Sony Ericsson X10 Headed To T-Mobile After All?


Previously, Sony’s newest flagship mobile device, the Xperia X10 was shown to have T-Mobile USA 3G bands. Quickly enough, most sites slated a AT&T launch in the States. But according to the folks over at AndroidGuys, the Xperia X10 seems to have two variants. According to the document they have received, the X10 is supposedly headed to Bell/AT&T AND our very own Magenta. The document shows that variant 1 has the 1700MHz band, which is exclusive to T-Mobile in the United States. Let’s just hope this turns out to be true. I sure would love to have that beautiful device, although it definitely won’t be anywhere near cheap. Hit the jump for the document, courtesy of AndroidGuys! And let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!



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  • JulioG

    Fuck yeah!!!
    Hope its true!!!!!

  • kershon

    I would love to see this drop on T-Mobile. We have heard so many rumors it would really be cool to see one actually come true. It certainly won’t be cheap but for those android fans craving a hot handset this should go a long way to fill the bill. I hope this is just one of several advanced devices to come to Magenta.

  • barzagouw

    Oh yeah. Sooo sweet. This phone is the most powerful touch screen device I think. And nothing better than t-mobile getting it. I just got the blackberry 9700. So yeah I am definitely staying in t-mobile

  • abi

    So much grains of salt on an open wound with all these great rumors. I just wish one comes true or even 2 if we tmobile nation is lucky. Sholes tablet or Passion or even this X10. Well 2010 is around the corner we bound to get a second gen android phone. So disappointed with all these rumors. All the rumors for at&t vzw and sprint come true

  • Randy

    As nice as this phone is, i probably wouldn’t get it because they probably won’t support updates like HTC.

  • aantoine87

    Lol not all rumors come true…………ok they all come true but not for at&t……I guess they would come true for sprint and verizon more because they use cdma and the most companies troughout the world use gsm so if there is a rumor of a cdma phone bound for sprint or verizon the chances of those rumors coming true are far greater than one for t-mobile or at&t……..or maybe not, just a guess lol

  • fort

    Good job tmonews. Now I hope we can afford it.

  • David

    If T-mobile does not carry this for the U.S. market then they are crazy (and stupid)! I promise you they will carry it in Germany ( There are many people, myself included, that would spend the money for this device. Either way I will buy one.

    • dboy

      you just mad cause u can’t afford it!!!!

    • NiiDiddy

      I have to agree with you, David!!! The Perfect Android phone with everything I could possibly want…I sure hope the carry it or else, the are stupid like u said!!! ;)

  • Robert

    Anybody that would spend that much on a phone is a complete fool anyway.

    • price please

      Robert, just how much is “that much”? How much will it cost?

      • BBSwany

        Retail is $ 849…

      • Robert

        To be honest why would anyone ever spend more than a few hundred on any phone… and honestly that’s really pushing it.

        Unless you’re talking something that washes your clothes and cooks your dinner for you as well, there really isn’t that much difference between say this phone and something that costs $250 elsewhere.

        This is where as a consumer you should step in and just say no. If you give in here, then other companies will realize they can ‘up’ their costs as well if people are just going to pay no matter what.

        There’s just no point, to be completely honest phones are already FAR too expensive as is the service itself.

        I’m not sure how old most of you are… but for those that are 30 or older, think back to when this whole thing started and how you probably told yourself you’d never pay $50 a month for cell phone service or $100 for a phone.

        Now we’re locked in as families paying $150 or more for PHONE SERVICE… and upgrading phones every couple of years at the cost of $800 or so for a family of 4.

        It’s just freakin’ ridiculous.

        And it’s more ridiculous for anybody here to even think… for one second… that they should spend say even 4 or 5 hundred on this phone.

        You’d be making a HUGE mistake both in terms of what you’d get and in terms of just being a bad consumer that gives in to a company that just assumes you’ll pay no matter what they ask, because they are asking.

    • 30014

      If people can afford it then why shouldn’t they get it. The only thing that would be ridiculous is getting it if u can’t afford it. If u don’t want it then don’t get it, its really as simple as it sounds.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Robert, I don’t know if I would call people fools who spend so much for a phone. They either have the money to spend, electronics are the joy in their lives, or they are a priority.

