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The image says it all…


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  • Show-off!!!

  • Just kidding….more please!!!

  • Tim

    That is sexy. I can’t WAIT to get one!

  • rushmore

    I would buy this puppy- IF it had a keyboard. Not an option for me.

  • Just kidding!..more please!!

  • just some dude

    865826 second to go , come on lets go, hurry hurry get to the chopper. wow i went to far there, i want this thing.

  • BBSwany

    Man.. Really?!? More pics please!!

  • fort

    I hope T-mobile goes all out like Verizon Droid has done. It’s time to take control of the market. The Best smart phones, Nexus one, SE X10,HD2. Let everyone know they have the fastest 3g network and getting first. Now I hope I can get the Nexus one. Love that pic.

  • pecoy

    that screen looks really good in the picture…imagine how it looks in person and up close!

    so tmo how u guys get that pic? hmmm..? i have a feeling u guys have more info into all of this..cmon guys spill out the exclusive information already!…2 more weeks to go till jan 5th!

  • TFJ4

    Holy %^&*(

  • soviet

    need to see tmo 3g

  • edd

    its like i had a visit by the angels… :D

  • BronxBebe

    LOL funny thread..

  • Deer Park

    If only that was actual size. One can only dream. Still, funny thread.

    • Viper

      That’s what she said XD

  • B

    Think I’m gonna pay you guys a not so announced visit very shortly

  • macoy

    Can you guys please post a video review ASAP? PLEASE

  • Android


  • Chad D

    I’m sick of seeing pics! I want some hard info on price and dates!!

  • Nitaino

    Agree stupid picks

  • Phenomenon

    Where did this pic come from? Phillm from twitter?

  • pecoy


  • Kyle C.

    still need to confirm if there is multi-touch supported yet, anyone knows that?

    In addition, how does it compare to Bravo, what you guys think?

    • Kickstar13

      The Nexus One does not have multi-touch.

      • Phenomenon

        This has been stated in many places (especially with tnkgrl’s review). The device DOES support multitouch but the software doesn’t (at least not in the browser). Just like the Droid vs. the Milestone…

  • bureau13

    First off, multitouch is overrated…I have it on my hacked G1 and never use it. Second…why the *&^% doesn’t the Nexus One have it? Do we know it doesn’t? I saw a demo of a new Win Mobile phone that had it. Nobody cares about Apple and their stupid lawsuit anymore, obviously. So why would Google limit themselves like that?

    • Think Different Is An Ironic Statment

      Riiiight? It IS overrated… how are all these users of non-multitouch getting by without it? have you ever… Evvvvvvvvvverrrr…. heard someone out on the street complain, “Man I wish this had multitouch!”. Never.

      I’m sure it a nice option to have and one you’d use if you had it, but it’s not a MUST have and arguably a lot of people would never use it.

      Simply put, people keep crying about multitouch because its a ‘bigger dick’ game to them and since the iPhone has it, they must have a bigger dick somehow.

      Again, let me be clear: I’m not saying it’s not worth having, but its not enough right now to make or break a handset.

      • CMK

        I have an iPod Touch and I use pinch-to-zoom all the time. A friend just picked up a Droid and loves it, however he wishes it had multi-touch.

    • umaluver

      can’t any of you read?

      ONLY the built in browser and the google maps (navigation) do not support multitouch. the PHONE does support multitouch. download new browswer. boom. multitouch.

  • andrew

    what is so great about this phone besides the android

    • Think Different Is An Ironic Statment

      I think there’s a reason no one answered you… but I’m game. Snapdragon 1GHZ processor? 5MP camera WITH a flash? Compatible with HSDPA 7.2; Now put on top of that Android 2.0 and a phone that’s thinner than the iPhone.

      To put in perspective:
      The iPhone is a 600Mhz processor with 256MB of RAM.
      G1 is 528Mhz (well, if you root it anyway) with 256MB of RAM.
      Droid is 550Mhz processor.
      Nokia n900 is 600Mhz with 256Mb RAM.

      As always, it doesn’t always mean anything… architecture plays a role and could mean a faster phone at lower clock speed.

      No one else really matches the specs on paper except for the HD2 and Xperia… both of which aren’t out yet and all maybe coming to T-mo!!

  • Robert_x24x

    Honestly, the only thing that is making this device amazing is the Snapdragon processor. Other than that, I was really expecting this phone to be a lot more asthetically pleasing. It just looks like T-Mo’s version of a TP2 without the four bottom keys and an added trackball. Not very impressive. Android 2.1(Flan) is nice, but I’m wanting to see 2.1 with Sense UI. That’s where Android really shines, in my opinion(gasp! I spelled it out!). Plus, T-Mo’s “3G” is under par of AT&T’s, and that makes a statement. I’m happy for Magenta consumers, but I think this device/phone(as well as the HD2) are wasted on this carrier.

