Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 With T-Mobile USA 3G Bands?!?


This device has been on many Sony Ericsson’s fans “T-Mobile wishlist,” but today this handset appears quite possible to hit our very own Magenta. Even though there is no confirmation that the X10 will indeed land on T-Mobile USA’s horizon, oddly enough according to the official spec sheet, the device supports T-Mobile USA 3G bands (1700/2100). If you aren’t already familiar with the XPERIA X10 it sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor (Just the way I like it), 4-inch capacitive touch display, 8.1 megapixel camera with LED flash, and an Android skin named Rachael. Soon to be Sony Ericsson’s new flagship device the X10 has a fair chance of landing on T-Mobile USA. The X10 will be announced tomorrow, so maybe more info will be available as to whether or not T-Mobile USA will be picking up this gorgeous, mouth watering Ericsson. Spec sheet after the break! Sound off in the comments and feel free to share your thoughts/opinions with us!

Spec Sheet & Pic Courtesy Of Engadget

Xperia X10_Spec Sheet

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  • Oleg K

    Rather have HD2 than this, Adroid is way too unfinished

  • paul

    Now this is a phone to consider buying..all the speed you could want and a really nice UI. The only draw back is the cheesy body on it..Not a sharp design,,but hey if thats the worst thing with it I’m sure I’ll live..

  • Carlos

    For those that left for ‘VD’ ( Verizon ) and Spit ( Sprint ) and the Deathstar…If these dreams are true…WOW!!!! the magenta T is gonna hurtem…

  • Galen20K

    Hot DAMN! I love this!

  • Pedro

    Ugh, I hate the timescape and mediascape looks!! Other than that it seems cool. Won’t the battery run low really fast since the processor is so powerful?

  • pecoy

    once again sony announces a phone to be released many months from now..they say Q1 2010..and by their past history…they are probably gonna release it in summer of 2010…how can they expect to keep interest of consumers in something that is going to be old by the time it releases.. once again Sony Ericsson you disappoint us. too bad the phone is good but the marketing and the time from leaks to announcements to release is just too long

  • Russ

    Yeah, screw the mytouch and behold. If I’m going for all touchscreen, this is it!

  • John

    too bad is performing so poorly. Also the UI looks shinny but i don’t like it. You have a gorgeous display and yet don’t use the whole screen????
    I just hope they make out of this a usable phone, and of course, that tmo gets it!

  • J-Hop2o6

    so this is compatible with Tmousa 3G, AT&T 3G, Europe 3G.. anything else? nice phone tho and good to hear the AWS is starting to get more support now (even if Tmousa won’t subsidize it)

  • Im so putting away the blackberry now even if its just an unlocked device. It’s so worth it.

  • joe

    Eeegad that looks gorgeous and probably pricey. I don’t know about anyone else, but vanilla Android + widgets are still what I’m looking for.

  • Defiantbeast

    Looks like sony ericsson is finally bringing something of value to Tmobile. The Ui looks a bit laggy but im sure it’ll be up to par by release. I knew tmobile passed on the hero for a reason. I cant wait to get my hands on this…

  • anthony

    if it had a keyboard id get it

  • TravMobile

    Apparently this Rachael UI is being developed for Android 1.6. I hope they make the move to 2.0 before this phone goes to market. This is straight from SE’s own fact sheet. “Opperating System: Google Android Donut, version 1.6”.

    Where is the physical keyboard? And what is up with “Phone Memory” and “up to 1gb”? I really hope they are refering to Random Access Memory and not the internal storage of this device. Shipping with an 8gb SD card makes me fear that 1gb is the actual storage of the device.

    It looks sexy, but for a Q1 2010 phone, I don’t know if a snapdragon can save it’s other shortcomings.

  • playthecharade

    Now THIS is what i was waiting for. It would be a sure buy if it werent for the lack of keyboard and the imminent outrageous price tag. I can work without the keyboard though, if only the price…

  • TravMobile

    Those describing the UI as laggy, I am curious where you are seeing a video link?

