December 3G Launches Recap


T-Mobile has been on fire recently with its 3G madness, and has added quite a few cities to the 3G bandwagon. With HSPA 7.2Mbps less than 3 weeks away, T-Mobile is making sure everyone enjoys 3G goodness this holiday season. Recapping the recent 3G launches that we informed you about ahead of time, have now been officially blessed with 3G, with the exception of Louisville which seems to be delayed. Congratulations and welcome to T-Mobile 3G to the lucky folks in:

*Cincinnati, OH

*Fort Collins, CO

*Tyler, TX

*Longview, TX

*Chesapeake, VA

So how’s 3G going for you guys?

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  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Many congrats from yesterday to Cincinnati, OH — Home of the Reds, Bengals, Kit Kittredge, & WKRP! (-:
    Many congrats today to Fort Collins, CO; Tyler and Longview, TX; and Chesapeake, VA! (-:
    Now, the 15 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

    City ( Rank at )
    —————- ——————————
    Louisville, KY ( 30 )
    Tulsa, OK ( 46 )
    Lexington, KY ( 65 )
    Anchorage, AK ( 67 )
    Lincoln, NE ( 72 )
    Madison, WI ( 81 )
    Boise, ID ( 100 )
    Grand Rapids, MI ( 114 )
    Mobile, AL ( 116 )
    Little Rock, AR ( 118 )
    Fayetteville, NC ( 131 )
    Jackson, MS ( 132 )
    Tallahassee, FL ( 133 )
    Springfield, MO ( 148 )
    Sioux Falls, SD ( 150 )

    And, the 16 US cities that still need 3G, from TMO’s leaked 2009 3G roll-out list are:

    Little Rock, AR
    Merced, CA
    Redding, CA
    Evansville, IN
    Lexington, KY
    Louisville, KY
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Fayetteville, NC
    Greenville, NC
    Wilmington, NC
    Vineland, NJ
    Springfield, OH
    Erie, PA
    Reading, PA
    Victoria, TX
    Waco, TX

    • Doble-A

      lol @ Mr. Stacy R. Parr

      This guy cracks me up every time.

    • Aaron H

      Louisville has it! It’s been up and down though.

    • mark925

      Obligatory “Hurry up on Merced!” post by me.

  • glyco

    i’m happy for my cinci friends…now all i needs is some HTC passion news and i’ll be happy

  • CZA

    Yay for all the new 3G cities! (Come one Boise, ID!)

    • Mr. Guy

      I completely agree. Come on Boise!

  • Volt117

    Its all fun and good with the 3g coverage expanding, but I really need coverage more then anything, once they start to get better coverage then I will be happy, they have the worst out of all of the carriers, I mean even sprint has better coverage… Comon tmo

    • superg05


  • How’s it working out for me? Oh baby, I’m livin on the air in Cincinnati, Cincinnati with smokin hot 3G!

    Okay, that’s as close to weird Alice as I could come in terms of lyrics. Sorry. But I’m still a big fan of WKRP.

    3G is everything I’d hoped it would be, and as my only internet connection is letting me do all the cool stuff I couldn’t manage before, like video without all the hurry up and wait nonsense that made me crazy. Finally updated iTunes, and let me tell you while it downloaded nice and fast, it wasn’t such a good plan. Version 9 is buggy. But the 100 plus meg download. Fast, easy, painless.

    I haven’t run any big tests in terms of speed, but it sure is a quantum leap forward in terms of speed for me. And you know, that’s what makes me happy.

    So yeah, 3G is really kickin it for me. I’m sure plenty of other folks will talk tech in terms of actual performance numbers, and I’m more than happy to let them do that. Right now I’m more interested in more folks getting 3G like Boise, Louvall, Madison, Mobile and all the rest!

    Me, I’m lovin the lovin!

