out or just get this

    • Kickstar13

      It has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • John

    Ditto. My MyTouch is now for sale too.

  • AndroidGuy

    “G1v2” seriously???

    Do people not realize how dumb they sound when they talk about this?

    • Yeah, I know. Probably won’t happen.

    • B

      Care to expand on that?

  • Corey

    curses his 07 T-Mo Shadow…. I wants!

  • just some dude

    please let it have a 3.5mm head phone jck, for pete’s sake

  • just some dude

    awesome if it does

  • just some dude

    where do i sign up, lets go lets go

  • This a great time to be a t-mobile customer. Nexus UNO, X-10,htc hi-def duece, choices, choices ..mmmmmm.!!! The X-10 is great n all but, the next us one is a software beast!!! . Keep in mind whenever google wants to upgrade androids software ,they can do it as they feel -even without the carriers blessing.the X10’s software still seems a little buggy to me , but it’s still awesome. Also don’t forget the device that might trump them all, may follow a month or two later.(htc hd2).yeah it may run windows six point fizzzzy , but there is no denying this modern mobile marvel. I’m gonna wait and sit this one out untill they all are out…..ok I lie!….nexus one please!!!(or at least till the htc duece drops)…I’m such a

    • deeone

      you crazy lol!

  • Joe

    yeah thats not cool recording the nexus one with white iphone

  • taj

    Who ever is going to drop this phone should be advertising NOW. Create demand; create a frenzy.

  • justme

    Waiting for pricing info to surface ::tapping foot::

  • Mike

    Cool! Just a guess, but the Android design on the back makes me think its going to be ADP3 :)

  • richard

    I’m so screwed…Nexus One and HD2 both coming to T-Mobile confirmed for early next year! Damn!! Apple better be making an iPhone thats gonna help me make coffee, or if not they are in some serious trouble.!

  • GreenTea


  • Can I ask you all something?? With all seriousness-if next us one, and the X-10,and htc HD duece all had no 3.5 mm Jack would you all really not get the device because of that?!!.I doubt it. He’ll if they had no jacks at all I would still buy the bi*ches. they could have no speakers at all – just Braille , and I would buy the bi*ch on looks alone ..just saying..

    • Some1

      I would. 3.5mm is required for me.

  • AndroidGuy

    Hopefully the HTC keyboard will scale properly to this….

  • Kickstar, why you holding out? . You should just mail me your next us one and after a full days use I will mail it to the next person. And then they will mail it to the next get the point.remember it is the season for giving!!! …ok well at least mail it to David so he could post a review also. I promise he will do a good job…just saying.kumbiiyahha mylord..

    • David

      First of all its “NEXUS ONE,” and none of us have the phone, sadly.

      • David! Everone knows it’s called”nexus one” . But brother this phone is so good when I’m standing in line to that first buyer , I know I’m gonna be next. And when someone screams who wants one , you’re gonna hear an us!! And when they ask me at the counter ,I’m gonna reply ” one please!” just saying..

    • Kickstar13

      Sadly I don’t have the device.

  • I will get this phone. Just another for the collction which I must say is pretty stacked right now.

  • Brian

    Can’t wait until this hits. I really, really, really hope it comes out on the “leaked” release date.

  • The device is awesome. The touch screen is so responsive. I have not had a chance to try the SE our but nexus one is awesome. A friend of mine works for google (wont leak as to what department or anything) but she has been testing the phone for three days now. I got a chance to try it out. Been wanting to find a phone to run guitar hero smoothly lol. This one is like the mytouch on steroids. Sucks not many apps for it, because not all compatible with the proper os version yet, some I want to try badly.

