AT&T Thinks Rollover Beats Unlimited, #ATTFAIL


In an effort to draw some attention away from the persistent rumors regarding the Google Phone/Nexus One, AT&T has given us a real prize. According to this internal doc, Rollover is a better value for customers than unlimited minutes. Let that marinate for a second… rollover minutes are better than unlimited. AT&T = fail. Also begging discussion is the M2M calling community of 81 million vs. 31 million. While that’s certainly a difference of more than few people, did someone at AT&T miss the concept that unlimited minutes negates the need for M2M minutes? Somehow AT&T truly believes that they can brainwash their employees to sell A-List + Rollover as a better value than unlimited minutes. As if AT&T hasn’t had enough trouble really, they just completely suck at the math here. Not to mention I think Deutsche Telekom would like to discuss the whole “Best Coverage Worldwide” thingy.

Aside from all this, what AT&T conveniently ignored is that if you go to the Even More Plus plan, $59.99 gives you Talk + Text, while that same $59.99 on AT&T still just gives you 900 minutes. Oh yeah, A-List and Rollover as well, cause you know, that makes the whole difference.


  • Mockerfab4

    Epic Fail AT&T! Epic!!!!!

  • Pete Figueroa

    Thanks but I will stick with unlimited over rollover any day and twice and Friday! Like seriously AT&T is that stupid?

    • Leachpunk

      No, people are that stupid, because what this does, is really pique the one or two people who will easily be won over by marketing… Because fiction is more believable than fact.

      • Mr. MN

        You’re absolutely right. This is just another marketing strategy they’ve come up with, since they can’t beat Verizon. Now they’re looking for the next carrier to pick on. Let them bring it on, we’ll be glad to pit our arsenal of Android against their iPhone.

  • Andrew

    Love the tag

    • Kickstar13

      Haha agreed!

  • rossi

    Wow. I hate AT&T.

  • NPS_CA

    Hmmm… WHat a load of typical Cingular-esque BS… Sorry AT&T is nothing more than a rebranded old school Ma-Bell – tactics and all…

    Best Coverage Worldwide: I laugh; there are MANY odd places I’ve gone to with co-workers who had AT&T phones. They were hosed – couldn’t even buy pre-pays as their phones were locked anyway. I’ve actually NOT come across ANY country (I travel for my job) where my TMO phone didn’t work. Granted roaming is a rip off across the board from most carriers – at least TMO easily allows phone unlocks allowing me to use a prepay SIM. Something my coworkers with AT&T iPhones can NEVER do.

  • Heaven

    Wow is all I have to say lol

  • 9ooyan

    hahaha, ATT is so pathetic it’s funny.

  • Mega G

    The level of fail in this ad COULD bring on the heat-death of the universe.

  • J510

    Att= FAIL FAIL FAIL The most weak network ever soon to be even slower speeds. Rip you a new one rate plans,Rude air head customer service reps… Need I say more.

    Poor Att the Big Red Droid bitch slapped them in check, Now they are needing to pick on the wonderful Pink can’t wait to see what cry baby stuff they spit up when we at Pink go PLUS and launch the Nexus One phone and more great ones to come.

    They better get there make you happy pills filled when they loose the iphone contract


    I Love T-mobile= Where we stick together

  • AndroidGuy

    The worst part is that that T-Mobile plan includes UNLIMITED TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • umaluver


  • HAHA OMG that made me laugh mass hard. Dude this is an awesome post!

  • BBSwany

    Best Coverage Worldwide?!? Who in their right mind would want to pay international roaming charges?!?

    This is almost as good as providing “incentives” for customers to stop using as much bandwidth…

    As a company grows bigger as does their greed…

    • Mr. MN

      Absolutely correct. These guys can’t even win their fight against Verizon, their network sucks because it can’t handle the iphone’s quest for more data, their customer service is nowhere near T-Mobile, and their prices are outrageous. They only have more customers than we do because they’ve been in the business longer than we have, and they’ve bought other wireless providers. They should be worrying about loosing the iphone next year, and loosing their claim of being “the nation’s fastest 3G network” because we’re coming and coming fast.

  • mkd718

    Wow whoever buys into this gayt&t add is so dumb. How can you compare m2m to unlimited? I hope tmo fires back once they get 7.2 hspa and the nexus one.

