Nexus One Specs Galore


Looks like the Nexus One news train will continue yet again this morning, though this time it’s less imagery, more substance. Engadget has managed to score some very detailed spec sheets courtesy of a well informed tipster. The good news is that every little detail of the phone seems to be available here, so if you were wondering if the Nexus One had a “tricolor charging and notification indicator LED” then you’re in luck. Some not-so-exciting news is something that sounds worse than it really is.  According to Engadget‘s tipster, January 5th remains the for sale date, but only to “invitation” only folks. That’s pretty vague info, as Engadget, like ourselves, have no idea who or what will determine who receives “invites” to purchase the device. The better news is that T-Mobile is, as we have guessed previously, going to sell the phone directly at a “soon-to-be-determined” point in the future. For the moment, the “invites” and T-Mobile direct sales are still up in the air info so we’ll continue the waiting game to find out what’s really what for getting this device in the hands of the T-Mobile faithful.

Hit the jump for the rest of the specs!



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  • SteveGowski

    First! Anyways, I wonder if GoogleWave folks will have an advantage for the invitation. What google should do is, work with t-mo to see who is still rocking the G1 (like myself) and send those people the invites first since we were the early adoptors. Just a thought.

    • Jay

      Google should send invites out starting with the people who got a G1 on pre order back in October of last year when it came out

  • Nikel

    how do i get an invite?


    Please T-mobile Please pick up this phone

    • GooG_Nut

      T-Mobile is picking up the phone like it is written above in the article, but they haven’t released date of when they are going to sell it.

  • Maybe theyll send out invites to get the phone like google voice or wave or something, but that would be really stupid.

  • J5

    Just bought the N900. However, I may be picking up this phone when T-mobile starts selling it to the public.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      If you’re planning to sell the N900 when this comes out, look me up.

      • J5

        Nah, I won’t be selling my N900. I just wanted to try android eventually with a phone that has hardware that can really handle the android OS. And none of the phones out right now do anything for me spec’s wise.

    • B

      How are you liking the N900 so far? What’s the proc speed?

    • Pablo

      Thats my problem right now I cant fully decide between the n900 and this phone. I have a gsm hero on tmobile right now so the nexus would be just a step up and would give me back my 3g since my hero only has edge here in the U.S. On the other hand I love certain specs on the n900 like the ram, web browser w/flash (even though most smart phones will be getting flash in the next few months anyways) infared port, fm radio transmitter is the $hit to use in my car and of course we know the nokia will have better camera/video quality. Of course the nexus has android and all the apps already supported where the nokia maemo doesnt have near the compatible apps YET. AAAGGHHH decisions

  • tato22

    nice now we wait till tmobile brings it oout

  • D

    HA I knew the RAM was going to suck. I was really hoping for 1 gig. Wishful thinking and a usual let down.

    • jeff

      The RAM is double what the Droid has, not bad at all. Now if they would only kick up the ROM(where the apps are stored), I think that is where people are really the most concerned. It can’t cost that much more to throw in a 1gig over a 512 there. Come on htc and google, don’t you guys listen to what users have been asking for?

      • D

        I forgot to add ROM after seeing the disappointing 512. I have been asking this question was over a week and finally got the disappointment. No it isn’t bad but I was hoping for more from Google and HTC.

    • Shane

      512 is almost double from any other smart phone out there. now the Rom could use a little more like a gig. But still 512 ROM isn’t bad at all.

    • TehAndroid

      What phone has 1gig of RAM? You don’t need that much ram on a phone at this point.

      • D

        1gig ROM. The X10 has 1gig ROM. I was hoping for the same with HTC.

      • SouthEastBeast

        You will when the bare metal hypervisors become popular on phones in 2010!!! WinMo OS during work day (exchange/OCS) then to iPhone OS while driving and listening to music, then to Android when I get home. Sounds like a perfect day for me =)

  • podstolom

    They need to put phones and data cards out now with Quad-Band HSDA+ (2100/1900/1700/900 — Bands 1,2,4,8). That way they can be unlocked and work pretty much anywhere in the world on ALL major HSPA carriers, T-Mo EU/USA and AT&T included.

  • CO_Yeti

    ROM is actually pretty expensive, so 512 is to be expected. All and all its pretty much what people expected. One thing that jumps out though is the 1400 mAh battery! Battery life is already an issue on Android phones (compared to Winmo and Blackberry) and this device has a big brighter screen, 1 Ghz processor, and more power hungry apps… they should have used a 1750 mAh battery.