  • Hey, one other thought, speakin of the Lovin, mad props to TMoNews for callin the 3G launch ahead of time in Cincinnati. You gotta love a News outlet that gets things right, and in advance! Hats off to the folks who make TMoNews possible.


    • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

      I totally agree, Samantha! :-) W2G (way to go) TMONEWS! :-)

    • phoneking13

      They need to expand it more throughout N. West Chester, Monroe and Middletown… :(

      • phoneguy

        Im glad to see im not the only one that feels this way…im not comin back to middletown till they get 3G!!!

      • Chris

        I agree I can only get 3G upto Cincinnati Dayton…. they need to hit Tylersville…

        Monroe & Middletown can wait…. specially Middletown…ewww

    • msmonkey

      Gets things right my ass, I’m still sitting in Louisville getting screwed over by tmobile, not that I’m going to switch so I guess I’m a hostage but its some bullshit that they delayed it

      • iDavey

        Damn right! I’ve been waiting for this quarter to come for my Louisville 3G on my precious G1. I’m getting ever closer to cutting out on Tmobile and switching to another carrier with some 3G. I hate AT&T with a passion…but I miss my 3G speeds.

    • watbetch

      How are the speeds??? Like what does say..

    • timmyjoe42

      I wonder if TmoNews would consider predicting the weather. ;)

    • Sanjay

      Good for the ones they got right, they got Louisville wrong and have not been able to explain why! Like the weather forecasters, I guess. Still waiting. Here’s my forecast: “Tmobile will be getting 3G to more cities in the future”.

  • Danny

    I’m beginning to think we will never have 3G here in Springfield MO. Everyones had it forever but us.

  • chris

    3G just went live on a few more sites today in Lancaster, PA. We have all but 1 site prepped with the equipment right now, and turning up the sites one by one.

  • dboy

    Sucks!!! Still on edge in NJ!!!!

    • Acsteffy87

      uhm i say this to everyone that complains about their edge connection, BE HAPPY!!! im still stuck with GPRS here in Waco, Tx

    • D

      Who Care About New Jersey Any Way lol

  • Rick

    Congrats to those that have 3G. However, I think everyone in Louisville needs to demand a refund from T Mobile. Once again they missed their promise. In my opinion, T Mobile owes me about $1000 for not having 3g In Louisville when it was supposed to be there in October 2008. And BTW, they need to be sued for false advertising. They do not have nationwide 3g like they say in their commercials. Its time to sic the FCC and FTC on them!

    Everyone in louisville needs to call them Monday and tie up their phone system demanding reparations!

    If my employer treated their customers this way they’d be out of business!

    • Sasquatch

      Shame on you for encouraging everybody to tie up the CS lines just to throw your tantrum. Please be sure to tell those who actually have issues or concerns who had to wait 45 minutes on hold about it.

    • Chris

      AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!

      T-MOBILE has been telling Louisville customers for years that “we’re next, just hold your briches”. We continue to keep getting the shaft.

      I’m about 2 days from calling in and cancelling my line for good and sticking with Verizon — where 3G is available everywhere you have a non-roaming signal, and then sometimes roaming is 3G also!!

    • J

      Show me on article when T-Mobile promised to have 3G in Louisville by any date. Rumors on a blog does not equate to a promise by T-mobile. If you are going to file lawsuits with the FCC then the Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T have to be there too. Sprint and Verizon don’t even really have 3G and AT&T’s is hardly nationwide either.

  • John

    Just noticed today 3G in Norman, OK and Moore, OK. Both are suburbs of Oklahoma City, and didn’t have 3G last week. (Been out of town.)

    • watbetch

      But Oklahoma City had 3G? Or did they enable 3G at more towers?

    • watbetch

      But Oklahoma City didn’t have 3G? Or did they enable 3G at more towers?

    • Jess

      OKC has had 3G yes, but it’s been a bit limited. It’s only today that my husband noticed his G1 having 3G at our house on the southside of the City finally. Glad to hear that Norman has it too! We still had 3G connection at the Home Depot in Moore, so I was hoping that they had activated a lot more towers.