  • Licious

    I love Tmo, but not being biased at all, if this were a different carrier that had the same stats at Tmo, I would think ATT were equally unintelligent if it effected me or not. Do they not get that unlimited has no limits. Ridiculous on their part. TmoFTW!!

  • watbetch

    AT&T higher ups are snorting way too much coke.

    This is just more proof of how out of touch AT&T is with it’s customers, and also how much of a gimmick Rollover is.

  • John White

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Sometimes I wonder how the executives who make these decisions can be so out of touch.

  • bigbolden


    Let me make sure I understand ‘with the A list, you can call anyone….on the list’

    With T mobile unlimited…you can call anyone….
    With ATT you can call anyone in network for free…
    With T mobile…you can call anyone on any network

    PLEASE T Mobile get Will Farrell to do the commercial…

    • GregP

      YES! Will Farrell would make the perfect spokesperson to discuss this!

  • RCorn

    AT&T is a joke. It’s obvious that the AT&T higher ups are not mathematicians!! Unlimited is just what it says…UNLIMITED!!!! Such a ridiculous comparison!!

  • bigbolden

    I’m still Laughing at this….’Blue from old school and the wrestling match’….perfect fit…

  • Really, though, this is almost like apples and oranges. I’m a longtime TMO customer for one reason: price. It used to be for customer service, but I’m not sure it’s all that much better now (they’re no longer 24 hours and are closed completely on holidays). But there’s really no way to compare the two entities in terms of coverage. I live in a 3G market, which means under absolutely PERFECT conditions you’ll be able to use it. Under normal conditions you’re dumped to EDGE, and of course a large percentage of the time you’ll have no coverage. (And if you’re in rural areas, you’ll have only GPRS for hours…it’s like it’s 2002 all over again). But with the new plans, TMO isn’t really even competitive. When you consider how often service isn’t available, it’s worth only a fraction of the prices charged by competitors (which is exactly what I’m paying). In areas where we have NO coverage (aka most neighborhoods with trees, office buildings, etc), ATT will have EDGE at the worst. So yeah, I put up with that because I’m on a legacy plan with dirt cheap unlimited messaging, data, WiFi calling, and myFaves. Would I pay the current prices for any of those services? Hell no! Who needs unlimited calling these days? People are talking far less because it’s a very outdated and inefficient method of communication. Companies are capitalizing for the demand for messaging and data by raising those rates to ridiculous new highs. So, offering “unlimited minutes” is really a no-brainer. Should ATT do it as well? Probably. But all else being equal, there’s no way to compare services at the same price points between the two companies.

    • watbetch

      The only reason why you would revert over to EDGE is because 3G hasn’t been erected at all towers in your area.

      But you’re missing the point of this post entirely. It’s not about AT&T vs T-Mobile.

    • Adam

      Really Carl? Let me ask you this, are you available to your customers 24 hours a day? What about holidays? Why shouldn’t the reps that are there to help you be allowed to spend the holidays with their families? That is a problem with America in general. Don’t get me wrong, I am one of the biggest patriots I know. However, a problem that we have is we put the mighty dollar sign in front of everything, including our families. And we wonder why the divorce rate is so high…I was glad when T-Mobile decided to amend our hours to allow reps to actually have a life.

      Sorry everyone else, that really got under my skin and needed to be commented on. Carl needs to step out of his little hole and see the big picture.

    • Rocko

      As I told someone else in another post where they complained about coverage: First off, you’re only speaking for yourself. Where I live, T-mo is top notch in coverage. Never a dropped call, usually always a 3G signal unless I step into a building that might have a ton of interference, like an office building surrounded by a bunch of taller buildings.
      Otherwise… trees? Are you kidding me?

      Which leads me to: If anyone ever complains about coverage, then that’s all you. You need to find out who has the best service in your area and go with them. Its just that simple. To continue to be a customer and receive lousy coverage, then to go around and tell everyone how lousy your coverage is, to me appears kind of dumb ON YOUR PART. Your coverage sucks, then jump carrier the first chance you get. You have FOUR major carriers to choose from. And even you said it yourself: What’s the point of going w/ the lower cost plan if you don’t have coverage? Then the few dollars more for another carrier would totally be worth it, right?

      I just don’t get it. Coverage eventually improves over time… but if you need it NOW, then find the alternative.