      I will say, however, that with the prices of netbooks being $300, it does not make much sense to spend $500 to $800 for a phone. That’s a lot of money to pay for a device currently so limited (compared, that is, to even a low end netbook).

      Now if a smartphone becomes a true mini-computer, then it becomes worth the price, especially if one gets a full blown computer OS on the phone (like Linux on the Nokia N900).

      If I can connect an external monitor, mouse, keyboard and get a full-time high speed data connection, fast graphics, and large media storage (a hard disk, so to speak) on a smartphone, then there may not be a need for a netbook. Especially if one can attach the smartphone to external devices and use it the same as a netbook.

      For ultimate convenience, wouldn’t it be cool to arrive home, slide the phone into a cradle and everything above is connected enabling one to use the phone as a full-sized notebook computer.

      Currently we can cobble together all of the above, almost. So I can see the days of the smartphone being numbered and instead we will all have a MCMMC (a “mini computer multi media communicator”).

      On the multi-media front companies are already working on phones that you connect to your 52″ LCD TV and play movies from downloaded from online sources.

      So I can see companies combining everything above into one phone, basically where our phones are the only computer device we have. And the most amazing thing is that these all-in-one communicators in 2012 will cost us $350, in 2012 dollars, meaning $300 in today’s money.

      If nothing else, next year’s SD and microSD chip capacities tell us that all of the above is coming. Imagine, in a couple years we will be using microSD chips that have two terabyte capacity!

      Knowing all this, I would agree that spending more than $400 for a phone seems a bit unwise considering what one is getting for that kind of money and what one can buy in the alternative.

      Based on what I see on the Net, people complaining about a phone costing $250 instead of $199, I don’t think there’s any fools out there. There are simply many people with money to burn or who would rather have a slick phone instead of eating steak. LOL.

  • V-Vega

    where are the RAM specs ?!?!?

    • Kickstar13

      The known specs are in the document posted above.

  • Justin

    the Sony X10 or the Nokia 97 would be awesome, these are some premium phones, a lot of Ram and memory is topnotch in my book

  • MrNova

    We need a flagship phone badly, because our android phones suck, compared to sprint and verizon! I dont care if it is the passion or X10. We just need atleast one good phone! Please tmobile, wake up and go after these phones.

  • SEFan

    Beautiful phone, but this one is gonna cost us.. I remember the little gasp when I saw the cost of the HTC Touch Pro 2. I predict this one will draw an even bigger gasp. Sure is a good looking phone though – both the device itself and its specs. Let’s hope the reality matches the hype on this one.

  • Vyse

    Sorry, but this is fairly inaccurate. The specifications section of the official X10 website lists variation 1 as a European exclusive, and variation 2 as a North American exclusive. In other words, this isn’t coming to T-Mobile US.

  • Noel

    Okay finally some good news these days abt phones headed for Tmobile…it is like music in my ears…even though nothing confirmed so far but we magenta lovers need this good news. First it was the Google phone-PASSION or HTC PASSION/DRAGON and now the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10. A few days back there were speculations that the iPhone may also find a home on Tmobile…hmmmm ok. Now where is the Nokia N900 and Htc HD2…i want to own any two of these Pocket computers/Smartphones. Tmo make it happen…long over due

  • Rob

    Well, until they remove this little nugget off the spec sheet on the Sony Ericsson website I won’t hold my breath.
    “UMTS HSPA 900/1700 not available for phones sold in Americas.”

    I’ll just keep hoping for the Passion/Dragon from HTC. But I would sooo love to have X10 that worked on our 3G.

  • kershon

    I think this is one beautiful phone. I’m gonna start saving my nickles for this one because it would make a great companion to my bb9700. I will take the black one plz.

  • branon

    The rumors this week have been a little over the top – iphone, sholes tablet and x10 coming to tmobile in the first half of the year. They are each flagship device material. So I dont see at least two of these happening.

    • Robert


      I think this is someone that’s desperate for good news for T-Mobile because obviously they are getting their arses kicked right now and probably will have lost several hundred thousand more customers for the 4th quarter.

      I don’t think there’s a chance that T-Mobile lands all 3 of these phones with probably only the ‘sholes tablet’ as the one they will get… but I seriously think that will even be theirs alone.

