Updated:Nexus One Videos

Here we go, the guys from TheNexusOne.com are looking to start showing off whats in their possession, lucky guys…

Incoming Call on the Nexus One:

Short Video of Device:

Boot Screen:

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  • chaoscentral

    So does this mean that other video was fake?? Because this looks to be different from the other boot video…

  • i kno this might sound stupid and has nothing to do with this. but does anyone know if t-mobile will ever release video calling?? cause i used it in germany and its amazing .. in germany they also have t-mobile and all of their phones have a front facing camera. and know im back home in new york and t-mobile dont have this .

    • yor PAPPI

      Well sorry to tell u man but states now and all WE get here is T-CRAP so be happy or move back i think ur better off in Germany lol we all need to move over seas

      • Rocko

        WTF are you talking about? Learn some English.

        Name a U.S. carrier w/ video calling and front-face cameras.

        It’s not a T-mo thing, it’s a U.S. thing altogether. Japan’s been doing video calling for a couple of years now. Our entire country is behind, bottom line. Nothing to do w/ carriers and whatever. Ignorant.

      • JinKazama

        Um, you do realize that you can do Video Calling on the Touch Pro from Sprint? They don’t offer anything but there is software out there to make the secondary camera functional for video calling.

  • joel

    Sheesh, whoever they got hosting their website kinda sucks. Database errors and website glitches abound.

  • FILA

    i guess its a little faster then present Android devices, but still not FAST when your talking about having a SnapDragon 1GHz in there

    • umaluver

      If its the first boot out of the box, its always slow, no matter how fast the processor is.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        That’s an astute point, but I suspect this was not the first boot since I am sure they said “Oh that looks cool, let me tape that and post in on the Tube.”

  • Judner

    wow animated backgrounds, this is taking this to a whole new level, can you imagine the themese that will be made? I cant wait to hear some specs…

    • JinKazama

      I have an animated gif of Space Comets on my Nokia 3220 right now. It’s nothing new but it is cool to have.

  • StevenG

    It looks really amazing with the animated background. I think my MyTouch would explode if I tried to put in an animated background. I’m VERY excited for this phone. Here’s hoping I can get it on a payment plan with T-Mo!

    • Think Different Is An Ironic Statment

      What I’ve been wanting for YEARS now are video ringtones. Has no one else ever though about this? So rather than chopping MP3s for an aural tone… how about an actual video clip that plays when someone calls? Imagine being able to make different clips and assign them to different callers.

      • TehAndroid

        Bam video ringtones:


        Vringo gives you video ringtones for any Android device.

  • hi!

    what’s up with all the sperm swimming on the screen background????

  • SouthEastBeast

    COOOOLLLLLLLL animated background! Hope they get the HD2’s weather animations in the BG!!!! =D This leads me the believe the wallpaper with the leaves in the BG will have them animated and falling. I wonder how battery life with be with all these snazzy effects….

  • Took some time to boot up…

    And I’m not too excited about the on-screen QWERTY keyboard. Any news on the G1 version 2 (or whatever it may be called)?

  • Jason

    I am buying it right when its available!!

  • BronxBebe

    Rumors says its coming out January 5th,for $199 through new/old Google accounts and a $100 rebate-$99. Prepaid Tmo/Att will pay #29 for data for the use of Nexus One.

  • -ray

    Looks like the site is down… Did Google kill it??

  • abe

    hey check out some possible specs vs the iphone. hey i was wanting to get some info on this phone…

    now i dont know what should i get the n900 or this one. funny thing is i have an 8900 with uma(which without it i could never get a call at home) unless i could figure out how to use skype or somethin like that cause i want this phone. but no service. can anyone help me out with a question

    if no uma can i receive calls and txts from people if im only connected to skyp or such.

  • 9ooyan

    some guy calling himself anonymous on phandroid (http://bit.ly/60BUuT) is saying this phone won’t be released until Q2 2010…my heart sank a little. i sure hope he doesn’t know what he’s talkin’ ’bout

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That guy does not know what he is talking about. Wall Street Journal and Reuters says Jan 5 and it’s confirmed to be coming to T-Mobile. Way to go T-Mobile.

      This will beat the Droid and anything else out there.

      People who have been dissing T-Mo handsets, 20 lashes.


      • Phillynative

        Sorry but no. While it is a decent device, there are many devices out there that are better.

  • Trill

    What’s all the hype about other than software? I’m running 2.1 on my G1 and only thing that doesn’t work is the camer and video playback has a lot of lost quality but its pretty nice other than the animated background and the home screen tab thingy but the boot animation is nice I never get tired of seeing it.

  • Rubin

    I will be ordering mine when t-mobile opens orders

  • theBIGmack

    Dude, 20 secs of boot time beats my G1’s 1+ minutes of boot time. I want this phone. I really hope the claims of a January 5th release are true

  • Mark

    If the battery specs I read about are correct 1400 then this is much talk about nothing. The best comparision I can give would be. I give you a loaded 550hp vett loaded with every performance option available. The only problem is the gas tank only holds 5 gallons of gas. Think about it this phone will have 10 to 15% larger screen, almost twice the processing power along with more memory but has a battery similar to the my touch. I know somone will say how much more efficent the screen will be but this screen is the same as the behold II. The behold II already comes with the 1500 battery and yet I don’t see anyone raving about it’s performance. Once again HTC makes 75% of a good phone. I would much rather have a slightly thicker phone for at 2000 to 2400 size battery.

  • Phillynative

    Does anybody know the actual size of the screen? I heard at first that it was 4.3 inch but now I’m hearing that it’s 3.7 inch.

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  • flfny

    videos removed?