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The Google Phone (Nexus One) wants some serious attention, and thanks to BoyGeniusReport we can drool over more images of this beautiful device. Rumored to hit Magenta on January 5, 2010 with the choice of a subsidized price (again rumored to be $199.99 with a 2-year contract) or retail price, the Nexus One will be the perfect New Years gift! Without further a do I shall leave you to drool. Another image of this beautiful handset compared to the G1 after the break, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments! Are you guys diggin’ the Google Phone?


nexus_1 nexus_2

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  • Manny

    Nice images. it looks like leafs are falling rom background.
    Im buying 2

  • jmannyjr

    Do u really think its slimmer than the iphone (i hope it is!!!)

  • Joe

    looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Galen20K

    Man Cannot WAIT! And by the looks of it I wont have to wait very long! ; D

  • Peter

    The screen is nice, but that trackball ruins it. Hey Google, how about a version without the trackball?

    • Brian

      You know, I actually like the trackball. =P I use the one on my G1 all the time. Now I will point out it does stick off quite a bit, and doubt it will make me like it less. It can be a concern to others though.

    • Black Kristos

      I really did not like the idea of the trackball when I got the MT, but you know when I use it it is really handy.

    • Miguel

      An optical trackpad would have been nicer.. meh.

  • Jason

    Better yet a physical qwerty keyboard and no trackball

  • jmannyjr

    i like the trackball. cause sometimes i dont wanna touch the screen and get prints all over it especially if im at work with my hands dirty.

  • fort

    Mytouch for sale. $99 anyone. Please :-)

    • Kickstar13

      There is no selling of any products on the blog.

      • bob

        mybe hes emplying sumthing

    • Ben


  • jmannyjr

    its alos good fro games like Pacman

  • 9ooyan

    looks like you access the programs from the notification bar now, huh? i can’t see where else it would come from. this phone looks sick though…can’t wait!!! damn, i’m rocking a 3 year old HTC hermes, thing is falling apart! i’m glad i’ve been patient and didn’t rush to get the ClIQ. good things come, eh?

  • Rick

    Well, no keyboard makes it slimmer, that’s easy.

    If you want to compare it to am iPhone, the screen size looks a little small. But a fair price to pay for freedom.

    How big would the included SD card be? It does take an SD card, right?

    Ah, details, details…

  • wl

    ill take ur my touch email me

  • Cybersedan


    Dude, I’ll seriously buy it from you :-).

    In any event, I’ll be in line first when this phone is offered, I’m hoping that Google really took this one by the reigns and guided HTC to produce the first real killer Android device, can any one say “The phone you crave”, these words by Magenta are now beginning to get meaning.

  • jnl813

    Man Boy Genius Report ALWAYS gets first photos of ANYTHING!

  • The display looks nice. I wonder if it’s the same as the iphone, or just the same screen res as the TP2.

    • Kickstar13

      I hope it has better resolution than the iPhone. I like the 9700’s screen resolution.

  • saintory

    A trackpad would’ve been preferred to a trackball however the OLED screen is to die for!

  • ManoloDF

    Ok so subsidized by T-mobile or by Google? Makes a big difference in price for people on EvenMore Plus plans as well as people without available upgrades, or ones that do not want to extend their contract.

    • Kickstar13

      Its rumored to be subsidized by T-Mobile. Google can’t really subsidize it, since there not a wireless carrier.

      • JRG1392

        They could subsidize it just to get more people on the mobile web. When people use the internet Google makes money. I hope we get more info soon cause this phone is screwing up all my Christmas plans.

      • ManoloDF

        Google can subsidize the phone, Example: Buy for 400 from HTC, sell for 199 Direct to Consumer. Boom! They just subsidized it. They would get ROI on their subsidy based on google searches and integration with google services on the phone, for example search ads, adsense, getting people to use gmail and so on. Its convenient for google for you to have a phone with their OS that tightly ties in their search and use the mobile web through their portals.

  • erica

    I need a physical keyboard.

  • Jordan (Cincinnati)

    They need to make a version with a keyboard and it would really kill the iphone

  • q2mobile

    I am a huge fan of the trackball, especially for web browsing in landscape mode. I have a G1 and am hugely disappointed that HTC has not made a slimmer, faster, version. I NEED the qwerty, and the trackball. Those 2 options are win win for many users.

  • Ernie

    Is this a HTC phone???

    Please someone write me back!

    • Kickstar13

      Yes its a handset manufatured by HTC. HTC Nexus One

  • JBLmobileG1

    I REALLY want to ge one of these. I am kinda dissapointed though because I am only half way into my contract with the G1. Tmobile should really let users who were the first to get the first Google phone be entitled to an early upgrade for the same price as a new customer. After all we were the ones who pretty much tested the new O/S and helped form it into what it is today. I myself have always loved Android but was upset with the quality of the G1 and its lack of memory (which I still have issues with to this day) Not to mention it will probably show in my notes (to Tmobile) of all the problems I had. First unit was bad… had to goto a corp. Store to even get a new one because of back order only to find like 5 of the 6 phones they had had the same issue. Then my battery on the new one was horrible so I called Tmobile they told me to call HTC only to find out they are back ordered so I call Tmobile back again and then they give me a new battery. Sure I was always taken care of after having to call over and over but all I want is an upgrade! Until now I don’t even think there was a great Google phone to replace my G1 (although it did have problems… the Mytouch was the closest) Oh…. the Droid but that was on Verizon. And before anyone says don’t blame Tmobile blame HTC… well I heard Tmobile knew about the memory issue with the G1 and I am pretty sure about the battery issue as well. So I think they owe it to anyone who has had the G1 since day one and had issues with it should be able to upgrade to another Android type phone.

