BlackBerry Services Down In North America Once Again


Reports are coming in of a possible BIS (BlackBerry Internet Services) Outage. We’ve already seen enough outages this year, and yet, here we have another one. According to Engadget, it looks like BIS is down in all of North America. As of yet, there is no word on when the outage will be fixed, but these outages usually don’t last very long. The majority of BlackBerry users are having trouble with Messenger, web browsing, and apps that consume data (although email seems to be unaffected). Is BIS down for you? Let us know in the comments!


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  • SouthEastBeast

    Yep 9700 Tmo in Federal Way/Tacoma WA and my junk is down. So sick of this crap! I’m getting Nexus One when it hits!!!

  • Harrisburg, PA down, i can’t use anything with the internet attached to it

    • FILA

      fuck harrisburg

      • tmojoe

        F*#K you and the sidekick you rode in on

  • phoneking13

    DAMN!!!! Again lol?

  • BBChick

    ughh its been down all day it seems…was working earlier then i noticed my beejive stopped working and my bbm and internet isn’t working…thought it was me til i checked

  • John

    Lovin my android.

  • Koloheboy

    Yeah, been down nearly 1/2 of the day. So junk… and I just got my BB9700 this year

    • Will

      Same. At first I thought my phone was defective (I just got a replacement 9700 today, my first one that I got the chrome was literally almost coming off it no lie) and I called T-Mobile and they JUST explained this to me… the first 2 tech. support people never once mentioned this and the lady told me it’s defective and that she was going to send me another one out… I said I was sick and tired of all this back and forth and if I have to send this one back to then I’m just going to use my old 8320 and they can forget it. I hung up, got another tech. and he explained this situation posted here to me…as well as tried a few things :)

      FML, this is ridiculous.

  • Southern Maryland USA my 8900 and my wifes 8320 both down. Funny that my wife is who noticed it for once.

  • Mike

    Orlando, FL down, internet and email services. Text and phone work. Sigh…..

  • dhayes

    Yup its down again. I’m selling my 9700. its a gigantic piece of crap. Going back to android.

  • kennethx

    Down in Gainesville, FL…off and on all day.

  • Dustin

    new mexico, affected. as stated its all north america, also hearing its actually global. and email is being affected as well

  • MandaSoMAD

    My 8320 wont connect to facebook app or net. So stressful. Anyone got an idea when its going to be up?

  • Cho

    Chicago, IL. BB 8800 – I have no connection with gcal, gchat, gmail, internet, etc. I can call and text just fine. My friend sitting next to me with a G1 can connect to everything like normal.

  • kershon

    Bold 9700 – central Illinois. I have been away from home all afternoon. I couldn’t do anything but make calls and get email. I too am sick of this monkeybusiness. I really like my bb but I am seriously considering selling it and going to Nexus One or HD2. I was going to call customer care and then I logged on to TmoNews and I found this post.

  • Wusty

    8900- SLC,UT all Data is down. I’m going insane!!!

  • Bruce

    NC Data down, e-mail still working though.

  • FILA

    damn, funny thing is, nobody leaves BlackBerry as much as you see people gettin pissed off and leaving SideKick cuz of a outage. And these happen on all networks, and its not the first time. Frist time for Sidekick and everyone wants to jump ship. Although with all the “cooler” phones out nowadays (Android) whos even on a sidekick anymore, a few. I will admit thou, I like the style of the kick

    • Will

      The SK style is undeniable… it’s everything under the device that shames it!

  • Burgermeister

    Down in South Florida… No internet or mail.


    my 1 day old crackberry 8220 works better than any other phone i ever had.

    it switched from t-mo to ATT to t-mo and back to ATT into the dead zone without nary a flicker.

    from paducah kentucky to puryear tennessee, 60 miles of uninteruption.

    no other t-mo phone i have ever had roamed and unroamed like this.

    email down 2125 central time over UMA.

  • Down since 12pm EDT in Tampa/Orlando

  • GregP

    Yes. Down.

  • abe

    hell yes!! in westchester county in ny all day

  • OchoCinco

    email working… data not working at all

  • T

    My Pearl 8220 says EDGE like its connected to internet, but when i click manage connections, then service status it says BlackBerry Internet Service Connection: not connected


  • Jj15951

    And what do we get for all of this trouble?? This has been happening more and more. People used to get blackberries for the awesome email service but now it’s down with some regularity (monthly it seems). Where is our refund for the days of service we have lost to RIM’s problems?? we have all been loyal to RIM. I have had bbs for 4 yrs now and I think I’m dropping it when my contract is up.

    Btw, Still down in NYC…

  • ellwooda

    Same here in Riverside, CA. Haven’t been able to use BBM since this afternoon. What a drag.

  • T

    My friends on Verizon with blackberries are down too, so it must be more than T-Mobile.

  • Jeremy

    Manchester, New Hampshire – Down still at 2320. Usually use my 8320 to browse web pages that are blocked on our work computers (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, etc). Dang, I might actually have to start being productive tonight. :o(

  • Keith

    Still down in Las Vegas at 8:32pm PST. This sucks!

  • sam

    This is not just affecing T-mobile, my brother on sprint was told of the outage too.

  • BBChick

    yes for everyone who seems to only check tmonews for everything…according to crackberry….

