FCC Continues To Boost T-Mobile Chances For Google Phone


Those FCC digging boys over at Engadget have managed to uncover the FCC docs for the newly christened Google Nexus One. As luck might have it, and as we have been trying to point out for over a week now, T-Mobile is looking more and more likely as the supported carrier for this device. While at first it was thought to support BOTH AT&T and T-Mobile 3G bands, Engadget has since updated the story to reflect the discovery that the required AT&T 3G bands are in fact, not present in the FCC filings.
Of course, the FCC filings coupled with some super clear leaked images gives way to the uncovering of other, very interesting info regarding the Android 2.1 software:
• New grid icon at the bottom of the homescreen that brings up a webOS card-style preview of homescreen pages
• New 3D elements to app try
• Extended amount of homescreens
• Phone comes loaded with Google Goggles
• Pre-loaded with Google Navigation

One interesting note regarding the FCC docs is the lack of 2100 MHz range required for data downloads but as Engadget points out; the inclusion of the 1700 MHz band leaves little doubts as to a T-Mobile supported device. I think we’ve been trying to say that for a while now.

Hit the jump for a few more pics or head on over to Engadget for the full gallery!

Images: Engadget

FCC Story: Engadget Mobile

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  • Nitaino

    Indeed this phone is The HTC Dragon calls Nexus

  • watbetch


    1700mhz operates with absolutely nothing anywhere… so we know it’s AWS rite?! Right!

    It’s a little on the ugly side with the trackball but it’s still sexccc in my eyes.

    • BBSwany

      That is true. But where is the 2100MHz band… Don’t they need to work in tandem (i.e. 1700/2100MHz) to work? At least that’s how I understand it.

      • watbetch

        It lists band 4 – which is AWS. It’s 900/1700/2100

      • God

        Sorry BBSwany, but this is mostly pointed towards “David” – the “Author” of this “news” post.

        Are you kidding me? I have lost absolutely ALL faith in this little Blog now.

        I was an avid reader, but David’s lack of even the most basic understanding of T-Mobile’s network is sickening.

        David, and others unaware of how AWS (and every other frequency BAND works) read this:


        The 1700 BAND is 1700/2100 by default. (AWS)
        The 2100 BAND is 1900/2100 by default. (EURO)
        The 1900 BAND is 1800/1900 by default. (ATT/US)

        Why are they called “BANDS”? Because they’re frequency ranges which have been BOUND TOGETHER.

        Jesus. H. Christ.

      • watbetch

        It’s not supporting AT&T, or 1900mhz WCDMA.. give it up.

    • 2FR35H

      They should have given this phone a brushed metal look with a silver trackball but that is my opinion.

  • mike

    Badass !!!!!! If tmo gets this, this will be a major upgrade in its line of handsets and really stur up some new sales.

  • Noel

    Hmmmmm…finally i think being patient and not rushing out to grab either the Mt3g or the cliq will be paying off. Can’t w8 till january to craddle this baby in my hands. No matter whether i get this Google phone or another upcoming HTC pnone like the Bravo whose pics we were all talking abt last week…i will still own the Nokia N900. I can’t loose sight of that phone…make no mistake thats a power hse of a phone despite its 3rows of keyboard. For those who just want one Smart phone the choices will be many and the decision on which one to get difficult…bcz the era of the Smart Mobile Computer phones is upon us…boy i am very excited.

  • roebling

    Changing the 3G bandwidth should be as easy as changing the UMTS board.
    1) What’s the screen resolution of the NexusOne?
    2) Will it support Flash 10+?

  • J-Hop2o6

    fiiiinally tmo gets a really good Android phone (sux its w/o a keyboard)… and about that missing 2100 band from the FCC testing.. didn’t that happen to another 3G tmobile phone? it still worked tho

    • 2FR35H

      Keyboards are soo… G1 and sidekick days

  • mark

    It would be too soon to assume this is for TMO. I’m certain it will be out for both.. it is coming unsubsidized, why else if not to support multiple carriers..plus no phones only support uplink 3G.

    • God

      “plus no phones only support uplink 3G”

      That’s absolutely correct. Which is why it’s such an ignorant comment made by “David” in his “News” post.

      If UMTS Band IV (AWS/1700) is supported, then the ENTIRE BAND (ie 1700+2100) is supported.

  • queensnewbie

    when is the launch date for this, thank god im still on the subsuduzed plans

    • David

      Why would you thank god?? This phone isn’t expected to be subsidized?!

  • No keyboard?!?! was hoping for another Sidekick Replacement option!! oh well – I guesss I will stay with the Cliq (next phone I plan to buy)

  • word is that this phone will have a 1ghz snap-dragon processor like the droid, should be an awesome phone! and does anybody have any word on the motorola sholes?

