AT&T Thinks Rollover Beats Unlimited, #ATTFAIL


In an effort to draw some attention away from the persistent rumors regarding the Google Phone/Nexus One, AT&T has given us a real prize. According to this internal doc, Rollover is a better value for customers than unlimited minutes. Let that marinate for a second… rollover minutes are better than unlimited. AT&T = fail. Also begging discussion is the M2M calling community of 81 million vs. 31 million. While that’s certainly a difference of more than few people, did someone at AT&T miss the concept that unlimited minutes negates the need for M2M minutes? Somehow AT&T truly believes that they can brainwash their employees to sell A-List + Rollover as a better value than unlimited minutes. As if AT&T hasn’t had enough trouble really, they just completely suck at the math here. Not to mention I think Deutsche Telekom would like to discuss the whole “Best Coverage Worldwide” thingy.

Aside from all this, what AT&T conveniently ignored is that if you go to the Even More Plus plan, $59.99 gives you Talk + Text, while that same $59.99 on AT&T still just gives you 900 minutes. Oh yeah, A-List and Rollover as well, cause you know, that makes the whole difference.