      And there’s NO way that if the iPhone does go to other carriers that it would be T-Mo’s alone either. Apple is feeling the pressure from Android and they know they have to branch out. Going to T-Mobile alone isn’t going to help them do that… and if customers have a choice between Verizon and the iPhone and T-Mobile and the iPhone…. well we all know where they are going to go.

  • Now this is the phone I’m talking about. It would be a hard battle for me to choose between this and the HTC HD2.

  • Jonathan

    wouldn’t it be nice if T-Mobile got the Passion, X10, the N900, AND the Sholes Tablet?!?!

    would be nice, doubt its happening though.

    • Rob

      Well, even if they don’t subsidize the Nokia N900, it is compatible with T-Mobile 3G bands so it could be worth getting for the right price if that is the phone you want.



    • rinklighter

      Wow. Who pissed in your oatmeal? Yes, T-Mobile doesn’t have the phones most of us that post here want (hell, I still have a Shadow 07 because I’m waiting on something awesome that would suit my needs). You may want to direct that blind rage in a tersely worded–albeit grammatically disastrous–email or letter to T-Mo’s higher-ups.

      Anyway, I’m all for Magenta getting this phone. Finally, a phone that’s not underpowered, which leads me to think T-Mobile may not get it. I just cringe at what it may cost.

    • BBSwany

      Well, I understand your frustration but how about turning the ‘ol CAPS LOCK off and using English words.

    • jose

      i agree with u lola all we hear is rumors we get our hopes up just to be disappointed. everybody here is excited for this phone but there is really no offical announcement or anything if we do get this get this phone it wont have the full specs just like the behold (galaxy) i dont listen to these rumors anymore im tired of getting excited over a phone that doesnt end up on tmobile once i see pictures of a phone with the tmobile logo on it i will believe it

      • jack makokov

        Do you not understand a concept of a rumor?! TmoNews is not affiliated with T-Mobile in any way. Why not wait until something is actually released, or by an unlocked phone?

    • yor PAPPI

      Well I told you so people . but you never listened now we have an angry Lola here feeling the same way as i do i just got tired of speaking my mind on here because half the time the bungholes running this site would delete my comments ,BUT iam back to say it hasn’t changed at all its the same old T-CRAP spitting out ridiculous rumors just so every one can eat it up LMAO Ive followed a bunch of these devices for a long time starting with the G1 to the TP2 and now these new ones there all great phones but you gotta move to Europe or Asia sumware far away to even get these new phones with those great specs not here not ever for T-CRAP USA.But ukno wut maybe one day in another world in another universe u will get wut u want from yor carrier but till that day happens enjoy yor S….. PHONES courtesy of T-CRAP and these bungholes on tmoliars lol , well read up it this comment wont be here for long ill bet you and for all you losers go ahead spell check that correct my grammer this aint school AH

  • chebus

    im so getting this phone if it comes to tmobile u.s. for SNAPDRAGON and the 4.o glass screen hel yes!!

    one of these rumers better come true. 2010 im prayin!

  • chebus

    this phone looks so sexy, it better not cost $849 on contract.

  • Viper

    WTH? This is a rehash of the previous post, right? Even the previous post showed SE’s spec sheet with all of the bands being supported in the exact same fashion as this document.

    Can someone also explain to me why this article starts off as the X10 being “previously shown to have T-Mobile 3G bands”, then “most sites slated an AT&T launch” then “But now we see there are two variants”… didn’t we already know this? According to Tmonews own post on November 2nd then yes, yes we did. So what if people said it was going to at&t in the past, it has the 1700 band it’s not like that would just disappear.

    • Kickstar13

      Well according to the new spec sheet the 1700Mhz bands were not present, which led to the conclusion that the X10 was headed AT&T’s way. But later on the spec sheet revealed this to be a variant of the Xpearia X10(X10a). At that time it was not known, that there was TWO variants of the X10.

      This post is just another rumor stating that the X10 might hit T-Mobile USA.

  • elarella

    My past experience with SE phones that were released here (W950i, Z200), this phone is most likely not going to be with a specific carrier, rather an unlocked phone sold in the US. That is how SE has always done business with their higher end phones lately, except for the P1, but that is how I see it panning out.