      Then what happens is most of you come back with a ton of pissy excuses of why you need to stay w/ T-mobile!! Either you hate it (so leave!) or need it (don’t whine!).

      • Mr. MN

        I have to say you’re absolutely right about this. I live in a city that not many people have heard of outside of MN. The only reason this city is on the map in my state is because there is a university here. The thing is I still have exceptional service. I got 3G about a week ago and I though it was a joke. I asked myself why would they provide that kind of coverage here when they could focus on the big cities? The point is T-Mobile has stepped up and is really working on their coverage. As for minutes, who needs rollover when you have UNLIMITED? This seems funny, but it’s sad that there are top level managers who make decisions even a high school student won’t make for his or her business.

      • Bill48105

        Oh Rocko, if life were only that simple. You are correct, coverage is personal so one carrier might have better coverage than another for each of us. I agree totally with that. What you fail to realize is that each person’s circumstances are different too. For example, TMo coverage around here was reduced significantly this year because they dropped roaming agreement with ATT. Now I’ve had people chew me out saying “who is stupid enough to rely on roaming coverage” well the fact is it DID work before & TMo has been promising not only 3G but coverage in general for a LONG time now. Every time I call & complain they either play stupid saying they don’t get a schedule or they say they are adding towers every day, but they can’t say when that’ll be for our area or areas we frequent and to keep checking the coverage map. (Keeping us in limbo while we wait) On top of that some people have 5 lines with $200 each for early term fees so that adds up fast. Many people have bad credit now & can’t sign up for another carrier & don’t want to do prepaid. Anyhow I’m sure you get the point & can try to refrain from chastising people for their situation when they have legit gripes & not much they can do about it. It is great you have 3G and wonderful coverage, some of us don’t and complaining makes us feel better and perhaps lets others know they are not alone.

        It boils down to essentially what my original comment stated, that as sad as that flier is it is true for some that 900 minutes of ATT is better than unlimited TMobile at any price. Odds are some time soon we’ll be forced to take less for more to be able to use our phone which sux because we like TMo as a company but we can only do without our phones & wait so long.. But don’t worry, I’ll still come on this site & post comments complaining about TMo, ATT & the gang! They all need a fact check on a regular basis. :D

      • beastly

        If you signed a contract and then lost signal at home, whatever the reason, I would think they’d let you out of the contract. Happy ex-customers are better for business than bitter trapped customers.

      • Bill48105

        @beastly I hear ya, thanks. Yeah I tried that but they claim roaming coverage doesn’t apply. Besides I get coverage at my house & as long as I’m near expressway or major roads, just not on some back roads (they are a whopping 3 miles from the expressway running parallel) which unfortunately includes roads we take to inlaws. I know, easy answer is don’t visit. HEHE I think the final straw was a couple weeks ago my wife was coming back from their house her parents tried to call to say she left our son’s medicine but she had so signal so she didn’t get the message until she got home then had to turn around & go back. Let’s just say she was pissed & told me she didn’t care if TMo was cheaper & had more minutes she wanted a phone that worked because if she broke down & couldn’t call for help I’d be sorry. (I still laugh when I think about TMo CS telling me “hey at least she could still call 911”. Let’s just say that didn’t go over too well with the wife either. LOL) That equals me in dog house for moving us to TMo. But yeah maybe you’re right, if I call enough times complaining about coverage and maybe if I get the right CS rep then MAYBE they’ll let me out without term fees or be nice enough to only charge for some of the lines. I just know that as soon as we move TMO will add towers & I’ll be pissed. lol Thx for the info though. :)

      • beastly

        It can’t hurt to ask. It’s a lousy situation in any case. Worst case scenario, if they won’t help you, might be to compare the cheapest possible plan for all your lines with what the ETF would cost, and sign up with another company one way or the other. These days a working cell phone is kind of a must-have.

        Did you say you have 5 lines? Compare a $200 ETF per line with 750 minutes shared between 5 lines for $65 a month. By my math, it makes more sense to switch to the Even More Plus family plan if you have fewer than 14 months left on your contract, since it’s still cheaper than paying the ETF. Maybe more like a year, if you figure in taxes and fees, plus you don’t have to pay it all at once. Of course, the ETF may not apply to all the lines, and it may be cheaper than $200. I haven’t really looked into it. Let us know how it goes!

