Google Phone To T-Mobile?


Let me just preface this post with a total rumor disclaimer, to be read only with serious grains of salt.

That being said, information has been passed along to me in a very James Bond type way from a trusty ninja who has yet to lead me astray. The information contains detail regarding the so called “Google phone.” According to this super ninja, magenta has landed the “Google Phone,” aka codename “Passion” (which we believe to be the HTC Passion, but again thats just the codename, but it makes sense) project with an expected launch in the first two weeks of January. One important thing yet to be determined is whether or not this is exclusive to T-Mobile or if they will just “support” it??? I’m hoping for the former, I’m sure you all are too!

Some lingering questions remain, such as what will the price be? Will there be any kind of a subsidy or is that just wishful thinking? Will Google only sell this product? Will this be offered with the recently launched standard Even More/Even More Plus rate plans? What about the rumors regarding VoiP service on the Google phone? Questions are abundant and we are just in the preliminary stages of gathering info from our sources, so we’ll be updating info as we can get it. For the moment, we hope there is truth to the notion that the Google phone successfully landed in the T-Mobile network, as it would be a huge win for T-Mobile.

Let us reiterate, this is total rumor at this point but we have it on good word, so if we’re right, terrific; if we aren’t, well bah humbug.

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  • Galen20K

    God I REALLY Hope this is true….. *sigh***

  • kevin

    I dont think the Passion is real.LOL

  • wootroot

    Passion + WiMax anyone?

    • Rubin

      Sorry but not going to happen. We will see the expanded 3G+ before we see WiMax. WiMax is a joke right now. I live in chicago area and it only works in the city on maybe 4 square block footage. People complain that their 3G doesn’t work at home and these same people are going crazy over WiMax. I don’t get it.

  • telos104

    This is the one I’ve been holdin’ out fo baby!

  • Heaven

    Hmmm….decisions decisions….I wonder if this phone will have a physical keyboard if it does I might return my cliq and wait on this phone if the rumors are true….only time will tell

  • NiiDiddy

    If the code name is “Passion”, it can mean anything. But if infact it’s the HTC Passion – the one that has similarities to the HD2 – on Android is a winner for T-Mobile. And I will buy it. I hope latest by at least ’10 Q2, great devices would have lended at T-Mobile…which would include this phone.

  • Heaven

    Or better yet keep the cliq especially since it still rumor at this time and just buy new phone with tax return……sorry all I’m addicted to android lol


    I Want The Droid.

    • Rochester

      Why? HTC Passion should have the same Android version as Droid and more powerful processor. And access to the same Android Market.

      Given you are living in one of the markets T-Mobile has 3G service , you are better off with phones like passion. 1Ghz processor Android phone with 21 Mbps service. Can not beat that.

  • dboy

    why everything on tmobile are always rumors??? and then they get something not even close to those “rumors”…

    • Twitch110

      You took the words right from my mouth. SUCH a joke. Nothing EVER pans out for tmobile. Most other carrier rumors actually happen it seems; tmobiles? noooooot so much. Okay, never.

  • Nick

    Nice big screen, but again, Google fails at listening to the masses. (NEED MORE STORAGE) I really just don’t get it.

  • AndriodLvr

    RUMORS….yeah …don’t get too excited as far as I remember none of them ever came true…

  • mrjlwilliams
    • AndriodLvr


    • kershon

      That info is dated Oct 26th. A lot can change in 2 months. I for one am keeping my fingers crossed that the “rumor” in David’s post is going to be true.

      • AndriodLvr

        I pray you’re right.

      • ig0tno0dles

        Sighhh waiting for the first snapdragon frone coming to T-mobile! Passion, hd2,or x10 whatever comes first.

