T-Mobile Offers Deals on Nokias


Not only is it Friday, but it is also December, which basically means deals and steals everywhere you look.  T-Mobile is hoping to make some more people happy this holiday season by giving some deals on Nokia Phones.  Through December 6th you can get $25 off the Nokia 3711, $15 off the 2720 and $10 off the 5130 [of course this is with a 2 year agreement (+tax/fees) and restrictions apply].  Still, a deal is a deal, and who will deny saving money.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!



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  • PittsburghG1

    How about a free N900???? hahaaha!

  • Dalton

    Hm, I think I’ll pass. Freakin tmo, and your horrible “savings”.
    (Why the hell G1 still cost $400 w/out a contract? Way to try and rip us off.. greedy bastards.)


    Yeah. What great phones. Who careeess about them.. they look like phones people would’ve had back in ’04. :P

  • SEFan

    Nice try, but obviously not aimed at me. If they want to be really enticing they should bring the N900.

  • Birtel

    hopefully they will will add the N900 soon, since it has AWS and all :)

  • Noel

    Hmmmmmm lol….laughable. What deals…all those phones should be free for those who are interested. We need deals on decent phones….bring on the N900, Htc HD2, Htc Dragon, Moto Sholes etc. At least make the Mt3g, Behold 2, Moto Cliq all 99 bucks for those who are interested.

  • BGK

    The 3711 has a nice feature set but the T-mobile re-branding, the ugly brown color and that it’s a hobbled version of the 3710 that has a better camera and LED flash makes it disappointing. I just bought an N79 and love it. If T-mobile carried the N-series they’d have an extra 35.00 a month from me. As it is, I’m willing to get by with a 10.00 edge/text plan and quality hardware rather than make a compromise for a device that I don’t really want just to get fast data.