    • chaoscentral

      Motorola Sholes == DROID

      Also for reference the DROID doesn’t run a 1GHz Snapdragon, it runs a 550MHz OMAP3430 SoC based on the Cortex A8 architecure(same chip in iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre)

      Not sure if the architecure the SnapDragon uses is faster, but given the raw clock speed of 1GHz I gotta say it will most likely be quicker than the DROID or the iPhone 3GS


    anybody want an almost new crackberry 8900 at a decent price? anybody wan an almost new crackberry flip 8220 at a decent price?

    • kershon

      I asked that same question when I got my bb 9700. Nobody wants the old models. eBay or craiglist-only option. Ha ha

  • fort

    Looking to sale mytouch for about$100. I’m getting this phone.

    • 2FR35H

      ayy if ya say $50 it would sell

    • Usman

      U really selling? If so, find me on xda. My username is uansari1.. ;-)

      • David

        No selling on the blog gents!!

  • kershon

    Well FINALLY it appears that Magenta is getting their flagship device. I did check the link to engadget. The ATT people are soooo disappointed. But wait! This phone is supposed to come unlocked. Even though it has only T-Mobile 3g they can run it on their carrier if they like edge speeds. ROFLMAO! Or come on over to our side and get themselves em+ with financing AND be treated with respect by t-mobile customer service reps.

  • akil

    nice looking phone but it kinda looks like it has a belly button lol

  • mark925

    I’m so torn over this.

    I want this BAD, but there’s no physical keyboard. :(

    • 9ooyan

      i know what you mean…but i think i can sacrifice the keyboard to have this next-gen phone. i’ve been playing with a G1, just the virtual keyboard. it’s not great but it doesn’t totally suck either. besides, there are going to be new input methods (see croc keyboard and swype) that should make virtual keyboards alot better. plus, i’m more and more convinced the VK will eventually become standard.

  • Cybersedan


    If you’re serious about selling your MyTouch, I’m interested in buying if it’s on good condition :-).

    I can’t wait for this phone to drop!!!

  • SEFan

    After the first of the year I was figuring to bite the bullet, drop the large wad of bills for the N900. Now this… Do we have any tech specs on this device? It certainly looks clean and elegant. NEXUSfan anyone?

    • chaoscentral

      Well going on speculation(But pretty solid facts considering it is Dragon/Passion/Bravo variant)

      1GHz Snapdragon
      3.7″ AMOLED display @ 800×480(possibly 4.3″ but the resolution should be in that area)
      Android 2.1
      No idea on amount of RAM, or if theres any internal storage, but so far those specs that I have stated are seeming to hold true.

      • 9ooyan

        according to http://www.androphones.com/all-android-phones.php
        this baby should have 320 RAM and 500 ROM. no word on internal storage yet.

      • 9ooyan

        oh, btw, i was giving specs for the HTC bravo/passion/dragon, which i’m assuming this phone is.

      • PeteyPablo

        This information is not accurate as Samsung currently has exclusive branding of the AMOLED display. Perhaps google or htc bought a portion for this phone, but as of now, only Samsung devices will have the AMOLED display.

      • John

        sorry. I think the bravo is going to be a different phone with similar specs. SO assuming the same specs as the bravo is a mistake. I just hope t-mo doesn’t screw this one as they did with the mt3g by giving it less RAM and taking the 3.5mm headphone jack off, etc.

      • john

        They did what to the 3.5 mm….lol sorry, beavis moment

  • tato22

    i wonder how big the screen is looks nice if it comes ill be jumping on it

    • RegularJoe

      Wow, some punctuation would be nice :)

  • CO_yeti

    I wonder what logo the little post-it note is covering up on the right picture…

    Looks to be about the size of a TP2 without the keyboard. This thing needs to have flash out the box and be on t-mobiles HSPA network at launch to make people take notice. Hopefully tmo can get its launch right this time or else we may never to business with google again!

    • kershon

      I agree. Agressive marketing is the key to a successful launch. This could be tmobile’s ONE chance to do it right. Do it right and phone manufacturers will take notice and just maybe T-Mo will get some exclusive agreements with them like the other big carriers do.

    • WootRoot

      The post-it note is covering a QR code.

    • chebus

      im prety sure its the “with google” sign like on the the gl

  • Bigg

    Alright then, now lets start a new entry where we speculate on the price, any one care to spread some rumors about pricing?

  • rossi

    I really hope the rumored specs are true. Snapdragon (or similar), Android 2.1, big capacitive AMOLED screen = I’ll take 2.

  • jmts80

    Wow looks like a sweet phone! Finally T-mobile will have a real flagship Android device. If it had a physical keyboard I would b all over that!

  • rushmore

    All Snapdragons for phones are either capped at 600 to 750mhz- they drain too much battery, if not. Depends on which version, since there are two. One having a more robust DSP and GPU, but not sure which version here.

