Sholes Tablet Gets Pictured?


Following up the recent images that were leaked of the rumored Motorola Sholes Tablet, it looks like this baby wants some attention. Still classified under the RUMORS column, the Sholes Tablet has a pretty good chance of hitting our very own Magenta. In regards to the outside casing, the Sholes looks extremely similar to the Motorola Droid. After looking closely, and deciding whether or not I was going insane seeing things, the leaked image shows an odd lump on the right side of the device. God knows what that is, but I just hope when it hits Magenta (if it does) it gets some serious surgery. Also one of the pics shown after the break, reveals a 5.0 megapixel camera, instead of the rumored 8-megapixel camera it was said to have. Hit the jump for more leaked pics! Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!

Gizmodo Via Androidin

UPDATE: According to AndroidandMe the images on this post seem to be China Unicom’s version of the Sholes Tablet (XT701). Hopefully the States get a different sleeker version of this device.




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  • kershon

    That thing is not sexy at all. Does that bump serve a purpose?

  • abi

    Ok wait a min who’s giving wrong info out this story needs to be updated badly. That phone is the tablet but for china unicon that thing on the side is for a better grip. Its all on check it out. And this one will have a 5mp cam not like the suposly usa headed sholes tablet which will have 8mp cam. Again its on but seriously when pigs fly is when the sholes tablet will come to tmobile. Watch its not coming to tmobile here in the usa watch it go to vzw. I love tmobile but they never going to get a great phone like that its very disapointing. I love tmo a lot and I would be a dumb as to go to another carrier but what would drive me away is phones power house and high end phones which tmo won’t have. It will be luck if the HD 2 even comes to tmo

    • 2FR35H

      When pigs fly? sir did you forget about the swine flu? lol

      and I have no doubt in my mind that Tmob will get the HD2 and this phone otherwise who? sprint? I wouldn’t believe AT&T would get this and Verizon Already has the droid and droid eris so why add another version of droid to their line up?

      • 2FR35H

        Sorry I mean mam not sir

      • 2FR35H

        lol sorry I meant mam haha

  • abi

    Sorry china unicom the phone is the XT701 sholes tablet with 5 MP cam and that ugly grip thing lol

  • umaluver

    While the right side maybe ugly, I could see it being quite comfortable. Looks like a good spot for a thumb.

    I could also see it being a POS idea.

  • JinKazama

    if this has a Full Qwerty Keypad Virtual and Stand-alone, Wifi, at least 5mp camera, 32gb internal memory with at least 16gb microSD expansion slot, a Secondary camera for video calls and it comes to TMobile and Verizon for around $200-$300 subsidized, I will be buying this device. Hopefully the design will be different though.

    • Don

      lol yeah right. You will never see a phone with those specs in America.

  • michael

    it doesnt look as bad as u all make it out to be

  • Jason

    Why is this on TmoNews? This is never coming to T-Mobile.

  • Dalton

    That looks disgusting.

  • glyco

    when will Tmo get their $hit together and get an android phone worth the money? behold II way overpriced, CLIQ is a child’s toy with a crappy manufacturer’s skin (i want stock android!), with snapdragon goodness? i’m an ATT customer off contract and i’m waiting for them to get some better phones…if i don’t hear about some better phones by new years, i’m swiching to Verizon (shudder) or sprint…damn tmo, you’re really pissing me off!!!

  • abi

    Hey tmonews where’s my thank you for giving u guys where the real info of that phone was. Lol seriously where’s the love :)

  • abi

    Its funny how the sony x3 is in the pics and the (htc dragon.passion) is on there 2 lol sure looks like the passions top end and wide screen ………. idk but yeaaa lol

  • Barakuda

    doesnt do most t-mobile customers any good (no 3G) at least for net….but HEY! if you live in nobody Idaho you probably have 3G…or lost arizona….or 1 horse town utah…sorry to rant….but none of this means a hill of beans if MAJOR areas of customers dont have 3G ( LOUISVILLE KY…CINCY OH….LEXINGTON KY) there are a ton of t-mobile customers there who would love to FULLY utilize all the nice equipment T-mobile has coming….2 bad t-mobile gives 3G to Markets that are KICKING its A** instead of LOYAL SATURATED markets….the people have had enough…I know I have…I have been with T-mobile/voicestream/powertell for over 10 years….still shop in the SAME store…you know why??? because it makes so much damn money(all those loyal customers) why give 3g when the suckers like me keep buying 3g phones with no 3g service…t-mobile needs to look out for loyal LARGE markets or else a lot of us will just move on…its been 10 years…we are tired of waiting

    sorry for the rant ;)

  • eli_the_great89

    wow that has to be the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen.
    ugliness wise? I can see T-Mobile getting it.
    Spec wise? HELL NO…they either can’t afford such a phone or they simply don’t want to offer such a phone.

  • -ray

    If you look closely at the hump, there are some kind of display lights in it.

  • john

    The real question here should be about the device in the background on that first picture… is that the HTC Passion? And what carrier gets that baby?

    • -ray

      Verizon is supposed to get the Passion.

  • BKJames

    One lump or two? Seriously despite the weird bump, it’s better than anything on T-mobile now. So I’ll take one if we get it, especially if it’s rocking the OMPAP processor set up. Who’s with me?

  • L0vz2t41kW31rD

    I wonder if the device is kinda big or the guys hand is just really small. he is azn so…

  • alex

    Wow is this one ugly phone, and most people say Tmo ends up making them look even worse. Why is the device so big and the screen so small, there is like a half inch of nothing around all sides of the screen. Couple that with a 550mhz processor and this is a definite no go. The one thing I do like about it is the 8mp cam w/ xenon flash – I wish there was a WinMo phone with a camera like that.

  • JustAPhoneUser

    I would take the rumored HTC Passion any day over something with such weird exterior design.


  • FILA

    god why is people gettin obsessed with this POS hunk of Motorola plastic,

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    umm no thanks


    I want T-mobile to get a decent Android phone like the Droid, this is not looking good…. Doesnt look like this thing has the slide out keyboard either, which is what I want. If T-mobile doesn’t get something equivalent to the Droid soon, I will be leaving when my contract’s up, no question.

  • T

    I hope this is not the final… I hope T-Mobile gets the Droid but the Milestone version and just calls it the Sholes because I would love to see the Droid on T-Mobile it is a really nice phone:)

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