T-mobile 3G Exclusively on Nexus One

Number of hits for the Nexus One.

Number of Hits of the Nexus One

Are you sick of the Nexus One yet?  I’m not, so here we go again.  Localytics, a mobile applications analytics service, has found that the Nexus One has been in use since November 25th, with a huge increase in use around December 11th (when they handed them to employees and started this snowball effect of leaks).  The FCC documents lead us to believe that this will work on T-Mobile 3G, and Localytics have proven this.  At the same time, they have found that this is Edge only on AT&T, which really reinforces T-Mobiles support of this phone.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

AndroidandMe Via Localytics

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  • kershon

    THE most advanced android phone now on America’s fastest 3G network. Don’t know about you guys, but I like the sound of that. Let ATT put that in their pipe and smoke it.

    • Zachary

      Took the words right out of my mouth lmao.

    • ig0tno0dles

      Nice way to put it. Can’t disagree with you.

  • J510

    Very well said. I love tmobile and google was with the iPhone since day one. Now with android never looking back AT&T can burn in hell forever… Lol

  • James R

    I am a T-Mobile Rep and the design and market managers for my area just confirmed that they will be turning on HSDPA 7.2 before Christmas. I’m a very exited about that.

    • kershon

      In my area (Peoria, Illinois) we have had 3g since the end of September. It has been a good strong signal almost everywhere in the coverage are. Until yesterday. Yesterday the best I got was full bars edge and today only one spot was 3g.. I was thinking this maybe was because of the upgrade to 7.2 being underway. In one place I lost signal altogether for a few minutes and normally I had full bars. About a week before we went to live 3g the same thing happened with intermittent signal for a few days. Anybody got any ideas?

    • artcarney

      I’d be thrilled just to have EDGE in my area as T-Mobile says I already have. I have to drive three miles one way to get EDGE or into the next town the other way.

  • Gustavo

    Am I missing something? This is still an android phone we are talking about? As in, android it has as many apps as I have fingers android? Yes I used an android for almost a year. Aside from being a lesser implementation of the iphone, but with multitasking (in its current environment, that means it can do less useful things but all at the same time) it was basically eye candy with no substance.

    If I am going to buy a fart noise machine that can, as an aside, make and receive phone calls, I would just get the iphone. If I wanted to actually get things done, while having the same functionality of a droid or iphone I would get a BB or WM device.

    • John

      @gustavo dude what an idiotic comment you just made….android = a lesser implementation of the iphone??? you don’t even know what the word implementation means!
      TO enlighten you….Android’s purpose is not to compete with the iphone and its OS, but it is doing it

    • SouthEastBeast

      iPhone just works really well as a media-centric phone. I went to a BlackBerry Bold 9700 from my G1 2 weeks ago, but the thing that I miss about Android is the fun factor. Putting custom ROM’s with new tech like CompCache and BFS. Different strokes for different folks. I like to tinker with the inner nerd in me so Android is my flavor. =)

    • SouthEastBeast

      and to further note; all of this iPhone vs WinMo vs Android vs RIM crap will be moot in a few years as virtualization technologies become well developed on mobile devices. Why not just have a bare metal hypervisor that can boot ANY mobile OS? Heh. BB/WM for work day, iPhone for music/games on ride home, then Android to tinker with? Hardware is getting beefy on these phones with chips like Snapdragon and Tegra.

    • redwoodflyer

      It’s amazing that you have over 15,000 fingers yet can’t please a girl (or guy, as I presume by your lust for the iPhone) to save your life.

      See, I can be immature as well..

      As for your concern about how “useless” multitasking is… all I can say is Wooosh.

      • dbiggss

        LMFAO!!! This is the funniest thing I’ve heard all year

        I dunno, I keep taking steps out there with different phones, but always end up back to BB. Even after upgrading the rom and tweaking it in every possible way, the mytouch still just seemed to sluggish. I’m counting on the snapdragon and larger screen to win me over

  • SouthEastBeast


  • Alex

    anybody else feel like with this phone google is just going to be able to control every aspect of our lives? already have the computers locked down… now our phones… whats next?

  • Aaron

    This coupled with the Project Dark, being able to pay as you, 7.2 3G rolling out…. AT&T is going to start losing some of it’s base due to 1) No Android phones on their network thanks to Apple and the iPhone 2) Dropped calls, shitty 3G speeds and overall a bloated infrastructure that is going to buckle under it’s own weight in the coming months/years if they don’t fix it fast.