    As far as the website specs, “UMTS HSPA 900/1700 not available for phones sold in Americas”, I am taking that with a grain of salt. This type of specs has burned us in the past (remember the X1’s initial specs??). Besides, no other country in the world uses the UTMS 1700 Mhz band, rather overseas uses the 900/2100 Mhz band, which is not compatible with AT&T’s. so I’ll take a wait and see approach.

  • Edward Gonzalez

    hey guys just letting you guys know if your in the NYC are our market manager is making everybody basically call all customers and add a promotion we having for non-smartphones and that is first month free of web2go…so even if you dont answer we can go ahead and add it without getting a yes from you all we have to do is leave a message. I feel like this is wrong because i see lots of reps in many stores doing it without telling them that after a month its 9.99 every month. So just make sure to look at your accounts for now since this is going on but if you want to go for it just call 611 from your tmobile handset.

  • Titty!

    Well here’s my 2 cents: @Robert ew
    You have not been reading very well, as of sometime next year AT&T’s contract,
    Being the exclusive dealer for thee iPhone, will end.
    Therefore, why wouldn’t go to T-Mobile? it’s a free agent?!
    Now, I’m not a fan of thee iPhone, so motive of being defensive here.
    But if you been reading, like I said, you would notice that if (and they will) T-Mobile HSPA+ by mid-Summer. Making them than the fastest 3G network (aww sorry, AT&T, no more slogan or commercials stating this)
    Why wouldn’t Apple deal a contract with T-Mobile.
    Far as I know, T-Mobile is on the verge on making a lot of deals. :)

    Thus, iPhone may or may not come to T-Mobile, personally I don’t care. It does no damage to T-Mobile, but does good if it were to happen. So why not? :)
    I say T-Mobile, strategize differently then AT&T. If & when you air commercials, of this device boast mostly about your now fastest 3G network:) do not forget about android. Thats what you should focus on. It’s the fastest growing OS right now, as it is updated rapidly. Not forgetting blackberry of course, you never do:)
    So yeah, merely celebrate you’ve achieved this phone, not for a lifetime, but once done,port all users, make contracts for existing ones. Decide whether it should be added to EM+ EIPs:) (really iPhones aren’t exspensive) anyway, use to that feature as a tool. its an advantage, even though I doubt you will, considering it’s an apple phone.
    You’re first & best device you’ve ever broughten:) you guys had android first, member that:) lol

    Conclusion: if t-mobile were to aquire iPhone. What would happen to AT&T?
    They would have no android(as of yet), no iPhone, no fastest 3G network.
    Seems to me, T-Mobile is soon to be after AT&T(like I envisioned, T-Mobile & Verizon being the best two of the America’s) and they don’t realize it, because they’re too busy fighting with Verizon.
    & exspensive fight:) in commercials.
    Soo, as I see it. T-Mobile will maybe possibly achieve 2nd,that is somewhat depending how good Sprint does this last quarter.
    (They’re still doing okay, I think. Theyre managing to stay alive, with this economy)
    Thus, it could be AT&T or Sprint at the number 3 spot.
    They’ll have to battle it out.

    But who knows, it is obvious T-Mobile is 2nd best potential
    That being,AT&T and T-Mobile are both GSM networks.

    And it is obvious there are many assumptions,
    & obvious I know too much:)

    Therefore, there you go you guys, there you have it!
    Why I like to do best, my assumptions on what could possibly happen.


    • kershon

      Titty! I like the way you think. I sure hope your are right. Keepin’ my fingers crossed.

      • Kevin O_o

        Agreed with kershon ^_^

    • Bill48105

      If Apple got enough $ from say Verizon it’s possible Tmo might never get iphone (or at least not in foreseeable future) but odds are they couldn’t afford it or at least higher ups couldn’t stomach the costs (and as mentioned in these comments before the so-called bad blood for the droid does stuff although I’d sooner say making $ trumps hard feelings for businesses most of the time) so likely Apple will go with about any carrier who pays up something AND follows their rules. Ya know Apple is the one who pulls the strings & they don’t want a black eye so they’re not going to sign TMo until coverage is improved in general & they at least hit that magic 200 million mark for 3G but yeah Apple wants to sell phones and keep their imagine so they’ll whore their warez everywhere.

