Little Rock, Arkansas Goes 3G


Update: Yakima, Washington apparently also get 3G today!

With the year almost over, T-Mobile must be moving furiously to reach their goal of covering over 200 million people with 3G coverage. Today’s launch news is courtesy of Little Rock, Arkansas which is waking up to all that is 3G goodness and just in time for the holiday’s. Since it’s a slow news week, here are some fun facts about Arkansas:

  • It is illegal to mispronounce Arkansas while in the state. It must be pronounced “Arkansaw”
  • Sam Walton founded his Wal-Mart stores in Bentonville, Arkansas
  • The first woman elected to the U.S. Senate was from Arkansas — Hattie Caraway, elected November 1932
  • The word Arkansas is from the Quapaw Indian language meaning south wind


  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Many congrats to Little Rock, AR — former home of former President Clinton! (-:

    Now, the 10 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

    City ( Rank at )
    Lexington, KY ( 65 )
    Anchorage, AK ( 67 )
    Lincoln, NE ( 72 )
    Madison, WI ( 81 )
    Boise, ID ( 100 )
    Mobile, AL ( 116 )
    Jackson, MS ( 132 )
    Tallahassee, FL ( 133 )
    Springfield, MO ( 148 )
    Sioux Falls, SD ( 150 )

    And, the 8 US cities that still need 3G, from TMO’s leaked 2009 3G roll-out list are:

    Evansville, IN
    Lexington, KY
    Greenville, NC
    Springfield, OH
    Erie, PA
    Reading, PA
    Victoria, TX
    Waco, TX

    I’m still looking forward to Boise getting 3G (probably some time between March and May of 2010).

    • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

      Congrats to Yakima, WA too — home of yummy yummy fresh juicy apples! :-)

      • David

        And hops, apparently they grow most of the nations hops

      • Yes, we Yakimanians are happy today!

    • D

      Spoke to a retail store rep this past weekend and was informed that Evansville IN will not get 3G this year. He said to expect it in February 2010.

    • Adam

      Madison, WI has had 3G coverage for over a week… despite the fact there are no TMobile stores in the area yet.

      • chzhed

        What?! really? does that also come with good voice coverage? since according to a coverage map it’s roam-tastic anywhere West of the Isthus…

      • rob

        half of Madison you mean! It’s very strange that t-mobile would stop coverage where they do, east of Madison is solid. Anyone know of any plans to fill in Madison. I would love to get a Nexus One.

    • lholhhdafljhg

      There is a new cell tower going up off of Broadway in Boise. T-mobile 3G???

      • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

        Cool — hopefully that portends good (3G) things to come! :-)

    • Matt

      Reading, PA has 3G, for about a week or so. It shows up on the compass maps.

      • Sunnyb

        Do you have a link to the compass maps?

      • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

        Matt, thanks for the tip.

        Sunnyb, here’s the link:

        Click on No, most likely, that you’re NOT a T-Mobile Dealer or T-Mobile Retail Representative.

        Click on the link that says, Data Coverage Map.

  • Justin

    The east side of St. Louis had 3G now too, woke up this morning and saw the 3G icon.

    • touchworks

      Yep!! east side of St. Louis, across the river in IL, has 3G now …. but the coverage is fluctuating between EDGE and 3G.

  • Chase Jones

    I’m starting to get very upset that Springfield, MO doesn’t have 3G yet, but Little Rock does?! This is an outrage. The Springfield metro area is almost twice the size of Yakima, WA and we have a T-Mobile Call Center out by the airport!

    The big Magenta is really starting to [confuse me and/or let me down.]

    • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

      I understand your frustration. But, having a call center doesn’t seem to play into the equation what-so-ever. We have a TMO call center here in Boise too, and won’t be getting 3G until most likely between March and May of 2010. We have a large metro area too, but the main issue seems to be clearing local safety entities, local government, and federal government off of the 3G signal.

    • J

      The size of the city has no bearing on when it launches at this point. Actually thats the way it has been since the top 20 launched. All markets are to be launched ASAP. The reason some have not is mostly 90% spectrum related. The government does not have to get off the frequencies until 2014. In some areas, they may not get off until then. All T-Mobile can do is try to entice them to, but in some cases they are out of luck.