  • Danny

    Kickstar: Is 7.2 still planned for this year?

    I know the T-Mo PR machine kept touting they’d have 7.2 Mbps rolled out across the 3G network by year’s end but we’re less than 3 weeks away from 2010 and other than Philadelphia the rest of us are only rocking speeds under 1 Mbps.

    I’d imagine there are lots of fiber to roll out to each site to get these types of speeds and if the telcos are playing their usual self I can’t imagine them rushing for T-Mobile’s last minute rush especially around the holidays. Most telcos postpone fiber rollouts till the holiday’s are over since most of their unionized staff takes time off right now.

  • jacob

    Still no Love For Kentucky… Louisville…Lexington… Bowling Green… all I see is E… yuck

    • phoneking13

      Covington has it lol.

    • D

      Don’t forget Owensboro… which until next year is officially bigger than BG. I’m hoping Tmo lights us up whenever they bring the Evansville, IN/Henderson, KY CMA online, which is next to the Owensboro CMA.

  • Michael Houghton

    Still no 3G in Saginaw, Michigan.

  • frank

    @ msmonkey

    Pay you termination fee and get in bed with AT&T . You whining little ape!


    im running on G don’t even have an E… Wtf is that shit… be happy with E

    • Sprint on 042410

      Why be happy on E when you can pay less with Sprint and have 3G?

      • watbetch

        Yeah, why aren’t we all on Sprint?

        Just because they have M2M calling doesn’t mean it’s truly unlimited at $70 and 450 minutes won’t cut it, and $89 is far too expensive for 900 minutes. Totally unlimited calling is way more than what I need. Mandatory contracts, data and messaging on Smartphones = ALL turn offs.

      • Bill48105

        Maybe because Sprint family plans are moronic. Go to their site & see.. The ONLY option for voice only is 750 minutes. 750 minutes is not enough for the 5 lines we have (AnyMobile doesn’t help much because most of our calls are to landlines) but to go to more minutes you need to go with the messaging plans even though 3 of our lines do ZERO texting and the others MIGHT hit 10 per month so why would we want to pay for something we won’t use? But wait there’s more! We want data on 2 of our lines BUT you can’t just add it to 2 lines, they make you go to unlimited text AND data plans which is just as stupid because 3 of our lines have 0 need for data so why should we pay for it? But wait we use around 1700 minutes so notice we’d have to go with 3000 plan which is ‘only’ $40/month more than 1500 plan.. In the end price side by side 5 limes with 1700 minutes, 2 with data & little texting & tell me how much less I can pay with Sprint.. I’ve complained on how TMo’s Even More plans stick it to some depending on family plan needs but WOW Sprint takes the cake! Add in what watbetch said & wth would want Sprint? No wonder they’re losing customers left & right.

      • watbetch

        Yeah.. Sprint’s pricing is nearly identical to T-Mobile’s and better in some cases, (for both) but the packaging is all wrong.

  • Bob

    Still only EDGE here in the big small town of Bartow Florida.

  • isthatajoke

    yea its true 7.2 is coming by the end of the month as a x-mas gift we already have 7.2 in nyc

  • newspeak

    it is possible that they did all the required upgrades for hspa 7.2 as the roll outs were going on and that all they need to do is a simple software upgrade …it wouldn’t take long at all …who knows maybe they can just flip a switch

    • Kevin

      This is actually very close. They didn’t have to do any additional upgrades, the move to 7.2 is actually only a software upgrade. The only thing that they have to wait for is the cell sites have to be running off of fiber lines instead of standard T1 lines. After that, it is only a simple software upgrade. In the Cinci market they are currently moving the sites over to fiber.

  • Ed

    Boy I really enjoy reading about all of the 3G and now hspa 7.2!!!! NOW HOW ABOUT JUST GETTING US IN LOUISVILLE OFF OF EDGE!!! The worst is they gave us a date of yesterday and then nothing happened. If anyone can find out what’s with the delay in Louisville, please post.

