Motorola Android App Store Leaks


Well the Android Market looks to be getting an “overhaul” courtesy of Motorola who apparently have gone and built their very own Market for Android, with desktop capability and all. Currently called, “SHOP4APPS,” my boys over at Androidandme have used the awesome power of Google search to reveal one of Motorola’s dirty little Android secrets. Unfortunately, the discovery the of the site has led to a takedown as it evidently wasn’t ready for prime time but a key facts were uncovered before the inevitable takedown.

  • MyLocker section which allows to see your download history
  • Ability to re-download/transfer apps to a new phone,
  • Accessible from your mobile browser, mobile client and “Motorola Media Link (MML)”
  • Automatic notification of app updates

While this sounds like a great idea to help Motorola Android buyers organize and manage their Android content, what does this say about the current state of the Android Market that Motorola feels the need to introduce their own variant? Also begging the question, will other manufacturers follow suit and build an independent Android Market, HTC anyone? What about non-Motorola phones? Will the mobile browser version be restricted to Motorola only phones? Will the apps in the store be picked by Motorola or based on some other kind of rating system? In my eyes, looming questions remain about how this will be introduced, operated and run side by side with the current Android Market…


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  • sorandkairi

    COOLL!!!! i guess!!!

  • When is someone going to open up a multiplatform mobile appstore?

    If a particular manufacturer wanted something they could set up

    what do you think?


  • Tito

    First, I don’t think it says anything abouy the market. Motorola justs wants a cut of profits from paid apps.

    Second, there IS a multiplatform appstore. Ever hear of handango?

  • Will S

    I say they should open it to all Android users (even if they charge extra to non-Motorola phones).

    …but I doubt this will happen. The benefit of Motorola having a custom market is that they *could* test and/or support the apps in their market on their phones. This would help Motorola users know that the apps will work on their phone.