    • Danny

      But remember you did get a subsidy discount when you got your G1. T-Mobile subsidized that phone for you already.

      T-Mobile can’t keep giving customers subsidized hardware everytime a new phone comes out.

      There will always be a newer better phone on the horizon. That’s just the way electronics work.

    • Rocko

      Not to mention that T-mo offering the Nexus 01 is only RUMOR at this point. Supposedly this is an unlocked handset being sold directly from Google which means you might not ever see this being sold directly from T-mobile.

  • TJ

    I have an iPhone 3G and the G1 and this looks to combine the best of both. I’m hoping that is a scroll wheel because I miss it on my iPhone. It’s fast and accurate on even zoomed out sites.

  • Defiantbeast

    After having the behold 2 for a few weeks im really in favor of dpads. One thing that drove me nuts was having to spin that trackball over a 1/4 mile to move it three spaces over in my text selection. With the behold 2 i just hold the button down and it moves with one press. An optical pad would be nice to if you could do the one press hold, also i can see that phone being kept awake by the movement of the track ball in a pocket. Please dont think im bitching and moaning ive been drooling over this phone since i first saw it, its just a minor annoyance. That OLED screen is gonna be great cant wait to hold this baby but i might just wait a bit, i like my behold 2 for now sides if this is out in january just think about whatll be out by summer. GO TMOBILE

  • vikingfan45

    all i need to say is this……………………………………………………………………………………..

    HTC HD2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scrit Mcgrittz

      Booooo…. Yeah the hd2 screen is amazing but it is running win mobile! The huge screen is gimmicky. And also it has the same resolution as the “Nexus”. I am not impressed with any phone right now, but the droid. I would of bought it if it wasn’t on Verizon, they are too expensive!

      If the “Nexus” is out for t mobile, subsidized, I will def get it!!!

      • Scrit Mcgrittz

        Oh yeah the Nexus is so plain. Could they have given it character?

  • edd

    i have to say, it gets better every time i look at it. it just gets more appealing to the eye. it just.. it just.. its hot…. lol XD

  • Gman

    What a coincidence hspa+ and Google phone both due in jan of 2010 and the phone runs on tmobile’s network! Maybe it will be the first phone with hpsa+, maybe google wants the phone on USA’s fastest network since its going to be the most powerful phone available, maybe i know something others don’t!

  • jmannyjr

    Hey Kickstart ,

    Check out This DUMP ,Im guessing its Android 2.1

    Also check out Nexus One Boot Animation

  • Sean

    Since the news came out about this phone I’ve been really excited! Upon further review I really think the hoopla as far as it being a “Google Branded” phone is way off base. I believe this is just the next iteration of the google phones that have headed to Tmo and have had dev phones in their likeness. A lot has been made of the lack of branding on the phone…but if you look at past dev phones, they all lacked branding on the front… that blank area will be where T-mobile will put its branding.

    I’m super excited based on the specs alone…and that its coming to tmobile…I almost jumped ship for the Droid…I’m so glad I waited a few days to think about it!

  • JK

    is it going to be unlocked or locked to t-mobile if directly sell from Google?

    • Bill48105

      Wow good question but you’d think they’d have to lock it if you got a discount & sign a contract.. At least if they wanted to cover themselves.

    • Bill48105

      Ooops hit submit too quick. But you’d figure the ones you pay full retail for without contract should be unlocked..

  • -ray

    Love the phone design, hate the color… Next..

    • Tim

      Lol!! “hate the color.. Next.” Bwahahaha! *snicker*. That IS a joke, right??

  • vikingfan45

    based on the color its coming to t-mobile but employees would of heard wind of it by now specially since a new android device and there most powerful phone we would of already had someone leaked training on it or something so my thing is probably not January probably mid to late Q1 if it comes to t-mobile………………..

    • Duck Dodgers

      That might depend on who supports it. Google or T-Mobile.

  • bigg

    So 199 with contract, how bout retail?

  • jmannyjr

    guess its confirm , it will be $199 with tmobile. dont know how much without tmo.

  • JustAPhoneUser

    If the screen res is 800×600 as some have said and they use the 1ghz processor, then man this is the phone I have been waiting for. Finally, something better then the iphone, and I am not an iphone hater, but I will sell my jail-broken iphone to get this! No keyboard, but it is a phone and it is all about slim for me.


  • Tony

    The google phone looks nice. Hopefully this phone will come out at Tmobile next year in January. I really need a new phone. I was wondering if Tmobile is going to have iphone too. That’ll be nice.