    • Sanjay

      I second that motion! Frustrated with lack of information.

  • Tu-Sean

    Reading Has been tested as of late with 3G goodness

  • ctk

    louisville delayed.

    had to be us, eh?

  • Courtney

    3G in Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, AL + grandfathered T-zones plan + HTC Touch Pro2 = :-)

  • Milo17

    Gotta love michigan. Still no grand rapids but benton harbor and holland launched in the past few days

    • tdiggitydog

      Wait a minute. Holland got 3G? Thats bizarre! The population of Holland is so small! I’m in Grand Rapids and I need it. Maybe we’re close then. Cause Holland is 30 mins away. Are you sure Holland launched?

  • BassControl

    I actually got 3G on my phone back in September when Norfolk/Virginia Beach lit up with 3G because I live on the north end of Chesapeake and go to school in N/VB. Great to see Hampton Roads getting 3G access. Viva T-Mobile!

  • I bet t-mo has 3g everywhere by Christmas. They like to surprise us loyal customers. Although Dallas has been graced with 3g in the beginning, it’s bice to know my fellow friends around the statses wil ne gettting it soon as well

    • Chris

      They could have surprised me with it a year ago. Now, it’s EXPECTED. T-Mobile is being a pain in Louisville’s side. We’re a huge city, no reason not to have us covered!

  • Barakuda

    well….good for cincy,glad they are up and running…i have heard cincy was a bear of a town to get into….with that said,I still cant figure out whats up with LOUISVILLE,time and time again we have been told one thing only to be let down when its time to turn 3g on…hate to sound like a broken record but its true…I planned to go down and get a brand new 3g phone and sign another 2 year deal friday but no 3g no sign a new contract.I guess they figure they have a LOT of t-mobile customers in greater louisville area,no need to rush they are not going anywhere.this is very sad…BTW local t-mobile guy said he heard they are shooting for 17th now…we will see *sigh*

  • chris

    the sites are ready to go to 7.2 right off the bat, but planning needs to be done to increase the data connection to the site from the pstn first… this is why it’s not turned up yet in most areas… same with 3g itself. a lot of sites are equipped for 3g (dualband panels) you can tell by looking at your tower if it is ready for 3g, the panels will be wider, about twice as wide. this is because they support both the 2g network and the new 3g bands. if you don’t see the wider panels, it has not been upgraded yet hardware wise. also if you do a system search you will see t-mobile 3g and t-mobile listed, this will also tell you that the site has been upgraded, but not the 3g has not been turned up yet.

    • watbetch

      Is T-Mobile going to enable 3G at cell sites they left at 2G in cities with 3G? It’s one of the reasons why 3G coverage is so poor in a lot of areas and T-Mobile is seriously dropping the ball by not having all of the sites 3G enabled by now..

      • chris

        afaik yes, it takes some time to upgrade the sites physically with new hardware, one by one… after that, they are turned up one by one…

  • TractorNipples

    Last I heard the lack of T-Mobile 3G in KY was due to the Fort Knox and that T-Mobile is working with the Military to fix this for customers but that they weren’t being very helpful. That’s what I was told by a Tmo rep about 6 months ago. Anyone know if there is any validity to this?

    • phoneking13

      that’s a good plausibility… and I wouldn’t be surprised…

      • RuleNumber1

        Excuses, excuses… Didn’t stop ATT, Verizon, or Sprint.

    • shaner

      i really doubt that, fort knox is a considerable distance outside the city. i would assume they probably wouldn’t cover that area right off the bat.

      • Ed

        Correct – it’s in the next county and would be far outside the reach of Louisville’s 3G service. I was told by a store rep 2 months ago that it was the local sheriff’s department – but that they had agreed to give up their band on November 1st – so that TMO could go with 3G December 1st. Guess that was false.