      Besides that, a city like Little Rock launching before Springfield…one city has not effect on the other. Its not like the same group of people are working on both. The only city that likely slowed down Springfields launch would be St Louis. The same group that turned up St Louis would likely be doing Springfield.

      • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

        If any given city had to wait until 2014 for 3G, especially it it were of any significant size, I’d say that city should be the highest priority to get LTE or whatever TMO decides to use for 4G.

      • watbetch

        T-Mobile has yet to turn all sites to 3G in a big city like mine, I have this gut feeling that overall size isn’t the deciding factor in how they’re doing this.

    • Danny

      I called Tmobile about this earlier today and was told we would have 3G by Jan 17th. Call them and see if they say the same. Atleast that way we know I wasent getting smoke blown up my pipe.

  • mike

    I am from Springfield, MO and i am upset also.

  • Justin

    i almost lost hope for the Illinois side. I’m about 10 minutes from St. Louis and when they received 3G I was a little upset.

    So far what I’ve seen on the Illinois side that had 3G, Granite City, Pontoon Beach, Edwardsville, Collinsville, Belleville.

  • sorandkairi


    • hmuldrow

      Ha Ha Ha

      • sorandkairi

        Man that aight funny!!!!! btw i dont live in Jackson, my city just got g3 last month. But Montgomery is still a hell of alot smaller than Jackson!

  • as439726

    Lol. I have been messaging tmonews for a week on twitter about Yakima having 3G. Its been on and off for a week. Is there a better way for all of us to let you guys know?

    • David

      You can tell me on twitter or through email,, but please understand, I get so many emails from people who believe their region is up because the 3G signal suddenly appears and I want it to be on for at least 24 hours before we can write about it to make sure its not just a test

  • hmuldrow

    stop having on Little rock iam from little rock now my Mytouch 3g flys

    • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

      What does “having on” mean? How would a person “stop having on”? And, for that matter, how would a person know if they had even started “having on”, so that they would know that they should stop???

      • hmuldrow

        Hating on

  • Danny

    So what do they do if someone mispronounces Arkansas? Arrest them?

    Would be funny to do it in front of a cop.

    • phoneking13

      yeah is that really illegal if you don’t say Arkansas as Arkansaw?

      • hmuldrow

        It’s one of those old laws from the 1800s

    • J

      Just goes to show, people in Arkansas are not hooked on phonics.

      • He said, the law from the 1800’s. Genius.

  • Peeps, we Arkansan’s waited for it, and our prayers got answered a little faster than you guys. Maybe, you need to pray a little bit harder. :D

    Go Magenta (9 years and running)

  • Rorison Meadows

    When is T-Mobile going to update their coverage map!?!?!?!?!?

    This December roll-out is incredible and I want to see what it looks like nation-wide!

    Plus, I have been seeing my phone connect to 3G in new places every week, here in Rochester, NY!!!!

    • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

      Yes, I’d like to see their data coverage map get updated too.

    • J

      I think the maps generally lag by a couple weeks depending on when the market made the 3G sites “live” in the database. If the coverage is not getting updated after that time, someone didn’t do their job.

  • We’ve had 3G in northwest Arkansas for over a week already. Nobody gets arrested for mispronouncing it, that be pretty dumb. They would have to arrest half the population. :)

    • servanthands

      What I live in Fayetteville and haven’t connected to 3G. I would love 3G for my 9700.

      • Had not been in faytown in a while but I was out there this weekend and you are right only Bentonville, Parts of Bella Vista and Rogers have 3G not sure why fay is usually the last one to get it.

  • andi8883

    Ugh…I wish Waco would get 3G! We aren’t even on EDGE! Still rockin the GPRS. Such a bummer…

  • E

    There is Tmobile 3G also in:

    Pullman, Wa – Home to Washington State University, recently launched about 2-3 weeks ago.
    Moscow, Id – Home to the University of Idaho, launched same time as Pullman.

    Ellensburg, WA – Home to Central Washington University (Yakima is south of this location)

  • Hector

    Just saw 3G light up in Rogers, AR.

    • David

      Yea me to!!!!
      We really need a retail store now, I hate having to go to Best Buy and Walmart just for them to call T-mobile if I have any issues.