      LMAO, wow you are in a dream world if you think TMo USA is jumping to #2 without merging with ATT! Wow my gut hurts after that one! :D Seriously though, TMo is WAYY behind supplanting ATT. MAYBE with economy in tank & people going to Even More plans to save some $ AND TMo continuing the 3G rollout AND TMo continuing to add better phones AND Sprint continues it’s downward spiral losing customers & stores daily then MAYBE TMo could make it to 3rd but sorry no way is TMo passing ATT bar some major screw up. (I still say a TMo/Sprint/Nextel merge could happen even with their incompatible networks because the best way to increase your customer #’s is merging with another carrier (that’s how ATT got #1 then V passed them up) because before with LTE coming (toss wimax out) it is PERFECT time for that merger since they’ll both need new handsets soon anyway! If they timed it right they could merge to increase their customer #’s but change nothing other than possibly give customers option to switch between the 3 (Tmo/Sprint/Nextel) on the cheap to make them happy but in reality just sell them new LTE handsets later. Call me crazy but to me that is a very feasible (and smart) move if the terms were right for each. The biggest hindrance would be getting Govt to approve it since we’d be down to only 3 major carriers at that point & people are getting leery of big companies and monopolies.

      And no ATT’s data woes don’t count as a reason for people to abandon them in droves because that is really only in certain super congested areas. Anyone I know with ATT loves the service, they just complain about price and sometimes crap customer service although most of the time I had good service when I called during my 9 years with ATT.

      Anyhow we’ll see as time tells I guess. Never say never eh. ;)


      Wow….as much as I’d like to agree with you…..that’s a load of wishful thinking. I wish it was just that easy but it’s going to take T-Mobile some time to be that gleaming. Here’s a question for you…..what will T-Mobile do in the meantime? Sit on their thumbs waiting to be next in line for the iPhone? What if they don’t get the iPhone (which is the likelihood) what will be the excuses then? As much as I respect many of the opinions on this site I honestly think just as many are looking at this in a very blind sort of way.

      What exactly has T-Mobile been doing the past 2 years that would make the prospects of the iPhone so sweet. I know what some of you will say……building their awesome 3G network. Well you’re incorrect… wasn’t until this past year that they started the push on 3G. Their network is dwarfed by the likes of AT&T and Verizon who have been aggressively expanding coverage for bit more time than T-Mo has. I’m going to remind you all that you’re giving praise to the same T-Mobile that didn’t believe data would play a role in their success. That’s funny….their 3rd quarter statement about losing because of competition in data and devices is a completely different tune than before.

      There’s this really big area where T-Mobile has come up lacking….it’s called image. They don’t have one at least not one that’s widely popular or noticeable. They need a serious company makeover. As popular as the iPhone is it won’t sell itself. T-Mobile has to put some marketing muscle behind it because Apple will demand it…again, that’s IF they can get the iPhone.
      The T-Mo executive team really needs to do some work to give T-Mobile a better identity in the carrier market. Last November when the G1 hit the scene I was hoping it would do the trick…it didn’t and a year later I have seen why. The blame falls squarely on T-Mobile. They’ve got to make better device selections even if they can’t land the big fish, the iPhone. They need to make a play at showing off better devices for this supposed killer network they’re preparing to unleash. It needs to be done NOW…not when the iPhone deal with AT&T ends. Show Apple that you’re a serious player in this game, don’t be the competition has coined you to be.

      Kershon/Titty I’m hoping that 2010 will be an amazing turnaround for a company with so much potential but my doubts outweigh my anticipations. I’d really like to see the HTC Passion/Bravo, HD2, iPhone or some other hot devices on T-Mobile’s network. Will it happen? Hmmmm…..that’s the puzzling question. Seems like many of the handset makers have dismissed T-Mobile as being a big player in the market. Let’s assume this will change.

  • ceas

    i dont think t mobile will get this.. and this is why “UMTS HSPA 800/850/1900 only available for phones sold in Americas (except Brazil) and Australia. UMTS HSPA 900/1700 not available for phones sold in Americas. UMTS HSPA 1900/2100 available worldwide.” from there sony ericsons own site you find this under the spec sections “UMTS HSPA 900/1700 not available for phones sold in Americas” that means to support for t-mobiles 3g here in the states…

  • If it even did come to T-Mobile (which I kind of doubt) I wouldn’t be able to afford one anyway.

