HTC HD2 Unboxed To Trance Music

I don’t know if it’s the trance music playing in the background or if this phone is just a super sexy looking beast all on its own. Either way, I look forward to seeing what it can do on the T-Mobile network in all its 4.3 inches of glory. This is just one sexy device. Just watch the video, I’m going back for another look, the music is just so magical.



  • Bill48105

    Think that puppy will be free with add a line? :D

  • JB6464

    Awesome, just tell us when it’s going to be released. Project dumb can’t even tell us about the phones we crave, so maybe Tmonews can.

  • Galen20K

    Cannot WAIT to see this thing working on HSPA+

  • Ritchie

    Is it just me or does this look like the Droid w/o the keyboard from Verizon? If so quit yo bitchin and stop complaining about TMo not having good phones. 1st post again yeah

  • FILA

    no matter how you look at it, sexy device or not, its still WM

    G1v2 coming soon

  • Cybersedan


    I’m such an Android head, but this still made me drool.

  • trickinit

    Was that a micro USB connector I saw??

  • paul

    I think I just watched some soft core porn…lol….that is one sexy device..I can’t wait for HTC to slip alittle Androind in there..Maybe by the spring…that will be sweet..just think.. it will only cost you $1000.00 on the even more plus plan…just kidding…o.k $ 999.00 ..lmao

  • Duck Dodgers


  • Jonathan

    yeah but over 20 months thats a mere 50 bucks a month… actually I would so pay that.

  • timmyjoe42

    I was all hip until the Windows logo appeared.

  • JL

    Technically it’s not trance music, but it’s still rather trippy.

    The only thing that’s amiss with the HD2 is the need for a competent operating system, like, say, Android.

  • TravMobile

    So can these be purchased unlocked w/ HSPA (1700mhz I believe) support right now? This thing is sexy as hell. I thought I was sold on the Nokia n900 until this video.

  • BronxBebe

    Do you guys need a bib for the drool? Babies are cute when they drool at toys.. LOL..

  • hi!

    windows mobile……no thanks..

    and now that project flop has introduced the even more plus plans then we should be able to buy the whole without subsidy for a reasonable price! (note the sarcasm…I’m sure it will “retail” for $900 or something beyond ridiculous).

    Tmo…4th place 4 life, haha

  • Nerdlust

    Now that tmo are getting great phones I’m confused the great choices!

  • niididy

    Really sexy, but not Android. If it had Android under the hood, I wouldnt care about the price of the phone or the kind of T-Mobile plan I have; I’d pay cash for its Android version.

    Also, the N900 has nothing on the HD2. HD2 is sexier, skinnier, lighter…just like I like ’em…

  • angelo

    how do you put android on it?

  • How the Hell is Windows getting the rights to put wack-azz Windows Mobile on these great phones!!!??? aaaaaaagggggggggghhh its unacceptable man!

  • CO_Yeti

    Hey all just got word from HTC that they are working on a dual boot system hopefully ready early next year (around the same time the HD2 will launch)! The idea is when you come home from a long day of actually using your phone for work and the wife and kids get a hold of the phone they won’t miss any of the hundreds of exciting android apps like 9,000 Chuck Norris facts or webcams of penguins or hello kitty soundboards…

  • Antoinae

    Windows mobile just ruined this phone. What a shame.

  • edwin

    i think im in love LOL

  • Ernie

    This is coming out on T mobile!? If so WHEN!!!

    It is so Sleek!!!


  • LOL.

  • NiiDiddy

    Damn….had to watch this again! This chic…I mean shorty….errr…smartphone is sexy! Why WM….WHY??? Android, and I’d have her…

  • mikeeeee

    i think you mean ‘trans’ music.

    as in ‘trans-atlantic’.

    before i retired i used to listen to this stuff while driving at night.

    good European electronic music and jam bands stuff is really good night time diesel driving music.

    ‘disco biscuits’ are a really good mash of both.

    now for my every new phone rant………..

    UMA please

  • Rocko

    I don’t care what OS is on it, it’s only going to run as good as the hardware and what T-mo needs is some serious hardware.

    If WinMo on HD2 runs even the littlest bit faster than my hacked G1, then I’m down for the HD2.

    So what does that mean? That means if you’re loyal to Android, you’d realize it’s the manufacturers to blame, not the carriers. VZW gets The Droid… great… now make more phones like the Droid and Android will be taken seriously finally.

  • mikeeeee

    one more little sniglet.

    i had to look at the video twice to make sure.

    pause it about 1:49 in.

    NON STANDARD 3.5mm jack.

    one pin and 3 rings like nokia’s 3.5 instead of one pin and 2 rings.


    Why is the HD2 being posted under TmoNews if T-Mobile USA is not getting the phone?

    • David

      Try clicking the hyperlink in the article!