  • kershon

    If this turns out to be true and it is exclusive to T-Mobile, then I think we can assume that T-mobile could very well have finally got their butts in gear in the advanced phone department and we should see more high end devices coming down the pipeline. And if the timeline for this device is correct we should see some high power marketing coming shortly in advance of its release. Anyway one can only hope. The combination of high end devices, good rate plans, intelligent marketing, and expanding 3g and upcoming hspa+ is imo just what is needed to put Magenta back in the game.

    • Twitch110

      You’re talking about tmobile here. Do they EVER do the things we want? No… they don’t. Just accept it; i have.

  • Cybersedan

    I think I just wet my pants!! I hope this turns out to be true.

  • Adrian

    HTC Passion? still no “handset you crave”. iphone, HD2, droid, come on. there must be something tmobile can add to the lineup.

  • kershon

    @AndroidLvr. Me too.

  • 30014

    This could finally be “the phone I crave” from tmo. Its either this or the g1v2. If tmo can’t pull off either one then I’m out. Hopefully they can come through though.

  • Soggynapkin

    Has anyone else forgotten this? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that is Verizon’s little swoop thingy next to it right? I doubt it’s the Passion, but remember there are several HTC names running amok out there.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I don’t get it. What is this rumor based on?

    I thought there was already the HTC Passion and it’s Verizon’s baby:

    • David

      The rumor is based on information I have and clearly not showing, I didn’t say it was the HTC passion, I said the codename for the phone was “passion.” Rumors on this site, like all gadget sites are often based on behind the scenes rumors, discussions, images and documents we simply can’t show to protect our sources.

    • pfmiller

      Any evidence that site is legitimate? Could be a hoax. It says the Passion would be here holiday 2009, so where is it?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Everyone seems to like this one pic (see attached) for discussion about the Passion. There is also one showing the back of the leaked phone and it is consistent with the look of the front.

    And some sites are showing the HTC HD2 as the passion. I hope that is not it because I am relying on T-Mo getting the HD3 in Jan-Mar 2010.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Hmm… this site does not look promising for T-Mo to get the HD2, it says the phone is going to Verizon.

    And look at the pic of the purported Passion, on the back it says “GOOGLE” in the middle.

    That site says it’s a Verizon phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The other thing I look at is who has what in terms of phones.

    T-Mo has the G1, myTouch and CLIQ Android phones.

    With the Droid debut, which is an Android phone with physical keyboard, what other Android-based phones does Verizon have?

    So it makes sense that Verizon would be next in line, so to speak, to get a touchscreen only Android phone, the Passion, which looks similar to the myTouch or Hero.

    Lastly, I don’t see where T-Mobile would be getting another Android phone so close to the debut of the CLIQ. Makes more sense that Verizon would get it, to balance out its Android offerings, one with a keyboard and a touchscreen only device.

    • Monkeydroid

      No it doesn’t. Verizon just spent a gob of money on advertising the droid which JUST came out. Why would they get a phone that’s better than the one they just released so close. All that advertising would have been for nothing. If anything, they would get weaker android phones behind the droid. T-Mobile got the cliq which has proven to be a disappointment for the company and consumers. It makes more sense that T-Mobile would have this phone land on their line up.

      • john

        verizon has droid eris…no keyboard.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    And wasn’t the G1 euphemistically called the “Google Phone?” So T-Mo has already had its shot at selling a Google Phone. Now it’s Verizon’s turn?

    Just rumoring out loud. LOL.

  • Whocares

    well “Michael” what you failed to notice then is that Verizon has the Droid Eris from HTC… so there is there no keyboard touchscreen android phone which IS the hero.

    So based on your math… guess wouldn’t hurt for us (TMO) to be next in line after all.

  • dsim91

    It’s really amazing how stupid some of these comments are if you don’t know what your talking about then you shouldn’t leave comments dissing this site or the info they give us

  • just some dude

    I think/hope that the first Google phone will be something we have not seen before. Google knows that the Android OS is a hit, so now they can pump money in the looks and design department. Lets see what Google’s im guessing million dollar budget R&D come up with.