  • dboy

    this are really cool news!! but.. since their coming from tmobile.. i dont know they always bringing “hot” phones but never actually get them!!! sooo ill just hold still to my old, slow and really bad scratched G1…

  • dboy

    this are really cool news!! but.. since their coming from tmobile.. i dont know they always bringing “hot” phones but never actually get them!!! sooo ill just hold still to my old, slow and really bad scratched G1 or till my contract ends…

  • dboy

    this are really cool news!! but.. since their coming from tmobile.. i dont know they always bringing “hot” phones but never actually get them!!! sooo ill just hold still to my old, slow and really bad scratched G1… c’mon tmobile give us something for real!!!!

  • BBSwany

    Well, personally, I’m not holding my breath. We are going to see more 1700Mhz devices out there but that’s just to give us at T-Mo some 3G goodness. There isn’t even a shred of hope that we’re getting the N900 yet it’s compatible. Now the Xperia X10…

  • saycheese
  • ACatHas9Lives

    iPhone, nokia n900, xperia x10, sholes tablet, or google phone. If we can manage to get 1 of these phones ill be happy.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Robert says: December 6, 2009 at 10:20 am .. To be honest why would anyone ever spend more than a few hundred on any phone… and honestly that’s really pushing it.

    Robert… now you are not making sense. Look around your house, or consider your car. Do you have anything where YOU spent more money than someone else because YOU said to yourself you wanted something or just had to have it. On you car, perhaps it’s a set of options that included features you wanted and were willing to pay for.

    The entire retail world is built on the fact that there’s people who can afford the best of whatever and that is what they will buy.

    There’s others who put a priority on having the nicest designer label clothes and will pay ten times what others will pay, simply to have that label on the inside of their clothing.

    Clearly you don’t consider a cell phone something that you are willing to put too much money into. That’s cool. But it’s silly to expect that others think like you do or that they should.

    You are starting to sound like a banana republic dictator, a communist regime. I am concerned what kind of phones we would have to choose from if you were in charge of things. LOL.

    Bonus Query: Would we all have to wear those Mao suits too because in your opinion no one should be spending more than X number of dollars on clothing? :)

    • Robert

      Actually you’re quite wrong and don’t understand a thing about retail or economics.

      Actually it’s more correct to say that the retail world is built on pushing out products that the companies HOPE people will spend money on – whether they can actually afford it or not – because they want the latest and greatest.

      Who here thinks that a major league baseball player is worth 25 million per year? Or how about 10 million per year? I would hope nobody… but yet because it’s sports and because people will pay $100 to go to a game… and advertisers will pay a small fortune to advertise with them… they make that money.

      Who here thinks that any car is worth $50k when it does basically the same thing as a $25k car? Again I would hope nobody but there are always people that will pay the price because they think it gives them prestige.

      Who here thinks any home is worth 5 million? Same thing.

      It’s not about whether people can afford it – because in MANY cases they can not (just take a look at the bankruptcy numbers here in the states right now) – it’s about what people will pay for because it’s pushed on them and they think they need it.

      Yes, everyone has a mind – even when they don’t use it – but as consumers we’re programmed to want the latest and greatest and companies will continue to push it as far as costs are concerned to see what we will or will not spend.

      To assume that it’s okay because people will spend the money if they have it is a bit naive… because thousands will spend the money when they don’t have it to spend… and yes that’s their fault but that’s not what I’m arguing.

      What I’m saying is it’s ridiculous to spend 4 or 5 hundred on a phone that in the scheme of things isn’t going to be THAT much better than something costing $200… just because it might do a couple/few things a bit better.

      In the end… it makes a call, it surfs the web, it has a really nice big screen, it’s very fast…………. but is that really worth several hundred dollars more?

      As a consumer you should be saying no… and forcing these companies to start dropping their prices.

      When you look at the Behold 2… is it worth $30 or $40 more than the Motorola Droid? Of course not… but people have bought it because they didn’t have many greater choices at this time. That’s a really, really, really bad reason to make a ‘high dollar’ decision.

      That’s all I’m saying.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I like Sony stuff, but not as much as I used to.