      • Bill48105

        @beastly Thanks for the input & taking the time to offer valid suggestions rather than just calling me a moron or telling me to quit whining & change carriers. My posts are not meant to bash TMo (or at least not exclusively cuz I say plenty of bad things about all the carriers and plenty of good about them all too, where due anyway) Like I said in my 1st comment on this article, I wonder if ATT didn’t in some way think they were so much better than TMo that it didn’t matter how cheap or how many minutes/txt you get with them so why bother having a valid argument. Not necessary, kinda like how Verizon doesn’t bother with ‘map for that’ ads against TMo or Sprint. They figure TMo & Sprint are not worth the time any more then TMo running ads against Cricket.

        But yeah I’ve run the #’s in about ever scenario I can think of & we’ll see what happens. My wife & I rarely talk on the cell so could put her on ATT & keep the rest on TMo. That’d work until the 1st time she tried calling me when I was in a dead zone. LOL

      • beastly

        Well, your situation genuinely bites. It’s easy to tell someone to put up or shut up, but that doesn’t really fix anything. I love T-Mobile but I wouldn’t pay even their relatively low rates if they weren’t giving me the coverage I need. I didn’t really care about coverage when I was single, and I was delighted with Metro PCS at the time. Now that I have a family, things are very different, as was brought home to your wife with the medicine incident. Families need working phones.

        It’s these types of situations they appear to be trying to avoid with their whole no-contract thing. No subsidies or ETFs means no one loses when someone has to cancel service. Of course, that doesn’t help you out now, so I was trying to think of alternatives. $65 a month for awhile wouldn’t sting as much as 5 ETFs at once, although no one wants to pay two cell phone bills and only use one service. Decisions, decisions.

        On closer inspection of the AT&T sheet, it looks like it was released to their employees the very day that T-Mobile’s new rate plans went into effect, which, I would guess, means they have better corporate spies than even TMoNews’ ninjas. No one online was able to tell us anything about the new plan prices until a few days before it took effect.

        Honestly, if AT&T wants to compare their coverage with T-Mobile’s, that’s fair. I haven’t really found T-Mobile’s lacking, but I’ve talked to plenty of people who have. If that’s the way you want your customer service reps to go, then you need to give them that as a talking point. But if I were an AT&T rep, and my manager gave me this sheet, I’d be pissed. You want me to tell customers that our rollover is a better value than their unlimited? Really? And you want me to address T-Mobile’s expensive plans instead of their cheaper, better-value plans? Oh, and then I should try and sell an iPhone to a customer who approaches me about cutting costs? Hey, thanks for the support.

        That’s what makes this document so funny.

        Hey, I just thought of something. When I left Verizon, they offered me the ability to have someone else take over my lines, which would have saved me the ETF, and saved them (the account taker-overs) the activation fees. If you offered someone else the ability to take over your lines (and maybe threw in the phones as well) you’d avoid ETFs, and they would get free phones, no activation fee, a grandfathered plan, and enough tenure to get them good upgrades in the near future. Win-win, right? I don’t know if T-Mobile transfers contracts like that, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Then all you’d have to do is find a taker who lives in a better coverage area.

  • abi

    Lmfao wait wait wait a min are they serious lol holy hell. Who’s coming up with this shit at at&t lol whoever falls for this is dumber then they are for beleaving there own bs. Wow. I hope they go national with this doc and show it on tv watch everyone laugh and go running to tmobile even when the at&t customers see this they will jump so fast over to tmobile at&t will be left saying dam I wish our network was as fast as those people running. Lmao o plzzzzz I beg u at&t go national with this u would make tmobiles day lol. I seriously wanna hear what there customers have to say about this

  • MrNova

    WOW! Unlimited vs Rollover! LMAO!

  • J-A

    AT&T is a sinking ship. They have nothing else to pick on so they pick on T-Mo’s UNLIMITED minutes, versus their ROLLOVER (still limited) minutes. they’re stupid.

  • matt

    I can’t tell if they’re joking. Are they joking?! What? Did nobody at the at&t board meeting say, “Hey… uh… this makes no sense.”? AT&T is turning into a big sad company of morons. First Luke Wilson, now this?!