  • JL

    Interesting. Non-optimized Donut isn’t exactly confidence building; I would gladly swap that very busy UI for plain ol’ Eclair. If it does get released on T-Mobile, it will at least give me something to think about before I jump ship for the Droid. But the Droid is still ahead in my mind. T-Mobile better get its act together and start releasing some cutting edge Android stuff. How did they fall behind the curve so quickly? It seems like everytime they have a new Android set ready to release, they get beat down because it’s not the best available handset (MT3G and Hero, CLIQ and Droid). It kills me to be stuck with middling offerings on T-Mo while other carriers seem to be opening up the Android floodgates.

  • Bigg

    Ok ppl, dont get overly excited, listen when they first announced the X1 remember then? It had tmobile 3g freq listed too, 8 months after the announcement, it finally came out without Tmobile 3g bands, sooooo I would not take this as 100%



  • well tmonews you beat me to it i see you decided to add this to your site:-) i think this “MIGHT” be the it google phone to beat.

  • Bigg

    Lol and knowing SE, this phone prob wont come out till late summer or fall of 2010, dont count on it being release for Q1 of 2010, thats a lie, and it’s prob cost 800 bucks or more, I’ve experience the X1 and Satio from SE, this wont be much diff.



  • nivekkev

    Well if this does come to TMO and is affordable, I may be convinced to get this even though it does not have a hard keyboard, this may be the one phone to make me skip the hard keyboard requirement…

  • steven


  • RCtennis3811

    So one version is compatible with T-Mobile and another is compatible with at&t? Hmm…in other words, GSM FTW!

  • daniel

    since it has there 3g band i could put my sim card in it and have no problem using it right? i mean i could care less about the junk tmobile will install in it lol, this phone looks better than the droid to me, the ui looks awesome, i think this might be the best looking android ui skin ive seen. i just dont wanna pay top dollar for a unlocked phone and not be able to use 3g data service and be stuck with edge

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I actually like the idea of this phone but am not sure about the fact that it will be unlocked and supposedly support all these 3G bands. Most unlocked phones only support EDGE and that’s totally unacceptable in today’s time. But I love the processor speeds and the Sony Ericsson skin that its in. Hope this all fairs out

  • karl roebling

    No T-Mobile 3G?
    According to Sony’s spec page ( the new Xperia does NOT support T-Mobiles UMTS at 1700 MHz, only “UMTS/HSPA 800/850/1900/2100”

  • 30014

    I was gonna get the behold 2, but if tmo is getting this phone then the behold 2 can suck it.

  • tonyFate

    Yeah, I went to the site and the X10a doesn’t support TMO USA AWS. The X10 supports UMTS HSPA 900/1700/2100, Will that work for us in the US?

  • alex

    If I remember correctly there was quite a bit of excitement about the Xperia X1 have the 1700mhz band too before it came out and of course they were wrong, so I wouldn’t give this too much credit.

  • Yayy!!

    How do you know it has a camera flash?? None of the pictures show it…did they just say they are going to add one?

  • rushmore

    Where is the keyboard? DOWN with these evil, non-multi touch, touch only devices.

    Droid has proven you can have slim AND a keyboard.

  • rushmore

    How much do you folks think this bad boy will cost- Based on the fact that the hardware inferior Xperia 2 (same chipset as G1) is $800?

    Point is would Tmo offer a phone that will likly be $400 with a two year contract?

    Does not seem in Tmo’s mid to low end portfolio strategy. Tmo execs say “We don’t need no stinkin’ high end!”

  • moondog

    Good point about the Xperia products like “1”. It was also overpriced and now there is an Xperia 2 that has the same hardware as Cliq, but is lists at $400 more than the Cliq. My guess that using the pricing of Xperia 2 and the new hardware of this phone, it will be $1,000. I do not see T-Mobile getting this since it would be too high in cost for users.

  • maxxcooner

    Deja vu? X1 anyone? Strange how I read the thread on the x1 form 08 just yesterday for the first time. How sad to see all the bubbles go POP! If anything the x10 phone will come to us unlocked with an SE premium price of 700 dollars or more. I do not see this in the TMOB lineup do to the fact that the only phones SE has done with tmobile in recent memory is a middle of the road flip. Now tmob bring on the n900 which I know has the right bands or just for kicks lay down the snapdragon htc hd2 smackdown and I am there.

  • Grr

    Normally I would say it may be too expensive of a phone, but remember there are new plans and new ways to buy phones now. Stretch it over 20 months, and someone is more likely to buy it from T-mobile now.

