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Mr. Blurrycam Surprises Again With The CLIQ XT

2010-03-05 11.26.03

Hot on the heels of the HTC HD2 in the wild pics comes another round of images from Mr. Blurrycam.  This time we received some images, a little video and a whole lot of in-the-wild goodness.  The Cliq XT is the next iteration of MotoBlur from those good folks at Motorola.  The first Cliq has definitely been a love it or hate device with MotoBlur definitely geared to a socially-networked audience.  For the average Android user, it can often be overwhelming right out of the box.  However, Motorola is ready to keep its muscle behind MotoBlur and the T-Mobile audience with the Cliq XT, which has already had its fair share of video time.  None of them have had Mr. Blurrycam’s touch though as these are true in-the-wild shots.  So enjoy, sit back and wait just a few more days for this to drop!

Hit the jump for two more images and check back later for video!

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