Google Phone As Early As January 5th?

According to sources “familiar with the matter,” the heavily leaked Passion/Google Phone/Nexus One will be available as early as January 5th directly from Google(the website (Yeah, I don’t know how that will work either)).  Our own sources are confirming this as an internal rumor, so don’t take it as final (but possible).  Want more good news?  They are also saying that it will be available for a reduced price if you agree to a contract with our beloved magenta.  I don’t know about you, but I am as, if not more, excited about this phone as I was with the 9700 (I guess that wasn’t too long ago).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Update: (warning: rumors follow) According to Android&Me the Google Phone could be competitively priced at $199, subsidized by Google and not by a carrier (they would make money off of advertisements when people use Google services).  See, Google really does want you to use an Android phone, or else.

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  • vikingfan45

    bleh………………… can’t get an upgrade from t-mobile………. still waiting on HTC HD2 if that will hit t-mobile or not doubt it but i’m still hopeful

    • JakeMG

      I don’t think you need an upgrade from Tmo. I think if Google does indeed subsidize the device themselves, you can just buy it for $200 and ebay your old phone to cover the cost. Quite honestly, I got two MT3Gs for $40 each during the Oprah promotion (along with some service credits, which I mentally applied to the phone price). I will just ebay them for like $200 each and get this if that’s the case.

  • 9ooyan

    my thoughts: fuuuck yeaaah!

  • Peter

    Any word if it’ll come in different colors?

  • 2FR35H

    Get this phone in whit and I will sell my behold 2

  • 2FR35H

    Lol I mean white

  • 2FR35H

    Lol I meant white

  • John Vehikite

    I love Google… I love phones… now that they have mated and made the google phone… I’M IN.

  • CO_yeti

    Doesn’t make any sense that they wouldn’t sell it in stores if they are going to give subsities with contracts. I call bunk on the direct from Google sales (not to mention they had HTC design and build it) plus isn’t the point to move a bunch of units? I’m not sure web only sales would produce high results.

    • Miguel

      You do realize how many people visit a day… right?

      • Skritz Mcgritz

        @ CO_yeti
        Your so right it doesn’t make sense from a business stand point.

        @ Miguel
        Google would not subsidize a phone for a wireless company because there would be nothing in it for them. That is so ass-backwards. They wouldn’t use the money they make from advertising to discount a phone, they would pocket it. Duh!

  • John

    wow!, now $199 is pretty afordable. I just hope the advertisement wont get in the way :P

  • Rocko

    LMAO @ CO_yeti:

    a> You realize we’re talking about Google? They are the masters of ad revenue
    b> Quote from above article: “(they would make money off of advertisements when people use Google services)”

    So, thinking about b>… what’s the possibility of having the “ad phone” vs “non-adware phone”. The one with ads cost you $200 while the one without is full price? Is that what T-mo News is trying to say?

    • Andrew

      It’s not that there would be an ad phone vs non adware phone, but the usage of an Android phone integrates with Google services, so the ad revenue generated by using said services would easily cover the cost of the phone.

  • TomCruise

    its a great news that google will take charge of advertising this phone than simply rely on tmobile. coz we know how good of a job tmo does promoting their phones and services.

    that would mean more business for tmo atleast as long as this phone is available exclusively to them.

    i would love some advertisements on par with what verizon had for storm and droid.

    • haha tmo ads are so bad, i wish we had an ad on par with at least sprint…

      • Skritz Mcgritz

        Whoopie Golbert, Jessie James, Avril? Where they serious. What happen to Dewayne Wade? Oh and can we get rid of Cathrine Zeta? I mean really what has she done in the past 10 years?

        At&t is no better with Luke Wilson.

      • Skritz Mcgrillz

        Whoopie Golbert, Jessie James, Avril? Where they serious. What happen to Dewayne Wade? Oh and can we get rid of Cathrine Zeta? I mean really what has she done in the past 10 years?

        At&t is no better with Luke Wilson.

  • bill

    If this is true does this mean we can get the phone for 2 bills AND have an Even More Plus plan? That would be killer.

  • MW

    Make it happen, my G1 is ready to be upgraded.

  • Manolo

    This would be a ridiculously perfect fit for the EvenMore Plus plans since T-Mobile wont subsidize so you get a cheaper plan, but google will subsidize your handset so its a Win/Win

    • Maddy

      Exactly. I’m sure TMo knew about this phone (and many more like this) already when they thought about the EM+ plans. It makes perfect sense, too perfect!

  • bigmixxx

    Oh man…….oh man….even at 299 it’s still a good price….

  • Maybe this is why T-Mobile is scurrying to upgrade their 3G to HSPA 72 by yhe end of the year. A little too much of a coincidence if you ask me.

    • Peter


  • jmts80

    I didn’t think this phone was for me because of the lack of a physical keyboard but at $199 Oh man I don’t think I can pass it up and keep waiting for T-mo to come out with something better!

  • Sorry for posting again, but had another thought….what if this is part of Project Dark? What if Google HEAVILY subsidizes this phone to the tune of FREE? Its coming out at the beginning of January, so Google has the whole quarter to make up the profit loss from the millions of free phones flying out. Oh and guess what? The cost of one phone is about the same price as 1 share of Google stock. This is all getting very interesting!

    • Skritz Mcgrillz

      You guys are nutz to think any company is going to give away free phones. I mean really google is no different from any corporation. Get your heads on right!

  • rewdy

    I wonder if I can get it and extend my current contract/plan, or if i’d have to start a new one with the new plans. My current plan, which I started a year ago, is cheaper then the new ones would be for me.

    Surely, this is exciting news. In my opinion, T-mobile’s biggest need is to get some freaking hot phones so that their customers can be excited not only about great service, but great phones as well.

  • J

    It sounds like T-Mobile is just finally getting what they deserve from Google. Android would have been a much harder sell to a company like Verizon without the success of the G1. Honestly, the G1 would probably not have been nearly as successful on any other carrier due to T-Mobile’s smartphone-starved customers at that time.

    • Skritz Mcgrillz

      I really thought Android was ground breaking when it first came out. I was mesmerizer by the os and display.

  • Chuong

    I definitely buy one at $200 unlocked/unbranded. Thank you.

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  • edd


    * i wish i had bigger fonts .. :D

  • FILA

    200, damn, no need to upgrade your contract really. Btu one thing I hate about this phone, NO KEYBOARD!!! Come on

    G1v2 anymore?

  • aquaitious

    I was/still am hoping for that $199.99 sweet spot! I hope the battery isn’t crappy, otherwise, what’s the point? The G1 is unacceptable.

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  • techfuzz

    I just started randomly typing in urls and discovered that is reporting a 404 error. While that sounds like nothing (and it certainly may be just that), check out how different that url’s 404 error message is compared to say