  • *black*silva*

    yeah but this doesnt mean anything. we saw the n900 and thought we would have it, because it had tmobiles 3g.

  • moondog

    This is apparently not Tmo 3G US bands. This may be and AT&T phone.

  • NiiDiddy

    This is what I am talking about!!!!!!
    Finally, a larger screen and a faster processor and LED Flash for camera!!!!!
    Now, this alone will make me stick with Android…God, let this be true Amen.

  • Scott

    I have been contemplating switching to Verizon from T-Mobile. I want to stay GSM to keep my phone options open, but right now it does not look like T-Mobile has much to offer me. The droid looks like what I want, fast, physical keyboard, and actually coming out. I just hope I won’t be disappointed on Verizon.

  • Jeremy

    I can’t relay how much this possibility excites me. I have been waiting for a superb company (i.e. Sony E) to make a superb phone (i.e. this one). This is my dream phone!!! It might sound crazy but I would be willing to leave TMO just for this phone.

  • fryrice

    This is a hot phone! But I am sure tmobile is not going to be getting this phone even though it has it’s 3g frequency. probably att is gonna be picking this up and tmo customers can get the unlocked version. Im saying this is because in the past all high end SE phones goes to att. like the c905

  • JustAPhoneUser

    Wow, if this one hits t-mobile you can count me in! I sure would not mind sporting a phone with these specs!

  • Yaniv

    I feel sorry for all the people that buy this phone and the cliq and samsung and any other phone whose manufacture “skins” their own UI.
    Yes its pretty, yes tis “cool” but…. theres a HUGE FRIKKIN PROBLEM here.
    If you arent the tech savvy type and dont feel like ROMing/rooting your phone, you may be stuck with older OS firmware until the manufacturer updates THEIR UI.
    Imagine you bought this phone and it comes out with 1.6. Ok… no problem… very nice; and then 3 months later 2.0 comes out.
    Well sonny, youre gonna have to wait…. see because you need to wait until SE reprograms the skin for the new OS upgrade. Now that could be ina month after intial OS release… could be 6 months… could be never.
    Why would you hinge your capabilities and the manufacturers ability?
    Ill stick with the stock UI and upgrade as I want.
    Now if you are savvy enough to know how to root your phone…. why buy this in the first place? Youre paying for that snazzy UI as much as you are for the hardware.
    Nope… Ima gonna wait till the Sholes comes out for TMo USA…. and Ill be extremely happy with that…. until something new comes along :)

  • Aaronforjesus

    Just to settle the confusion:
    The X10 3G bands are: UMTS/HSPA 900/1700/2100 (including T-Mobile USA’s?)
    The X10a 3g bands are: UMTS/HSPA 800/850/1900/2100 (the “a” in X10a stands for AT&T, etc. 3g bands)

  • just some dude

    Come on Tmobile just think of it, this could be your new slogan.

    ” coverage you need, price you want, phone you crave.”

    Get this Sony-Erickson already.

  • tonyFate

    I went to the Sony Ericsson website and they asked me to enter what part of the world I’m from and I entered US. I went to check the X10 and the only one they had was X10a with UMTS bands for AT&T. I changed my location to something else like UK and the UMTS band was 900/1700/2100. To me, I’m guessing T-Mobile USA is assed out again.. Unless they releasing both version in the US with one for T-Mobile unlocked or not. T-Mobile needs to get their handsets upgraded! They need to compete to keep customers. The plan alone won’t do them no good unless they got handsets to accompany those plans.. T-Mobile USA, you need to do something soon and quick before you tank.

  • C2002

    I just want to know whether or not the Moto Cliq will be getting an Android update to 1.6 or 2.0 soon. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants more info on this. I only have a couple of days left before I can return the Cliq. Please bring us more updates on this David and Mystic. I know we would really appreciate it. Anyone else with me on this?

  • umaluver

    When this phone is released in 6 months, it wont be subsidized by any US carriers.

  • Vap1d

    @Just Some Dude

    Not gonna happen. Given the history of Sony – another company entrenched in corporate stupidity I don’t see that slogan getting too far. Sony believes that in this day and age just because of their name they can continue to charge outrageous prices for products. Case in point – the PS3.

    The best this phone will be a unsubsidized phone that happens to include T-Mobile’s AWS.