  • ctk

    my friend and college roomie moved to a house that is just outside of jefferson co., ky. when i went out to his house, i could never call him on my gophone from cingular which got absorbed into at&t. he however could make calls from his t-mo phone.

    i thought at&t had more bars in more places? so how was it that my friend got service and i didn’t while on the “superior” plan? i had already gotten a prepaid t-mo sim this year for my iphone (for the short period where iphones could use the prepaid unlimited sidekick plan), but as soon as i could i unlocked my at&t phone, ran out that gophone account, put the prepaid sim in that phone and went t-mo contract on the iphone. i get very good service now, even out in the sticks where my friend lives.

    at&t can have “the network” for data usage for the iphone. i’ll take the relief of not having to fork out $30 plus whatever meager plans at&t offers just to use my iphone.

  • mitsu8

    Carl is an idiot!

  • joel

    This blog entry fails. You got your hands on an internal document that was obviously meant as a talking point memo for AT&T’s CSRs at around the time the internet was abuzz with the Project Dark rumors. Of COURSE this type of thing gets circulated internally … If you’re AT&T, you can’t just let your CSRs have nothing to say when a customer calls in and says “Well, T-MOBILE is offering UNLIMITED calls for 60 bucks. Why do you guys suck?” What do you expect internal memos to say? “Well T-Mobile has us beat good folks, just admit to the customers that our plans aren’t as good when they call in about it.”
    Yet your blog entry holds this up for mockery like AT&T released this as a public announcement to distract bloggers from the next Android phone? Uh, the Nexus One buzz started last week. Check the date, chuckleheads- this memo is almost TWO MONTHS OLD.

    I love tmonews usually, but seriously, what a piss-poor article, you guys. Makes you look like a bunch of snot-nosed gradeschoolers taunting AT&T from across the playground. T-Mobile can stand on it’s own without this kind of stupid “reporting,” guys. This AT&T memo proves it.

    • john

      You apparently don’t get it. If you as a company send a rep to the customer armed with this crap, no matter if the memo was dated 1986 it still is a failure. The part that at&t fails on is just the overall concept, just like the commercials that talk about simultaneous data and voice…tmo does this. I’m no super fan, but come on don’t bash tmonews for…omg, fucking reporting…as titled, at&t epic fail…like to the moto pebl level

    • GregP

      Lets say for a minute that Sprint had a sell sheet like this. Do you think they would take on UNLIMITED with non-unlimited? No. They would compare a family plan with minutes to a T-Mobile family plan with minutes and do a pretty ok job.

      AT&T could try something similar. if it was the $59.99 900 minutes plan vs $49.99 1000 minutes T-Mo plan, then there may be an argument to be made about A-List + Rollover + M2M (50 million more) being worth $10.

      The fact remains that AT&T is making terrible propaganda for their own reps. If that’s the garbage they want to equip themselves with, be my guest. I’d love to take their customers. But even a blind man could see the fail dripping from this doc a mile away.

      • rossi

        Nice work there GregP. #GREGPPWNS #JOELFAIL

      • joel

        Uh, no, you guys are missing the point of MY post. It’s obvious that this is major AT&T fail. This is the same kind of propaganda that ANY company puts out to it’s employees when a competing company gets something better. It deserves to be mocked, because it’s stupid. I’m not arguing THAT. However, tmonews is misreporting this memo, dated 10/23/09, as AT&T trying to draw attention away from Nexus One. Did you even read the post?

        “In an effort to draw some attention away from the persistent rumors regarding the Google Phone/Nexus One, AT&T has given us a real prize.”

        Is this just reporting? No, this is putting a false spin on it. David COULD have just said something like “I know some people are getting tired of the Nexus One posts all day, so here’s a little comedy relief we found from AT&T.”

        Tmonews is misreporting something to get a bigger fanboy reaction, and I thought they were better than that. Like I said, T-Mobile is good enough to stand on it’s own without smearing the competitors with false accusations.

        • David

          No, Joel thats NOT how I meant it at all…what I meant was in an effort to not have every post on the front page be about the Nexus One I was posting something to give the readers a break from that news, it had NOTHING to do with the date. You simply read and interpreted it wrong, I didn’t say it was an AT&T effort, I meant it was MY effort to steer the conversation away from the Nexus One for a moment!

