Nexus One Stars In Longer Video Walkthrough

I’m not going to lie, these Nexus One updates are starting to get a little bit old, redundant and thankfully slowing down.  Today, though, we have something special.  The Nexus One has made a lengthy appearance in a video, and while it’s not quite the crystal clear, shake free video that it deserves, I’m not arguing with it.  This video will give you a nice look at the menus, all in the language of love French.  In addition, a few more shots of this thing after the break, presumably taken with the very devices it is being compared to (you would think that more people would have a decent camera by now, especially when they get hot phones before the release).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

HTCNexusOne.Net (Let’s hope this one doesn’t die like the last)


  • BronxBebe

    I WANT 1!LOL

  • Corey

    The updates are not getting boring…

  • fort

    No lets start the pre order.

    • Koloheboy

      LOL Fort!! Don’t start that now

  • Koloheboy

    Wow! LOL geezeness

  • fort

    I have the Mytouch and I operate this on with one hand. Why would I need multitouch

  • TFJ4

    January 5th, so exciting or so disappointing =)

  • BlkBear

    You would think that the tech heads that are getting their hands on these new phones, would have a friend or family member with a decent camera and a tripod.

  • 9ooyan

    i want that phone!!! like, yesterday >:(

  • JBLmobileG1

    Although I hope for a Jan 5th release to be true I highly doubt it will be then. If anything I think that date will just be the “official announcement” for the device. I don’t see how after just passing the FCC they would have been able to build up enough stock to sell…. unless its built once ordered which would probably just up the price. Even if they were to make 500,000 of these devices how well built would they be? While I myself really want one of these Jan 5th just seems too soon and I don’t want to get my hopes up when it probably won’t happen. If anything my guess is that on the 5th we will have a price, official release date, and all the information one could want to know about the device along with how it will be sold. All in all something must be happening on the 5th so let’s hope its one of the two with a possible release soon.

  • Ryan

    zzzzzzzzzzzzz **rolls over** zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • edd

    aww no flash?
    hopefully we can flash the sense UI on to this :D

  • beastly

    Good hardware, and 2.1 looks nice. Looks like a beefed-up MyTouch 3G. I don’t quite get all the internet buzz about it, though. Seems to me the G1 was more revolutionary.

  • SoggyNapkin

    So my buddy that works at Tmo told me that we’re all going to have to wait until the end of January for the phone to hit the streets. I hope he’s wrong.

  • eddie

    no muli-touch??!!!! forget it just going too be another please spend a week with an iphone and unless you can beat it..dont bother tring..

    • bastage

      Multi touch isn’t a big deal.. I have had it on my G1 & Then on my MyTouch3g & After a while I Found that I just dont use it because I tent to browse 1 handed & with multi touch your holding the phone with one & browsing with the other.. So I Would much rather be able to browse with one hand then to scroll with 2..

  • Deke218

    Enuff already said the fat man to the jelly doughnut!

  • GreenTea

    Right…how many ppl actually use their phone with two hands enough to take full advantage of multitouch….I know it would be a waste for most consumers

    N1=Copped…so long G1…you were great