    • J

      Amoled screens use less battery life. On an Amoled screen, the entire screen is not backlit. It only lights the areas that need lighting producing a more pronounced contrast. That should help the battery power somewhat.

  • queensnewbie

    no details on video out or USB host :(

  • Wilma Flintstone

    This is the news I’ve been waiting on. Finally some specs (Though not as good as I thought they were but still ok).

    – I thought this was running Android 2.1? If it’s running Android 2.0, I may get the X10 and upgrade the firmware to 2.0 as I’m liking that phone more and more as I read about it.

    – I also don’t see any Bluetooth A2DP connection for wireless headphones. It seems as if this device is catering alot toward Apple based off of the decoders it has. But that’s for another forum.

    – Anyway, I’ll have to compare this to the X10 side by side when a full spec sheet comes out. This one is much more in detail though. The main issue with the X10 that I have is that there is No dedicated Graphics card. Other than that, I’d choose that.

    Now what’s with this “invite” garbage? That mostly means that Tmobile probably won’t be seeing this device for about a month after it’s “invite” release. I hope I’m wrong on that though. Didn’t Google already do an invite only-ish thing to it’s employees? This secretive crap they’re pulling is making me really not like this device.

    Sorry for the Wall O’ Text. And Thanks Tmonews for bringing this info.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Correction, I see A2DP now.

  • rushmore

    I would by this ASAP if it had a keyboard and assuming the memory card is not buried behind the battery like on Droid.

  • rushmore

    Folks, I think the device is capped at 600 or 650 mhz. Will need to wait for XDA to make a rom, but battery would drain quickly anyways.

    • badbob001

      My G1 is about 1 inch thick from the 2600MHa battery. No doubt someone is going find a way to fatten up the N1.

      If I get the N1, I would have to demote my G1 to my portable infocom player.

      • Usman

        Are you joking? I have a G1 with the regular battery and it’s an inch thick. Yours is a brick by comparison, I’m sure.

  • Dan

    For those waiting on the X10, you do realize that the Nexus One is a Google phone which means they will update it to kingdom come while the X10 users will be stuck in the past because xperia phones get barely any updates. And those with the Nexus One will be able to experience and have all the awesome Google applications they will bring to us only available on Nexus One first.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    They better invite their Guinea pigs first. I just got the mytouch 2 months ago but I would gladly upgrade this bitch in a heartbeat. Its so much missing from this phone like a 3.5mm headset. I don’t see why that was so hard to add. Can’t wait to get this

  • Wifi A/B/G/N……Now thats whats talking to me to get it ASAP. lol.


    The Ram/Memory specs on this phone is a big disappointment. It’s almost the same as my G1. I had high hopes for this phone and when you guys released the specs of it, it was a big turn off for me. Coming from “Google” this phone is a big disappointment to me. Google could of done a hell of a lot better as far as asking HTC to create a phone for them. I Guess ill just wait for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 to come out.

    • chaoscentral

      youre fucking joking right??? the RAM is the most of ANY android phone including Droid and X10…. ROM is 512 which is double the G1…

      Also remember, this is an HTC phone. I give it less than a month before we get root and Apps2SD, then the ROM amount becomes moot when I can install them to my damn SD card…

      So lets see…
      192MB RAM, 256MB ROM

      512MB RAM(HUGE INCREASE), 512MB ROM(I loaded a TON of apps on my Behold 2 when I had it, same with my Cliq, never ran into any space issues. So unless you are the type of person who keeps every single app they download, thats the only way you’re going to run out of space. From what I’ve found, all app data is stored on the memory card, just the actual application is stored in ROM…..

  • David

    You should definitely give SteveGowski an invite not because he’s “rocking the G1,” but because he’s “First!” and made sure everyone reading the comments knows it.

    • kershon

      Yup. First: a-la BGR kid shit.

      • SteveGowski

        LOL, I’m actually 30yrs old, not a kid. And I’ve never even posted on BGR in my life, actually I hate that site come to think of it. Thanks for the laugh man.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I have a G1 and I was also invited to Google Voice and Google Wave so hopefully I will get an invite for the phone so I can test out both services on this Awesome Device! I wonder how they will invite you… makes me wonder.

  • tato22

    wow you guys sure wine about alot of things jus deal with it if your guys are not happy dont buy it most of you say u not going to and end up buying any ways its a good phone alot better then the g1 and mytouch and the sorry ass cliq

  • TmoRepInAl

    The g1 has 192 mb ram and 256 mb rom… how is that even close to the same

  • GreenTea

    ROFL at the complainers…updates galore… Copped!