    Looking forward to the proper Android phone on a proper network here in the next couple of weeks. :)

    • beastly

      I actually know someone who worked on the recent Telstra upgrades in Australia. He was telling me that they are already at 21 mbps there, and ready to flip the switch on 42 at the end of the year. (And yes, he said they were all software upgrades, and that all it takes is the flip of a switch to roll out the new speeds.)

      He said they took the same deal to AT&T, and AT&T turned them down. Something to do with quarterly reports not looking profitable enough or something. Typical corporate shortsightedness. It may be good for the company in the long run, but since it won’t look good on the next profit/loss statement, they won’t make the necessary investments. This is what happens when stock options and bonuses are all based on short-term gains, and no one knows whether they’ll be working for the same company six months down the road.

      The good news for AT&T is that if they lose enough customers in the next year or two, they may not need to upgrade their network at all.

  • kilari

    Kick ass. I’ve lusted after the HD2, then wrote Palm telling them to make a 4+” screened WebOS device(cus I have a Pixi) and here is a closely comperable Android device(which interests me cus I also have a G1.) I’d love to make the switch to Nexus, but without a multitouch browser I bet i’ll just be using my Pixi still. I already use my Pixi instead of my G1 just cus the web browsing experience is so much better. Nexus’ specs are pretty good, but I really like the interface of webos better, I want a 4.3″ webos device nao! But Palm is going to be late for that party too, that’s ok tho. I love having a bad ass phone that not everone and their mom have the same one with the only differenciation being a different gel skin or hard case. I’m sure some of you will laugh that I’m referring to the Pixi as a bad ass phone, but I personally love this thing.

    • beastly

      I can dig it. Palm’s new phones are actually pretty impressive. Personally, I love my BlackBerry more and more every day. I’m a big fan of the physical keyboard myself, but I have to say virtual keyboards on capacitive touchscreens aren’t bad. I was in a T-Mobile store, with a rep trying to sell me on the myTouch. I told him I have thick fingers, and I can’t type on a touchscreen. He told me to test it out for a few minutes, and to use a very light touch. After a couple of minutes, I was getting the hang of it, with very few mistypes. Still went BlackBerry, for other reasons, but I’ve come to believe a physical keyboard isn’t a 100% necessity.

      Now, if the NexusOne comes with tethering, UMA calling, a 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth file transfer capability, and the ability to copy between phone and SD card memory, I might start to get a little Nexus envy. My guess, though, is that this phone is going to be nerfed in all these areas, just like all the other Android phones.

      I’m guessing it will have built-in integration with all kinds of Google services like Goggles, Docs, Wave, and a Chrome-based browser. That, plus Google’s open-source approach may just be the final straw on the iPhone’s back.

      I agree with other commenters that the price will have a lot to do with how the phone does. At $1000 a pop, some people will buy it, but most people won’t bother. Something tells me, though, that Google will likely be selling the phone at cost, hoping to profit by selling market research data based on mobile data use. They might even sell it below cost if they think that will get them more users, and more profitable data. If the price is good enough, I may just splurge and get it for a special someone. Can you imagine how many people would use it if the phone sold for $100 or even $150? Everyone- and I mean everyone- would have one. That might not translate into profitability for Google, but then again it might, which is an exciting prospect for consumers.

  • artcarney

    Depending on the price Google asks for this phone, could it drive the price of other T-mobile Android devices down?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I dunno about anyone else, but I in no way think the Nexus will be priced as ridiculously as some of you think or suggest it will be.

    Google is known for getting stuff into as many people’s hands as possible, typically for free, so that Google can sell ads and whatnot.

    Why on earth would Google sell its debut phone for anything more than about $250 to $300 (without contract).

    Subsidized it will be about $200 at most.

    Moreover, this phone will be targeted to the masses, Google’s core customers. It’s a multi-media fun phone.

    Guess what, the masses don’t have any money. So yeah, Google is going to charge $800 to $1000 for a phone.

    (Besides, I have not seen any specs that would warrant such high prices.) The OS is the main feature of this phone and Google likes to give that stuff away for free.

    So cool it already and quit worrying that this phone is going to be priced so high (if it was it would be DOA).