    3430 is a more balanced mobile option, but Snap is waaaaaaay better than the old 7201.

    No keyboard means no interest by me. If I wanted a KBless device, I would get an iPhone, since tons more great apps. Need the KB for emulators.

    • rossi

      The HD2 and Toshiba TG01 are two phones that have 1GHZ snapdragons in them…

  • pickle

    Reading the FCC docs it shows that it operates on both WCDMA\HSUPA\HSDPA Band I and WCDMA\HSUPS\HSDPA Band IV.

    Operating Band Frequency Band Upload Frequency Download Frequency
    I 2100 1920 – 1980 2110 – 2170
    IV 1700 1710 – 1755 2110 – 2155

    It technically does run on both 1700 and 2100. Band I uses 2100 as it’s common identifier even though it’s upload is 1900, whereas Band IV uses 1700 as it’s common identifier which matches it’s upload of 1700. They probaly did that since they both have 2100mhz freq’s download and it would be even more confusing calling them both 2100. Regardless, the FCC document shows that it has both, which is T-Mobile. It will operate on ATT for GSM and GPRS\EDGE, but not for 3G, at least not this exact model.

  • podstolom

    http://www.phonenews.com just said FCC Filings DO indicate ATT frequency support: 1700/850/1900 MHz. Since band specifications list transmit frequences in paired-spectrum, the AWS recieve frequency, 2100MHz, need not be listed in the filings, though it is implicitly supported. However, this does NOT mean that the European band I (2100 MHz both send/recieve) specification is supported, and probably is not.

    • pickle

      The 3rd Band mentioned in that article (850) is Band VIII which is listed as 815-880, but Band VIII is actually 880-915 so who knows for sure yet it ATT will get any love from this device.

  • Rochester

    Now T-Mobile ( Google) should promote the crap out of this phone. It does not hurt to mention that T-Mobile 3G service and imminent upgrade to 7.2 Mbps.

    BoyGenius is also reporting that T-Mobile is going to upgrade to 21 Mbps in some cities. Looks like pieces are falling into places here nicely.

  • bjfam83

    Woow, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know weather I should get the HTC HD2 or the google phone. I’m stuck. Decisions , decisions.

  • chebus

    what is google goggles? does anyone know?

    • RegularJoe

      Does a web search by analyzing a picture you take with your phone.

      • Bill48105

        So does it show Uranus if you take a pic of yer arse? :D

  • chebus

    and andriod 2.1 looks sexy a lot better than the g1. Is this google phone indeed the g1’s second coming or is it a new phone altogether?
    G2 or no?

  • Robert_x24x

    I’m glad T-Mobile got something worthwhile, but I’m also still glad I left. With that big of a processor, it’s not going to matter much since T-Mobile’s “3G” coverage is smaller than AT&T(and we’ve all seen the Verizon commercials). Even still, I’m pretty sure T-Mobile’s going to fall into the whims of Google, just as AT&T did to Apple and the iPhone, and Google will pretty much own T-Mobile in their own sense. Plus, I’m interested to see what Sprint/Verizon(*maybe* AT&T) get. Supposedly the actual Bravo(as seen in the leaked HTC roadmap). All in all, congrats to Magenta on this awesome score of a device!

  • isthatajoke

    i love it i must say the underdog finally getting ready to come up to the top finally a real flagship device snapdragon andriod 2.1 big screen a lot of ram more home screens not only do we get a nice andriod phone we get the best most powerful one suck that droid minus the keyboard lol i would never personally buy it like i said i like the n900 better im love with that phone but im happy with the exposure we are going to get with t mobile new unlimited plans and with them expanding there 3G network we and with us getting more unlocked 3G phones from nokia samsung htc and sony we will have the fastest most reliable 3G network with best prices and customer serice this is so exciting P.S i still think they need to make G2 with a keyboard pick up s xerpia x10 and the htc hd2 with nokia n900 and make there version of the mifi we will be unstopable

  • yor PAPPI

    LMAO yes all you ppl can drool on imagination, everyone knows this is never coming true this is just for looks ONLY t-crap tricked you again lol lol lol

    • kershon

      U won’t be lol’ing when #1=T-Mobile, #2=Verizon, #3=ATT, Sprint not in the picture. So go troll on back to ur mama VZ and nurse on her titty. MUuhahahahahahahahahah

      • Robert_x24x

        T-Mobile will never out do Verizon or AT&T and they’ll most likely always stay tied with Sprint. Hate to crack your muahaha’s a little short from you, chief.

      • NJ Guido

        Stop dreaming T-mobile will never have a powerful network like Verizon.