  • WootRoot

    Physical keyboard is out dated with the accuracy of these new screens/software.

    And ill take a track ball over a touch pad any day

    And i seriously doubt the $200 rumor

  • JBLmobileG1

    There will always be new and better phones out but Tmobile and Google knew the G1 was more of a test project. The phone didn’t have enough ram and I think everyone knew this. In fact the MyTouch is pretty much a G1 without a keyboard and of course with more ram. The G1v2 would have… should have been the first Google phone… but I don’t think it will ever come out if this Google phone hits. Unless of course it packs more power than we know of. The G1 was the beta phone so I don’t think Tmobile should complain about losing money because it helped make them money in the end. I have heard from other G1 users who had issues that they felt the G1 should have been recalled as a lemon. And while I am sure the newer built models are made better they still flawed as far as memory goes. Could be why they went down to $50 at my work then we no longer carried them after they sold through at that price. I also heard Google was looking for someone to create apps to SD… but will this even happen now at all? For all we know if this is thee Google phone of phones… maybe all the other Android phones will be left out on a lot of things. Sure we may get updates here and there but I doubt we will see everything there is to come due to the lack of hardware. Will the G1 which is said to be a phone designed by Google and Tmobile ever get 2.0? I doubt it unless you root it (which I don’t really want to do). Maybe Google will pull a Microsoft. Remember when they worked with Sega and had a form of their Windows CE in the Dreamcast? Then what do you know…. its a hit “at first” so they decided to release what we know as the Xbox (there own game system) then the Dreamcast goes under. You know darn well the Xbox must have been in the works when the Dreamcast was alive and well. I know I am going waaaayy off subject but I feel if we were the testers we should be able to get a taste of what it has become without having to wait another year. Like I said in the past… they could at least let us upgrade earlier or let us get some sort of trade in towards the true Google phone.

  • AndroidGuy

    i have been looking at people write g1v2 for almost a year now. do you people not see how stupid that looks. no one would name a phone that.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    All I know is that I’m getting my settlement soon and I want this thing bad. I just want sense ui. Its so beautiful

    • SG

      i dont think this has sense

  • SG

    anyone know if the 199 price can be had with an upgrade

  • Corey

    No dedicated call/end buttons? What about buttons on the side to adjust the headset volume? I DEMAND MORE INFORMATION…. but seriously, I am very excited about this phone.

  • Head on over to where you can download the GenieWidget.apk from the Nexus 2.1 dump to your G1.

  • Shaud

    For anyone that has a mytouch it will be pointless to buy this, its almost the same phone,

  • Zachary

    Over at quote “Internal storage is 512MB for Flash, 512MB RAM, and Google was nice to give 4GB MircoSD (expandable to 32GB). The radio bands are “UMTS Band 1/4/8 (2100/AWS/900).” A thing I noticed in the manual is that the phone supports the 5GHz WI-FI frequency…both A and N! Unable to test it :/ though. Unquote” So awesome pretty much coming on T-Mobile with those bands. Also so happy bout the N frequency for the wifi can finally download a lot faster.

  • andrew

    that looks like the eris to me

  • Arsen

    Does anybody have any info about the technical specifications?
    I really want to know what’s processor frequency and the camera resolution.

  • J├╝rgen

    Has it occurred to anyone that this phone may just be available for developers only and is not intended to be available to the general public? I’m just speculating.. since everything seems to be based upond speculation and assumptions anyway. More than likely just like Google/htc’s dev phones of past, it will be avail unlocked direct from Google, probably for $199 and when they are ready to launch on a mass scale to public it will be through T-Mo. Likely to test with Google employees first, then developers, and then once they feel market ready.. T-Mobile. Wouldn’t you agree, it doesn’t make sense for T-Mo to bring a similar phone to market when they’ve still so much invested in marketing the MyTouch. Only facts are the phone appears to be GSM only (sorry sprint, verizon) T-Mo 3G and/or ATT EDGE capable.

    What I want to know is does it have a flash, and what’s the sticky note covering up on the back, and what info was blocked out on the front and why?

  • texmoss

    Now…knowing how other phones crashed and burned with simple neglections of key features..I sure hope that google at least took care of the 3.5mm head phone jack, hot swap sdcard, 5mp camera or better with flash, ummm what else do we need, bluetooth send and recieve files, sd card expandable past 8 gb, and a battery to last 24 hours with consistant use of data and phone…NOT too much to ask is it. IT would scuk to have a phone with the fastest processor on android so far but to have it returned with-in 14 days due to not covering the basics.


  • ejay-droid

    Finnally t-mo gets a phone that could be an game changer . If this phone lives up to the hype t-mo could finally have that blockbuster phone that we all have been waiting for. and with t mo possibly getting the iphone while having the best plans in the nation with the hands down best customer care i see a bright future in front of my fav carrier.

  • ejay-droid

    thats of course if they do get it…..

  • L0vz2t41kW31rD

    I dunno, out of all things, comparing it to a g1. sounds like better chances for tmo getting it :D

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