  • JoeJoe

    3G has been great here in savannah, ga and south carolina. i dont have to use the battery draining Wi-Fi in my touchpro2 anymore. whats even better is i can talk on the phone and be on the net, again without using wi-fi!!!

  • Allenness

    Lancaster, PA got a major 3G expansion this weekend. Prior to that, we only had coverage downtown, but now we have 3G outside the city as well. I’m getting 780 up / 145 down in my basement at the moment.

    • watbetch

      I’m loving this news :) I hope it happens here… it should dammit!

    • chris

      yes, 2 more sites were turned on friday. another turned on today

  • WXman

    Went through Lexington on Sunday…still no 3G in downtown. :O( This is getting ridiculous.

  • Kurt

    Can they upgrade the cities they did first? We were one of the first 3g cities on Tmo throughput is 100-150kilo BITS …that is slow considering AT&T averages about 600. Did the first cities get old 3G equipment or what?

    • chris

      q lot of the sites have not had their data circuits upgraded yet, so they aren’t at full speed. some are throttled down, and others are turned up to full speed

  • bw91961

    I know why there is no 3g in Louisville! I heard that tmobile contracted the same people who were suposed to paint our bridge 5 years ago to get tmobile’s 3G up and running. HA! This is pathetic! Any real news would be appreciated.

  • ixmfourxi

    I dont know about everyone else, but I live in a 3G area and my phone gets 1 area of Houston sucks on 3G. Maybe when 4G rolls out in my neighborhood I will get 2!

    • chris

      not all towers have been upgraded yet, be patient

  • MKEMike

    Madison, WI can forget 3G for a while–they barely have voice coverage (only on the east side–60,000 UW students and the entire state government are left with just roaming when they get downtown) and only the near west suburbs have roaming coverage–the wealthy southwest suburbs have nothing at all.

    Heck, they only got that much coverage within the last month or two. No T-Mo love for Madison…

  • Chris McCune

    i had 3.g in Tulsa for like 5 sec this morning, not sure if that means they are working on it or what. I sure hope so, we need it

  • jeff

    i believe louisville 3g has now launched

  • josh

    3g is live in Louisville ky, getting DL speeds of up to about 3.6 mbps steadily

  • MichaelH

    I can say that I heard the same Military reason for not going 3G earlier in the year. However the Tmo rep that told me we would go 3G the week after the Military stopped using Tmo towers for their own equipment and that was supposed to be the week of Dec 3rd. (That’s what the Fort Knox talk is about in comments above) Its Dec 17th now, and I still do not show 3G on my Blackberry 9700. Those that have said they are getting 3G in Louisville, must be getting it a small area, thus the official switch has yet to be pulled. Come on Tmo!! Louisville/Lexington NEEDS 3G!!

  • Crum

    Ok, Im in New Albany,Indiana, I can see louisville if I go in my attic on the 3rd floor and im still on the EDGE network! WTF? As if not having phone service for 5 hours wasnt torture enough but now MY SERVICE IS STILL THE SAME!!!!! WHAT DID I GAIN HERE? NOTHING, I JUST LOST SERVICE FOR 5 HOURS AND FOR NO REASON!

  • Crum

    if anyone in New Albany has 3g let me kno!

    • whooiser

      3G is spotty on Charlestown rd

  • Anonimo

    and Puerto Rico What?

  • jordan

    ok so we’ve been asking for 3G in saginaw mi and we keep getting the run around every big city around us has 3G just not us!!!! every company has 3G also we have lost over 100 customers in the past 2mths to no 3G but VZW Sprint and ATT all have it! hopefully someone of importance reads this and thinks g maybe we should put 3G there!

  • bobbh8

    I don’t know if anyone in Miramar FL is blessed with the upgrade to the 7.2, today i was told by a T-Mobile tech that he is not showing any upgrade for my area i still can only get .72 down and a .36 up so what upgrade? and when?