  • Aaron

    You people wanting 1GB rom are smoking some serious crack. The X10 is in a different league than the N1 both in rom size and price.

    512MB is plenty for me.

  • jak2black

    can someone PLEASE help me..
    i wanna the difference between the nexus’s’..

    so theres one thats suppose to be unlocked and sold directly from google.

    and another subsidized n sold by tmobile..

    im just trying to figure out which one is going to have the better support.
    im willin to pay up to 600 for the phone.. but i dont want to be waiting on tmobile to give updates everything other year for the phone when the google sold handset might get updates alot more often

    • chaoscentral

      Doesn’t matter if Nexus was bought from Google or T-Mobile, it’s a with Google phone, which means Google is the one who makes the updates, and T-Mobile has been pretty good about pushing those out, see G1 and MyTouch(Only phones on T-Mobile to really get any updates because of this) If this was made by Motorola, SE, or Samsung, you’ll be waiting a long time for an update.

      There is only one Nexus, whether bought from Google or T-Mobile

      • 2FR35H

        Lord do I know it true…. I am still waiting on 2.0 For samsung behold 2

  • Kitpogi

    As I was reading the specs of the Nexus, I noticed something, which I hope is a mistake, that there is no 1700 Mhz indicated there for Tmobile 3G network. I thought this phone is going to be under Tmo? Is this is a typo perhaps?

    • David

      It does list 1700, it just doesn’t say 1700, bands 1,4,8 indicate among international frequencies, the inclusion of 1700

  • zapote21

    HTC is much more root friendly… Im going with this instead of X10



    • kershon

      I would hope for uma but the specs list wi-fi only. Does anyone have a concrete answer??

  • J

    I can’t believe people are complaining about the specs on this phone especially since there is a rumored price of $199. If that price is true, that is easily the best deal out there. This is a phone, not a laptop. The specs are solid. It is a top of the line smartphone. The same people complaining now would be complaining louder if this was going to Verizon instead of T-Mobile.

    • 2FR35H

      I am not complaining now but if this went to verizon when they already have droid I would be pissed off.

    • Trill

      Well that’s how it is they will complain even though this has the best specs of any android phone although things are subject to change once a carrier gets it. I wish it had a hardware keyboard cause I have to have one but my wait continues. I’m starting to loath my G1 but then I remember how useful it is.

  • ndy500fan

    This phone would ROCK if it had Android! :-)

    • kershon

      You can’t be serious. Joke, right???

      • ndy500fan

        Yes a Joke. Seems like every other post on the HD2 says something about Android.
        Probably would have been funnier if I had said “This phone would rock with Windows Mobile”.

      • John

        @ndy…death to the infidel…the mere mention of winmo, I now loathe you sir…lol

  • sorandkairi

    This was up on End. way earlier this morning. Come on tmonews get the scoop first, lol. JK of course!

    • sorandkairi

      Eng. not End sorry long day at work!!!!

  • So now we’re going to see people begging for Nexus One invites? Oh joy. :-)

  • Markoza138

    How long will it take before someone claims to have an invite and sell it on eBay?

  • JBLmobileG1

    Can I have an invite….please please please… I have a good collection of aps I am willing to trade. LOL

  • t-beat

    this will not be released to the public by tmo on jan 5th. tmo has never released a major device without training staff first. there is no training going on in any of the tech centers. hopefully we will see the device on tmo later in the first quarter though.

    • sorandkairi

      Their staff aint never trained on spit!!!!!! LOL

  • Should we fully believe this tipster? We’ve seen that the phone has 2.1 Flan, clearly, yet the spec sheet says 2.0 eclair, if so that would change the entire UI of the phone (unless it was a custom ‘google build’ which we say it was 2.1) Really, i just want an answer for that part of the specs, just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Also, really? if google sent out the phones for free to a specific group of folks than why would they release the phone for sale to a specific group of folks… im not sure how they benefit from that, they already have all the buzz in the world.

    But heres where i accept the specs are true and the invites are true because….i really want to believe T-Mobile getting this is true :(
    Sadly im forced to believe just about anything that includes “Nexus one” and “Coming to t-mobile”

  • enjoijams

    I want cupcake!!!!!

    • Trill

      I want you to continue to post comments like that.