    “BlackBerry data is no more. No emails, no web browsing, no BlackBerry messenger for it’s North American users. Estimated time for a fix to come through is 3 hrs to a day, yes..a day.” …per

    So yes its all carriers not just t-mobile…for the ppl willing to leave blackberry for anroid..really stupid yes i totally admit it sucks…but hey its technology and NOTHING i repeat nothing is perfect…haha i may have to say this to myself a few times tonight…hopefully it doesn’t last a full day before its fixed.

  • mj

    phx, az my 8320 is down too

  • Peter

    Maryland… BIS has been down since 2pm. Email recently stopped working for me too.


  • ashley

    my 8900 stopped showing EDGE connectivity around 9pm. no facebook connectivity since 6pm. then it even just said “off” where you typically see the bars for level of service.

  • steph

    I’m using the UMA/WiFi on my 8900!

  • Tournstone

    11:30 here in Houston. All data down. Email has been down since arout 5 or so. Occasional data outages all afternoon.

  • David

    Down in North Dallas too…..cant wait to get my hands on that nexus, this BB thing is annoying

  • CallawayBomber

    My 8900’s data and BBM has been down since 6PM E.S.T. here in Eastern TN. At least I don’t have to see everyone playing Farmville….

  • sjv219

    Down in Los Angeles since this morning. It’s no almost 10pm and still no internet, no email, no BBM. A couple of dropped calls also. Not cool, dudes.

  • TmobileA

    OMG What shall we do…we can’t check Facebook from our phone and are so stressed about it but yet we are posting on the internet website Tmonews. Here is a work around for the problem. Up on top of the computer screen where it says you can delete that and type in I promise it works. It’s not on a phone but is pretty much the same thing. Give RIM a break. They are working hard to get this fixed. Not like this is happening on purpose.

  • kershon

    12:30 am in central Illinois. Have not had an email for 3 hours. Everything down except voice. I give up. I”m going to bed and hopefully things are back to normal in the morning.

  • kevin

    well at least its not just tmo over here in pinstack (sprint) its us too so i kinda feel bad but at the same time all of us crackberry users are going thru withdrawl

  • Tyler

    It’s out in Phoenix, Arizona. =(

  • beastly

    I left Sidekick after the outage and got myself a BlackBerry. This is outage number two so far since I made the switch. Not that I don’t love my new Berry, but I’ve been laughing at myself all day long.

  • Malena

    Orlando, Fl is down and so is New York and New Jersey. The only thing i am getting is text, mms messages and phone calls other than that i am not getting anything else. I am upset because i do almost everything thru my blackberry. i hope this gets resolved asap.

  • ron

    I have a 9700 and I cannot get online. Just get it fixed already.

  • Data has been on the fritz since Midnight of December 22nd. Still isn’t working for me at 2:15 AM December 23rd. I’m on T-Mobile, in Arizona.

  • I guess its the blackberry’s users turn although mysidekick outage lasted about 2 or 3 months

  • wallypsc

    the blackberry outage is over im in west palm beach florida and everything is working for me

  • MandasoMAD

    Still nothing in Tallahassee,fl. My emails are working on and off but i still cant connect to anything like facebook app. I just had my phone replaced yesterday and this is really making me pissed. Anyone got an idea on a estimated fix time?

  • REO79

    Wow is this a common problem. I just got the new bold a little more than a week ago and here we are with problems already. If this is a regular thing let me know so I can take this pos back within my 30 days. Hit me at

  • Rob

    I’m sorry why is there a direct screenshot of Streamline?

  • brian

    hmmm…I had trouble with the first outage earlier in the week but NO outages for me so far yesterday or today. Emails came in all last night. I’ve tried my internet and could hit websites.

    Can also use messenger fine.

    It is getting very odd though. I had a bb 8900 for almost a year before going to the 9700 and never remember any outages last year (or any that effected me).

  • J

    I’m showing the issue resolved as of 10am EST. Anyone who is still having issue may want to powercycle.

    • Heather

      I’m new to BlackBerry and mine is still down. What is powercycle J?

      • Ritchie

        Turn off the phone and wait a few sec and turnit back on=powercycle

  • Rosely Ovalles

    I have worked for T-Mobile for about 2 yrs now and this is the first time i have expirienced something like this, from the sidekicks to the android market and now blackberry’s???? T-Mobile kind of got on track pushing out new phones in the last 2 yrs, but none of that matters when you can used them half the time! I get at least 3 people a day with sidekick issues in my store. SO T-MOBILE, STEP IT UP!!! you guys are not looking so good right now!

    • Crux

      I have friends not on T-Mobile also having the same issue so it isn’t only T-Mobile

    • Devin

      no it is not just t-mobile…it all us carriers with blackberry services….

  • dothack

    @Rosely Ovalles
    the sk was a danger/microsoft problem, not tmo..same thing with this one, bb servers were down, again not tmo..i do understand that tmo does sell the devices and fully supports them but you can only do so much when your business partner systems go down..all tmo can do is apoligize and make sure this wont happen again..which is fine for me, i can live without my cell for a couple of moves on

  • Uncle Ruckus

    I have VZW so its not just T-MO.I have hiccups here and there but I didn’t have access at all lastnight. My cousin has local NTELOS and hers came back on at 1 am EST.

  • lllcursedlll

    wow…way to copy and paste that streamline there buddy…

    • David

      Was I trying to sit there and say something about not posting an image someone sent?