  • ceas


  • ceas



  • vicz33


  • 2FR35H

    Lol AT&T must have been smoking some good ganja lol or maybe it was on purpose for AT&T to merge With T-mobile o.0 you never know

  • kershon

    MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! ATT=fail for sure! I can recommend a good shrink to deLaVega and crew. That is, when they get done playing in their sandbox. LMAO. What a bunch of retards.

  • Scotty

    I hate AT&T so much! They are so stupid! And better best coverage worldwide? Psh! Better tell that one to Verizon. Actually, if they do all Verizon is gonna do is laugh at them.

    AT&T really does suck!


    that’s why i dumped ATT for voicestream in 2001. they could put up a tower a half a mile away and have fiber available into my living room and i will still use hotspot@home and t-mo.

    don’t ever try to explain to an indian customer service rep that an ice storm took down your phone lines 3 weeks ago, your service hasn’t been restored yet and all they want to do is ping your modem.

    all after being on hold for 25 minutes of wireless airtime.

    aint nothin’ like having unlimited.

  • isthatajoke

    will farrell for t mobile marketing 2010 would be the best

    • kershon

      Yup. And retire czj and send her to me. Lol

      • Bill48105

        Think you could handle that kershon? hehe

      • kershon

        @Bill48105 I would like to find out. At lest one of us would leave smiling. haha

      • Bill48105

        @kershon perhaps one smiling & one laughing. Oh! But seriously wouldn’t we all like to woo her til someone smiled. :D

      • kershon

        @ Bill48105 I wouldn’t care if she laughed all the way out the door. I would be worth it. Besides, curiosity would get the best of her and she would be back. lol lol he he

  • Confused

    Actually this marketing gimmick works, I just had my co-worker come and look over my shoulder. He said he would go with ATT….I am baffled. He said that he would get 900 minutes AND rollover and that is unlimited to him. He also says he thinks ATT coverage is better. He is on verizon

    • Rocko

      Ok. All you do in these situations is just nod your head and say, “Yeah, Luke Wilson RAWKS!”

    • watbetch

      If 900 minutes and rollover is unlimited he’s a moron, because this rate plan is too high. If he think’s AT&T coverage is great why is he at Verizon with NO ROLLOVERZ!

  • peachymomo

    As a former employee of the Deathstar I shake my head in sadness because my former co- workers will have to spew this crap and I laugh because I no longer have to.

    They would rather spew stupid crap instead of making stuff better or even admitting that yes, T- Mobile does have better plans and prices and moving on. T-mobile has coverage where at&t doesn’t and vice versa.

    When I brought my G1 up to work the day it came out everyone laughed about my phone. My manager pulled out his iphone and started comparing it to my wonderful G1 and the smile soon dissapeared from his face. My internet on EDGE was faster than his 3G. As the months went along he soon stopped comparing because the apps and capabilities on my phone were out shining his. Yes he had a few positives but the stronghold that at&t and apple have on the iphone were dampering the positives. Tech support wanted to see my phone and loved it. Soon others were joining me on the Android Bandwagon.

    It hurt to have to bad mouth Android and T-Mobile when I knew that in the customers area they were gonna have a better experience with the competition. People would call and complain about poor service, cost, and lack of Android and I had to sit there and brag about our lifesaver the iphone. People would pay $1500 deposits to have that junk when T-Mobile would treat them better. I’m glad that I no longer work for that hell hole.

    Keep up the great work T-Mobile As long as you keep up the Android goodness you will have my business.

  • Bill48105

    Unlimited + no signal = FAIL @ any price. So in that sense ATT does have TMobile beat *if* you have signal where you need to use the phone because I don’t care if TMobile is free, unlimited means squat if get no service. I suspect they were trying to convey that somehow with the worldwide coverage statement but mega fail. The chart is a sad joke in that ATT higher ups would have ballz to put that out. WTH were they thinking?

  • Galen20K

    I find this so Comical if this is the Best strategy ATT has up its sleeve. Ha! This just reaffirms one of the many MANY Reasons I just really could Never stand ATT and Never will. They wreacked a Perfectly GOod company in Cingular and pissed off so many of their Very Own customers.

    As a sidenote I’m Extremely PROud and GLad to have been and am a 9 year Voicestream/T-MObile customer and Plan on it for another 9 years to come!