    Back in the day one knew that to have Sony whatever you had to pay a premium. Those days are long gone.

    Matter of fact I have not bought a Sony product in years (and I buy lots of electronics, it’s my one pleasure I allow myself).

    So without looking at this phone in detail I automatically conclude that 1) it has some cool features and form factor; 2) that competitor products are better; and 3) that it is over priced, a premium paid simply for the Sony name.

  • Dominick

    Perfect phone for me. Didnt know a phone could be sexy until now.

    • kershon

      Agreed. I said earlier I liked the looks of it but awesome sexy is the word for it. This is the first android phone I can say really makes me want to get out the drool bucket.

  • JinKazama

    Good luck ever seeing this device on Tmobile US store shelves (The company that seems to not know what it’s customers want). True this is an Android Device but the device has the specs of a great device (Which TMobile US seem to like to stray away from (N900 Anyone))?

    Also, I’ve learned that just because the device has the TMobile frequency 1700, doesn’t mean that it will be coming to TMobile USA, again N900 anyone, I really wish that they did Subsidize this and the N900 but knowing TMobile US, this will be another device we’ll all have to get unlocked from the manufacturer.

    On the good side though, it most likely will be coming to Tmobile oversea’s. So you lucky Tmobile Oversea’s members, let me know how this device is when you get it.

  • I think that it just means that like the N900 if you buy it you can use it on T-Mobile. I wish that it was true But, chances are I’m right The only reason it could possibly be true is that S.E has had a long standing relationship with T-Mobile. If you want some more T-Mobile goodness goto and check out HTC’s leaked roadmap ,that’s what’s up.

    • David

      Honestly, are you people not realizing what leaked IS NOT for T-Mobile USA?

  • T-mobile really needs a phone like this and soon. I’m stuck in between phones… I have a G1 and want to upgrade. But to what? The mytouch seems like it might be outdated in a few months. The cliq may not get any updates thanks to motoblur. And the behold 2 is just not my flavor with its touch wiz ui and cube thingy. I want to stay Android but tmobile makes it hard. Maybe the answer is to move away from tmo? But I really dont want to leave tmobile, they have always done right by me.

  • I’m elegable for an upgrade but seeing as the “Cliq” is just another sidekick [No shots at sidekick] I’ve been forced to just wait things out on the stregnth that T-Mobile U.S. might see the “HD2”.

    I hope so because it’s only so long I can wait before I give in to temptation and buy the best touch wiz or BlackBerry T-Mo has to offer because having to revert back to the “Razar” [Yes, the “Razar”] HAS NOT been fun since my previous phone bit the dust.

  • andrew

    This phone is just to big if it was like 3.5 inchs ill buy. I think this well cose alot money look at the behold 2 its $230

  • andrew

    Hope by the time this phone comes out it android 2.0

    • Kickstar13

      It would be pathetic if it didn’t.

  • FILA

    1Ghz SnapDragon, nice, no QWERTY, bad!

    • Bill48105

      To each his/her own. Personally I’d prefer no physical keyboard so it was thinner, lighter & less moving parts (I never missed it once with my Touch Diamond) *BUT* I’d definitely want physical buttons for talk/end and navigation though. Heck I am actually partial to the old-school Smartphones (like 2125 or S710) with physical dialing keypad (it IS a phone after all lol) but I don’t really text and I pretty much only READ email other than a quick short response until I get back to my real computer so qwerty isn’t all that for me.. Personal preference for sure.

  • maher tamim

    the nokia n900 has 1700mhz but it didnt end up being on T-mobile, just something to take a look ar

    • Bill48105

      Does another carrier use 1700 anywhere? Seems odd for them to add it.. I guess the good news is it can be brought to TMo US at least even if TMo doesn’t sell it. :D

      • Kickstar13

        I believe they use 1700Mhz in Japan (band 9)


    From the looks of things i appears Sony Ericsson is interested in selling a T-Mobile variant of this phone. Of course this is only proposed on paper and could change at any minute. What we do know for sure is AT&T will be scooping the phone….AT&T and SE have a very solid relationship and AT&T has shown they can sell their handsets. T-Mobile has maintained a laggard type relationship…only opting to sell on the low end of SE’s offering, this leads me to believe they won’t go out of their way to guarantee producing Variant B of the phone.

