Is This The Nexus One Packaging?


It’s really saying something about how much we love phones if the picture of a retail box for the Google Phone aka Nexus One gets us all in a tizzy. I guess we can’t hide from the truth as newly founded website; has uncovered and posted what is reported to be shots of the Nexus One packaging. That’s pretty much all we have right now but these folks claim to have a Nexus One on hand and claim to be following up these images soon with video of the device itself. Guess I’m sitting in front of the computer the rest of the night…

Hit the jump for one more image!

Droiddog via TheNexusOne


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  • CradleOfChaos

    Thanks for all the updates you been providing David.

  • jak2black

    Tmo fans..
    no longer will this be tagged the “iphone killer”
    THIS IS the new benchmark for other phones..
    THIS WILL BE groundbreaking.. everything will change once this phone comes out..
    expect long lines, and break out party for this phone people..
    The OFFICIAL TMOBILE flag ship phone has arrived

    • dboy

      the OFFICIAL TMOBILE flag ship phone… hope tmobile reads this!!!!!!

  • pecoy

    david has been holding back on any info HE may have.

    all the updates on here have been via other blogs or sites.

    keep up the good work though tmonews and hopefully u guys have some exclusive info to tell.

    but in the meantime im all F5 on thenexusone site for an update and details..

    • David

      I’m only holding back because I’ve been asked to by my sources, but trust me, the important enough is getting through, such as the release date etc, I just have more showing confirmation its coming to T-Mobile than launch details etc

      • pecoy

        hey do u know since when has thenexusone site has been up?

        i had never heard of them since u know anyone over there?

        • David

          I don’t think anyone had ever heard of them till yesterday, doesn’t matter though, they seem to have what everyone wants!

  • Heaven

    Can’t wait to hopefully get my hands on this phone =)

  • Mimi

    Just posted review from PC world.

    • David

      What review?

  • mike

    have the specs been posted yet?

  • PapoSwing

    This is the phoooone baby!

  • JBLmobileG1

    This is going to be one amazing phone. Hopefully it has a standard 3.5mm jack. Also I wonder since its a google phone… I wonder if Android 2.1 will support Google Wave. Like have the an application for Google Wave built into it. Thanks for all the updates Dave… keep em coming.

  • PapoSwing

    Does any one know how much this will be?

  • Looks like the site is down I guess someone’s not using squarespace as their website hosting company lol… no but really thanks for the update about the packaging and that their is a website for the phone…. I wonder if it’s going to be the official website for the phone…. i would think so since it has the phones name in it. But hey I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  • phonegeek

    groundbreaking yes but if its 1000 USD like they say it is then count me an alot of people out we cant spend that type of money here in the states. I know i heard in other countries they can drop that type of money on it no problem but thats going to be a challenge here. i hope an pray they aren’t going to let this be a $1000 phone…

    • rinklighter

      Not too many people can drop a stack for a phone (paying for crazy stuff like rent/house payments, utilities come to mind). Here’s to hoping T-Mo does get the phone and subsidize it.

  • MrTeddybear

    So I am a HUGE TMO fan. I have my beloved G1 and wouldnt trade it for the world. Yes, the lack there of of internal memory and no more “possible” updates really suck, but I still love it. My first touch screen phone. I was reborn when I received it. But this phone….this phone…..I just cant “type/tlk” about it. I am in love already. I will have to cheat on my G1 if I can get my hands on this puppy. I will sadly treat my G1 like the red headed step child. I truly hope the price is right. But with the new plans and ability to spread out the payments, I can def get this phne. I can NOT wait to get this phne. I am drooling all over my laptop. Anyone got some paper towels LOL.

  • Lectric

    thenexusone site is google in disguise :O Man I was gonna buy the behold 2 but now I’m waiting to see the pricing on this x_X I want to know if tmobile will offer it at a discount, if not.. I’m just gonna get the behold 2 discounted and maybe sell it when this is released. I heard android 2.1 is no big difference anyway but it’s a nice looking phone.

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