    STick TOgether!

  • beastly

    Hahaha! Talking is an outdated form of communication? Really? I feel your pain on coverage, I really do. I used to have Ghetro PCS, and the only place I could count on signal was on campus. Since then, I’ve been with T-Mobile and Verizon (and now back to T-Mobile) and no problems with signal. Truth is, location matters. I can’t really compare T-Mobile to AT&T, since I’ve never had AT&T, but I can say that your experience is not universal.

    BTW, I am not knocking Metro. When I had them, I loved them for not sticking me with a contract, and not price gouging. They were up-front and I got what I paid for. When I got married and coverage started to be more important, I signed with T-Mobile, and got better signal. I’m also not knocking AT&T. They may well have better coverage than T-Mobile in a lot of places, and thus be a better option for a lot of people. But if it’s coverage they want to compare, then they should compare coverage, not price plans.

    As it is, this document if flippin’ hilarious.

  • beastly

    When did this happen? I’ve never had a problem getting support at all hours. And if my phone stops working on a holiday, there better be someone to help me out! Not that I don’t appreciate the need for time with family, but some areas of business just need to be open. That’s why most employers pay premium rates to people who are willing to work holidays. I remember working Thanksgiving when I was managing a grocery store. It sucked, but those of you who needed that extra bottle of wine or bag of rolls or pecan pie were able to dash in and pick them up. You’re welcome.

  • TrippleSinner

    Im sorry At&t but t mobile’s customer service is far superior than yours, Thier friendly, helpful and get things done. Plus I have had great coverage in my area, and for another 20$ more Im on the unlimited flexpay account with t mobile. so its been working out great for me. I cant wait for the nexusone to come out. The iPhone is so played out now its time for a change. At&t, you should have been putting up more towers instead of bitching about people who pay 30$ a month to use the data and now youre telling them not too use it? are you gonna give them back thier money? or keep it and tell them not to use the data? Youre all over the place At&t, get your act together seriously.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    Att can suck it. They suck so bad. They were good before the cingular merger

  • darkman

    great article as always… can we get you to do all our marketing? frankly you are already doing better then the current team. :)

  • akil

    lol like androidguy said for that price u get unlimited text too, sounds like Tmo might have to sue AT&T for not stating that unlimited texts is also included

  • Titty!

    LMFAO. this was ohh so great. It really made me laugh
    T-Mobile should comeback? (:

    tweet attack anybody? MAC vs Microsoft-like.
    In this case, T-Mobile vs AT&T :D

    @____titocruz follow me.

  • Jason

    They think this is a joke right? A. you dont need alist or rollover with unlimited. B. Tmobile actually have the best coverage worldwide with twenty more countries with roaming agreements with tmobile. Ha ha ha ha ah wow, i’ll just laugh this one off!

  • Who are they kidding? They think 900 minutes is better than Unlimited? Wow, they are stupid.

  • WXman

    F*** SPRINT.

    OK, I feel better.

  • alan

    this makes me want to go to the att store to see if a rep will really throw this crap at me with a straight face… hahaha 900vsunlimited FAIL! as far as coverage, i stopped worrying ever since i got my 9700 with UMA! Perfect reception where i use my phone the most so i really dont miss my iphone or att…. my daughter on the other hand has it on prepaid for tmo… GO TMO!

  • dboy

    Yeah and that’s exactly why I switch to Tmobile and left att… Lol!! funny shit ..att loves to lie…

  • dboy

    Yeah and that’s exactly why I switched to Tmobile and left att… Lol!! funny shit ..att loves to lie…

  • best worldwide coverage? i know t-mobile also uses gsm just like at&t so basically a t-mobile phone also works all over the world just like at&t..

  • mmaxsooner

    If you can dig around a used bookstore or mom and dads library or if your older like me find a yearly consumer reports when at&t was still around five years ago they were always dead last in everything, coverage cs u name it dead last. Now these clowns have ruined cingular and the others they gobbled up. Just goes to show you money does not equal success. Why the hell didn’t they just die. Wonder. What in the world they are gonna do when tmob ramps up hspa+ wow I would hate to be I’m that boardroom as they all have blank stares on their faces because the iphone which has carried them for four years has now run its course. U here that? That’s at&t crying over their churn!