  • rushmore

    Phone will cost too much. Expected list is $900 to $1,000.

    Not coming to Tmo and their low to middlin’ portfolio of products.

  • stasguy

    SE did this with the X1…. We were hoping for it, the white sheet had T-Mo’s band, but alas….

  • Well, its down to these three N900, xperia x10, or touch hd2. Might leave tmobile. Doubtful but possible I wish I tmo would release some phones worth while this xmas, o well

  • moose

    hate to burst your bubble but no tmo 3g bands look at the SE website :(

  • Marcelo L

    Just as I thought…and when I questioned the guy from Gizmodo, he SWORE that it included 1700…..I told him to CONFIRM it….do you think he bothered….Thanks Gizmodo. Great reporting.

  • Ashley

    I have the Hero (European Version).. and I must say, this phone is way better. IDC, Tmo 3G or not, ill still buy this phone. If its in the 500 range though. Tmo edge works quite fast though, well on the Hero, so its all good!

    • berto

      hi i am going to buy a hero the uk version. I have tmobile in the U.S. where are u located can u give me some insight on how it acts here in the states…for example maps,facebook,twitter? i have a iphone3g and i am just sick of all the restrictions that they have thanks for your time! ;-)

  • Schmao

    The sony ericsson Xperia X10 does have t-mobile 3G bands. However the Xperia X10a doesnt. Only talk what you know.

  • digiboy


    WTF the PS3 is overpriced – even when it was $600 it was a better bargain than the XBox. No fee for online services, ($50/yr Xbox), free wifi support ($80 Xbox), Blu-Ray (hows the HD-DVD ADD ON treating you).

    Microsoft just nickled and dimed suckers. That’s why the PS3 skews older demographic – smarter consumers know to look more than at the price, but at the cost.

    Buying a s**t phone that makes your life miserable with a 2 year contract is a dumb move. Spending the money to get the phone you want to make your life as easy as possible = smart. If the xperia x10 does all that, than it will be worth more than a Cliq, G1 and myTouch combined.

  • crr127

    gah.. ps3 is garbage.. most of the newer xbox’s come with the hd built in already. and honestly the blu-ray player is way over published. i have a blu-ray player and honestly wanna get rid of it cuz i don’t see a huge difference… plus ps3’s online play is dissmal with it’s spotty and laggy game play. atleast xbox gives you guaranteed 365 day a year almost lag free play…. i’d pay for that any day of the week…

    • whoa dude, blu-ray is overpublished? um… HD-Dvd is out period lol and although they both blu-ray and hd-dvd get’s 1080p picture, hd-dvd doesn’t get the sound quality of a blu-ray by far. Just doesn’t fit. And when was the last time you got online? I’ve never had any lag issues with the ps3 online. hate the xbox360 fan boys of a dying system. 75% system failure on xbox360’s… no thanks.

    • chris

      yeah, u play for that any day of the week… so how’s the final fantasy 13 xbox version will treat u? they basically took off over 50 scenes because it wouldn’t fit the freaking disc. at least blu-ray got it all. haha, i’ve had my ps3 ever since it came out. never had a problem with it, never broke. how bout ur guy’s xbox huh? my friend is on his fourth already. yeah i agree with u that online gameplay sucked when it first came out. haha its way different now.

      at least i don’t have monthly payments for onlyn gaming. I’m already paying 60 bucks for internet, why would i pay another 50 just to get online? just doesn’t make sense… at all..

  • David

    It will have the t-mobile aws band and will work on t-mobile usa’s network. I have a friend who works for sony ericsson and he has confirmed it. I will be purchasing this device for sure, with a discount of course lol.

    • Rob

      Right now the spec sheet says: “UMTS HSPA 800/850/1900 only available for phones sold in Americas (except Brazil) and Australia. UMTS HSPA 900/1700 not available for phones sold in Americas.”
      Which would mean no 3G for T-Mobile US, I really really hope this changes.

  • liltmoguy

    T-Mobile will not invest in high end devicein the US for fear of profit loss. spoke to the Nokia Guy that came to site , he claimed that they made n900 for tmo but tmo doesnt want it. sorry…

  • tron20

    If I’m James Bond an I have T-Mobile I buy it an make them give to me in gold case. I use it to open my car an drive the girls crazy.

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