  • ali

    I hate to ruin your fantasies, but tmobile is not going to get any Google phone if there ever was one. Tmo has proven time after time that they can’t sell a product if their lives depended on it. Plus why would Google release an iphone oiled with tmo when Verizon would be the most logical first choice.

    • mrjlwilliams

      i don’t think verizon would be the first choice, it would be tmobile.

  • mrjlwilliams

    even if we were to get this phone, it still doesn’t matter. because tmobile has a bunch of other horrible phones, and this would only be the first REAL phone on the network. i have been with them for so many years ’12’, and i am so disappointed in there line up. so what if they are good at customer care, they need to step it up. i’m tired of all the weak phones…

  • kershon

    @MichaelnotMike@Ali: The way you guys are bashinng T-Mobile and TmoNews makes me think you are not even T-Mobile customers. So are you Verizon pimps or just act that way? And by the way, nothing in the article says it is the HTC Passion for sure. All it says is it is codenamed “passion”.

    • mrjlwilliams

      i think some people are just fed up with the BS from tmobile. but i can only speak for ME, and 12 years….something should have changed by now. i like the customer care, but it takes more than that to keep a customer excited about being with a company. the only reason i have not switched, is because of the pricing; the billing; GSM network (being able to put my SIM in and go). other than that, they are not my top choice in a company. i respect others views; but you HAVE to know that tmobile has a lot of catching up to do. it took them nearly 2 years to get the razor…

      • kershon

        mrjlwilliams you have certainly been with tmo a long time. I like tmobile for the same reasons you do although I have not been with them for nearly as long as you. I also believe they have a lot of catching up to do. But imo they have come a long way in the short time I have been with them. If they continue and if they get some of these high end phones exclusive to tmo I think we will be ok.

  • tmogeek

    Or will Google sell this unsubsidized direct to the customer and let the customer activate on the EM+ plan? That way TMUS doesn’t alienate Apple and lose its shot at the iPhone.

  • Plasmadragon007

    I’m so sick of people that keep talking a bout all these phone’s that are suppose to be coming to verizon. You just got the Droid and the Eris. How about you don’t get this one cause you have already got two great phone’s. According to the cellular network’s it will be running on is GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS900, UMTS2100, which is not Verizon’s crappy CDMA old technology. So which me to believe it is coming to T-mobile. I to have heard from a reliable source this is coming in the next month or so, so all you G1 user’s do your little happy dance and be ready to make them verizon droid user’s jealous.


    if i remember right, the g-1 can be ported to a CDMA carrier.

    i hope google makes a phone that has VOIP, WIMAX, UMA, 3G, 4G and every frequency and mode baked in from the factory.

    then, every buyer could choose his carrier and change his carrier as he sees fit.

    what a concept.

    the problem is not with the hardware, it’s with the cellcos and telcos.

    google can change the game and they have the market cap to do it.

    • 30014

      U are mistaken, the g1 is gsm only. No cdma.

      • 30014

        U can’t port the g1 to a cdma carrier. Its not a world phone, its gsm only. Where are u getting your info? The g1 has been out long enough for u to know better.

    • There is a cellular chip from Qualcomm called Gobi that makes it possible to run on a variety of frequencies and protocols including GSM and CDMA variants. Look for the Google phone to be sporting a Gobi chip to create universal portability amongst carriers.

  • abi

    Wow I can’t believe no one has noticed that the poster of Cathern Zeta Jones of the even more and even more plus of her holding out the passion right out. And iam tired of some people saying its the mytouch 3g when its not its the passion. And if it wasn’t its not even a phone on tmobile. Look at that pic up top of the passion and then go here and look at the phone she’s holding zoom on it and u don’t even need to zoom on the pic u can clearly see its the passion . Dragon from htc its not the mytouch 3G color ain’t the same as mytouch buttons arnt either its the passion. But yet again vzw is confirmed to be getting the htc dragon / passion. Iam so confused. If it does come to tmobile then its not only for tmo and also the phone is stated to come out for vzw at the same time frame as it sez up top. I need to find the story of that and give the link. But she’s holding the passion no lie

    • thescarletnecklace

      WOW!!!! You MUST be retarded. That is CLEARLY a myTouch. Notice the dimple where the trackball is AND the obvious hardware keys that the Passion does NOT have. Think before you POST!