  • isthatajoke

    yea we will see if DT gives t mobile more money to expand there coverage as much as verizon keeps low prices and better phones and faster speeds we will see never underestimate t mobile lets see how the game will be in 2 to 5 years i predict t mobile to start rising to the top

  • So, with the lack of hard confirmation on bands, how’s this for a headline

    “Google Phone covered by AT&T and T-Mobile!!!”

    Huh?! Am I right?? Anyone? Anybody? No? …

  • IsThataJoke

    it just works for t-mobile on 3G. at&t on Edge u can look up the fcc fileing your self

    • Yes, this is true as confirmed by a Google employee telling me they only had EDGE with their AT&T sim card.

  • Ktwist

    Yup this phone is only for T-mobile. A google employee came into my store to get service for his GOOGLE phone. He had an At&t card in it but said he was only getting Edge and wanted 3G. The phone looks amazing up close and has a heft to it like the droid.

  • Jürgen

    Has it occurred to anyone that this phone may just be available for developers only and is not intended to be available to the general public? I’m just speculating.. since everything seems to be based upond speculation and assumptions anyway. More than likely just like Google/htc’s dev phones of past, it will be avail direct from Google, and when they are ready to launch on a mass scale to public it will be through T-Mo. Only facts are the phone appears to be GMS only (sorry sprint, verizon). Will run on T-Mo 3G and/or ATT EDGE.

    What I want to know is does it have a flash, and what’s the sticky note covering up on the back, and what info was blocked out on the front and why?

    • pickle

      I have a good family friend who works for DoubleClick (the Google subsidiary), and he received his phone yesterday morning. The way he explained it to me, was that ALL Google employees received the phone as a Christmas bonus. This would mean that this is NOT strictly a developer phone. Now, just as the Dev Phone 1 and the Ion where Google exclusives in terms of the ROM and certain functionality, this version of the Google phone may be as well. I imagine Google will release a retail version as rumored but there will be something slightly different.

      • pickle

        And he confirmed that it runs ONLY on T-Mobile, in terms of 3G. GPRS\EDGE only on AT+T.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well what have people got to say in that other thread, complaining about T-Mo not getting any phones.

    I like this phone and might consider it over the HD2 (albeit the HD2 has a bigger display, I hear the Google phone has a 3.6″ display, the same as my Touch Pro2).

    Personally I don’t see T-Mo getting the exclusive on this. As I said in my other post, carriers and handset manufacturers don’t sit around like potted plants, they watch, they observe, they learn.

    I suspect no one wants to do as Apple/AT&T did. The economy is too depressed for that. So manufacturers want to sell as many handsets as possible, carriers want to assure as many customers stay as possible and sign up an many new ones it can get.

    Then there’s Google. They want Google software (apps and programs) to be the MS OS of mobile phones (just what percentage of the PC market uses MS operating systems, something always in the nineties).

    You can’t become the dominant player in the mobile market by restricting the Google phone to one carrier, as Apple did with the iPhone.

    So I see the Google phone going to two to three carriers.

    I like the phone. I will have to think long and hard on which to get now. If T-Mo gets the HTC HD2 I am not sure which of the two I will buy. I like HTC products, but this Google phone is impressive.

    Things are good now. I have a shot at one of those two phones coming to T-Mo and quite soon.

  • Why would another carrier get this phone when T-Mobile was the first to bring bring the Google goodness to the masses .Come on people will ya use some sense . That is why they didn’t pick up the Droid because this phone was already in play to be released on our beloved Magenta .AT&T has there head so far up pple ass that it’s choking on the core so let it go all ready trenders!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    It’s humorous how some people in here post like they actually have the inside info on what’s happening in the wireless industry.

    Yeah right, people in the know post on blogs and forums.

  • Rj

    The rumor is Google is going to give away or sell this phone at or near cost. Say its the former, free for example. Those of us stuck in an AT&T contract and in a T-Mobile 3G area like myself will jump at the chance and despite a termination fee be all over this phone if its as good as the rumors say it its – iPhone killer – . There are others that will jump because they are tired of the crap service ( think LA, New York) they are getting from the death star as well, but have been waiting for the right phone to come along,

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  • I’m in a bit of pickle, I have had my Apple iPhone 3G for the last couple of years and it’s been great. It’s my understanding that Apple has a new software update due out called OS 4 and it’s supposed to be adding some new features to the iphone. I actually just bought Verizon’s new HTC Incredible the HTC Incredible and it is an awesome phone, far superior to the Apple iPhone 3Gs, BUT I’m hearing that Apple is going to be coming out with a completely redesigned new iphone altogether, and it’s supposed to be really nice but no one has any ideas as to when and Apple isn’t saying a thing. Should I keep my HTC Incredible, that I have a month to test and send it back if I don’t want to keep it, or should I give it back, keep my current iPhone 3G and wait for the release for the new iPhone- tough to to choose.