    • ultravision

      So the nexus one and the hd2 don’t deserve to be on tmobile but deserve to be on the crap unrelaible iphone clogged network of att? Have u heard of 7.2mbps hspa or hspa+ 21mbps? Lol read the news about atts network

      • Scritz Mcgritz

        To Ultravision’s comment
        All I have to say is WOORRRDDDD!!!!!!

    • Scritz Mcgritz

      It depends where you live. If you live near a big city like New York, you will def have coverage. If you are traveling through a low populated area like the Everglades in Florida, you can forget it, you won’t get coverage from T-mobile.

    • 2FR35H

      Lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz (so many z’s because its that funny)AT&T is the worst 3g carrier right now Tmo is by far ahead of AT&T not to mention if this phone went to AT&T they would strip all that is google for what ever feud they got with them(iPhone competition maybe) It would be a sad day for android if AT&T got a hold of this did you ever hear about what they are doing or trying to do with moto backflip? its horrible and atrocious replacing google stuff with yahoo its disrespect to all that is android. Wake up Robert_x24x AT&T is a crap azz network for 3G

  • ok now someone out there is just teasing us. Im leaving for Marines bootcamp in Jan 11 so I’ll be there for 3 months I might not be here when the specs and more info about this phone comes out.

    David or anyone who knows the specs or any other sweet stuff about this can you email me them.


  • daniel

    sweet, i want this phone, Ive been using the moto droid at work and i must say with a faster processor and 2.0, android rocks! the phone is so smooth going in and out of menus, no lag, no force close. I have the mytouch and the thing is laggy and force closes way to much, still love it but its getting to be a pain. I will say the droid is probably the best android phone ive used to date. I ve tested the sprint hero, sprint moment, droid eris, G1, mytouch and all have had a lot of issues with force closing and laggy menu’s. with 2nd gen android phones coming out we will finally see what android is capable of.

  • D

    I agree with a few of these posts in reference to pics and vids. Nice photos and short videos. The phone look the same in all vids and pics. Nothing has changed,still and nice looking phone. Very appreciated they shared. What about the internal memory? That is something they should have hard facts on being it is in their possession. Price and date is a maybe they would know. Is anyone else interested in knowing about the internal memory?

  • -ray

    Is this a black one or is it just the lighting??

    • Kickstar13

      Its the lighting.

  • Jason

    Ok, is it coming to T-Mobile officiallly or not!? Every has this hidden!

  • Whoa! Totally thought that was a tablet at first glance. Come on January 5th. I need a new phone.

  • TomCruise

    so if Jan 5 is the big day for this phone, where are the advertisements? how would anyone outside of these forums know how sexy this device is?

    • ThetanLevel13

      That scares me to. I don’t think Jan 5 is realistic at all, as much as I want it to be. There should be a full-on marketing onslaught at this point and there isn’t (don’t count all this viral net-junk, I’m talking full on ad campaign). Not to mention… Dec 1 they dogfooded the phone… is 34 days enough time to work out the kinks and finalize everything?

      • Rj

        Now many football/bowl games are coming up in the next 2 weeks? More so how many are on Jan 1 and beyond my count is 14 games on the 1st or after. Just hammer a select few and you have a market onslaught. Also T-Mo is still turning on cities with 3G two this morning Little Rock and on in Washington with a goal of 200million people covered by years end. I would be prudent to have the network built before you kill it with a single phone cough iPhone.

  • Coney

    so whats the difference between the nexus one and the mytouch?

  • Felix

    Why do people keep thinking that multitouch and pinch to zoom are the same thing? Pinch to zoom is a gesture that requires multitouch, MTouch its self allows you to hit 2 or more letters on the Virtual Keyboard at the same time and not have it go “OI WHAT ONE DID YOU HIT!?!?!” IT allows other things too, but that’s the most practical reason to have it on a phone without a slide out qwerty

    • Scuzzy19

      Uhm, hate to burst your bubble but the mytouch does not let you hit more then one letter at a time.

      • Felix

        M touch was my head turned away form screen way of saying Multitouch, so pick apart something else please u.u;

  • Robert_x24x

    To those that commented me with your retarded “loz” and other bullshit, I never once said either of the forementioned devices should be on AT&T. I simply compared AT&T and T-Mobile to each other in terms of how shitty I think they both are. And I stress that that’s what I *think*. Read the post again, realize and understand that it’s simply my opinion. Get over it.

    • J

      You’re entitled to your wrong opinion.

      • Robert_x24x

        And you’re entitled to being a little cunt. =) I get it now!

  • Ryan


  • Broke

    Anyone know what browser this is, displayed in the pic? I like how far it zooms out. Thank you!

    • Kickstar13

      Its the default Android web browser.

      • Broke

        Wow thanks. Must have gone through a few changes from 1.6. Looking forward to it!

  • kv66

    Put UMA in these Androids already….geez