    • Dalton

      It sure looks like the MyTouch to me…

    • Duck Dodgers

      Yea, looks like the MyTough 3g to me too.

    • umaluver

      uhm if thats the passion, then she has HUGE hands. So, yeah, its not the passion at all.

  • mrbill

    If it’s true the pricing should be Verizon – $99.00 buy one get one free. T-Mobile – New Customer, 2-year Contract, $1200.00 renewing customer in good standing, 2-year contract, $1500.00. Our little Magenta wouldn’t want to give the good paying customers a break.

  • Dalton

    Eeeeek. If this is true, I don’t want the G1 for christmas! I’d rather have a brand new phone, which from the sounds of it is going to be awesome! :0

    Hmm, but also very expensive.
    G1 it is.. :(

  • Despite all the hype, I probably wouldn’t get this phone if it did come to T-Mobile. I’m still waiting to see what G1v2 is going to be coming out (if it is). I need a physical keyboard on my phone. No matter what, I can never get used to a virtual keyboard (I have an iPod Touch and have been using it for a year now and I still am not used to the damn thing).

    Hopefully T-Mobile gets some good Android or even WinMo devices in the very near future that are slim, FAST, and just overall sexy…

  • rinklighter

    As long as the google phone is the powerful, high-end device we all want, I’m all for it. Wouldn’t creating a “Google phone” undercut Android, especially with Android gaining ground in the phone OS market?

  • abi

    Wow ok I must be blind then nvm wow. The retarted wasn’t called for. Lol

  • glyco

    oh man oh man oh man, this is just the tip i’ve been waiting for. i’ld get this phone in a heartbeat – despite the lack of physical keyboard. as much as i want that KB, it’s just not that high of a priority for my personal uses of the phone. plus, with snapdragon goodness, newer input methods (croc keyboard, swype), Android >=2.0 i would be a happy customer of the best cell phone plans available.

  • Tremor

    There are two phones that are codenamed Passion by HTC:

    1) PassionC
    2) Passion

    Maybe the PassionC stands for CDMA and the Passion is for GSM/T-Mobile.

    I wish people wouldn’t call BS out right without knowing the facts (which none of us outsiders do).

    Keep up the great work David!

  • fort

    Don’t take the time to see if anyone has posted this or not. But according to AndroidGuys the Sony Xperia X10 from Sony Ericsson is coming to T-mobile in the next two months.

  • Cant wait to see what this one looks like, and if its coming to tmobile for sure.

  • tanjiro

    c’est vrai …je sais je sais

  • ali

    @kershon : I’m definately not a ‘verizon pimp’ and in fact i’ve been a tmo customer for a years. But I am like many others fed up with the BS and I don’t really like entertain crazy rumors or give people false hopes. The sad fact is that t-mobile attracts piece of crap phones [ do you guys remember how many razrs they had for like 5 years: v3, v3t [v3i], Razr V8, I pretty sure there’s another one in there somewhere I just remember. I like to use verizon because they are a non gsm company which means they should be getting the yesterdays phones because anything cdma gets has to be specially made for it. The gsm companies in this country should be 1 year ahead in cool high tech phones. At&t has had that figured out since 2007 with the i-toy. T-mobile USA, doesn’t seem to get the picture. The get the first shot at a google android phone, yet when it starts getting popular, the forgo the high end devices start accumulating rubbish [ cliq / behold II ]. The Droid came out in Europe/Asia as the Motorola Milestone with features better than verizons [because its gsm and gsm is always a step ahead] like pinch and zoom. So you figure, ok , maybe they couldn’t work out something with motorola, why not get the Hero [ which came out first in Europe too under the same name]. But know, they let the morons over at sprint get it. Even the HTC mytouch 3g aka Magic has lower specs than the european variant [theirs has about 100mb more ram making it faster and giving it greater future software growth potential]. To top all this, Nokia introduces their flagship phone and makes it only compatible with T-mobile 3g network in north america [which means they intentionally left aT&t, and both major telecoms in canada rogers/telus ]. You would figure then T-mobile would pick up [since it was made for them exclusivley] this phone and advertise it — but of course not , why would they want to do that ? Based on this current behavior and all the past history with T-mob, if you were a company and were going to release a high end device, would you release it with T-mob ?? I know I wouldn’t if I expect to turn any profit for my company.

