Nexus One Comes With Software Qwerty

Nexus One_returns

Up until this point we didn’t know, but now it’s confirmed. (Nah, just kidding, just more eye candy). Enjoy! And stay tuned for more Nexus One action!


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  • reyes2007

    Duh! lol. Thanks for the pics.

  • TFJ4

    Gotta love the ability to replace your onscreen keyboard unlike the iPhone =)….HTC IME will be installed on mine as soon as I get this bad boy =)

    • CO_Yeti

      No kidding, the HTC one is so much better… I wonder why the Google folks can’t figure out the the stock keyboard sucks and needs to be updated? Seems like an easy fix for a mulit-billion dollar company…

  • fort

    Will there be accessories for this? Docking station.

  • NiiDiddy

    Not bad!! Has anyone seen the full specs? I have been AWOL on this site for a little while now…trying to catch up…

  • flfny

    If this is only touchscreen then FAIL. Ofcourse imho.

  • daniel

    google needs to redo there keyboard its horrible, downfall of the mytouch, i had replaced it with the htc but lags the mytouch a bit, best on screen keyboard ive used is the iphones

  • Some Guy

    Did anyone else notice the microphone button next to the space bar. I assume that means speech to text for anything on the phone. That would help while driving :)

    • 2FR35H

      some girl will still find a way to crash the car because of texting lol

  • pecoy

    man these guys’s site is not opening at all anymore. hey tmonews foward a message to them and tell them to pass along a video unboxing since they got the whole packaging or at least thats what it seems.

    the anticipation is definitely building up!

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I still wont use the stock keyboard

  • John

    the phone is looking sexy but the HTC bravo should be better cause of sense UI

  • FILA

    yea, it sucks, to bad no physical keyboard, why does HTC hesitate on it so much?


    wtf, every post on the main page is about the nexus, really, who cares this phone is gonna suck, now what about that HTC HD2? ;)

  • Inhuman

    doesnt sensee ui slow down the phone a bit?
    plus android updates will come faster to a vanilla android phone.

  • joe

    What is the broad appeal of this phone? Only comes unlocked? The only other selling point looks to be that comes with a newer version of android, and I would assume all android phones will eventually get 2.1 or android=fail.

    • Inhuman


      how about a 1ghz snapdragon cpu?
      or an amoled 3.7 inch screen?
      5mp camera with flash?

      • BKJOE

        5mp? lmao

        how about a sony ericsson with 12.1mp?

      • 2FR35H


        Then if it did come with 12mp camera you know it wouldn’t cost $199 unlocked lol

      • alex


        Adding a 12.1 MP camera really wouldn’t cost that much more than a 5MP camera – you’re talking about only a few dollars per unit.

    • AndroidGuy

      Don’t assume, there has been no indication of Blur being updated…and see Inhuman’s specs

      • joe

        Then Android will flop on the larger market, as there is no uniformity in features among the phones. Why buy any android phone if there is no guarantee it will upgrade to the next version of android that comes out next month?

        The Moto Droid has all of those features and more, so I still don’t see how the nexus will be the 2nd coming of iphone. However, I will give props to Google for ramping up its marketing machine to polish this turd up.

      • Inhuman


        the moto droid has a 3.7 screen but it is not amoled
        also the droids cpu is 550 mhz cortex8 (which is basically what the iphone 3g has)

  • I just got off the phone with tmobile customer rep.she told me the google phone will be for tmobile and att cause people are getting fed up with the iphone and the release date is right around the corner Jan 5.