  • Bigg

    Def not trance, it’s minimal!!! And HD2 Looks good too but this one is not Tmobile ver.

  • rewdy

    looked HOT till the stupid windows mobile screen appeared. freaking ruin a phone. #fail


    doubt its coming to tmo usa maybe in europe. but winmo is fine by me ill just put skyfire on that slut and be in hulu/megavideo heaven.

  • JB6464

    @mikeeeee , the specs at HD2 list the 3.5mm jack as a standard. One pin and two rings. You bring up a good point though. Is this one were seeing a special version in the UK ? At it does’nt show that kind of 3.5mm jack ends.

  • Viper

    @vader @bkjoe

    According to the leak tmonews got in the post linked from the article (, T-Mobile’s slogan is marked as STICK TOGETHER. That is USA only. Do you know what their slogan is in the UK? It’s “SIMPLY CLOSER”

    It’s for T-Mobile US.

  • i have seen the tech spec’s of it and looks like a handset worth buying but i don’t care much for windows mobile that and i have never used it. but if t-mobile gets this phone this could be a flagship phone for them, although it is kinda big. in order for me to hide that phone in my pants pocket I’d have to wear some baggy jnco jeans from the 90s. lol. i doubt anyone remembers those jeans.

  • abi

    holy crap people find anything bad to say I mean I love android to and wish it was on this phone but dam its the HD2 come on and on tmobile be happy they still have a snapdragon android coming ……. Hopfully

  • Sgt. Cell

    Good enough to leave Blackberry’s for, IMHO.

  • Voodoo Child

    I need this phone in my life NOW!

  • casualrepartee

    ….Really? Nobody cares that this phone could rival the droid if only it had Android, not CrapMo?

  • WhoCares

    Too bad such a sexy device got royally fucked over and the shit beat out of it by the ugly stick called Windows Mobile.

    Still waiting for the upcoming Android devices to make their appearance.

    (and whoever said this looks like the VZW Droid without the keyboard, you are an effin idiot. HTC designs are much sleeker than that boxy, retro Droid look… although that Droid is powerful and will run Android awesome.)

  • yor PAPPI

    hey realy great phone , weather it runs on WM or Android depends on the user both have great OS , but u cannot compare it to N900 u just cant ive seen countless reports , vidoes, pro an cons on the N900 . Now the NOKIA N900 is an absolutly a beast. But not so sure if its comming towards TMO.And if it does well you kno what to expect S..T .So for everyone drooling over the HTC HD2 that great awesome device , but thats not what you are getting if that phone comes to TNO. YOU people should kno by now if not let me slapp some sence into lol


    @ viper yes the poster says so but were not sure if its legit i guess well have to wait n see.

    @whocares i like winmo & andriod. but id get the hd2 with winmo instead becuase u can have skyfire and slingplayer with winmo not with andriod. they both seem to have there strong points and on top of that the hd2 has so muc hshit overlayed on it u can barley recognize winmo : D haha

    @pappi i was really stoked on the n900 to until i saw someone trying to watch a youtube vid on the n900 (on youtube) and it was so laggy u could barley watch itt really let me down

  • Duck Dodgers

    @ mikeeeee, @ JB6464

    My guess is the 3rd ring is for the mic. So you will have a stereo head set with a mic. One ring for Right, one for left, one for the mic, and the pin is ground.

  • JB6464

    Good point Duck Dodgers , did’nt think of that. I just hope they leave the 3.5mm on the U.S. version.

  • equis

    for real DROID it up! and is a MUST!!!

  • jrperiod

    Why was this not the Mytouch??? HTC treats us Android customers like step children

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Co-Yeti

    SWEAR!!!? proof? but yea, that would be NICE if u can dual-boot WM & Android OTB!!!!

  • Grr

    This wasn’t the Mytouch because this phone wouldn’t have been available until much later than when T-Mobile wanted to release their new franchise phone. Just wait until the next MyTouch version.

    I think HTC had said that future phones would all have the 3.5mm jack. I personally could care less, but to each their own.

  • yor PAPPI

    @ VADER , hey don’t criticize the phone just because that one sorry ass video.You don’t always have to see videos on YouTube there other sites you can go to to.For example UMPC PORTAL.COM or ENDGAGET.COM etc…Don’t let that one video make up your mind on the N900.So explore more i myself cant wait to see more on the NOKIA N900.But once that phone comes out there’s always something better in the making.

  • ncvaun

    Does anyone know if the HTC HD2 will be UMA capable

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  • hernad1


  • Dave

    Very Nice! Let’s just hope T-Mobile don’t butcher it and up and make it uglier with their cheap looking buttons and weird colors. Leave it alone T-Mobile!
    Don’t try to change it!

  • Jan

    i really want this phone hope it comes out for t-mobile soon cause i am going crazy waiting for it.. i hope they dont mess it up with the color i want it the way they have it in the pic black….