    • kershon

      It is good to know that you are not a VZ pimp and indeed are a loyal tmombile customer who is, like the rest of us, fed up with the mediocre phone offerings. I will sleep better tonight knowing that. And thank you for the phone history lesson. Nighty-night.

  • Marcuz

    dear all

    i wanna share a news from my country tw in 12/5
    i hope u guys can understand my poor englsih :)

    the important paragraph is:
    some person in the smartphone field point out that the HTC’s profit won’t fall much than November cuz the Gphone will start for shipment in December.

  • “I’ve updated the post to reflect this as a “Google Experience” phone, not to be confused with the Google phone, don’t know if they are same”

    Every T-Mobile Android phone has been a Google Experience phone. It means the phone is officially sanctioned by Google and has the Google logo on it somewhere.

    “Google Experience” devices, which not only use Android but are also Google-centric, packed with the search giant’s own applications.

    I’m fairly certain this is a Google Experience phone and not the Google Phone. Though it does look sweet.

  • Manny


    • David

      Did you happen to look at the relevant bands??

    • Bill48105

      Umm so if those are supposed to be TMobile phones then I take it the specs posted are wrong or TMo is switching from 1700 to 900/2100 bands.. :D

    • Bill48105

      Yeah I know, Tmo UK phones not US but unless they make it here with proper bands they aren’t much to be excited about unless you have no 3G anyway & figure GSM is good enough.

  • kershon

    @Manny. Wow. That reads like a spam email from the nigerian bank telling me I won a bazillion dollars. So where in any of the specs are the tmobile bands. All I saw was evrything but tmo.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well this pretty much says it all.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike
  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here is the text in case the link does not work:

    HTC is likely to push back the launch of its first Android 2.0-based Passion smartphone to early 2010 instead of before year-end 2009 as originally planned, according to market sources.

    HTC is working to further advance the software attached to the Passion, explained the sources, who are familiar with the Passion roadmap. The Passion will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz CPU and equipped with a 3.5-inch multi-touch OLED display.

    Additionally, HTC is also expected to unveil a new Android-powered smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2010, which will take place in Barcelona in February, the sources quoted executives at HTC as indicating.

    Some other sources have speculated that the new QWERTY Android phone is likely to be named the HTC Espresso, which will succeed its predecessor, the HTC Hero.

  • ig0tno0dles

    The link workes.

  • I’ll be in the waiting list for this one ;) I need new Touch Screen…

  • Domin8inchi

    T-mobile very well could be getting exclusive high end devices ( anyone heard about the merge with sprint?). That would make them a serious contender against the other two carriers.

  • Ok, is this for real? The articles are alright, but who did this one?

  • at&t

    t-mobile sucks and the whole,network…and google phone are junk i went threw 5 of them

  • Ugh.. again with the no QWERTY.

    We want realkeyboards!

    I don’t really see the point with going through Google to buy a phone, since the carrier isnt going to give you a break on the phone’s price if you buy it elsewhere.,

    I mean, Is Google gonna sell these things for $100?

  • Hey there this is google here.. lvoe the site by the way.. keep up the good work