Google Phone That Much Closer To Realization?


Update: Google kinda, sorta, partially admits “Google Phone is real.”

The internet is abuzz this morning with a TechCrunch article stating that the long rumored “Google Phone” has been completely, 100% confirmed. According to TechCrunch sources and pictured Twitter remarks, the Google Phone has been handed out to an unknown number of Google Employees who are claiming “revolutionary changes.” Having discussed with our sources regarding the matter we are able to get further remarks that T-Mobile will support this launch as we have previously stated. Here is what we know:

  • The phone will be sold strictly by Google, T-Mobile will NOT sell the device
  • Billing, General Questions and General Troubleshooting questions will be handled by T-mobile
  • Handset features, Handset Exchange and Advanced Device Troubleshooting will be handled by Google and/or Call Center Partners
  • T-Mobile hopes that by supporting the launch, they will have the opportunity to add additional customers
  • HTC is the definite manufacturer and the device IS believed to be the HTC Passion, the word Passion is tossed around everywhere according to our sources
  • Postpaid and Flexpay accounts are both currently slighted for support
  • No information is available as to whether or not T-Mobile is the exclusive partner


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