  • Kickstar13
  • Deer Park

    I heard that the X10 does not have a dedicated Graphics card like the HD2. I’m leaning more toward the X10 but without that Graphics card, I’ll have to get either the HD2 or the Nexus One (If it has a dedicated graphics card). The main reason I want the X10 over the other 2 is the design, the secondary camera and the 8mp camera. The reason I’m considering the HD2 is because of the 4.3 inch screen. Does the Nexus One have a 4.3 or a 3.7 inch screen? If the Nexus One has a 4.3 inch screen, that’ll knock the HD2 into 3rd for me. It’ll be the Nexus One, then the X10, then the HD2 for me. So can anybody clarify any of those questions? Please and Thank You.

    • Deer Park

      I just saw that the Nexus One has a Dedicated Graphics Card as well as the HD2. The HD2’s only strong point to me now is the screen size but the screen can easily be cracked because they didn’t use tamper-resistant material. So my choice seslection is:

      1. Nexus One (or X10 if they have a dedicated graphics card)
      2. X10 (if it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card)
      3. HD2

      • Deer Park

        I meant “selection”. my bad.

  • fujitsujeff

    I’m feeling the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Looks great. can’t wait till the both of these phones are released …

  • JBLmobileG1

    AndroidGuy…. the G1v2 doesn’t sound too stupid. I can tell you right now there is a better chance of a G1v2 coming around than an actual G2. Why do I say this? Well Gatorade has a drink called G2 so unless they make a deal with Google there would probably be a lawsuit involved. Maybe the Nexus One is the next generation of the G phones and the Nexus Two will be the phone to offer a keyboard (that is if everyone complains about it not having one which I am sure everyone will care less for with a screen of this size) Give it time…. eventually everything will probably be touch and physical keyboards will be outdated. I am sure the virtual ones will eventually be prefected enough that no one will miss them. (Although I may if the game emulators don’t run well on a touch screen)

    • Timo

      Drinks and phones aren’t competing products, so using the same name is meaningless. Think about it, lots of products have the same name: Ford Escort/Escort radar detector, Chevy Malibu/Malibu Rum, Ford Fusion/Gillette Fusion, etc.

      • J

        thats right. As long as they are not too similar, the law does not apply. Like Burger Kings has the Whopper. And you also have Whopper malt balls. I think there is some sort of issue where Apple may have trademarked “G2”, so that could be a problem. Gatorade, however, is not a problem in any way.

    • AndroidGuy

      “I can tell you right now there is a better chance of a G1v2 coming around than an actual G2.”

      Neither will happen, but G2 is more likely, as G1v2 sounds absolutely retarded.
      T-Mo UK launched a G2, it is a horrible naming convention. G1 made sense, none of the others need numbers..

      Nexus Two would be just as bad…

  • MrNova

    Love this phone, can’t wait for it. I dont really care for the way the back looks, but honestly who cares, it is just the back. Hope the release date is true!

  • kalei

    I want one… is it really coming out in Jan 2010?

  • Kastas

    It would be funny if it appears to be HTC Nexus One, not actual Google phone. Advertisement wise it sounds quit possible.

  • asdfasdf

    SOOOO close. i hope the next model has a keyboard

  • NiiDiddy

    I want this phone!!!! PERIOD!!! Any PRICE leaks yet???

  • Deuce017

    Wow…its looking so nice and the specs alone might make this my first Android phone and my first non-physical QWERTY keyboard phone to buy.

  • Eli_the_great89

    I bet this phone will carry a 1400 mAh battery and the battery life will be dispicable.
    Also the lack of multi-touch and the AMOLED screen just made my decision not to get it.
    I have a G1 only purpose of upgrading to this is for the new form factor or more internal memory.
    Otherwise it’s the same phone as mine or the MT3G

    • Trill

      Well good thing your wrong on all points

  • El Levo

    This is the phone a lot of us have been waiting for********bring it one GOOOGLE Let it rain!

  • Watch this video all information here

  • Watch this video all information here the specs are here as well more info about to come

  • Susan

    Is there a music player on there? I would like to get a Nexus one to replace my iPhone but I used the music player on my iphone alot.