  • FILA


    you got to be a fucking idiot, thats just it

  • look 2 teh 13 yr olde in the picture. thats who they’re targeting to listen to this schpeel. the kid in the picture oozes gullibility. if this is a real document, its interesting to guess how brainwashed ATT salesforce must be.

  • hoodied.hello

    Oh AT&T. /shakes head


  • frank

    Nice post. I hate marketing BS like this. The one and only reason I’m on AT&T is the iPhone. The day T-Mobile gets the iPhone or something I like better, I’m gone. I’ll happily pay the ETF just to tell them to frak off.

    • Kai

      just thought id throw this out there…companies are now unlocking iphones, and making them tmobile ready for you…..they’ll pay off ur etf on at&t too when u sign up for tmobile…..

  • Julacho

    Deutche Telekom is a huge company, the GSM has agreements all over the world, I have used it. AT&T only is a big guy in the US, outside the US is quite tiny.
    Even the Mexican Telmex is way bigger than AT&T.

  • dothack

    hahaha great idea. ill go to att store, take a tmo unlimited $59.00 talk+text flyer and see what the rep comes out with. it happen with the same att vs verizon add when comparing 3g network..att doesnt have anything against verizon for coverage or tmobile for value… cant wait when the iphone be used on other networks, i bet you att customer numbers will be dropping rapidly..horrible network performance, last on customer care, expensive..the only good thing is the iphone and even then it comes from apple..

  • mark strong

    maybe tmobile needs a new flyer that shows there mobile to mobile covers tmobile to tmobile unlimited minutes, tmobile to att (unlimited minutes) , tmobile to verizon (unlimited minutes) , and tmobile to sprint (unlimited minutes)……att doesnt have a leg to stand on!!!!

  • Margie

    This stuff is pretty hysterical!

  • rhine

    lol that att is crap its so funny how people buy phones that dont do their basic functions correctly but would rather have some eye candy. lets see how much they love their iphones when they are stuck in a valley of death with no signal. Just goes to show you how stupid people really are. And i dont want any other phone company to rush and save apple they made this bed with att and they should be forced to sleep in it. Stealing, cheating, and lying to people for their hard earned money regardless of how stupid these people are doesn’t make it ok and not to mention the horrible desperation were in. I hope apple and att get charged with crimes against humanity.

  • J

    I work for T-mobile. First off, att only has the Iphone going for them, THATS IT!!
    Second When I showed this to everyone at work the other day they were confused. Confused to as why ATT is practically advertising for us. ATT is full of idiots if they think that a 900 min price point is better than unlimited. Maybe if it came with a bag of sunchips everytime I got minutes. Then maybe…..nvm…att would still suck

  • slavio Shack employee

    As a slavio Shack (Radio The Shack) employee. The Att rep is trying to have us brain wash customers with this bullcrap and the customer asks us if we are out of our mind so i just recommend t-mo or sprint.

  • tinalooks808

    Everything mentioned above would make for a great t-mo commercial!

  • tinalooks808
  • eli_the_great89

    For At&t’s Info…T-Mobile USA doesn’t have 31 Million Subscribers, it has on or around 33 Million. That may not seem like a big difference but its millions we’re talking about, 2 million makes a difference.

    So yea 81 Million blows the T-Mo’s 33 out of the water, but since when does only At&t have best coverage world wide? last time I checked T-Mobile as a TDMA (GSM) carrier it gives its consumers the capability to travel worldwide through its many Quad-Band phones.

    Oh and I’m not the biggest fan of the uber change in T-Mobile’s new Plans, but Rollover doesn’t beat UNLIMITED. At&t seems to have it out for everyone lol.
    can’t wait to see what they do for Sprint.

  • Brian

    I have tmo and like it but I do STILL believe the more and EVEN more plus plans are confusing.

    EVEN more plus is basically: PAY AS YOU GO! with no phone added. They should have just called it a pay as you go plan.

    Even MORE and EVEN MORE PLUS dont’ make any real verbal connection or meaning.

    PS…a great deal of the time in my state…I do roam on AT&T. I have friends with AT&T who have never ROAMED on T-mobile cells. If ATT ever decides to sever the roam contracts with Tmobile…Tmobile will have a problem in MANY states….OH, if you roam? NO 3G….BUT it is about $30 cheaper to have my blackberry on Tmo…