  • L0vz2t41kW31rD

    Zo mY eFfing Fr3ak1n Gawd! 3.5mm head jack and track ball that lights up?! im gonna be all over this

  • RuleNumber1

    May as well rename this site to

  • alexdagreat1

    The specs make it so tempting to buy the phone…google should send invites to people who have google wave lol…are anyone who ever purchased a phone on pre-order

  • JD

    I love my G1 and bought it at launch. It’s been great to me, and I swore I would never upgrade to a phone without a full keyboard but…I will now upgrade to a phone without a full keyboard.

  • john

    juicy 512mb ram!! now we’re talking!

  • aquaitious

    Another phone with a fucked up battery, once again a fail!

    A battery should last a whole day, no matter how the heck you look at it. If a phone can’t last a full day, it’s useless.

    • Usman

      We don’t know whether or not the battery will last a full day, but something tells me that if Google was so intimately involved with the design and specs of this phone, the battery should be adequate. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • just some dude

    802.11 a/b/g/n, awesome. is this the first phone that has 802.11 n?

  • rudy

    Will this still be data only like I was reading awhile back?

    If so how would making international calls work out?

    • chaoscentral


      It’s not data only, those were rumors flying around and wild speculation. This is essentially just a second generation Android device from HTC and Google. So regular phone functions and calling methods.

  • TmoGuy89
  • 9ooyan

    uh, jizz in my pants.

  • FILA

    damn really nice. i wonder how to get an invite, and when the hell is T-Mobile planning on releasing this? Oh so many questions. And I guess the G1v2 is out of the question now -sigh- all i want is a QWERTY, wtf

  • galaxys

    Wow, impressive specs! might have to leave WM for Android. question: would I be able to tether usb to XP PC on day one with Android (what app)?

    • John


    • John

      Pdanet is the app. Free, and works well. Just install that and download crutch or astro file manager, and you’re golden

      • Trill

        Wrong! It has its limitations cause its not the full version its just a trial and its limited to HTTP only otherwise after time is up but I’m rooted so ehh.

  • JBLmobileG1

    David… thanks for all the specs info. But any clues on prices or anything like that? I mean if they send invites I wonder if you’d get the phone at a good price even though your in a conract… what would happen if you get an invite and didn’t have the money to buy the phone or don’t act right away… would you lose out? I know you don’t have all the answers either but as soon as you do please post them. What would really be great is if they invited you to test it out and then get one for free (dreaming). Although who knows… I am sure Google could afford to give a few out. I really hope they think about the people who pre-ordered the original G1 and still are using it. While I love it… the Nexus One seems to have everything I wished the G1 would have had.. Plus being a Google Voice user and a recent Google Wave user…. you would think they’d want you to test those apps on this. I still search the market in hopes they release a Google Wave app because the browser won’t support it on the G1 but with the power of the Nexus One it may not be a problem at all.

  • NiiDiddy

    For me, it’s going to be between the HD2 and the Nexus One. No new news on the HD2 coming to T-Mobile, so my goal is to get whichever one lands in T-Mobile stores first.

    HD2 – everything I could ask for in a WinMo phone.
    Nexus One – Everything I have been wanting as step up from MyTouch3G and FINALLY great hardware specs for an Andriod phone coming to T-Mobile.

    Happy Holidays, People!!

  • Bob

    Who gets an invite? Oh, probably the bloggers that they know will just gush love all over the thing. Hmm…

  • Trill

    I don’t know how anyone can complain on the memory and battery of this phone its better than any android phone to date the only reason why it pains me is that I need a hardware keyboard and I don’t think this info is accurate but time will tell until then at least its not going to verizon or Sprint.

  • JL

    hope that people w/ google voice get the “invite” LOL

  • Watch this video all information here the specs are here as well more info about to come

  • bkjoe

    weak specs

    • galaxys

      What are you looking at or smoking? Be more specificd!

  • There will be more specs to come as they are updated for now thats all i have sorry like i told you before i will be updating asap

  • Whoever is bitching about the specs of this device really don’t know anything about mobile/smartphones at all. The device specs are awesome and one of the best on the market. N900 is an awesome phone, but sorry – virtual ram and a crappy resistive screen don’t compare to the N1 or its spec/software offerings, let alone the Android Market and its continued expansion and support.

  • Marcel Silva

    1 GHz processor!!! Correct me if I’m wrong but as that double the processing power of G1 and other android phones that are 526 mhz. Wow….that is faster than many computers!

  • Tess

    I just I had a chance to win one since I cannot afford a cell phone.