    Then there’s this issue with price. It seems that every division of Sony believes their products warrant these outlandish prices just because the brand starts with an S and ends in Y. Let me fill in the rest…. S O R R Y…. I don’t think the phone is worth the $700+ price tag not to mention the cost after the subsidy would still hover around the mid to high $400 range. If you think T-Mobile is going to offer the phone for less than the said price you’re out of your minds. This is a hot phone but it won’t excite as the public as much as …erm…the iPhone. I’m sorry but this is the phone you need to benchmark against. It’s not like there’s any mystique about the phone. It’s just another Android phone at the end of the day so putting any more spin on it’s coolness is pointless. There are lots to like about this phone. It has a screamin’ processor and by far one of the best custom user interfaces on top of Android. Kudos to SE for that.

    I’m looking for handsets that would lure me back to T-Mobile. This would be a great start but that’s just one phone and it’s not a guarantee. We all need T-Mobile to start speaking up and letting their customers know what devices are coming for sure….not this pitiful pipe dream rumor mill crap.

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    If only they can keep this exclusive, I will consider picking it up. I only pick up exclusive devices from T-Mo. I loved my 8320 until AT&T got their greedy hands on it and I had the 8100. Now I have the MyTouch, which is fabulous when rooted. They better get this phone and not water down the specs on it


      The sad truth is this phone will never be an exclusive for T-Mobile. They just haven’t shown they’re willing to offer anything other than cheapies. They also haven’t shown handset makers they can properly market a phone. Have you been paying attention to the commercials on TV lately. T-Mobile is barely a blimp. Who would want to drop and exclusive on a company with weak marketing like that?
      T-Mobile has some serious work to do this coming year. I’m really hoping they can clean up their act.

  • 2FR35H

    What no Android 2.0? what is going on tmo? why can’t you get your hands on 2.0? hurry up so I can sell this behold 2 and get this beautiful android camera phone. Will I also need an andriod data plan? I don’t even know why I ask. Android Phones should be like the Archos 5 Android. No need for a data plan but still able to use android apps using the wifi.


      In this era of tech smartphones are being touted with data plans. It’s nearly impossible to buy a phone without adding the additional data plan. Don’t want a data plan…don’t buy one of these phones. What good is a device like cell phone if you think it has to rely completely on wifi. Coming from a IT background more and more people are restricting access to wifi because of all the security issues related. Public access wifi is available but still sparse in many areas.

      In Europe (the UK in particular) it’s impossible to find a free hotspot. Every place I went with the exception of the Apple store on Regents Street required you to pay or was restricted altogether. People there pay for data plans without a second thought. Not to mention $20-$40/month is a small price to pay to have always available web/email access. Heck, some one you blow $40 on Starbuck or some other unnecessary luxury per week.

      I don’t see the purpose craving phones like the X10 and then being so cheap in not wanting to spend money on the data plan. Buy a dumb phone like the Tap or something similar.

  • NCole

    Here is a helpful link just came up about 3hrs ago guys:)

  • jomcty

    My neighbor works for Sony Ericsson and he showed me the Xperia he was beta testing. It was running a debug version of android which hobbled it a bit but the phone felt nice in the hand, had a pretty loud speaker and nice, bright screen.

    However, in my brief exposure to the phone, I didn’t see anything that distinguished it from any other android phone I’ve seen.

  • uhhuh420

    yeah and my fifth cousins’ neighbor’s best friend’s brother of the guy who sold him his dog’s great great great grandmother’s pool guy’s 12th cousin works for Sony and said they are launching the xperia 85 with 8G instead of 3G.

    • atul0002

      gud one

  • This is great news. I hope this device does have the 1700 T-Mobile band. Without that 1700 band there is no 3g service. This is one hot looking device which has capabilities of many upgrades. The hi tech super fast processor is the nuts. The screen is fabulous and it is just one sleek looking machine. These are the kinds of devices I wish T-Mobile would jump on. I’m sure T-Mobile must realize the consumers in the USA want great looking and hi tech devices. Sony Ericsson and Nokia are top of the food chain.

  • Phani

    So, Are we getting this phone? I’ll definitely Switch to TMO if I can get this HandSet…